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Sr Business Objects Developer/ Lead Resume

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  • 10 Years+ of experience involving all phases of Software Development Life Cycle .
  • Extensively Worked on different modules of BO - Desktop Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Universe Designer, Information Design Tool(IDT), Dashboard,Tableau.
  • Around 8 Years of experience with OLAP and Business Objects.
  • Experience in Financial- market intelligence,enterprise management solutions. Transportation, Telecommunication domains.
  • Created Functional Design Specifications and translated them to Technical Design Specifications
  • Hands on experience in designing and developing Universe, Business Objects
  • Knowledge of Data Warehousing concepts like Fact and Dimension design using Star Schema and Snow flake Schema
  • Excellent data-analysis skills and ability to translate specifications into a working Universe and/or Report
  • Extensive knowledge in various reporting objects like Facts, Attributes, Hierarchies, Transformations, filters, prompts, Calculated fields, Sets, Groups, Parameters etc., in Tableau.
  • Mastered the ability to design and deploy rich Graphic visualizations with Drill Down and Drop down menu option and Parameter using Tableau.
  • Preparing Dashboards using calculations, parameters in Tableau
  • Extensive experience in writing Stored procedures, Materialized Views, Triggers, Complex Queries, Sub Queries etc. using PL/SQL .
  • Experienced in working with Business Managers, Architects, End users and all the stakeholders in documenting requirements, providing estimates, creating High and Detail Level design specifications.
  • Experience in Onshore and Offshore model and driving daily meetings being liaison between client and development team during Realization phase
  • Experienced in interacting with business users to analyze the business process and requirements and transforming requirements into screens, designing, documenting and rolling out the deliverable.
  • Excellent analytically problem solving, communication, trouble-shooting skills and interpersonal skills, with ability to interact with individuals/teams at all levels.


Business Intelligence: SAP Business Intelligence 4.0,IDT,UDT, Business Objects XI R2/R3/R4 (CMC, Desktop Web Intelligence, Designer),Tableau 8.0 and 8.1

ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center 5.1/6.2/7.1

Data Modeling: Star-Schema Modeling, Snowflakes Modeling, Fact and Dimension Tables, Erwin 3.5/4.1.

RDBMS: Oracle 9i/8i/8.0/7.x, MS SQL Server 7.1/2000, MS Access, Teradata V.2.R.3.

Database Tools: SQL Navigator, SQL*Loader, SQL*Forms 4.5/6i, TOAD,Export, Import, DBA Studio, SQL Plus Worksheet.

Programming: SQL, PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Scripts, C, C++, HTML, FTP.

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98, Windows NT/2000/XP, HP-Unix.


Confidential, NYC

Sr Business Objects Developer/ Lead


  • Presently working with Query & Reporting team to analyze, design and construct reports from data warehouse using Business Objects XI R2/R3.1/R4.1.
  • Work with business users and RADAR reporting teams to gather and interpret detailed reporting requirements.
  • Prepare Functional Design Specifications and Technical Design Specifications for BO reports and Technical design specification for new Universe development
  • Informatica is used to populate data from OLTP application database to data warehouse.
  • Designed Radar Universe for adhoc querying for all Business Groups.
  • Exported the Universe to the Repository to make resources available to the users for ad- hoc report needs.
  • Develop the new Universe which holds tables from various functionalists like Rating, Quality, Finance to satisfy the new business area which has entirely different functionality.
  • Created complex reports stating Rating information Region wise per year using cascading and user objects like measure objects by using @aggregate aware function to create the summarized reports.
  • Designed, developed and managed Universes in Business Objects Designer for generating Ageing reports, Corrective Action Report etc for Quality Analysis users making use of Prompts, Customized LOV’s, Multiple data providers.
  • Prepared dashboards using calculated fields, parameters, calculations,groups, sets and hierarchies in Tableau.
  • Used Sql Queries at the custom Sql level to pull the data in tableau desktop and validated the results in Tableau by running Sql queries .
  • Created sheet selector to accommodate multiple chart types like Panel charts, Bullet charts and Stack bars etc. In a single dashboard by using parameters.
  • Coordinated with offshore team for report deliveries.
  • Tested Business Objects reports and validated values as per user requirements.
  • Prepared Action plans report, Corrective Action report etc with the expiry date and effective date of each category.
  • Published existing reports to corporate intranet through WebIntelligence.
  • Extensively used Calculations, Variables, Break Points, Drill, and Slice and Dice for generating reports.
  • Used Derived tables to create the universe for best performance, and use context and aliastables to solve the loops in Universe.
  • Defined Hierarchies in Universe to provide the users with Drill down option in reportsand Predefined Conditions to use in Business Objects.
  • Monitored and solved the issues encountered in Universes and reports while migration and tested before moving to production.

Environment: Business Objects XI R2/R3.1, WEBI SDK, Designer XI R2/R3.1/R4.1, Web Intelligence XI R2/R3.1/R4.1,Tableau 8.0, Toad, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL.

