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Tibco Sportfire Developer Resume

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El Dorado, AR


  • 7 years of related experience in Information Technology with 6+ years of experience as Tibco Spotfire Developer/Consultant in various industries.
  • Experience in creating complex Spotfire dashboards or reports using Tibco Spotfire Professional.
  • Over 6+ years of development expertise using TIBCO Spotfire analysis, Visualizations. Creating and maintaining Information Links, Data Sources
  • Ability to combine data from disparate sources and expose them to TIBCO Spotfire client users through Information Links.
  • Experienced installing and configuring Spotfire Server, Spotfire Web Player, Spotfire Enterprise Professional.
  • Over 6+ year of experience managing projects and teams using Scrum, Kanban, XP and Agile methodologies.
  • Capable of creating Groups (structured them into hierarchies) and then set up Users, Groups and Licenses as Tibco Spotfire Administrator and restrict the group members to accesses only particular folders in the library as Library Administrator.
  • Development expertise using Logi - Analytics, Crystal Reports, Crystal Enterprise, SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, ASP, Java, VB Script, Java Script etc.
  • Good knowledge in RDBMS Concepts and constructs along with Database Objects creation such as Tables, User Defined Data Types, Indexes, Stored Procedures, Views, User Defined Functions, Cursors and Triggers.
  • Strong experience in creating sophisticated visualizations, calculated columns and custom expressions.
  • Experienced in data modeling and creating database models using ER Studio, Microsoft Visio, etc.
  • Experienced in different types of test viz. Black box, white box, Integration, Stress, Regression, System and Performance, front-end and Back-end Testing.
  • Developed cross table, Bar chart, Tree map and complex reports that involves Property Controls, Custom Expressions.
  • Created Complex Information Links to pull the data from Oracle 10g/11g.
  • Expert in Writing SQL Queries on Oracle and DB2.
  • Created various Reports using Spotfire and involved in Performance tuning.
  • Knowledge in Data warehousing Concepts in OLTP/OLAP System Analysis and developing Database Schemas like Star Schema and Snowflake Schema for Relational and Dimensional Modeling.
  • Adept Designing/Developing the Business Objects Universes, Ad-hoc/ Canned Reports, Complex Reports using predefined conditions.
  • In-depth knowledge of industry best practices in both business management and technology domains.
  • Proven expertise in analyzing the Business Intelligence needs of the enterprise and building the enterprise reporting architecture. Experience in resolving on-going maintenance issues and bug fixes, and performance tuning reports.
  • Experience with configuration management, change control and source control systems.
  • Quick learner, possess excellent analytical and technical skills, excellent team player.


Reporting Tools: TIBCO Spotfire, Logi Analytics, Crystal Reports Crystal Enterprise Business Objects XI, Cognos, MS Access, MS Excel.

Languages: HTML, SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Java, JSP, VB Script, C, Pascal, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS, Iron-Python

Databases: Oracle. SQL Server, MS Access, DB2

Environment: Windows, UNIX (Solaris / Linux), HP-UNIX

Web/Application Servers: IIS .Tomcat, Java Web Server, BEA WebLogic

Tools: /Packages: ImageRight, AIM, AMS 360, Sagitta, BenefitPoint, Oracle Enterprise Manager, SQL Plus, SQL Loader, Erwin Studio, Informatica Power Center 7.1, ASP.NET Data Stage, WinSQL, TOAD, DTS, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, MS Office, JIRA, Siebel, Team Foundation Server, Git, LeanKit.


