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Oracle Business Intelligence Developer Iv Resume Profile

Newport News, VA



UNIX Tools

Configuration Management

PC Tools

Project Methodologies

  • VB Script
  • ClearCase
  • Toad
  • Agile
  • PL/SQL
  • SQL Plus
  • CC Multi Site
  • Data Manager
  • Six Sigma
  • SQL
  • Frame Maker
  • PVCS
  • Task Scheduler
  • CMMI
  • Perl
  • C Libraries
  • CMVC
  • Version I
  • Perl / TK
  • MPI
  • Sablime
  • SM9
  • C
  • PBS
  • RCS
  • Microsoft Excel
  • K-Shell
  • SCCS
  • Microsoft Outlook
  • C-Shell
  • Make
  • Microsoft Project
  • Bash
  • Microsoft Word
  • Pro C
  • Microsoft Power Point



Oracle Business Intelligence Developer IV

Utilize programming expertise in VB Script and PL/SQL to develop new, and support existing ETL code encompassing all facets of Fergusons financial data as it relates to the Oracle based Data Warehouse. Provide Oracle Database Administration support for the Business Intelligence Team. Responsible for developing procedures and code for tuning Business Intelligence Oracle Databases objects and improve daily ETL performance. Developed process documentation and perform code and technical design reviews for all members of the Business Intelligence team. Developed full and delta data loads using Data Stage from the ODS to Netezza for the FSA project.


Oracle Data Base Administrator III

Provide tier three Oracle Database administration support for system administrators, developers and project level Database administrators spanning two hundred and fifty database instances spread across 14 interconnected applications. Perform the verification and database code migration for the Portsmouth, Norfolk, Pearl Harbor and Puget Sound Naval Ship Yards. Develop, maintain and enforce the projects configuration management and database processes and procedures. Develop supporting tools utilizing Perl, SQL, PL/SQL, CSH and KSH.


Senior Programmer Analyst

Develop and enhance all code used to support NASA's landing and trajectory simulation software POST2 using C, Perl and ClearCase in a clustered environment. Designed and developed WEB page enhancements to further software releases using Perl and HTML. Alter existing code so that it compiles and runs in a 64 bit environment thus doubling the efficiency of the POST software. All coding and testing is performed in a clustered environment utilizing a Message Passing Interface MPI and a Portable Batch System PBS .


Configuration Management Analyst

Head architect of a team which provided full software development life cycle support for an Automated Build Tool that was written in Perl with a Perl /TK GUI front end. The tool was designed to hide the complexities of ClearCase, Oracle, UNIX and WEB interfaces from end users, allowing them to perform frequently exercised merge, metrics, system builds, build requests and other tool operations from a single GUI interface. The tool cut the number of build-related errors by 90 , doubled build frequency by reducing build time, and reduced the learning curve for CM and development staff from weeks to hours.

Coordinated production-level configuration management support for sixty developers working on a credit decisioning application. Responsibilities included ClearCase maintenance, management of the source tree and all build-related activities. Created and maintained development and CM tools and documents in accordance with enterprise configuration management directives. First line of defense for Oracle support, UNIX support, ClearCase support, and application installation.


Configuration Management Specialist

Architect and team lead in charge of full software development life cycle support for an enterprise wide automated build tool used throughout the cellular phone organization. Demonstrated my specialized abilities as a Configuration Management authority by consolidating a fragmented collection of build teams, cut build time by 75 on complex builds, reduce CM maintenance costs, raised developer and management expectations and throughput, and provided portable code and process throughout the organization. Championed all aspects related to marketing, release, acceptance, and continuing maintenance of the build tool which was written in Perl with a Perl /TK GUI front end and an extensive Oracle database backend in a client server environment. Created requirements and design documents for the build tool and coded all functional areas related to Oracle, naming conventions, and security.

Sole responsibility for the corollary assignment of elevating the CM infrastructure to CMM Level three. Defined and created documentation for the build process, procedures, and applicable aspects of the ClearCase tool set. Created training materials and was point of contact for CM- and build-related topics.


Configuration Management

Using ClearCase, KSH and Perl on SUN Workstations, built the code for CDMA and TDMA cellular phones. Streamlined, simplified, and structured the existing CM process. Corollary assignments were creating tables, tools and documents simplifying the build process for developers and management.


Team Architect/C Programmer

Head architect hired as ClearCase technical expert for transition from Sablime to ClearCase. Worked with a team of six programmers who designed, coded, and implemented a merger of the Sablime problem-tracking tool with the source code control facilities inherent to ClearCase. Designed and coded sixty triggers and wrappers to ClearCase commands. Designed and coded library functions that interfaced ClearCase with Sablime as well as a flexible permission scenario that provides data security between projects and regulates command usage between several user levels. Designed and produced space requirements for a series of Oracle tables to replace Sablime.


Oracle Programmer

Used Oracle to design and code a series of utilities which summarized, stored and displayed performance data for a client server based financial application. Designed, documented and coded thirty-four thousand lines of C, SQL, SQL Plus and PRO C applications. Users could access summarized performance data either in a graphical report or in real time. Developers, management and automated systems used the resulting reports to display, track, and predict daily performance trends in the financial industry and to identify and remedy system and application-level performance problems.


Design/C Programmer

Using the RS600 platform and the C programming language, designed and coded a GUI installation procedure for the OSF/PS2 product. The design phase included documenting the GUI look, flow, functionality, and implementation a high- and low-level design document and implementation plan project development schedule and project requirements.


Manager/Technical Lead/Designer/C Programmer

Manager and technical leader developing application software to enhance customer service. Information resource for the team. Created and tracked the timely delivery of project plans, personnel plans, and budgets. Designed and developed an automated build process with a GUI front end using detailed knowledge of IBM's RS6000 platform running UNIX System V, CMVC configuration management software, and the C programming language.


C Programmer/UNIX OS Programmer

Designed and coded in C, a user-friendly interface for the SCCS and RCS utilities. Performed all tasks necessary to enhance and support SCCS, Make, DBX, C compiler, and Object Oriented tools on BSD 4.2 and the OSF versions of UNIX for both VAX and RISC platforms. Also used SUN workstations for DBX development and testing.


Manager/Technical Lead/Configuration Management

Managed a configuration management development team of ten people while serving as lead architect. The team successfully implemented and maintained a fully functional build process. Specific management achievements included regular management briefings, resource tracking and scheduling, creating a viable project plan and a transition schedule, and budget proposals. Created a high- and low-level design specification for the automated build procedures, produced a plan to merge the existing build process with the automated build plan, and interfaced between IBM, the client company, and the development team. Developed and maintained the X11 Windows System on the same project. Used IBM 3090 Mainframes and IBM PS2's setup in a client server configuration.

ring and integration testing on the assembly language portion of the CIS Banking System.

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