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Qlikview / Qliksense Developer Resume

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Philadelphia, PA


  • 8 plus years of IT industry experience in all aspects of Business intelligence applications with a strong background in Database development, Data Warehousing /Decision support systems and Business Intelligence.
  • Expertise in designing and modeling of QlikView Applications using QlikView with complex multiple data sources (SQL, Oracle, Flat Files, Excel and Access) relational designs.
  • Expertise in working with QlikView Desktop, QlikView Enterprise Management Console (QEMC), QlikView Publisher,QlikView Web Server.
  • Good working knowledge in all components of QlikView and interaction on Server and Publisher.
  • Experience with QlikView sheet objects including Pivot, List and Multi box, multiple chart types, Trends, KPI's, custom requests for Excel Export, Fast Change and objects for Management Dashboard reporting.
  • Strong working knowledge of QlikView scripting, Set analysis, aggregation functions, multi - dimensional objects, layout and design including chart properties and formats.
  • Strong understanding in creating Dashboards and scoreboards for the required KPI's in QlikView.
  • Extensive experience in creating Pixel Perfect reports, Excel reports, Word reports, PowerPoint reports usingNPrinting designer and automating the jobs inNPrinting Server.
  • Hands on experience in customizing theQlikView, Qliksense andNPrinting reports as per the business requirements.
  • Experience in designing QlikView Document/User Setting Layouts to make consistent and professional optimized look to clients.
  • Proficient in migrating reports from different platforms (such as Excel, Crystal reports) toQlikView.
  • Experience in database design & development, database programming, data modeling, business process analysis, and application development.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and exposure to different phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). Experience in Planning, Analysis, Design, Implementation and Maintenance using QlikView.
  • Strong experience in UI Design by using different QlikView and Qliksense sheet objects including multiple charts types, Trends, KPI's, custom requests for Excel Export, and Fast Change.
  • Ability to work in role mapping.
  • Experience in1 tier, 2tier as well as 3 tire architecture of theQlikView.
  • Good expertise with the development and design ofQlikView and Qliksense applications.
  • Good usage of Tableau JavaScript API for performance improvement of web page.
  • Extensive Tableau Experience in Enterprise Environment and Tableau Administrator. Experience including technical support, troubleshooting, report design and monitoring of system usage.
  • Successfully upgraded Tableau platforms in clustered environment and performed content upgrades.
  • Involved in creating dashboards by using Level of Detail concept (LOD’s).
  • Implemented Tableau/Oracle BI security at the Data (Data security) and Object (Roles and Permissions) security.
  • Hands on experience in ADLA/ADLS, ADW and ADF
  • Proficient in developing Entity-Relationship diagrams, Star/Snow Flake Schema Designs, and Expert in modeling Transactional Databases and Data Warehouse
  • Experience inQlikView Server and Publisher maintenance - Creating scheduled jobs for QVD extracts and report reloads.
  • Developed and scheduled reports using NPrinting tool and also implemented user security for the reports.
  • Experience in working with Data Warehousing and business intelligence tools for developing various reports usingQlikView.
  • Expertise in Installing and ConfiguringQlikView Desktop,QlikView Server andQlikView Publisher.
  • Experience in writing SQL queries, Functions, Views and Stored procedures.
  • Proven expertise in analyzing the Business Intelligence needs of the enterprise and building the enterprise Reporting architecture.
  • Experience in developing dashboards using different inbuiltQlikViewAPI’s.
  • Expertise in Installing and Configuring Qlikview Desktop, Qlikview Server and Qlikview Publisher.
  • Experience in data modeling, data loading, data migration, data analysis.
  • Performed different types of loads Incremental Load, Optimized Load & Binary Load.
  • Strong skills in providing custom functionality using Macros, Triggers, Set Analysis.
  • Worked in close association with customers for requirement gathering and effective analysis.
  • Performed different types of loads Incremental Load, Optimized Load & Binary Load.
  • Experience in development of ETL scripts for Data Modeling along with resolving Synthetic Key and Circular Loop issues.


Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT

Data Modeling tools: Dimensional Data Modeling Star Schema Modeling,Snow Flake Modeling

Programming Languages: C, C++, SQL, QlikView Desktop

Databases: MS SQL Server 2005/2008

Visualization Tools: QlikView 11.2/11/10,Etl,Cognos

Operating System: Windows

QlikView Administration Tools: QlikView Server 11, Publisher, QEMC.

QlikView Security: Section Access, Conditional Hide/Show, Hidden scripting

Tableau: Tableau Desktop 6/7/8.1/9.x, Tableau Public 8.x/9.x, Tableau Reader 8.x/9.x, Tableau Server 8.1/9.x, SAP Business Objects, Xcelsius 2008/ Dashboards, Alteryx Designer/Server, Big Data Analytics, MSBI Suite (SSAS, SSRS).


