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Obiee Developer Resume Profile

White Plains, NY

Professional Summary

  • Having 8 years of IT experience in Complete Software development Life cycle SDLC of Database, Data warehouse and Business Intelligence Applications using Informatica and Siebel Analyticswhich includesexperience in OBIEE 10.1.3.x/11.1.1.x/Siebel Analytics 7.x, Administration tool, Intelligent Dashboards, Answers, Delivers, iBots, Oracle BI Publisher, and Oracle BI Applications 7.9.5 DAC , Oracle Data Integrator11g
  • Proficiency in developing OBIEE Repository at the Physical, Business and Presentation Layers Data Modeling , Time Series Objects, Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities using global and local Filters, OBIEE/Siebel Security setup users/group, access/ query privileges , configuring OBIEE/Analytics Metadata objects Subject Area, Table, Column , Presentation Services/Web Catalog objects Dashboards, Pages, Folders, Reports and Scheduling iBots.
  • Experience in Building Data Warehouses Star Schema and Snow Flake Schema from OLTP and ODS Databases performing ETLfrom different Data Sources using Informatica.
  • Upgrade and Deployment experience from Siebel Analytics 7.x to Oracle BI 10.1.3.x
  • Experience in performance tuning of reports
  • Experience in Oracle Data Integrator development
  • Oracle Warehouse Builder OWB and Oracle Data Integrator ODI implementation and training for staff to enable building the OBIEE Logical Layer
  • Implemented loading SCDs, re-usable mappings, complex data integration process flow logic in ODI. Have worked with ODI Designer for Graphic development and maintenance of transformation and integration interfaces, automatic documentation generation and customization of the generated code.
  • Extensively worked on ODI Topology Manager, Designer Operator, Agent and Oracle Data Profiling
  • Worked on ODI with data source as Oracle BI server by connecting using JDBC driver.
  • Strong Proficiency in Business Objects, Oracle database 11g, SQL, TOAD/SQL Developer and UNIX
  • Exclusively worked on OBIEE Administration Physical, Business Model Mapping, and Presentation Layers , Answers, Dashboards, Job Manager, Catalog Manager, BI Publisher, Marketing and Disconnected Analytics.
  • Sound knowledge of database architecture for OLTP and OLAP applications, Data Analysis, ETL processes in developing data marts and Enterprise Data Warehouse
  • Working Knowledge of tables, processes and configurations
  • In-depth knowledge of PL/SQL with the experience in constructing the triggers, tables, functions, procedures etc 11g,10g/9i/8i
  • Highly experience in following standard Workflow structure WFS in development.
  • Hands-on experience with the installation, configuration and management of Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server 2008/2005 databases running on various versions of Windows and UNIX platform
  • Expertise in converting and using Oracle pre-build rpds Finance Analytics according to business requirements
  • Technical Expertise Siebel Administration , Siebel Analytics, Siebel Tools, EAI, EIM, Actuate Reports, Workflow Manager and Siebel VB, eScript, Business Service.
  • Strong understanding of OBIEE 11g concepts, especially in configuring Security settings using Weblogic Server Users and Groups , Oracle Enterprise Manager OEM for Roles and Privileges and Presentation Catalog, Score Cards, Key Performance Indicator KPI
  • Worked in Telecommunications and Healthcare.
  • Experienceinconfiguring OBIEE Security integrated with Active Directory
  • Experience in Implementing QA, Generating test scripts and Writing Test Case.
  • Sound Knowledge and Experience onE-Commerce, Retail Market, ERP Enterprise Resource Planning , HR Human Resource SCM Supply Chain Management , CRM Customer Relationship Management sectors.
  • Strong expertise in Implementing MUD Multi User Development Environment.
  • Good hands on experience in using BI Publisherto create reports from BI Answers, BI server.
  • Good experience in using Application Implementation Methodology AIM
  • Strong understanding of the organization's goals and objectives.
  • Good knowledge of applicable data privacy practices and laws
  • Strong knowledge of business processes involved in Supply Chain Management.
  • Highly Committed, Enthusiastic, Creative team player, possessing good interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills

