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Hyperion Admin Resume

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  • Seeking a Position where I can contribute in leading the architecture, design, development and administration based upon my extensive experience in Hyperion and Business Intelligence (BI+) which encompasses tools such as Essbase, Planning, HFM, Performance Scorecard and Smartview.


  • Over Eight (10+) years of professional experience in development, implementation, analysis, reporting, administration and consulting in a Client - Server environment.
  • Over Six (7+) years of extensive experience in application designing and development using Hyperion Essbase 9.x/7.x/6.x, Hyperion Financial Reports, ESSCMD, MAXL, Essbase Excel Add-In and Hyperion web Analyzer.
  • Extensive experience on the installation, configuration, server settings, backups, client installations of Hyperion products such as Essbase, Essbase Integration Services, Analyzer and Hyperion Reports on both Windows and UNIX environments.
  • Experience in architecting complete data models combining multiple transaction systems ETL tools INFORMATICA Power Center 7.0 and relational and multi dimensional data stores for star schema, snow flakes schema designs and reporting tools.
  • Extensive experience in Calc Scripts, Load Rules and Report scripts.
  • Commendable knowledge and experience in Automation, Essbase cube designing and partitioning and optimization of report queries in Microsoft Excel.
  • Worked on Financial reporting systems and Decision Support Systems (DSS) using Hyperion Essbase and in building Financial Budgeting and Forecasting OLAP applications.
  • Experienced work Hyperion system 9 BI+ Reporting and OBIEE 10.1.x.
  • Worked with Integration tool Like Hyperion Application Link(HAL), Hyperion Data Integration Management(DIM), Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM), Hyperion Essbase Integration services(EIS), Oracle Data Integrator(ODI)
  • Extensive experience with Hyperion Planning - system 9
  • Experienced in the configuration and maintenance of Windows servers and UNIX servers with different operating systems.
  • Experience in developing complex reports in Hyperion Interactive Reporting Studio V 9.3.1 (BRIO) & Hyperion Web Analyzer 6.5/7.0.
  • Experience in building Complex reports through financial reporting studio (FR studio 9.3.1).
  • Extensive experience with Oracle Hyperion Enterprise 6.x
  • Worked on Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) 9.3.
  • Created an application in Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) from the scratch starting from meeting with Business user together requirements until deployment on the production server.
  • Ability to meet deadlines and handle pressure in coordinating multiple tasks in a work/project environment. Versatile team player with excellent analytical, presentation and inter-personal skills.
  • Excellent command over SQL, PL/SQL, Oracle Forms and Reports proficient in SQL and Oracle databases.
  • Good understanding of coding in PL/SQL and very strong in performance tuning and database design expert level Oracle 10g/9i/8i /7.x
  • Thorough knowledge in concepts of OLAP, BI, DBMS, Data mining, Database Tuning, Data Warehousing.


OLAP Tools: Hyperion System 9,Hyperion Essbase 7.x/6.x, Excel Add-In, Essbase Integration Services 7.1 / 6.x, ESSCMD, MAXL, Hyperion XTD, MaxL, Essbase Administration Services, Hyperion planning 3.5/4.0,Hyperion Planning - System 9.

Business Intelligence Tools: Hyperion Planning 3.3.x, H.A.L, Hyperion Financial Management Suite (HFM)

Language: SQL, PL/SQL, C, C++, C Graphic, C#, Visual Basic, UNIX shell scripting Java.

DBMS: ORACLE 7.X/8i/9i/10g, MS-Access, MS-SQL SERVER 6.5/7.0/2000 , DB2, Sybase, Oracle Financial Application, Kronox.

Utilities/Application MS: Office (97/98/00/XP) Clear Case, Crystal Report, Adobe PhotoShop 6/7, Adobe Illustrator, Acrobat Reader/Writer.

Web Programming: HTML DHTML, java script, VB script, ASP.NET

Tools: TOAD, PL/SQL developer, DB Designers, SQL Navigator.

Internet Tools: Front Page, Macromedia 6(Flash, Fireworks, Dream weaver), FTP, TCP/IP, LAN, VPN, Remote Desktop Access, NetMeeting, MS-Outlook.

Operating Systems MS: DOS, WINDOWS 95/98/NT/2000/XP Professional, UNIX.

GUI: Visual Basic 6.0/5.0, SAP GUI

Integration Tool: Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) 9.3.1, HAL, Hyperion EIS, Oracle Data integrator (ODI), Hyperion Data Integration Management (DIM)

Reporting Tools: Hyperion Analyzer 7.0, Hyperion Reports 7.0, Hyperion Interactive Reporting 9.3.1, Micro Strategy 8.2 and Smart view.

