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Infrastructure Solutions Architect Resume

Lewisville, TX


  • Infrastructure Architect wif extensive years of leadership experience in designing innovative business solutions for a wide variety of clients.
  • Skilled in cloud computing, information management, SDLC security, and virtualization.
  • Demonstrated mastery in evaluating requirements for business application integration and service activation.
  • Proven mentor and Trainor wif expertise in communicating across organizational levels and wif cross - functional teams to drive shared vision and foster culture of excellence.
  • Analytical, highly adaptable professional wif extensive experience developing, deploying, and evaluating systems aimed at improving quality and efficiency.
  • Demonstrated success aligning end-user needs wif long-term resolutions to complex IT challenges.
  • Skilled troubleshooter continually focused on identifying, isolating, and resolving technical issues.


  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Solutions Engineering - IT Management - Project Management
  • Virtual & Cloud Compute
  • Data Center Management
  • System/Service Installation
  • Technical Troubleshooting
  • Elicitation & Analysis
  • Quality Assurance
  • Regression Testing
  • Change Management
  • Server Optimization
  • Cross-Team Collaboration



Infrastructure Solutions Architect


  • Lead Infrastructure Solutions Architect for five pharmaceutical acquisitions in Belgium and Germany.
  • Inventoried physical and virtual server infrastructure, network MDF and IDF locations, wireless endpoints, backup, storage, VOIP, Laptops, Tablets, Lab equipment and Printers.
  • Provided solutions to Confidential Technical Architectural Review Board for Bill of Materials purchase approval.
  • Documented the process using Confidential standards for acquisition, Due Diligence and Information Spreadsheets, Project Questionnaires, WBS Task List for each workstream Service Management, Infrastructure, Workstations, Network-Telecom, IT Security, and Collaboration, Tear Sheets, Capex and Opex cost estimates and resource manhours.
  • Acquisitions include 450 employees, 5 multi-floor buildings wif multiple MDF and IDF locations.
  • Worked wif Lumens MSP for Operational Support to include monitoring, installation, configuration, decommissioning and migration services.

Confidential - Lewisville, TX

Infrastructure Engineer/Architect


  • Designed, architected, and documented reference architectures for Netapp and Dell Isilon appliances for NFS services.
  • Delivered Lab and User Acceptance Testing in-flight encryption for Network Attached Storage for NFSv3, NFSv4 and SMB using Active Directory Kerberos and RH Linux client configurations.
  • Integrated MFA/SAML solutions for the Secure Critical Infrastructure Access Uplift Program for NetApp and Isilon filer hardware and software products such as OCUM, AIQOM, OCI, Insight IQ and Sync IQ.
  • Evaluated Cohesity product for NFS and SMB encryption backups into production provided functional setup, testing, configuration, and performance for peak hours of operation for IOPS, CPU and network throughput.
  • Certified and documented latest OS upgrade and functionality NetApp 9.8 and upcoming P1 release in February 2021.
  • Managed footprint of 1,022 Isilon nodes in 80 clusters and 571 NetApp nodes in 131 clusters and 140PB consumed storage.
  • Created volume, qtree, shares, export polices, netgroups, snapshots. AQOS/QOS, nsswitch, ldap configurations, encryption in Lab and UAT hosting. Utilized Postman software to gather configuration and performance data through REST API calls.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Infrastructure Architect


  • Provided the architecture and design for SAN, Storage, and monitoring software for project delivery.
  • Executed POC and stood up 6 Pure FlashArrays//X50 as replacements for HP 3Par 7450/8450 direct attached UCS chassis virtual cells. Replaced all HP 3Par Flash arrays direct attached in virtual cells, physically attached to SQL clusters and HP 3Par 20K SAN attached arrays for upgrade from VMware version 5.5 to 6.5. Turbonomics used for migration to the new volumes to ensure non-disruption to the application SLA’s. Documented, turned over, and trained operational staff.
  • Installed security firewall requirements for the new storage solution: ACTIVE DIRECTORY, OUTBOUND PURE1 DIAL HOME, SOLAR WINDS, SPLUNK, TURBONOMICS, BLUECOAT PROXY, and MFA. Documented and followed detailed security requirements and provided regulatory compliance proof to the Information Security Office.
  • Established lab for regression testing and next gen solutions wif 3 Pure FlashArrays//X20 to move toward 40/50GB ISCSI wif a ROCE protocol in the future and test newer versions of VMware prior to deployment.
  • Removed all M2 and M3 blades in existing virtual cells wif M4 and M5 UCS Blades along wif San refresh from 4-8GB to 16-32GB SFP’s installing Cisco 9706 Director switches in a hybrid solution wif existing 9513 Director Switches wif Gen 4 and Supervisor cards.
  • Transformed virtual hosting environment to new storage platform for improved performance and extended life of Storage Array Network life cycle.
  • Created POC for SAN performance and monitoring tools and tested Vector Discovery Analysis, Virtual Wisdom and Solar Winds SRM monitoring package. To identify slow drains, performance issues, naming misconfigurations and zoning issues.
  • Revised Roadmap planning and Life Cycle management for Infrastructure and Business applications for upgrades included building recipe books for disk performance and controller load maps as limits where exceeded.
  • Worked wif operational staff to upgrade Isilon models to H400 series and configured for MFA for ssh.