Technical summary

BI Tool

Siebel Analytics 7.8 / 7.7 /7.5, OBIEE 10x/11g with BI Apps, Administration Tool, Answers, Delivers, Dashboards and BI Publisher10.1.3.x

ETL Tools

Informatica Power center 7.x/8.x, DAC ,Oracle Data Integrator 11g


Oracle 9i/10g/11g , SQL Server 2005/2008



Oracle Tools/Utilities

SQL developer, TOAD, SQL PLUS

Operating Systems

Windows 98/2000/2003/XP, Win 7, Linux

Web Technologies



Joomla, Visual Studio 2005/2008



OBIEE Developer

  • Migrated all reports from BIEE 10G to BIEE
  • Closely worked with users, Business Analyst, Program manager to get requirements and clarifications about new changes to the current reports, business objectives and user requirements.
  • Created different lookup reports like Account lookup, Single Deal look up reports for debugging issues for manager, Analyst and users as well.
  • Closely worked on IBM Data pro and Oracle Flexcube to understand Business Transactional data
  • Installed OBIEE and Oracle 11g in Windows Professional Environment and configured them for the end users.
  • Developed Dashboards reports for Core Banking system, Accounting, Audit, Risk, Controlling, Derivatives and other different departments of Banking.
  • Worked and Administered the Physical Layer, Business Model and Mapping Layer and Presentation Layer in BI Repository .rpd using Oracle BI Administration Tool.
  • Developed many Reports/Dashboards with different BI Views Pivot Table, Chart, View Selector, and Column Selector, with global local Filters using Oracle Bl Analytics Web.
  • Created Filters and provided customized prompts appropriately to avoid excessive data.
  • Created Users, Groups and giving the permissions in OBIEE Administration Tool and verifying the Permissions of the users in OBIEE web.
  • Performed Tuning of Dashboards/Reports by aggregate navigation, and cachemanagement.
  • Responsible for unit testing, integration testing of the reports generated using BI analytics.
  • Involved in the migration of catalog from Dev to QA and Production and providing permissions and access to the end users.
  • Supported the Business with the publishing of daily and weekly reports, fixing the codes and bugs, designing the layouts.

Environment : OBIEE 10g, OBIEE, Oracle 10g, IBM data pro, Oracle Flex cube, SQL, PL-SQL, TOAD 9.5, Informatica 9.0, MS-Excel


OBIEE/OBIA Developer:

  • Participated in gathering and analyzing the BusinessRequirements in collaboration with the Sales, Marketing and Service Business Analysts and Users.
  • Worked under Agile Methodology , delivering reports in each sprint
  • Developed and customized the Oracle BIEE Metadata repository .rpd model by creating connection pools, physical / Alias Tables, defined joins and implemented authorizations in the physical layer, aggregates, dimensions, hierarchies time series functions in the BMM Layer, catalogs folders in Presentation Layer using Oracle BI Administration tool.
  • Developed and customized executive level dashboards and reports in various views such as Pivot Table, Charts, View Selectors, Column Selectors, catering to provide insight into the Sales / Marketing / Financial data.
  • Provided the Write Back capability by developing custom templates on the reports to write to DB from OBIEE UI
  • Created BI publisher reports with output as Excel, HTML, PDF format
  • Created different types of Customized Reports Drilldown, Aggregation, Levels to meet business requirements. Generated various Analytics Reports like Formulary Report, Union Report and Direct Sales Report using global and local filters.
  • Extensively worked on Scheduling of OBIEE/BI publisher reports Daily, Monthly
  • Extensively work on OBIA out of box modules Financial HR analytics.
  • Supported in the installation of OBIA
  • Created custom GL reports and Payroll cost reports in HR analytics
  • Created Annual/Month to Month Statements for Customers using BI publisher
  • Generated Adhoc Statements as per the business user requirements into Production.
  • Debug the OBIEE issues by checking logs
  • Implemented security by creating users web groups, setting up External Table Authentication, creating Session Variables and Initialization Blocks and associating catalog objects and Web modules with the created groups.
  • Performed Performance Tuning of Dashboards / Reports by aggregate navigation, cache management, Oracle materialized views and making changes to reports.
  • Created the OBIEE and OWB environment for Development, QA and Production environment.
  • Migrated the code in different environments like QS, UAT, and PROD...
  • Participated in complete life cycle of the project from project initiation, to development, to production support and maintenance.
  • Created comprehensive and easy-to-understand Documentation of the complete implementation of the Customer Sales Business modules Reports, Dashboards, Security and Star schema .
  • Implemented Usage tracking reports which read statistics from the usage tracking database. These reports helped identify performance bottlenecks for further tuning.
  • Involved in developing the Incremental ETL process Mappings Mapplets using various Transformation and Workflows with Sessions / Tasks.
  • Extensively used DAC, to configure, monitor and schedule ETL routines.
  • Created the Execution Plans, Subject Areas, Task groups, Tasks to schedule ETL loads in DAC.
  • Created Execution plan to run only the required mapping as part of Daily, Monthly and Quarterly ETL runs