Tibco Sportfire Developer

Confidential - El Dorado, AR


  • Gathering the requirements from business team and transmuting them into technical architecture and design documents.
  • Responsible for creating analysis, visualizations, development of business intelligence solutions, dashboards.
  • Create technical design specifications, develop analytical reports, troubleshoot and resolve technical issues, debug, tune and optimize report performance.
  • Involved in estimation, analysis and solution documents.
  • Creating Dashboards and managing at different levels of Workflow.
  • Calculated columns, Custom expressions, Hierarchy, Details visualizations, Markings, Node Navigation methods and Details on demand.
  • Managed the Visualization environment by monitoring/granting permissions and rights to users for viewing, creating and publishing reports and implement Row and object level restrictions.
  • Responsible for creating, managing and publishing Information Links and Data Sources to the library.
  • Responsible for publishing analysis for Web Player users.
  • Led the development of a strategy to support current and future reporting needs.
  • Responsible in creating the Analysis Design and Building dashboards by creating the information links from oracle to display data in reports.
  • Estimate the effort required to develop new visualization based on client business needs
  • Created dashboards, reports, analytics and advanced graphical virtualizations by using the key concepts filtering scheme, Data on demand, property controls etc.
  • Created the visualizations with complex calculations/functions.
  • Estimate the effort required to develop new visualization based on client business needs
  • Analyzing tracks and logs. Configuring bootstrap and database drives on Spotfire Server
  • Facilitate release planning, sprint planning, grooming, daily standups, reviews, retrospectives and remove impediments for the team
  • Work with cross - functional teams to address business needs
  • Train internal power users how to use, customize, analyze and interpret visualizations in TIBCO Web Player
  • Work with end users and development team to ensure that new and existing data models and databases are consistent with approved data architecture standards
  • Responsible for writing custom, complex SQL queries, Stored Procedures for complex data pulls
  • Created information links and managed process analysts work to realize the required solution from a data perspective.
  • Strictly followed the Release Management schedule as per client guidelines.
  • Serve as a primary point of contact for Production Support issue resolution.
  • Analyze and document process along with quick resolutions for typical issues in production and which were critical to the process.
  • Perform day to day administration of Spotfire, including group/library management, upgrades, monitoring log files, performance tuning, troubleshooting and reporting.
  • Pivoting and transforming data in spotfire professional before building visualizations.
  • Implementing security for write back data from spotfire.
  • Conveying problems, solutions, updates and project status to project manager in a timely and regular basis.
  • Testing and debugging the dashboard for quality assurance.

Tibco Sportfire Developer

Confidential, New York City,NY


  • Developed multi tab reports and dashboards using Tibco Spotfire and published them on Web Player.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting, debugging, reproducing and solving, external and internal customers using TIBCO Spotfire.
  • Developed Spotfire custom extensions using SDK and also Designed Information Links for reusability across reports.
  • Responsible for the TIBCO Spotfire Professional, Server and Web Player analytics product line
  • Perform event and time based scheduling of Tibco SpotFire Reports and Dashboards.
  • Performed Diagnose and solve technical problems related to Report building.
  • Provided level 3 support to Spotfire customers
  • Provided inputs and direction to associates on the team for design and implementation.
  • Document issues accurately and completely, with their solutions and work arounds
  • Investigated and provided solution or workarounds as applicable
  • Guide, train and help other team members/teams within Support as required
  • Created custom expressions in the reports with medium to high complexity and prepared Schedule reports for delivery through email in various formats.
  • Worked in different roles as Tibco SpotFire Server, Web Player and Library administration.
  • Created Optimize report queries and run times to provide near real - time views of data Planning, tracking and estimation of your own work.
  • Involved in Technical Design, Documentation, Debug and resolve technical issue
  • Found the right balance between manipulating data using Spotfire versus using a programming language.
  • Possess SQL and programming knowledge to deal with data transformations and translations.
  • Merging data tables in Spotfire and creating Pareto charts, waterfall charts etc.
  • Created Tags, Bookmarks and transformations for data tables.
  • Performed daily admin tasks of user registration, security configuration and usage monitoring.
  • Unit testing and participation in UAT and production cut over plans.