Confidential - Philadelphia, PA

QlikView / Qliksense Developer


  • Involved in full project life cycle implementation (requirement gathering to production) of QlikView dashboards.
  • Planned, designed, and developedQlikView BI dashboards and data integration in a highly complex global services environment, interfacing QlikView.
  • Participated in Business Processes with the Business Analyst to understand the requirement and Reviewed High Level Design Documents, Functional Specifications documents with the Technical Manager.
  • Implemented Incremental Load, Optimized Load & Binary Loads for performance tuning and for optimized QlikMarts.
  • Designed best suitable UI to achieve user requirement in simple and user-friendly interface of reports.
  • Created Dashboards style of reports using QlikView components like List Box, Slider, Buttons, Charts and Bookmarks.
  • Gathered functional and non-functional client requirements in order to optimize the design of BI deliverables (reports, dashboards, alerts, visualizations).
  • Used QlikView Functions (Date and Time, Join, Aggregation, Range, Ranking, Peek, Previous etc.) and Created Variables using LET, SET or control statements in the scripts.
  • Used advanced scripting, set analysis, VBScript macros, advanced aggregation functions and advanced charts for applications.
  • Gathering data sources like QVD files, Excel, Oracle & Teradata DWs, binary QVW, Inline & txt files in developing theQlikView Data Models.
  • DevelopedQlikViewDashboards using Chart Box (Drill Down, Drill up & Cyclic Grouping), List, Input Field, Table Box and Calendar & Date Island.
  • Created QVD's & updated on timely basis as database updates.
  • Developed ETL Scripts while loading the data, resolving loops & ambiguity joins.
  • Testing Applications, reports using review checklists, Data quality for Quality Assurance before delivering to the end users.
  • Research and troubleshoot technical problems and provided ongoing QlikView consultation to the development team
  • Created tasks for the auto reload/using create task wizard via QMC for couple of applications and Batch files (on servers) and used them to auto reload the QVW's while automating the ETL process.
  • Used Section access and Sheet access to make the application available to desired users.
  • Created weekly PDF report distribution for a set of users using Loop and Reduce functionality in QV Publisher.
  • Using QlikView and QlikSense functions such as Date and Time, Keep, Join, Mapping, and String & input Fields etc.
  • Using QlikView Maps to show the reports and dash board for good visualization to the managers.
  • QlikSense app performance optimization.
  • Designed the QlikSense Governance and development cycle.
  • Configured different QlikSense roles and attribute based access control
  • Successfully performed transition of knowledge from onsite to offshore team.

Environment: QlikView 11.2,QlikView Server / Publisher, QlikView Management Console, Toad, SQL Server, Windows Server 2008, Informatica 9.0

Confidential - Sacramento, CA

QlikView / Qliksense Developer


  • Developed proof of concept to check the functional feasibility of the QlikView implementation.
  • Strong understanding in creating Dashboards for the required KPI's inQlikView/QlikSense.
  • Work directly with business users to define and prototypeQlikView/QlikSense Applications.
  • Work with senior management to plan, define and clarify dashboard goals, objectives and requirement
  • Design, Develop, Test, debug and implementQlikView/QlikSense solutions based upon specified requirement.
  • Extract, transform and load data from multiple sources intoQlikView applications.
  • Created QVD's & updated on timely basis as database updates.
  • Deploy applications on production server and set up automated data reloads
  • Developed ETL Scripts while loading the data, resolving loops & ambiguity joins.
  • DevelopedQlikView Functions (Date and Time, Keep, Join, Mapping, String & input Fields etc.)
  • Created Pixel Perfect reports, Excel reports, PowerPoint reports and Word Reports usingNPrinting tool.
  • Set Analysis in providing custom functionality to QlikView Applications.
  • Experience in Using QlikView Functions (Date and Time, Keep, Join, Mapping, String&Input Fields).
  • Created different publisher tasks like reload tasks, reduction tasks and distribution tasks using Qlikview Enterprise Management Console.
  • Gathered & loaded data intoQlikViewfrom various data sources (Sql server 2012, Oracle 10g, .CSV and excel files).
  • Monitoring of the QVS (Access Point), QVW's and user accounts for the usage of the applications.
  • Developed User Interactive Sheets & Reports as business needs
  • Created Dashboards style of reports usingQlikView/QlikSense components like List Box, Slider, Buttons, Charts and Bookmarks
  • Developed extensively Alerts, Variables, Input boxes, calendar & Macros
  • Implemented Star & snowflake schema (confirmed dimensions).Writing SQL Scripts to load the relevant Data inQlikView/QlikSense Applications
  • Developed Macros, SET ANALYSIS to provide custom functionality in QlikView Applications
  • Testing Applications using review checklists, Data quality for Quality Assurance before delivering to the end users.