Environment: OBIEE, OBIEE,OBIA7.9.6.3, BI Publisher,Siebel CRM 7.x Sales Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Service Analytics ,MSSQL Server 2012, Oracle 10g, DAC, Informatica Power Center 9.x, UNIX , Rally, Clear Case Microsoft Windows Server 2003 and XP


OBIEE Administrator


  • Configured MUDE Multiuser development Environment and as well as define an SCM process to address parallel developments
  • Assist development team with tool configuration and customization, process definition for parallel development using MUDE Multi User Development Environment , troubleshooting of errors, implementing friendly error messaging
  • Improve configuration: Work with environment lead to improve troubleshooting of issues. Including documentation explaining how to set up the appropriate log levels on all OBIEE/Web Logic logs
  • Provided developing changes to application UI as well as user facing error messaging
  • Support application installation on all environments up to UAT , PROD acceptance
  • Documented all configuration changes including how the lifecycle should be adopted when working with MUDE
  • Migrated the code from DEV to all testing environment SIT,UAT and to PROD
  • Merged and Deployed the RPD in all the Environments.
  • Upgraded from OBIEE to OBIEE on Linux Environment
  • Customized the OBIEE UI with Dell company Logo
  • Provided the Proxy Act capability to the Business users.
  • Provided the SSO security setup by configuring the Weblogic

Environment: OBIEE, OBIEE HR Analytics, PeopleSoft, Oracle 10g , SQL, PL-SQL, TOAD 9.5, Informatica 9.0, MS-Excel, MS SQL Server 2012, Windows NT


OBIEE/OBIA Developer


  • Closely worked with businessusers to get requirements and clarifications about changes.understanding business objectives and analysis.
  • Review the SDD and DDD with business to conform on the solution approach for the given requirements.
  • Restructure the Current Repository RPD and designed the document for the changes.
  • Creating and modified existing tables, logics, mappings, sessions and workflows based on requirements.
  • Designed and Implemented OBIEESubject Areas to full fill the business needs and imported the required objects Dimensions and Facts with integrity constraints into Physical Layer using connection pool.
  • Reviewed existing repository RPD - subject Areas, documents and developed new dimensions, facts, reports and updating existing dashboards based on business requirements.
  • Extensively worked on OBIEE - Physical, Business and Presentation Layers.
  • Worked on Repository and Session Variables.
  • Created dimension hierarchies and level based measures to drill down to the most detailed level of data as per the business requirements.
  • Implemented Complex Custom secure ID verification process, based on Microsoft Active Directory, LDAP Server and Custom Database Table that permitted access to appropriate level of data Instead of Oracle Single Sign On or Third Party Authentication Piece.
  • Developed groups and users based on geo, assigned responsibilities and positions.
  • Developed security for Dashboards/reports based on groups and users.
  • Performed all necessary activities on OBIEE Presentation Services, Server, Repository, catalog Manager and Data sources.
  • Created DashboardReports and Gauge Indicators.
  • Well worked on Administration User profile creation, Dashboards, Groups - Users setup for Dashboards and security/responsibilities.
  • Done the installation for OBIA HR analytics Modules for EBS
  • Created a custom reports dashboard Recruitment metrics from HR analytics modules
  • Constructed Request Reports in Answers in order to build the Dashboards utilizing Filters page level prompts various combined layouts like Graphs- Line Graphs, Pie chart Pivot tables.
  • Customizing the page navigation done to navigate between pages with page level security access based on user level and group level security access.
  • Involved and played a major role in upgrading OBIEE 10g to 11g. Like metadata RPD , web catalogs and Reports.

