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Senior Business Objects Developer Resume

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Indianapolis, IN


  • Senior Business Object Developer with over9+ yearsof experience in implementing Full Cycle data warehousing from requirementgathering, designing, scheduling, developing and implementation using Business Object suite, and demonstrated abilities to analyze problems, respond to changing needs and forge strong working relationships with the peers.
  • Design, Develop & Test complex Business Objects Universes with features like Aggregate Awareness, Contexts, Pre - Defined Conditions, Cascading Prompts, Outer Joins & Complex metrics.
  • Expertise in Designing/Developing theBO Universes, Ad-hoc/Canned Reports, Complex Reportsusing predefined conditions as well as Business Objects Full Client & Thin Client reports.
  • Mastery inImport WizardandReport Conversion Toolfor migrating the Universes and Reports between different environments like Development, QA and Production.
  • Presentation of the advanced features of Business Objects to end-users to enable them to develop reports easily.
  • Coordinating with users & understanding business requirements, functional/Business analysis and translates business reporting requirements into technical design and solution.
  • Strong Knowledge and experience in software development life cycle (SDLC) including analysis, design, development, testing and maintenance.
  • Worked with Crystal Reports for creating complicated reports including sub-reports, parameter based reports, graphical reports, formula based, well-formatted reports, drilling reports, analysis reports, data reports along with LOV.
  • Written several Custom Functions in Crystal Reports for the reuse of complex business logic and avoid duplicity and rework across the report objects.
  • Strong design and development ability with database like SQL Server and Oracle. Extensive experience with database queries, views and stored procedures.
  • Motivated and focused team player with excellent interpersonal, time management and communication skills.
  • Immense experience in setting up Aggregate Awareness to enhance the performance of SQL transactions.
  • Good Knowledge of Data Modeling using Entity-Relationship Model, Dimensional Data Modeling usingStar schemaand snow flake schema.
  • Experience in creating several reports with Business Objects functionalities like Breaks, Alerts, Filters, Sorts, Query Prompts and Drill filters.
  • Knowledge of Informatica tool to design the source definition, target definition and transformations to build mappings.
  • Ability to adapt to fast changing skills and work, able to work in-groups as well as independently with minimal supervision.
  • ExcellentTechnical, Communication and Interpersonal SkillsandQuick learner.


Reporting Tools: BO 4.1/BO 4.0/3.1/BOXIR2/6.5,IDT,UDT,BI Launch Pad, Designer, Info view, Web-Intelligence, Crystal Reports, Dashboard Design, Xcelsius, Desktop Intelligence.

ETL Tool: Informatica.

Database: Oracle 9i / 10g / 11g, DB2, MS SQL Server 2005/2008.

Database GUI: Teradata SQL assistant, TOAD, SQL Developer, Mainframe DB2.

Programming Languages: SQL & PL/SQL, UNIX Shell Script, JCL, COBOL, Ezetrieve, VSAM

Operating Systems: UNIX, Windows NT/2000/2003/XP/7, OS/390, ZOS (Mainframes)


Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Senior Business Objects Developer


  • Involved in analyzing, documenting business requirements, functional requirements for developing universes and reports.
  • Performed analysis, design, develop, testing and Maintenance of IDT & UDT Universes.
  • Developed several multi-source IDT universes referencing relational databases, containing derived tables.
  • Experience in using Information design tool (IDT), to create universes using multiple Data Sources.
  • Creating, developing, maintaining and testing the Universe for running the queries against the Database using Designer.
  • Implemented Row Level, Object Level security for data restriction at Universe level.
  • Interacted with Business Users and Managers in gathering business requirements.
  • Involved in the designing and Building of Universes, Classes and objects.
  • Created Derived tables in the Designer to enhance the capabilities and performance of the universe.
  • Customized Universe level Prompts as per Functional Requirements.
  • Fulfilled Business Analyst requirements by Completing Universe Development Life Cycle to Prepare, Analyze, Plan, Implement, Test, and Deploy & Maintain to Successfully Develop Universes meeting User Needs and Requirements from both technical and strategic views of an organization.
  • Set up Universe level conditions to restrict data based on report requirements.
  • Analyzing system functionality requirements, documents and scope of the work.
  • Converted business requirements in business/technical requirement documents.
  • Created Repositories, Users & assigned the security in the Multi-Team Environment.
  • Resolved loops and Traps using Contexts and Aliases while designing Universes.
  • Check the integrity of the Universes, and export the universes to Repository for making available to users.
  • Worked with database connections, SQL joins, cardinalities, loops, aliases, views, parsing of objects and hierarchies.
  • Extensive experience in SAP Business Objects which include Information Design Tool (IDT), Web Intelligence (WebI), Universe designer, SAP Business Objects dashboards, Crystal Reports.
  • Designed complex reports based on discussions with user groups and created various objects using built-in functions (like prompt, select, where, and aggregate), complex SQL queries and joins. Thus Considering best business Practices using Web intelligence Rich Client.
  • Developed new set of standard Web Intelligence reports against the new universe. Completed ad-hoc data requests as required.
  • Developed and created classes with Dimension, Detail & Measure objects and Developed Custom hierarchies to support drill down reports.
  • Expertise in Resolving the Daily issues in the Daily doc Production Environment.
  • Scheduling and publishing reports onto WEBI to different destinations
  • Trained end users in understanding the reports.
  • The project involved in the development of reports using Business Objects Web Intelligence to cater Ad-hoc reporting needs.
  • Created Standard Reports utilizing all the features on Web Intelligence in BO like Optional Prompts, Functions, and Alerters etc.
  • Created Breaks, Filters at Different Levels of the reports and applied ranking in the Webi reports.
  • Extensively worked with formatting the reports according to the user requirements.