Dimensional ModelingStarSchema Modeling, Snow: Flake Modeling, Fact and Dimensions Tables, Physical and logical data modeling, Erwin 4.0.

ERP: People soft 8.0 (HR)


Confidential, IL

Hyperion Admin


  • Was responsible for designing and developing of Project Forecast and Revised Budget processes for the business.
  • Was responsible for requirements gathering for designing of the Project Forecast and Revised Budget process.
  • Was responsible for creating and testing new business rules and calculation scripts as per the needs of the users using Hyperion Planning.
  • Was responsible for building financial reports for VP for Engineering and co-operate using Hyperion Financial Reporting and Smart view.
  • Enhanced and developed budgeting, reporting templates and ad-hoc reporting using the smart view for office
  • Was responsible for Support for Month end closer and resolving on-call issue for users for the closer.
  • Was responsible for Optimization of Business Rules.
  • Was responsible for designing and developing of the workflow process using planning unit in Hyperion Planning.
  • Was responsible for requirements gathering for cube building in Planning.
  • Customization of applications, smart lists, data forms, menus and dimensions where done through planning.
  • Was responsible for handling the administration of BSO cubes and creating Batch files, rule files using Maxl for data loading.
  • Was responsible for creating, maintaining and loading data through extract scripts and rules as a backup process for recovery of data.
  • Responsible for Data Optimization and performance tuning of the application.
  • Was responsible for resolving functional and technical issues in Production support.
  • Was responsible for system maintenance and applying patches if necessary.
  • Was involved in Installing, Configuration, Upgrading and Migration from Hyperion 11.1.0 suite to Hyperion 11.1.2(Oracle EPM).
  • Was responsible for maintaining and administering security permissions for users and groups.
  • Was responsible for loading data through ODI and resolve issue if any in the process.
  • Was responsible for providing data for reporting purpose.
  • Was responsible for providing Functional and technical support for problem identification and solving for issues occurring from development to production environment.
  • Created connection pools, physical tables and defined Primary key, foreign key joins, complex joins in the physical layer of the repository.
  • Created and modified logical tables, logical columns and defined Foreign-keys and complex joins.
  • Created dimensions, dimension hierarchies, levels, level based measures and defined level, attributes level keys.
  • Used the expression builder utility to create new logical columns in the BMM layer and created various calculation measures.
  • Customized/created presentation layer catalog folders, to show different views of the business model to different users and assigned group permissions to the catalog folders.
  • Worked extensively on OBIEE Answers to create the reports as per the client requirements.
  • Worked extensively on performance tuning including creating aggregate tables, caching and event polling tables.
  • Used the Catalog manager and maintained the Analytics web catalog to manage Dashboards, Answers and Delivers.
  • Worked on improving the dashboard performance, readability, and security.
  • As an Oracle Hyperion Suite Admin-
  • I Maintained Security in Shared Services, Created New Roles, Groups, Task Lists, User and ASO filters, Granted and created ASO filters and groups using MAXL script
  • Set-up users to access FDQM and DRM and Updated FDQM location as needed and FDQM related Roles in Shared Services
  • Refreshed security and planning application using scripts and Daily security exports for all applications and Assigned access to the Hyperion Cloud Applications.

Environment:, Hyperion Essbase 9.3/11.1/11.1.2 , Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Financial Reports Studio, ODI, OBIEE 11g, Windows Scheduled tasks, MAXL, ESSCMD, Excel Add-In and Smartview, Essbase Utilities, Windows NT/2003.

