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Senior Web Strategy Consultant Resume

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Newark, NJ


  • Business Analyst with around 9 years experience in analyzing the business process, identifying and proposing the solutions for an effective customer experience.
  • Experience in conducting GAP analysis, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), SWOT analysis, Cost benefit analysis, Process Modeling, Business Process Re - Engineering and ROI analysis.
  • Knowledge in share point and Teamsite content Management system.
  • Knowledge in Health Care Terms such as HMO, PPO, HIPAA, NASCO (BCBS specific) and COBRA.
  • Extensive experience with process modeling using Unified Modeling Language (UML), preparing graphical depictions of use cases including state diagrams, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, use case diagrams, including the business workflow using Rational Suite, Rational Rose and MS Visio.
  • Excellent Analytical skills in understanding the business process and translating business requirements into system functionality requirements in technical terms. Developing functional specifications for business process refinement and automation, data modeling, system Architecture, conducting feasibility studies, analyzing scope and vision of the project.
  • Perfectionist in requirements collection, from clients and processing information to the project team and heavy experience in using requirements documenting tools like iRise, Requisite pro etc.
  • Excellent knowledge of industry standard methodologies like Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Iterative Software Development Life Cycle Process as per Rational Unified Process (RUP), CMM (Capability Maturity Models) and Rational Tools used during various phases of RUP.
  • In Depth understanding of the AS-IS and TO-BE business processes and experience in converting these requirements into technical specifications for preparing test plans.
  • Experience in handling a creative deliverables like User Interface Specifications, Task flows, wire frames and Prototypes. Also assisting the team in performing usability testing if necessary.
  • Excellent Skills in Performance Management to support strategic planning, goal setting, strengthen productivity, enhance decision making, and improve quality service.
  • Extensive experience in Brokerage/Banking.
  • Experience dealing projects in Commercial Mortgage Lending systems (CML)


Methodologies: RUP, UML, Six Sigma, CMM

Operating Systems: Win 95/98/NT/2000/XP, OS-390, ZOS

Change Management Tools: Rational Clear Quest, Test Director.

Business Modeling Tools: Rational Rose, Microsoft Visio.

Version Control Systems: Rational Clear Case.

Project Management: Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office.

Programming Language: COBOL, JCL, SQL, HTML, Java Script

Data Bases: DB2, Oracle

Testing Tools: Rational Suite, Test Director

Quality Management: ISO 9000, Malcolm Baldrige Quality Criteria, TQM, PMBOK


Confidential, Newark, NJ

Senior Web Strategy Consultant


  • Engage all key stakeholders, SME’s, Multiple Impacted groups (included 3rd party vendors IBM etc) to understand the business vision and strategies driving the objective.
  • Adopted RUP, Agile and Scrum Methodology (as applicable) for projects across board to set expectations in terms of artifacts to be delivered during each iteration (Analysis, Design, Testing etc) of the SDLC Process.
  • Conducted Scrum meetings with developers and testers to ensure the project remains on track.
  • Research the features, offerings on the similar products offered by the competitors within the same industry to help build a robust and cutting-edge product.
  • Documenting Scope, Vision and Project charter documents.
  • Conduct surveys, workshops, brainstorming sessions to nail down the business requirements with multiple teams across business units.
  • Document and demonstrate rough UI screenshots/mockups for business and other teams to facilitate the brainstorming sessions to understand the business process.
  • Deliver Business Process Modelling (BPMN) diagrams, Business Requirements (BRD), detailed Functional specs (FS), Use-cases (Business & System) and Technical Requirements document (TRD).
  • Worked closely with the creative team (IA, Designer, content writer) to deliver the UI wireframes/design mockups and content published on the web.
  • Recommend best user experience practices (example, one click away strategy) to help optimize the experience for the customers.
  • Strong understanding of technical systems workflow and expertise in translating business requirements to technical requirements.
  • Conducts design walkthroughs with technology.
  • Tests new functionality against functional specifications before functionality is turned over to the Quality Assurance (QA) Group.
  • Document test plan, test strategy and test cases to cover the end-end testing requirements.
  • Develop and perform acceptance testing on systems functions and features.
  • Maintain the traceability to Map the test cases to functional requirements to Business requirements, Use-cases.
  • Provides functional support to the QA team during QA testing.
  • Documented product enhancement requests through the appropriate tools and processes.
  • Documented customer service workflow and content for help/FAQ’s/ virtual tutorial published on the site.
  • Documented operation plan defining the workflow, communication channels, and responsible owners in the event of disaster recovery for senior leadership references.
  • Facilitated Implementation roll out plan to ensure the project rollout is scheduled in different time intervals.