Tibco Sportfire Developer

Confidential - San Jose, California


  • Responsible for the analysis, development of business intelligence solutions, dashboards
  • Experience with TIBCO Spotfire Data Visualization, Dashboard development
  • Responsible for the design, development, documentation and quality assurance
  • Estimate the effort required to develop custom visualization and dashboards based on client business needs
  • Responsible for managing Users/Groups/Roles and security
  • Responsible for upgrade, applying hot fixes
  • Analyzing tracks and logs. Configuring bootstrap and database drives on Spotfire Server
  • Responsible for creating Information Links and Data Sources
  • Responsible for adding Data Columns from different sources
  • Responsible for publishing analysis for Web Player users
  • Led functional requirements gathering and functional design process
  • Led definition of the reporting solution including report standards, quality, security and management
  • Led the development of a strategy to support current and future reporting needs
  • Tested and debug code, both own and that produced by fellow team members
  • Coordinated with the Data Architect to support data model changes
  • Worked with end users and development teams to ensure that new and existing data models and databases are consistent with approved data architecture standards
  • Ensured that Quality Assurance test plans are executed before releasing product enhancements for user acceptance testing
  • Provided production support by troubleshooting and resolving any production issues that may arise
  • Responsible for performance tuning of anything connected to data systems and ensuring efficient operations and maximizing resources to provide the best results for our clients

Tibco Sportfire Developer

Confidential -Milwaukee, WI


  • Assembled Business requirements and designed technical requirements documentation.
  • Used TIBCO Spotfire to analyze and obtain insights into large data sets.
  • Created visually compelling interactive reports and dashboards.
  • Designed Practical Data Visualizations, Charts, Dashboards, Prototypes and Demos, published it in Spotfire for Analytical Projects and Data Visualization Community.
  • Creating data sources, parameter information links, joins, filters in information designer for fetching data in to Spotfire as per the business needs.
  • Optimized TIBCO Spotfire and Background Tasks for Targeted Interactions Analytics and Visual Inventories.
  • Designed and implemented real - time monitoring Dashboards for TIBCO Spotfire Server and Visualization Community.
  • Found ways to make graphs and tables visually exciting, and aesthetically pleasing, while at the same time maintaining the accuracy of the core information content that is being communicated.
  • Customized data by adding Property Controls, Filters, Calculations, Summaries and Functions.
  • Created Information Links By using Information Designer to pull the data from Oracle Database and SAS data sets required to create the reports.
  • Experience in Writing SQL Queries.
  • Created Action Controls using Python Scripting.
  • Experience in creating Bookmarks.
  • Experience in enhancing the visualizations using Custom expressions.
  • Conducting Unit testing of the reports developed in Spotfire Professional.
  • Worked on developing training program, user guide for Spotfire Professional and Spotfire web player in terms of best developing and design practices.

Reporting Consultant (BO/Spotfire)

Confidential - San Francisco,CA


  • Participated in project and team meetings interacting and collaborating with team members and other departments as necessary.
  • Refine client requirements and guide them through the decision making process.
  • Designed and Constructed reports.
  • Used Spotfire's data limiting techniques likes Prompts, markings, filtering, bookmarks etc.
  • Built ad hoc reports more than 60 reports concentrating mainly on Sales Created, configure, and deploy detailed Spotfire visualizations
  • Built different visualization using the correct chart type based on the requirement including bar charts, line charts, combination charts, box plots, scatter plots, heat maps, and cross tables.
  • Developed and implemented Universes by defining joins, cardinality between tables, creating prompts and queries, applying contexts and alias tables to remove cyclic dependencies and worked on linking of the Universes using Business objects Designer.
  • Extensively used calculations, variables, filters, conditions, breaks, sorting, drill down, slice and dice, Master/Detail, Cross Tab, Charts and alerts for creating Business Objects reports.
  • Designed and developed extensive BO reports using combination of chart and tables
  • Contributed to successful completion of project deliverables.
  • Proof - read all documents and maintain accuracy of information and preparing.

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