Environment: SQL Server 2008, Excel, Windows Server 2008,QlikView11.2, QlikSense

Confidential - Frankfort, IL

Tableau Developer


  • Actively involved in gathering requirements from end users, involved in modifying various technical & functional specifications.
  • Worked in Orders management team and created BI solutions to business users.
  • Crated Dashboards/Reports for different Orders/Payment portfolios.
  • Involved in creating dashboards by extracting data from different sources (Data Blending).
  • Created interactive dashboard and applied filter, highlight and URL actions to the dashboard.
  • Performed type conversion functions when connected to relational data sources.
  • Ability to authoring on Tableau server by changing mark types and adding filters.
  • Administered user, user groups, and scheduled instances for reports in Tableau.
  • Monitored and maintained incremental refreshes for data sources on Tableau server.
  • Configured Cache settings which improved the performance of the reports and Dashboards.
  • Participated in meetings, reviews, and user group discussions as well as communicating with stakeholders and business groups.
  • Developed interactive dashboards in Tableau Desktop and published them on to Tableau Server which allowed end users to understand the data on the fly with the usage of quick filters for on demand needed information.
  • Scheduled data refresh on Tableau Server for weekly and monthly increments based on business changes to ensure that the views and dashboards displayed the changed data accurately.
  • Involved in reviewing business requirements and analyzing data sources from Excel/Oracle, SQL Server for design, development, testing, and production rollover of reporting and analysis projects within Tableau Desktop.
  • Converted charts into Crosstabs for further underlying data analysis in MS Excel.
  • Reviewed basic SQL queries and altered for better performance in Tableau Desktop.
  • Tested dashboards to ensure data was matching as per the business requirements and if there were any changes in underlying data.

Environment: Tableau Desktop/Server 7.0/8.1, Oracle 10g, MS SQL Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, MS Excel/Access 2007

Confidential, Clevland, OH

QlikView Developer


  • Followed the agile pattern of working and work execution.
  • Played a part a Business support solution provider and closely work under the environment of WAR room meeting, complete brain storming.
  • Connected to multiple data sources such as Oracle, DB2, Flat files, Excel Spreadsheet’s and prepared close to business requirement like model. (Especially star model and snowflake).
  • Established a Standard structure for Test and working files(QVW) and version controlling to maintain parity between production and Test environment.
  • Used QlikView direct discovery along with Document chaining to fetch on-demand report from linear database after creating View inside the database to protect performance from huge data loading during mass data accumulation due to Granular data fetching.
  • Implemented 3-Layer architecture, Binary loads and Incremental Loads for optimal performance of the Dashboard reloads, rescaling and to adhere to data retention standards.
  • Incorporated necessary log files and failure mailing mechanisms for smooth day to day operations.
  • Worked on data model according to the user requirement and successfully created an optimized QlikView application.
  • Developed Dashboard and What-If predictive analysis based on complex price calculation.
  • Developed reports / KPI’s for Supply Chain mechanism, including supply demand GAP and self-life stock monitoring reports.
  • Developed dashboards and KPI’s using set analysis, variable creation etc. for individual payroll details, comparison with peer and comparison with the market.
  • Performed testing of dashboards for functionality, data, performance, and UI design.
  • Eliminated Synthetic keys, ambiguous relationships and closed loops.
  • Enhanced existing dashboards with new functionalities and established a secure environment using QlikView Section Access.
  • QlikView data modeling by building the Star schema and resolving loops/synthetic keys.
  • Extract, transform, cleanse, and load (ETL) data into Microsoft SQL Server, Staging Databases using Microsoft SSIS.
  • Created weekly PDF report distribution for a set of users using Loop and Reduce functionality through QV Publisher.

Environment: QlikView 11/10, Oracle 9i/10G/11G, SQL Server 2008, Access, CSV Files, Windows 2008 Server, SharePoint.


QlikView Developer


  • Involved in User requirements and Documentation and Dashboard Prototypes.
  • Created various dashboards using different kind of charts - Bar, Line, Combo, Scatter, Grid, Block, Spider, Pivot and Crossable.
  • Written complex expressions using Set analysis and various QlikView functions.
  • Build sales dashboard for secondary / distributor's network.
  • Developed data model to reflect a Start model after translating various sources into Dimension and Facts.
  • Eliminated all Synthetic keys and Circular s in order to make data model efficient.
  • Implemented tasks to schedule QVD generation and Dashboard refreshes at regular intervals and appropriate dependencies.
  • Implemented Section access and hidden scripting for the Application Security.
  • Involved in QMC Administration, Server/Publisher installation and Configuration.
  • Implemented Data security using Section access and Publisher Data Reduction.
  • Create KPI's on comparative analysis by using Alternate State functions for different car variant.
  • DevelopedQlikView Reports for PDF Distribution via Email.
  • Involved in the entire lifecycle ofQlikView Dashboards.
  • Involved in Testing Dashboard data using extensive SQLs, Excel Pivots and Mappings.

Environment: QlikView 10, QlikView Server,QlikView Enterprise and QlikView Publisher, Excel, MS SQL Server 2005/2008, SQL.

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