Environment: RUP, UML, Rational Rose, Visio, Clear Quest, Soda, Clear case, Java/J2EE, MS-Office, MS Project.

Confidential, Hopewell, NJ

Senior Lead Business Analyst


  • Writing requirements for Investment banking operations such as full trade life cycle system for the domestic and international portal websites
  • Experience from Front to back office, worked with fund managers, financial advisors and technical team members.
  • Thorough experience in defining the strategy for the client accounts that fall under portfolio management
  • Extensive research in understanding the existing features offered on both domestic and international websites of Confidential Wealth management system.
  • Performed GAP Analysis to infer the difference in functionalities for both International and domestic web applications.
  • Involved in deep-dive discussions to understand the business needs and gather business requirements.
  • Data mapping, Data modeling, GUI wireframes, screenshots, process flows, UML diagrams (Activity, use cases, Data flows etc).
  • Creating Business artifacts such as scope document, Project charter, Roadmap strategy of the complete re-design (in phases), Business Requirements, functional requirements.
  • Documenting business requirements (BRD) and translate to functional requirements.
  • Documenting business and system level use cases.
  • Interaction with regional stakeholders (Asia Pac, EMEA, Singapore LAC & DSP India) to gather and review business requirements.
  • Complete understanding on the Smartphone platforms to understand the pros and cons to be able to suggest business the feasible features that can be implemented.
  • Understand different OS versions for each of the smart phone platforms and ensure the application is smoother to run on all designated OS versions (i.e no crash issues).
  • Interaction with vendors to set up the sign-on signature authentication to allow access to certain features on the mobile platforms.
  • Create tasks and update tasks in the MS Project and Project Management Directory for the senior management reviews.
  • Documenting test plan, test cases, and necessary screenshots to help assist the UAT phase.
  • Documented Traceability to ensure all the features for the project has been captured and mapped back to the requirements in the BRD.

Confidential, New jersey, NJ

Application Business Analyst/Support project Manager


  • Assess the complex enterprise application to see how the common functionality is inferred and can be re-used across multiple applications.
  • Worked closely with cross functional teams to gather business requirements that includes Inventory Management System.
  • Knowledge around the workflow of Inventory Management System.
  • Create tasks and update tasks in the MS Project and Project Management Directory for the senior management reviews.
  • Manage change control process to stay in compliance with 21CFR part 11 & GMP guidelines and performed Integration/Functional testing and provided documented evidence per regulatory requirements.
  • Collaboration and reviews with different application owners and SME’s to ensure the GAP Analysis was performed accurately.
  • Business Process Modeling: Business process improvement and optimization, Document and model business processes, Automated workflows and Manage business rules.
  • Involved in documenting Business Requirements Documents by conducting interviews with the project stakeholders, SME and Business users.
  • Documented business requirements to ensure they are aligned with UI from the scratch.
  • Performed application functionality user acceptance testing experience (i.e. front-end application testing) in a controlled testing environment that simulates the end user usability of the application.
  • Assisted in documentation for all aspects of the computer systems validation lifecycle (CSV), in accordance with FDA regulations, particularly 21 CFR part 11.
  • Assisted in reviewing documenting Validation Plan and Protocols such as, Installation Qualification (IQ) Specification, Operation Qualification (OQ) & performance qualification.
  • Ensure the UAT test scripts review sessions with business owners to test the application functionality and providing necessary training material.
  • Documented and reviewed the post implementation summary with the senior management regarding the gaps identified during the project.

Environment: RUP, Rational Rose, Clear Quest, Soda, Requisite Pro, UML, SQL, MS-Office, MS Project.