Environment: BO XI 3.1/4.1,Informatica, DB2, Sql Server, Windows Server 2008/2012.

Confidential, Madison, WI

Senior Business Objects Developer


  • Responsibilities as a BOBJ Developer include building business intelligence and data warehousing solutions. Assist clients in defining report requirement, project scope and resources.
  • Responsibility includes scheduling and monitoring data loads, report processing, supporting report developers, performing requirements gathering and data modeling for system enhancements and future releases, addressing production break and fix issues, managing transport migration process, recommend and implement performance tuning enhancements as needed.
  • Design BeX Queries base on Info cube and DSO using conditions, structures, calculated and restricted key figures and formula variables.
  • Develop highly complex and formatted Webi reports for internal management.
  • Created WEBI reports with Hierarchy prompt, calculation, chart, drill down features, formulas and variables. Created hyperlinked WebI reports with Open document functions.
  • Created Info Objects, Info Sources and Source Systems to load data into Info Cubes using Transformation and DTP.
  • Prepared of TS (Technical Specification), UTP (Unit Test Plan) and Release Plan Documents.
  • Creating users, folders, Categories and groups assigning the access levels.
  • Applied security features of Business Objects at row level in the universe to make the sensitive data secure.
  • Interacted with the Business users and gathered the business requirements to design and develop Universes & reports.
  • Performed analysis, design, develop, testing and Maintenance of IDT & UDT Universes.
  • Ensure that the reports produced are accurate, relevant, complete and actionable.
  • Effectively handled setting up the objects as Dimension, Detail or Measure based on business rules.
  • Extensively used Calculations, Break points, Drill down, @Functions and Formulas, Filters and Alerts for creating Complex Web intelligence reports.
  • Implement best practices in reports and universe development.
  • Facilitate team with writing technical design specifications for the data flow.
  • Developed complex interactive dashboards using Query as Web Service in Xcelsius 2008.
  • Conduct session for Power Users on creating ad-hoc reports and various functionalities of WEBI reports.
  • Created Different type of Graphs (Bar, line, Pie chart etc) and Cross Tabs with all sorts of formatting for report level analysis.
  • Performed data investigations and integrity checks and accountable for testing of Reports before sending to UAT.
  • Created User conditions and Filters to improve the report generation. Also, used Alerts to improve the readability of the report.
  • Design and develop WEBI reports in BO 4.0 to evaluate new feature and functionality to support the future upgrade.
  • Developed complex reports inCrystalReports from multiple data sources like Universes and SQL queries.
  • Modified existing reports based on the business user’s requirement changes and successfully pushed them into Production.
  • Published reports on Business Objects Enterprise and Configured Info view and Central Management Console. Schedule Reports for the users.

Environment: Business Objects Enterprise 4.0 (IDT, UDT, BI Launch Pad, SAP Analysis, Explorer 4.0),SAP BI, Business Explorer (SAP BW 7.3), Query Designer, Analyzer, SAP HANA, Crystal reports 2011, Windows Server 2008.

Confidential, VA

Business Objects /Xcelsius Developer


  • Created technical specifications as per the technical and business requirements.
  • Performed analysis, design, develop, testing and Maintenance of Universes.
  • Creating, developing, maintaining and testing the Universe for running the queries against the Database using Designer.
  • Analyzed the existing database and designed Universes using Designer module for generating reports.
  • Resolved loops by creating Aliases & Contexts and checked integrity of universes.
  • Involved in optimizing the universe developing time and SQL Tuning to increase the query performance.
  • Facilitated Joint Application (JAD) sessions with business users, Subject Matter experts (SMEs) and the development team.
  • Designed and developed universes based on the user requirements for reporting generation. Resolved loops, contexts and checking the Integrity of the Universes and making available to the users.
  • Extensively used the Business Objects functionality such as Master-Detail, Slice and Dice, Drill Down and Hierarchies for creating reports.
  • Developed Business Objects Universes with classes, objects and condition objects and developed hierarchies to support drill down reports.
  • Analyzed the existing database and designed the Universes using Business Objects Designer Module. Involved in resolving the loops, cardinalities, contexts and checked the Integrity of the Universes.
  • Created regular reports and templates for users and posted on the web and scheduled for users.
  • Wrote stored procedures in Siebel 6 & 7/Oracle 10g and SQL Server 2005 using TOAD and SQL Server Management Studio to create call center reports in Crystal XI platform.
  • Involved in creation of Filters, prompts and setup Hierarchies for Multidimensional Analysis.
  • Created complex webi reports with multiple queries, custom sql, using complex functions, merging dimensions at report level, drill down, drill up, drill across, complex filters etc
  • Add database objects to the report: tables, views, PL-SQL commands and stored procedures.
  • Exported the Universes to the Repository to make resources available to the users.
  • Created various Dashboard reports to measure the performance of several marketing programs.
  • Created and developed Analytics and Alerts for individual Dashboards, specific to functional heads.
  • Created complex Crystal reports with standard sub reports, cross-tab reports, formulas, Running totals, Grand totals and calculations. Also added sorting, grouping and summarizations to Crystal Reports.
  • Created the Reports using the Universes as the main Data providers and wrote complex queries including Sub Queries, Case and Decode functions, using Crystal reports.
  • Extensively used QAAWS as a source to the custom dashboard.
  • Used Image component, Container component, List box, Stacked Column chart, Tab set, Pie chart, Line chart, dynamic visibility.
  • Extensively used Input Output Components, Single Value Components like gauge.
  • Tested reports for data consistency, tested Universe table joins, contexts, defects in reports/fixed the defects in reports. Involved in resolving the loops, cardinalities, contexts and checked the Integrity of the Universes.
  • Actively involved in with ETL team to get right data to create crystal and BO reports.
  • Worked as an IT support to solve issues/tickets related to Business Objects/Crystal reports
  • Trained Power Users/Managers to create reports in Webi and provided on-going production support for Business Objects End users.