Environment: OBIEE 10.x/11.x,OBIA7.9.6.3 Oracle 11g, BI Publisher, Oracle SQL Developer, Oracle Warehouse Builder, MS SQL Server 2012,Windows XP, Solaris, Red hat Linux.


Sr.OBIEE/OBIA Developer


  • Interacted with Business analysts for gathering the Reports / Dashboards requirements and to define business and functional specifications for 11g/10g.
  • Experience on OBIEE 11g Installation and Upgrade
  • Configured and installeddatabase using Repository creation utility RCU .
  • Configured and installed Web logic console console , Enterprise Manager EM .
  • Installed and Configured OBIAlHR and financial analytics repository
  • Configured Oracle Business Intelligence Application BIAPPS . Including setting up Oracle Business Analytics Warehouse OBAW , using Database Administration Console DAC .
  • Installed Financial and SCM Supply chain Management analytics.
  • Analyzed and recommended enhancements to Metadata Reporting in all 3 layers Physical, Business and Presentation by creating new models to support the business.
  • Built 3 Subject Areas, for Different business requirements
  • Successfully establishes the connectivity from Hyperion ESSBASE 11.1 cube to OBIEE 11g/
  • Successfully extracted the data from ESSBASE using DATAEXPORT command
  • Integrated OBIEE Presentation Layer with BI Publisher and provided the capability to download the reports in the user defined formats
  • Worked extensively on performance tuning including creating aggregate tables, caching and event polling tables.
  • Extensive experience in providing end-to-end business intelligence solution by dimensional modeling design, building business models, configuring metadata, Answers, Delivers/ iBots/Alerts, creating reports / Dashboards, Cache Management/Monitoring, and building Metadata consisting of three layers Physical Layer, Business Model Presentation Layer using OBIEE admin tool.
  • Have combined ODI and OBIEE metadata together and provided report-to-source data lineage helping business users understand where the data is coming
  • from and how it was transformed
  • Help the client to transform their ETL Tool from ODI to Informatica for BI APPS
  • Experience in configuring Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities, using global and local Filters, Siebel Security Setup groups, access / query privileges , Metadata Objects and Web Catalog Objects Dashboard, Pages, Folders, Reports .
  • Created different Dashboards/KPI for financial analysis using OBI Apps from PeopleSoft transactional data
  • Created reports from both pre-built and customized repository of OBIA HR analytics
  • Created reports on employees compensation using HR analytics.
  • Used the Catalog manager and maintained the Analytics web catalog to manage Dashboards, Answers and Delivers. Built 3 Subject Areas, for Different business requirements.
  • DevelopedOracle Procurement and spend Analytics to optimize supply side performance by integrating data from across the enterprise value chain
  • Implemented Cache management by using Event-polling tables in database to optimize the performance.
  • Worked on deployment of different OBIEE builds onLINUX, Production Server
  • Responsible for migrating the web catalog and RPD from DEV, UAT and Training, Production environments.
  • Implemented External table Authentication Data level and Object level Security
  • Designing K-Shell Wrapper Scripts, Automate OBIEE Jobs by NQCMD Prompt, Purging of Cache by NQCMD script automated jobs..
  • Involved in developing Initial and Incremental ETL process i.e., Mappings Mapplets using various Transformations and Workflows with Sessions/Tasks
  • Developed many complex Informatica ETL process and Oracle Packages i.e., Mappings Mapplets using various Transformations and Workflows with Sessions / Tasks.
  • Extensive experience in relationalData modeling, Dimensional data modeling, logical/Physical Design, analyzing data sources, creating interface documents etc.
  • Well versed in using the security settings in OBIEE to set up Groups, Access Privileges and Query Privileges

