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Sr. Data Analyst/data Modeler Resume

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Wilton, CT


  • More than 9+ years of Experience in Data Analysis, Data Modeling, Data Warehouse&Businessintelligenceprofessional with applied information Technology.
  • Extensive experience in Relational and DimensionalData modeling for creating Logical and Physical Design of Database and ER Diagrams using multiple data modeling tools like Erwin and ER Studio.
  • Experiencedwith DataConversion,DataQuality,and DataProfiling, Performance Tuning and System Testing and implementing RDBMS features.
  • Expertise in writing ComplexSQLqueries to perform end - to-end ETLvalidations and support Ad-hoc business requests.
  • Expertise in level skills in reading and developing data models using different data modeling notations for Entity Relationship Diagrams including IDEF1X, Information Engineering, UML, Object Role Modeling.
  • Experienced with Business Process Modeling, Process Flow Modeling &Dataflow modeling.
  • Excellent experience in Normalization (1NF, 2NF, 3NF and BCNF) and De-normalization techniques for effective and optimum performance in OLTP and OLAP environments.
  • Experienced in extract, transform and loading data from RDBS toHadoop&Netezza using Informatica.
  • Excellent experience in Extract, Transfer and Load process using ETL tools likeDataStage, Informatica,DataIntegrator and Sql Server Integration Services forDatamigration andDataWarehousing projects.
  • Experienced in the development of Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence architecture that involves dataintegration and the conversion of data from multiple sources and platforms.
  • Expertise in Data Analysis using SQL on Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2 & Teradata, Netezza.
  • Excellent knowledge and experience inproducing tables, reports, graphsand listings using various procedures and handlinglarge databases to perform complexdata manipulations.
  • Excellent experience in trouble shooting SQL queries, ETL jobs, data warehouse/data mart/data store models.
  • Expertise in Creating Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams such as UseCaseDiagrams, ActivityDiagrams, ClassDiagrams and Sequence Diagrams.
  • Extensive experience inSSIS Packages, SSRS reports and SSAS cubes on production server.
  • Excellent knowledge with TalendMDM, InformaticaMDM for creating matching and merge rules for MDMhub.
  • Extensively used Agile methodology as the Organization Standard to implement thedataModels.
  • Experienced in using Excel and MSAccess to dump thedataand analyze based on business needs.


Analysis and Modeling Tools: Erwin 9.x, 8.x, 7.x, Oracle Designer, BPwin, Rational Rose, ER/Studio, MS Visio

ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center 9.5/8.6.1,SSIS

OLAP Tools: MS SQL Analysis Manager, DB2 OLAP

Languages: SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, XML, HTML, UNIX Shell Scripting, C.

Databases: MS SQL Server 2008/2005/2000 , Oracle12c/11g/10g/9i/8i, DB2 V9.5, Teradata V2R6.1, MS Access 2000, Netezza

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows 7 XP/2000/98, UNIX (Sun Solaris 10)

Project Execution Methodologies: Ralph Kimball and Bill Inmondatawarehousing methodology, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Rapid Application Development (RAD), Joint Application Development (JAD)

Tools: & Software: TOAD, MS Office, BTEQ, Teradata SQL Assistant, Aginity, MS-Office suite (Word, Excel, MS Project and Outlook), VSS


Confidential, Wilton, CT

Sr. Data Analyst/Data Modeler


  • Providing data modeling services, including updating and building logical database models for regularly scheduled releases, including those for new databases with large numbers of users and interfaces. Evaluates completeness and accuracy of data models.
  • Involved in designing logical, physical and dimensional database designs using reverse and forward engineering of ERWIN.
  • Used ERWIN's Database Generation for generating DDL, stored procedure and trigger code for your target database
  • Reviewingdata models to assess the impact of the new model on the enterprise model. Identifies data sources and areas of overlap, and facilitates data sharing.
  • Involved inDataWarehouse Support - StarSchema and Dimensional modeling to help designDataMart anddatawarehouse.
  • Developedconceptual, logical, physical and dimensional data model for enhancements or new features optimized for Micro Strategy or similar OLAP tools.
  • Extensively used Normalization techniques (up to 3NF).
  • Writing complex queries using TeradataSQL.
  • Supportsdata architecture design that maximizes use of data and components, including geospatial data architecture.
  • Analyzed complex data to accurately coordinate, create, compile and prepare business reviews in a timely manner.
  • Resolved thedatatype inconsistencies between the source systems and the target system using the mapping documents and analyzing the database using SQL queries.
  • DevelopedDataMapping, Data profiling,DataGovernance, and Transformation and cleansing rules for the MasterData Management Architecture involving OLTP, ODS.
  • Data analysis of existing data base and new sources to understand the data flow and business rule applied to different data bases by SQL.
  • Involved in designing the procedures for getting thedatafrom all systems toDataWarehousing system.
  • Performeddataanalysis anddataprofiling using complexSQL on various sources systems including Oracle and Netezza.