Environment: Business Objects 3.1, Oracle 10g/9i, Access 2007, TOAD, PL/SQL, MS Office 07, Windows XP.


Business Objects Analyst


  • Installed and configured Business Objects XI (R2) Business Intelligence module for migration from XI R2 to 3.1.
  • Migrated Universes & Reports from BO XI R2 to BO 3.1 Environment using Import Wizard.
  • Analyze and document the existing BOXIR2 reports and Universes.
  • Prepare the Checklist/Test Plans for testing the migrated Universes, reports.
  • Troubleshoot the Issues and Problems encountered during the migration of reports & universes from Business Objects XI R2 to Business Objects 3.1.
  • Work on the Designer, to test the universes on BO 3.1 and BOXI R2.
  • Test the Desktop Intelligence reports on BO XI R2 and BO 3.1.
  • Validate the Universe and reports by comparing the Sql’s.
  • Managed the Users and Security using the CMC.
  • Configured Development, Test and Production environments and synchronize user accounts on all three environments.
  • Prepared of TS (Technical Specification), UTP (Unit Test Plan) and Release Plan Documents.
  • Creating users, folders, Categories and groups assigning the access levels.
  • Applied security features of Business Objects at row level in the universe to make the sensitive data secure.
  • Interacted with the Business users and gathered the business requirements to design and develop Universes & reports.
  • Maintain the three server boxes, dev, test & Production for the migration activities.
  • Migrated and Promoted reports from to Development and from development to QA and from QA to Production.
  • Interact with the users to gather requirements and work with them to ensure that the reports work well after the migration.
  • Scheduled and tested the reports using CMC.
  • Document the installation process.
  • Train and educate end users about the features of Business Objects and generation of reports.

Environment: Business Objects XIR2/3.1, Oracle 10g/9i, Access 2007, TOAD, MS Office 07, Windows XP.


Business Objects Developer


  • Involved in-group meetings to analyze business requirements by close interaction with the Users and Business Analyst team.
  • Developed Universe as per the Business requirements.
  • Resolving the loops using Contexts and Alias and checked the cardinalities, Integrity of the Universes.
  • Worked very closely with upper management to get detailed information on what information they require in each report.
  • CreatedUniverses, Reports, and Linked with existing Universe, ResolvedLoopsandTraps.
  • Developed and created classes with dimension, detailed and measure object and specified hierarchies.
  • Designing Business Objects Universes and reports based on the Specifications.
  • Actively worked with the end users in finalizing the Functional Specifications.
  • Provided technical assistance/support to analysts, business community and responded to inquiries regarding errors, problems, or questions with programs/interfaces.
  • Prepared user documentation for hands on of end user community.
  • Created reports using functionalities like Alerts, filters, break etc.
  • Created variables, formulae and detail objects at report level to create new columns based on the result set of the report.
  • Created Daily, Weekly, Biweekly and Monthlydrill down reportsusing Business Objects.
  • Trained business users to use Web Intelligence to createad-hoc reportsas well as view existing published reports.
  • Designed, developed, maintained and tested universes to supporting ad hoc queries and canned reports.
  • Developed complex queries using different data providers in the same report and synchronized the data.
  • Formatted reports as per the users’ requirements using all the facilities in Business Objects, which allows the users to analyze the data.
  • Scheduled reportsusing Broadcast Agent for refreshing.
  • Worked extensively with the major functionality of BO like Breaks, Ranks, Variables, Alerts, Formulas, Calculated data items, Filters, Sorts, and Query prompt and Drill filters.

Environment: Business Objects 6.5 /XI R2, Designer, Web Intelligence, Windows 2000 / XP, SQL, PL/SQLOracle 8.i/9i.

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