Confidential, VA

Hyperion Consultant


  • Was responsible for Installing, Configuration, Upgrading and Migration from Hyperion 9.3 suite to Hyperion EPM).
  • Provided documentation of all the technical and functional issues which would be helpful to users for future .
  • Was responsible for creation of validations and verifications as per the Business needs for validation of data through DRM.
  • Was Responsible for requirements gathering for the implementation of Hyperion DRM
  • Was responsible for administrating the task of maintaining the server, providing user security and application maintenance.
  • Was responsible for setting up the properties, properties categories, system ps and queries in DRM.
  • Was responsible for creating and testing new business rules and calculation scripts as per the needs of the users using Hyperion Planning.
  • Was responsible for building financial reports for co-operate using Hyperion Financial Report.
  • Was responsible to write and designing a test case strategy.
  • Was responsible for system maintenance and applying patches if necessary.
  • Responsible for Collecting requirements from the users and finalizing the design for performance scorecard
  • Configured Performance scorecard, Developed 140 measures in 4 Scorecard and integrate 40 measures with Essbase.
  • Developed load rules and calc script in Essbase to calculate 40 measures for Performance scorecard.
  • Extensively used Smartview for reporting and Lock and Send data.
  • Developed 40 different reports for 40 different measures using Smartview for data analysis.
  • Developed and modified Business rules, Calc scripts, load rules and report scripts for planning.
  • Developed and maintained web forms, scorecard measures and security.
  • Migrated all artifacts to different environments including planning and scorecard security using LCM utility.
  • Create interface to extract data from EBS by passing parameters.
  • Chart of Accounts and Monthly Actuals balances will be extracted by using fully qualified account string.
  • Create interface to extract Actual Transaction Data From Oracle GL to Hyperion Planning and performance scorecard.
  • Create interface to load approved data from Hyperion to EBS.
  • Extract Data from Oracle E-Business Suite(EBS) and PROPWORKS to update and load chart of accounts, Entity, Cost Center, Fund, Funding sources and data values in Planning and scorecard.
  • Was responsible to move extracted oracle GL data and new Chart of account data file from Shared drive to Hyperion server using SFTP.
  • Was responsible for loading monthly, Quarterly and annually data in planning and performance scorecard also managing the security in Shared services and Performance scorecard in production.Integrated Hyperion and OBIEE 11g in Dev environment.
  • Iterative development of OBIEE dashboards, Answers requests, charts, pivot table layouts, dashboard prompts
  • Merged new RPD, dashboard and Answers requests with existing OBIEE content
  • Architected OBIEE solution to analyze multiple client reporting needs
  • Analyzed end-user query performance when implementing and tuning OBIEE
  • Created Actual vs. Budget, Fixed Assets and various department level reports in OBIEE and Financial report Studio.
  • Wrote the test cases and test scripts for the Performance scorecard and planning.
  • Used Oracle's User Productivity Kit(UPK) in development of 5 courses which resulted in over 40 hours of that focused on Essbase, Planning, Work force Planning, Performance Scorecard and Smartview.
  • Support the trainers/users in the sessions as a technical resource.
  • Designed the configuration document and manual which would help users understand the application.
  • Worked with Oracle support team to resolve product issues regarding Hyperion Planning and performance scorecard.

Environment:, Hyperion Essbase 9.3/11.1, OBIEE 10g, Hyperion Financial Reports Studio V9.3, Hyperion Analyzer, Hyperion Integration Services, SQL, Microsoft Office, Smartview, Windows Scheduled tasks, MAXL, ESSCMD, Essbase Utilities, Windows NT/2003, Shell scripts.

Confidential, NJ

Essbase Architect


  • Extract all the dimensions of financial cube using essbase outline extractor.
  • Document all outlines, Dim build rules, Load rules, calc scripts, warehouse Builder Sets and Definition name.
  • Document the entire source and target table, SQL statements, load process and its requirements for each financial cube.
  • Create logical and physical data flow diagrams from iseries to essbase financial cube using visio.
  • Create report scripts to export data from financial cubes for reporting and comparing with the SAP BW data.
  • Support to understand data flow from iseries to essbase and calc script in Essbase.

Environment: AS400, Windows Server, SAP R/3, Essbase 6.5.1,STRATEGY 6.5, MS-Excel 2003 Spreadsheet Add-In, Visio 2003.

Confidential, GA

Sr. Essbase/Planning Architect


  • Create instances and datasource for the planning application using configuration utility.
  • Create HAL jobs to load members and data to planning application.
  • Create web forms, Business rules and sequences for the users.
  • Developed DIM build rules and Load Rules using flat files and SQL server 2005.
  • Prepared Maxl scripts to rename the application and provisioning the users.
  • Create documents for silent installation of smart view on user machine.
  • Support data staging team to develop SQL and SSIS package in SQL server 2005.
  • Extract monthly data from SQl server and FTP the extracted files to essbase servers.
  • Create manual test scripts for UAT.
  • Create crontab and CA7 jobs to build dim and load full and increment data in ASO, BSO and planning cubes.

Environment: AIX 5.1, Essbase 9.3, planning 9, SQL server 2005, MS-Excel 2000 Spreadsheet Add-In, Smart View, Web Sphere, CA7, SecureCRT and Winscp.