Confidential, Addison, TX

Infrastructure Architect


  • Planned cloud infrastructure move and estimated initial budget for deployment wif Azure and HubStor vendors.
  • Deployed instances, storage objects, OS365, SharePoint and OneDrive solution wif E-Discovery into the HubStor/Azure Cloud as Enterprise Administrator reducing onsite repository of over 4PB and moved onsite data into the cloud using Azure Data Boxes.
  • Slashed yearly cost of long-term backups by moving data into cloud and enhanced local backup repository storage to improve deduplication ratios and reduce yearly operating costs of 2.5% of budget.
  • Headed project to setup external archiving solution to EMC Atmos for Verizon Terremark private cloud using Netscaler Load Balancers as access point into intranet from extranet.
  • Worked on IT infrastructure projects, recommended exceptions to the Enterprise Architecture for storage and backup platforms, reviewed and approved architectural designs, communicated the Enterprise strategy and direction to both management and teams.
  • Interfaced wif solutions architecture team transitioning new applications into environment ensured all virtual and physical requirements designed, built, and configured and met project dates.
  • Proof of Concept wif Pure flash 400 series and EMC XtremeIO arrays installed and configured several Pure FA-420’s into the application datacenter production hosting environment.
  • Disaster Recovery setup and solutions for virtual environments in Veeam including storage and backup infrastructure replication and snapshots for business continuity. Reviewed and assisted business in testing and auditing failover capabilities bi-annually and ensuring compliance wif internal and external governance. Liaison to internal Legal department for data retrieval for litigation for legacy e-mail solutions.
  • Transferred and decommissioned applications and virtual/physical infrastructure from 5 data centers down to 2 new facilities.
  • Administered two ExaGrid Grid configurations wif Veeam Replication and Backup 9.5 as Backup Administrator in VSphere 6.5 environment. Updated ExaGrid Grids wif 54 appliances across sites adding 2.1 PB each to increase repository and implement Veeam SOBR.
  • Implemented and configured Veritas Netbackup 8.1 wif Netbackup Appliances in each datacenter to backup 200TB of CIFS and NFS file shares to NDMP.
  • Allowed backup and database team control for scheduling, reporting and data deletions instead of traditional methodology by configuring six ExaGrid appliances to parallel process Oracle RMAN database backups reviewed Veritas Co-Pilot Solution.
  • Completed POC pilot for Peer products PeerLink, PeerSync and bi-directional replication.
  • Collaborated wif business and development teams to design architectural solutions using ITIL lifecycle management. Utilized infrastructure and business templates to document application and database schemas, ETL, hardware and software configurations, flowcharts, and Visio’s to depict production, model and UAT environments.
  • Spearheaded roadmap planning, streamlined, and improved operational efficiencies to ensure service level agreements met and business acquisitions incorporated into design.
  • Directed 850TB expansion of two VMAX 40K series for organic growth and new acquisitions.
  • Led teams to transition +150 applications and +1PB of data for Confidential separation from Altisource and transition to QTS datacenters completed 3/31/2017.
  • Championed pilot for Unitrends Backup version 9 determined required sizing per backup stream, number of external ExaGrid storage devices required to run multiple NDMP jobs and restore capability at a file level.
  • Developed, installed, and configured two NetApp 8 node Data Ontap clusters utilizing NFS wif FAS8088 and FAS8040 arrays wif 10GB backbone and current OS level is 9.1p8.

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