Environment: ERWIN r9.6, SAS,, InformaticaPowerMart (Source Analyzer, Data warehousing designer, Mapping Designer,Hadoop, Transformations), MS SQL Server 2008, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL,SSIS, Teradata, Teradata SQL Assistant, Aginity.

Confidential, Bellevue, WA

Sr. Data Analyst/Data Modeler


  • Worked on information gathering techniques to gather complex business data requirements from internal business clients and development teams. Analyzes data requirements. Provide conceptual and technical modeling assistance to developers. Validates data models with IT team members and internal clients.
  • Provided development expertise in enterprise and project level logical data models which focus on business data.
  • Performed Reverse Engineering of the legacy application using DDL scripts in Erwin, and developed Logicaland Physicaldata models for Central Model consolidation.
  • Worked with DBA's to create a best fit Physical Data Model from the Logical Data Model using Erwin.
  • Extensively used Star Schema methodologies in building and designing the logical datamodel intoDimensionalModels
  • Involved in performing extensive Back-End Testing by writing SQL queries and PL/SQL stored procedures to extract the data from SQLDatabase using Hadoop.
  • Designed and developed reports for the data in the Data Warehouse using Business Objects / excel.
  • Involved in Inspections, data analysis, and data discovery sessions. Attended engineering review (OER) meetings to address data modeling changes to reviewed databases and the enterprise database.
  • Developed business, technical, process, and operational data documentation (metadata).
  • Donedataanalysis (GapAnalysis), to map logical to physical elements.
  • Createdlogical and physicaldatamodels using best practices to ensure highdataquality and reduced redundancy, Define, document, and articulate design goals and standards.
  • Responsible for compliance with data modeling standards and data modeling infrastructure components for own work and staff members within span of control.
  • Wrote and executed SQLqueries to verify that data has been moved from transactional system to DSS, Datawarehouse, datamart reporting system in accordance with requirements.
  • Worked in importing and cleansing of data from various sources like Teradata, Oracle, flatfiles, SQLServer2008 with high volume data.
  • Developed ETL data mappings using Informatica for extract, transform and loading data from OLAP system to OLTP system.

Environment: Erwin 9.5, MS Visio,Oracle 11g,, Oracle Designer, Teradata, SQL Server 20012, Oracle, SQL, PL/SQL,Windows7,UNIX, Netezza, Informatica.

Confidential, Pittsburgh, PA

Sr. Data Analyst / Data Modeler


  • Involved with data profiling for multiple sources and answered complex business questions by providingdatato business users.
  • Performed development and maintenance work on datamodels,conceptual data modeling, datadictionaries, event models, CRUDmatrix, and other artifacts to maintain it with corporate standards, integration with enterprise data architecture and company goals.
  • Worked on physical database design, including views and indexing strategies.
  • Extensively used of EXCEL PIVOT tables to run and analyze the result data set and perform UNIX scripting.
  • Conducted and performeddata modeling exercises in support of subject areas and client needs for data, reports, and analyses, with a concern towards reuse of existing data elements.
  • Designed the logicaldata model from the technical design documents and translating to a physical data model using ERWIN.
  • Worked in importing and cleansing of data from various sources likeTeradata, Oracle, flat files,SQL Server 2005 with high volume data
  • Worked withdatainvestigation, discovery and mapping tools to scan every singledatarecord from many sources.
  • Performed fit-gap analysis with respect to Oracle's DW / BI technology / tools (such as OBIEE) and the customer's business requirements and Designed and implementedmulti-dimensional data models
  • Worked onDataProfiling in reference toDataWarehouse and BIdevelopment.
  • ImplementedDatawarehousing solutions involving Dimension modeling and Snow flake schema implementation (3 NF)
  • Wrote SQL scripts to test the mappings and Developed TraceabilityMatrix of Business Requirements mapped to TestScripts to ensure any Change Control in requirements leads to test case update.
  • Involved in extensive Datavalidation by writing several complexSQL queries and Involved in back-end testing and worked withInformaticadataquality issues.