Confidential, IL

Hyperion/Essbase Architect


  • Developed DIM build rules and Load Rules using flat files and PeopleSoft trees.
  • Generate the control M jobs to build dim and load full and increment data in ASO and BSO cubes.
  • Prepared report scripts to create flat file to compare the flat file and Informatica extract for cube balance.
  • Performed Optimization using Hour glass design technique for BSO cubes.
  • Create documents for smart view installation, LDAP directory setup, adding users and groups in LDAP directory and stop and restart the all Essbase services.
  • Support business user to make connection retrieve data in the smart view from the different environment like Development, testing, Disaster recovery and Production server.
  • Support to develop BOXI reports.
  • Install, configure, and fine-tune Hyperion System 9 environment, Shared services, Analytical Provider services and smartview.
  • Developed shell scripts to stop and restart the services in AIX servers.
  • Involved in making the Essbase backups and restores of Essbase application.
  • Developed Load Rules, Calc Scripts, Report scripts and Batch Scripts using Esscmd and MaxL.
  • Create Report scripts to export data in file and compare the exported file with the informatica file.
  • Maintain the user and group in the Shared services.
  • Add new Users and groups in the LDAP directory. Provisioning the groups and add the users in different groups.
  • Refreshed security form shared services.
  • Create and modify the .Property and .CFG file in the Essbase and Provider services.
  • Create and Modify report scripts to extract and send the data for cube balancing.
  • Migrate cubes from Essbase 7.1.3 to System9 using the migration wizard.
  • Export data in level0, Input data and all data in the text file.
  • Copy and move the exported and extracted data in the different environment.
  • Load the exported data in the system9 on AIX 5.1 and windows 2000 server.
  • Extensively used Smartview for reporting, Lock and Send data, exporting data, and data analysis.

Environment: AIX 5.1, Windows 2000, SYSTEM 9 BI +(9.3), Essbase 7.1.3, Smart View, BOXI, Oracle 10g, Tomcat Apache and IBM Web Sphere, SecureCRT and Winscp.

Confidential, Cleveland, OH

Hyperion Planning Administrator


  • Created and modified web forms. Attached business rules to web forms.
  • Developed calc scripts, report scripts and business rules.
  • Launch business rules, sequences and test the data in smart view.
  • Developed Load Rules to load data.
  • Build sequences to run business rules in the particular order.
  • Modify in the calc script, Business rules and sequences.
  • Modify in the report scripts to extract and send the data to FDM.
  • Launch the business rules and sequences.
  • Execute the calc script when requested by the site leads. Lock and send the data.
  • Add and move members in outline and refresh the planning.
  • Modify and edit in the Web forms.
  • Maintain the user and group in the Shared services.
  • Extract and Load data from FDM.
  • Run the scripts to take daily backup of application.

Environment: SYSTEM 9 BI +(9.3), Hyperion Planning 9, FDM, SQL SERVER 2005, MS-Excel 2000, Smartview Windows 2003 server, Web Sphere.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Hyperion Administrator


  • Developed Load Rules from text files and SQL server 2005 and also develop calc script.
  • Generate the batch process to build dim, load data and calc on scheduled time.
  • Prepared Lease admin Reports, Property Accounting Reports, Corporate Accounting Reports, Payroll Reports, Legal Reports, property Tax Reports, Adhoc, Annual budget working with the business analysts and users.
  • Extracted data from SQL SERVER 2005 and JD Edwards to build and load data in BSO cubes and developed financial reports for Company finance, Leases, Taxes.
  • Performed Optimization using Hour glass design technique, during Data Loads and calculating weighted average.
  • Create reports using functions, conditional format, grids and Saved Objects.
  • Create a document, Collect reports into Books, Batch reports for scheduling.
  • Installed System 9 Essbase Analytics, License Server, Shared services, Smart View.
  • Installed System 9 BI+ 9.2/9.3 Financial reporting and web analysis (client, Base services, UI Services).
  • Maintain the System 9 (Essbase analytics and reporting server) services in windows 2003 server.
  • Maintain the user and group in the Shared services.
  • Extract and Load data from SQL server 2005 and JD Edwards.
  • Check the error files daily and refresh the cubes early in the morning if Errors.
  • Extract VBA files to refresh, update and modify the members in the outline, change Aliases and business unit upon request of business analyst and users. Lock and send data.
  • Migrate cubes to different environments using Migrate Wizard in Administrative Services.
  • Performed tuning, Optimization using Hour glass design technique.
  • Manage and change database connection for reports, create BOOKS using BATCH BURSTING, Schedule reports to generate in Multiple output options include web, PDF, and MS office format, Email notifications to users.
  • Modify .Property files to save the reports in the output directory. Multiple output options include web, PDF, and MS office format.
  • Extensively used Smartview for reporting, Lock and Send data, exporting data, and data analysis.