Confidential, Morristown, NJ

Business Objects Consultant


  • Worked on enhancements to the existing business/functional requirements that cater to the needs of Marketing Desktop application, Contract printing Reporting and Global Invoicing groups in UPS
  • Directly coordinating with user to gather the new requirements and working with existing issues.
  • Extensively used Informatica Power Mart for ETL process.
  • Extraction, Transaction and Loading was done using Aggregator transformations and Filter transformations using Informatica is used effectively to develop and maintain the database
  • Build the new universes as per the user requirements by identifying the required tables from Data mart and by defining the universe connections.
  • Participated in project planning session with project managers, business analysts and team members to analyze business requirements and outline the proposed solution.
  • Created reports involving table/section breaks, multiple data providers and derived tables.
  • Designed, developed and managed Universes in Business Objects Designer for generating marketing reports for marketing group users and Recipient Service Reports making use of Prompts, Customized LOV’s, Multiple data providers.
  • Prepared reports for sales, contract printing and outstanding for the information of expiry date and effective date of each category.
  • Extensively used Calculations, Variables, Break Points, Drill, and Slice and Dice for generating reports.
  • Developed, Scheduled and distributed all Monthly Reports to IWA Marketing GroupImported/ Exported the Universes from/ to repository to make them accessible to end-users.
  • Defined Aliases and Contexts to resolve loops in the universes.
  • Created User Conditions and Filters to improve report generation & readability of reportand displayed the summary of data by creating charts

Environment: Business Objects 6.5/ XI R2, WEBI SDK, Designer 6.5/XI R2, Supervisor, Web Intelligence 6.0/XI R2, Broadcast Agent 6.5,VB 6, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, Infomatica Power center 7.0

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Business Objects Consultant


  • Analysis of Service Measurement and Root Cause Analysis for late packages.
  • Modifying existing system in creating better Decision support system.
  • Interacted with the users to analyze the changes for improvement they need in existing reports and developed the reports to satisfy their needs and requirements.
  • Analyzed, designed, built and tested reports while working directly with end-users and technical members of the team.
  • Designed and Developed Shipper Service and Recipient Service Reports making use of Prompts, Customized LOV’s, Multiple data providers, Modifying SQL, Union, Master/Detail, Alerts, Cross tab, Charts, Hiding Report components, Filters, User response variables meeting all requirements from users.
  • Customized Webi front page by HTML, VB, Java.
  • Developed, Scheduled and distributed all Monthly Reports to Service Assurance Group
  • Created a wide variety of charts like pie chart, 2d and 3d charts.
  • Designed Universe with features like Aggregate Awareness, Shortcut Joins, Table aliases for better performance and fast retrieval of data from summary tables.
  • Created Drill down reports up to 3 levels of drilling data.
  • Published existing reports to corporate intranet through WebIntelligence.
  • Developed complex reports using @Functions like @Prompt (for user defined queries), @Where (for creating conditional filters), @Select and Cross Tab tables.
  • Developed Universes against Oracle database and reports using VBA.
  • Involved in production support by modifying and correcting production reports.
  • Scheduled meetings with DBA in modifying the ODS Environment for better performance.
  • Created various reports like Master/Detail reports, Cross Tab reports, slice and dice reports, Charts using Freehand SQL and Stored Procedure as data providers.
  • Designing Root Cause Canned reports as per requirements and schedule.

Environment: Business Objects 6.5/ XI R2, WEBI SDK, Designer 6.5/XI R2, Supervisor, Web Intelligence 6.0/XI R2, Broadcast Agent 6.5,VB 6, Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, TOAD, AS/400, Data Mirror.


ETL Developer


  • Worked with supervisor module in creating users and users groups for different areas and setting privileges to them. Created repository created and maintained users, domains and database connections.
  • Analyzed the existing database and designed the Universes using Business Objects Designer Module.
  • Created Universes, classes, objects, Measure objects, prompts, conditions, Joins.
  • Developed complex Informatica mappings, mapplets and worklets to load ODS and Data Marts and implemented Performance tuning of Informatica and databases
  • Used Informatica features to implement Type II changes in slowly changing dimension tables
  • Worked extensively on different types of transformations like Source Qualifier, Expression, Filter, Aggregator, Rank, Lookup, Update Strategy, Stored Procedure, Sequence Generator and Joiner.
  • Documented processing times for each module, developed test cases and used them to run through each process. Tuned the matching parameters based on test results.Designing, developing and testing the different mappings according to the requirements.

Environment: Business Objects 5.1 (Supervisor, Designer, Reporter), WebI 5.1, Broadcast Agent 5.1, Informatica 6.1/7.1,MS Access 2000, SQL Server 2000 PL/SQL, InfoView, Unix.


Database Developer


  • Involved in the design of the overall database using Entity Relationship diagrams.
  • Wrote triggers, menus and stored procedures in PL/SQL.
  • Involved in developing interactive forms and customization of screens using Forms 4.5.
  • Design and developed PL/SQL procedures, packages and triggers to be used by team members.
  • Involved in building, debugging and running forms.
  • Involved in Data loading and Extracting functions using SQL*Loader.
  • Designed and developed all the tables, views for the system in Oracle.
  • Designing and developing forms validation procedures for query and update of data.

Environment: Oracle 8i, SQL*plus, SQL*Loader, PL/SQL, Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5

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