Environment: Erwin, SQL Server,Quality Center, MS Excel 2007, PL/SQL, Scrum, Business Objects XIR2, ETL Tools Informatica 8.6, SSIS, Oracle 11G, MDM, Teradata R13, Mongo DB, Teradata SQL Assistant.

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

Data Analyst / Data Modeler


  • Participated in all phases of project including Requirement gathering, Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing and Documentation.
  • Designed ER diagrams, logical model (relationship, cardinality, attributes, and, candidate keys) and converted them to physical data model including capacity planning, object creation and aggregation strategies, partition strategies, Purging strategies as per business requirements.
  • Managed a high volume of activity with ad hoc scheduling needs, requiring constant change and adaptability.
  • Developed Data models and ERD diagrams using Erwin.
  • Created and Designed logical database schema layout structure to prepare for ETL processes, data mining,extraction, Analysis and Reporting System.
  • Ensured Erwin data models and Teradata tables were synchronized and resolved differences.
  • Data analysis of existing data base and new sources to understand the data flow and business rule applied to different data bases by SQL
  • Identified gaps in data quality, coordinated with internal problems to address root causes, developed and implemented.
  • Involved in Logical & Physical Database Layout Design using Erwin.
  • Conducted meetings with the business and technical team to gather necessary analytical data requirements in JAD sessions.
  • Created and maintained Logical Data Model (LDM) / Physical Data Modeling. Included documentation of all entities, attributes, data relationships, primary and foreign key relationships, allowed values, codes, business rules, glossary terms, etc.
  • Performed detailed and in-depth data validation on processed data from dozens of different suppliers from many different countries.
  • Wrote requirements for ETL Data warehousing, database profiling.
  • Developed the Data mart for the base data in Star Schema, Snow Flake Schema and Multi Star Schema and involved in developing the Data warehouse for the Database.
  • Performed reverse Engineering on existing Data model.
  • Data mapping, logical data modeling, created class diagrams and ER diagrams and used SQL queries to filter data within the Oracle database.

Environment: Erwin 7.3, SQL Server, Informatica Power Center, SQL, Oracle, Source Analyzer, Data warehouse designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, PL/SQL.


Data Modeler/Analyst


  • Created and maintained Database Objects (Tables, Views, Indexes, Partitions, Synonyms, Databasetriggers, StoredProcedures) in thedatamodel.
  • Actively involved in creating Physical and Logical models using Erwin.
  • Presented thedatascenarios via, Erwin logical models and excel mockups to visualize thedatabase.
  • Tested Performance & Accuracy related queries under SQLServer.
  • Worked on building thedatamodel using Erwin as per the requirements, discussion and approval of the model from the BA.
  • Extracted, transformed, and analyzed data from data warehouse, generated reports, insights, and key conclusions.
  • Involved withDataAnalysisprimarily IdentifyingDataSets, SourceData, Source MetaData, DataDefinitions andDataFormats
  • Designed and Developed logical & physicaldatamodels and MetaDatato support the requirements using Erwin
  • Involved withDataProfiling activities for new sources before creating new subject areas in warehouse
  • Experienced in creating UNIX scripts for file transfer and file manipulation.
  • Developed ER and Dimensional Models using Power Designer advanced features. Created physical and logicaldatamodels using Erwin.
  • Wrote PL/SQL statement and stored procedures in Oracle for extracting as well as writing data.

Environment: DB2, CA Erwin 7.x, Oracle 11g, MS-Office, SQL Architect, TOAD Benchmark Factory, SQL Loader, PL/SQL, SharePoint, Agile, Erwin, MS-Office, SQL Server 2008.

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