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

Senior Business Analyst/Project Manager


  • Extensive experience in writing requirements for online applications based on Home Loan origination and commercial lending systems (i.e customer facing applications).
  • Experiencing in defining eligibility requirements around lending criteria’s, Interest rate calculations etc.
  • Coordinated with different credit agencies to determine the scores to help derive the eligibility criteria.
  • Define the business rules around the default and mortgage delinquencies aspects to ensure the client is notified before the desired timeline.
  • Worked with User Interface simulations tools like iRise to depict the exact User experience (end-end) on all web application projects.
  • Experience with requirements management tool such a Req Pro, Caliber RM etc.
  • Heavy experience documenting business requirements at the page level within iRise.
  • Facilitating the iRise walkthrough sessions with different stakeholders to help understand the entire User experience before base lining the BRD.
  • Envisioning the iRise simulation as the potential prototype to depict the functionality of the end product.
  • Maintain tracebility within iRise and map the data elements, requirements to the associated UI within simulation tab of iRise.
  • Thorough experience working with global teams to delve the business requirements according to the needs based on the region etc.
  • Supported multi lingual websites while leveraging the existing functionality.
  • Helped in documenting deployment schedules prior to the release at the global level.
  • Secure all necessary approvals from associated groups as part of release management plan.
  • Facilitated calls on the implementation dates with the developers and project management groups across the board to fix any immediate production issues to ensure there is no system downtime at all.
  • In depth understanding of Team site Content management system in terms of the date stored and retrieved from different files to publish the content on the web pages.
  • Facilitated the walkthroughs with business to help effective use of CMS system to make consistent changes which are not code driven.
  • Business Process Modeling: Business process improvement and optimization, Document and model business processes, Automated workflows and Manage business rules.
  • Automate industry and business regulatory compliance.
  • Involved in documenting Business Requirements Documents by conducting interviews with the project stakeholders, SME and Business users.
  • Handled User Experience (UX) Team of 14 people to suggest and create solutions on the creative aspects that are required for the project to have a better customer experience.
  • Worked with different legal departments in Citi in driving the significant approaches that meet the customer advocacy needs.
  • Coordinate and execute customer, vendor, market analyst, and client interviews
  • Conduct secondary research, data collection and market/competitor analyses
  • Provide production support - research daily defects. Facilitate daily production defect calls.
  • Strong expertise in using test defect tracking tools like HP quality center.

Environment: RUP, iRise, Rational Rose, Clear Quest, Soda, Requisite Pro, UML, SQL, MS-Office, MS Project, MS Access and SQL.


Systems Analyst


  • Implemented an integrated RUP solution with complete line of traceability for all the artifacts of web development projects.
  • Industry experience working with NASCO claims processing system
  • Understand the different gateway rules for processing claims via NASCO
  • Heavy requirements gathering and in-depth understanding of system flows.
  • Business analyst experience in analysis and design for application maintenance and/or development or significant functional expertise in Medicaid and/or other areas of focus includes Provider enrollment/relations, Claims processing, Eligibility determination, Authorization processing, Payment and financial processing, Long Term Care services.
  • Engaged in developing various Medicaid plans which served as social protection coverage for Florida residents. Working the plans at a different income levels was a huge plus to BCBS.
  • Involved in gathering requirements for different Medicare plans for various projects to provide the best insurance plans for the customer.
  • Strong knowledge of HIPAA compliance manual proceedings.
  • Involved in the analysis phase of developing new health insurance plans that would drive the customer needs.
  • Used Rational Rose to visually determine the proper structure, key elements and optimal design for your database and to aid efficient creation of tables, stored procedures.
  • Worked on SQL as to see the Audit codes that are available in Diamond would impact the Present line of business called as Individual GoBlue (IGB).
  • Established a business Analysis methodology around the RUP (Rational Unified Process). Helped develop use cases, project plans and manage scope.
  • Generating SoDA reports after working on the realizations using rational SoDA.

Confidential, NY

Business Analyst


  • Through understanding of each application on different platforms and documented requirements for the implementation of different integrated products on a shared common platform under the SOA architecture.
  • Used one of the interfacing messages called XML to exchange data between different applications.
  • Data Models are designed and Use Cases are written that could match the Mainframe workflow environment.
  • Worked with the UI team to create the User Interface screenshots to be presented to the Business.
  • Examined, analyzed and model Test plans Use Case Model cases & Test procedures based on RUP methodology.
  • Developed workflows by working with each developer as to find out the current process that they are carrying out.

Confidential, Corona, CA

Business Analyst


  • Coordinated with project manager to write the Validation Master Plan (VMP)
  • Wrote the Installation Qualification (IQ) & Operational Qualification (OQ) Test Plan
  • Implementation, migration, custom development, and validation of Oracle-based Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) using SQL* LIMS
  • Involved in defining, documenting, and execution of the overall OQ process including the base LIMS and additional customized portions of LIMS
  • Coordinated with System analyst and Network administrator to make the server and machines qualify through complete Installation Qualification (IQ) and Operational Qualification (OQ) procedures
  • Involved in developing local level Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’S) for hardware and software maintenance, user account policies
  • Detailed study about 21CFR and FDA rules and had implemented in a strategical approach so that the current system would match the specifications and the functionality behavior of the project.

Environment: Lotus Notes, Visual basic .NET and SQL Server 2000, Windows NT, Rational Rose, RUP, UML, SQL, PVCS, MS-Access, MS Project.


Business Consultant


  • Worked as business analyst to support the re-design of the Mortgage Asset Management System. Extensively involved in the development of Reporting Data Warehousing System.
  • Facilitated and managed meeting sessions with committee of SMEs from various business areas including Mortgage Servicing, Loan Monitoring and Asset Management.

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