Environment: OBIEE 11.1.5/, Oracle11g, OBIA Pub,PeopleSoft, PL/SQL, Toad, Oracle Data Integrator 11g, Informatica Power Center 8.6, Hyperion Escape 11.1, MS-Excel,Visio,MS SQL Server 2012, Solaris, Red hat Linux


Sr. OBIEE /OBIA developer


  • Interacted with Operations and Subject Matter Experts SME , Business Analysts and Users in gathering and analyzing and designing the Business Reports Requirements.
  • Performed the gap analysis, Identified Facts and Dimensions with levels hierarchy and made required changes to the Data Marts.
  • Using ODI Topology manager, i had define the system architecture, connections, databases, data servers, tables etc.
  • Have Used Oracle Data Integrator's reusable reverse engineering knowledge modules RKMs
  • to retrieve nonstandard metadata from databases PeopleSoft
  • Have worked on different type of knowledge Modules of ODI
  • Documented the Functional and Technical design documents in MS word and latter converted the Technical design document in to the report Field Mapping Document.
  • Installed and configured ODI 11g
  • Involved in designing and developing subject areas in Repository .RPD catering to the OLAP reporting needs of OBI Project.
  • Customized/Modified by importing the newly designed fact and dimension tables and configured it in the 3 layers of the RPD. Created the required aliases, views in Physical layer. Implemented Level Based Metrics in the BMM layer. Implemented the Time Series Wizard for comparing measures in different time Periods. Created Compound facts in the BMM as per the client requirement.
  • Created Repository Static and Dynamic variables. Also created Initialization blocks for Session variables which are used for authentication and security.
  • Created Dimension Hierarchies in the BMM layer to drill down and drill across on various dimensions as per client requirement.
  • Created Security settings in OBIEE Admin Tool to setup groups, access privileges and query privileges. Implemented Object level as well as Date level security.
  • Created Catalogs in Presentation layer used for both ad-hoc and Dashboard users.
  • Created OLAP requests in OBIEE/Siebel Answers and multi-level requests drill-downs and guided navigation . Developed and debugged many Dashboards using different Analytics Views Pivot Table, Chart, and Column Selector , Dynamic / Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities, charts, tabular using global and local Filters.
  • Performance tuning in OBIEEforstar schema's by implementing aggregate navigation, cache management, Materialized Views and Database tuning.
  • Created Management and Executive level Dashboards and KPI using OBIA from PeopleSoft data source for CRM analysis
  • Involved in Unit, Integration testing and User Training of the generated reports.
  • Worked with Quality Center for logging, tracking and fixing bugs in QA Testing.
  • Involved in migrating of OBIEE/Siebel Analytics code from dev - UAT- Prod for deployment.
  • Debugged and resolved data matching issues ranging from the base tables to BI dashboard reports.
  • Installed and configured OBIA 7.9.6.x for HR analytics module
  • Extensively created custom reports with custom tables using HR repository
  • Created Operations metrics reports using HR analytics for the Business users
  • Developed complex new Informatica ETL process and Mappings Mapplets using various Transformations Update Strategy, Filter, Router, Expression, Stored Procedure, Lookup, and Aggregator and Workflows with Sessions / Tasks.
  • Worked in Production support.
  • Performed High performance Batch Load using Oracle Data Integrator

Environment: OBIEE, OBIA, PeopleSoft, Oracle 10g , Oracle data integrator11.1.1, SQL, PL-SQL, TOAD 9.5, Informatica 8.1, MS-Excel, MS SQL Server 2005, Windows NT


Sr.OBIEE Developer


  • Involved in requirements gathering of the various work streams by meeting with the business user and base lining the details.
  • Created ODBC connections and imported the Physical tables, Views, keys and foreign keys as per the Business Requirements.
  • Created the repository model with the necessary logic that involved creating the Physical, BMM and the Presentation layer.
  • Created Dimensional Hierarchy for all Dimensions, Level based Measures and Aggregate navigation in BMM layer.
  • Developed Dashboards/Reports using the Oracle Business Intelligence platform for requirement analysis.
  • Developed Complex Reports by using the Different Views like Table, Pivot, Chart, Static View, Narrative View, Column Selector, View Selector and Combined with Similar Requests.
  • Extensively used Guided Navigation for user friendly reports.
  • Implemented Column Level security for specific users who can access a part of the tool, like just answers and Dashboards.
  • Implemented Security by creating roles web groups using External tables Authentication.
  • Enhanced performance of Reports / Dashboards by implementing the Materialized Views, Table partitions, re-building of indexes and managing Cache etc.