Environment: HYPERION SYSTEM 9, BI +(9.3), Hyperion Financial Reports Studio, Hyperion Web Analyzer, SQL SERVER 2005, JD Edwards, Smartview, Windows 2003 server, WebLogic 8.1.4.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Hyperion/Java developer


  • Maintain the different cubes, which refresh every Sunday using Vision warehouse.
  • Looking into the Log files to find missing members in the cubes to support the Users.
  • Maintain Intranet application to display the Essbase Cube Status in different colors.
  • Involved in performing DBA activities like create users, password setting, group and filters.
  • Prepare documentation to sunset the cube feeds but not completely turn off the cube. Leave the historical data in essbase for about 1 year.
  • Modified the old intranet application to extract Warehouse information from the AS/400 and Teradata.
  • Extract product Hierarchy from the Unix Server for Essbase which holds the hierarchy on UDB tables.
  • Modified codes and extract data from Mainframe to keep the integrity of the Hazmat restrictions, when shipping the product.
  • Developed 2 new intranet application using MyEclipse and Teradata SQL assistant.
  • Extensively used visual safe source for version controlling.
  • Redeployed the applications in the development, test and production server.
  • Support to solve the production issues and fixed the bugs in intranet application and Essbase cubes.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase 6.5.1, Microsoft Excel 2000, Excel Add-InDB2/UDB, Java, Teradata Unix, Windows 2003, Sun Solaris, Analyzer.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Hyperion developer


  • Created dimension building load rule and data load Rule for dynamic dimension building, attribute dimension building and data loading in Essbase.
  • Involved in installation of EIS, configuration and Migrating from Essbase version 6.5 to 7.1.
  • Involved in performing DBA activities like create users, password setting, group and filters.
  • Involved in making the Essbase backups and restores of Essbase application. Implemented robust data-access security and user management.
  • Performed Optimization using Hour glass design technique, during Data Loads and while calculating.
  • Performed Performance tuning by using the dense/spares settings and developed the required alternate rollups for reports.

Environment: Hyperion Essbase 6.5.1, EIS 7.0, Microsoft Excel 2000, Excel Add-In, Oracle 8i, PL/SQL, SQL*Loader, MS SQL Server 7.0, Windows NT 4.0.

Confidential, CT

Hyperion Planning developer


  • Hands-on experience on MDM, Hyperion Essbase, Hyperion Planning and HAL.
  • Created and mapped HAL jobs to load the hierarchies into different planning applications.
  • Used Hyperion Application Link (HAL) to establish connections between a planning and Essbase developed data flow diagrams for the same.
  • Created windows executable rules and used them with the flat file and planning adapter in HAL to run the HAL jobs on the schedule.
  • Extensively used the scheduler (Appworx) to automate the complete process.
  • Getting the dimbuild file from the GL feed, load into the MDM and produce output CSV format file that loaded into the planning application, run the calc script, ESSCMD, MAXL script.
  • Extensively used HMA to Add, move, delete and modified the members in the planning application and pointing to the different servers.
  • Used Razza extractor to extract the different outline and compare the outline.
  • Used Razza converter to convert the outline to txt, xls, csv format and used that files to add, delete, modified and move the members and validate the same.
  • Modified the VBA code in the HMA to pointing the correct server.
  • Created dimension building load rule and data load Rule for dynamic dimension building, attribute dimension building and data loading in Essbase.
  • Involved in gathering requirements and developing a project plan.
  • Provided to staging area team in using the MS Excel spreadsheet add-in to load data and the basic concepts of multidimensional databases.
  • Created and managed numerous Data entry forms and modified some Business Rules for some applications.
  • Extracted the Level 0 data from Essbase 6.5.4 cube to star schema database in Oracle 9i.
  • Extensively used Excel Add-In for reporting, Lock and Send data, exporting data, and data analysis.

Environment: Master data management services (MDM 9.0) Hyperion Essbase 6.5.4, Hyperion planning 3.5, Hyperion Application Link (HAL 7.0), Excel Add-In, Windows NT 4.0, Oracle 9i, TOAD, WebLogic 8.1.4

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