Environment:OBIEE, Oracle 11g, SQL, PL/SQL, MS-excel, Windows XP Professional.


Siebel Analytics Consultant


  • Gathered, analyzed, and identified the GAP of Business Reports Requirements.
  • Created Siebel Analytics Repository at 3 layers i.e. Physical Layer, Business Model Mapping and Presentation Layer level.
  • Developed many Reports using different Analytics Views Pivot Table, Chart, and Column Selector , Dynamic / Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities, charts, tabular using global and local Filters.
  • Extensively used Siebel Delivers and iBots.
  • Debugged reports and Dashboards visibility with respect to user's responsibility and web groups in an integrated environment.
  • Implemented security by creating roles, web groups, and external tables.
  • Coordinated the Analytics RPD and Web Catalog objects migration from Dev environment to QA environment and to the Production environment.
  • Performed testing to validate reports and mappings.
  • Involved in developing the Incremental ETL process.
  • Developed ETLs for Data Extraction, Data Mapping and Data Conversion using Informatica Power Center 7.1.
  • Created mappings using different Transformations like Source Qualifier, filter, Router, Aggregator, Lookup, Expression, SequenceGenerator, and UpdateStrategy to store the data in target table.
  • Extensively worked in fine-tuning of Informatica Mappings.
  • Used different application development tools like TOAD Oracle .

Environment: Windows XP Professional, Linux, Siebel 7.8.4, Informatica Power Center 7.1,Oracle 10g, SQL, PL/SQL and TOAD,MS-Excel, PowerPoint.


OBIEE/ Informatica Developer


  • Designed and populated dimensional models both star and snowflake schemas for a data warehouse and Datamarts.
  • Used Parallel extender Informatica 7.1.1 while running jobs for bulk data splitting and to pass the data into subsets to all available nodes for best job performance.
  • Requirement analysis, Designed and implemented custom business intelligence solutions Metadata and Dashboards/Reports using the Oracle Business Intelligence OBI Analytics platform.
  • Involved in the design of the BAL Business Analytics Layer designing the DW for the BAL.
  • Involved in OBIEE administration and worked Configuring OBIEE with LDAP server for Security.
  • Designed and Developed OBI Repository at 3 layers i.e., Physical Layer connecting to Data Warehouse imported objects with joins , Business Model / data mapping create Logical tables, Drill-Down Hierarchies complex joins and Presentation Layer level create presentation catalogs , create presentation folders, test and validate the model.
  • Implemented security at Object Level Data Level for different level of hierarchies Subject Areas.
  • Developed different kinds of Reports pivots, Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capabilities, charts, tabular using global and local Filters using Siebel Analytics Web.
  • Experience in Preparing Design Specification documents based on functional requirements and also involved in the preparation of Technical Design Documents
  • Built the Physical Layer /Business Model and Mapping Layer/ Presentation Layer of a Repository by using Star Schemas
  • Installed and configured OBIEE. Admin tool and Siebel web components including Intelligence Dashboards, answers, delivers and Analytics web
  • Developed strategy for migration from Siebel Analytics 7.9.5 to OBIEE
  • Performed the benchmark and SLAs for up gradation process and runtime of OTB and new reports while doing migration from Siebel Analytics to OBIEE.
  • Extensively worked on workflow manager and workflow monitor to create, schedule, monitor workflows, work lets, sessions, tasks etc.
  • Extracted data from heterogeneous sources for ETL process
  • Optimal utilization of object-reusability features like reusable transformations, mapplets, copying objects from other repositories, using variable/parameters for simplifying mappings.
  • Performance tuning of Informatica data warehouse loads, including Informatica Server Manager and PL/SQL procedures.

Environment:OBIEE, Informatica 7.1.1, DAC 7.8.5, Siebel Analytics 7.9.5, SQL Server 2005, Oracle 9i, TOAD, Windows XP

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