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Sr Bi Lead/developer Resume

New, YorK

Professional Summary:

  • Over 8+yeras of progressively responsible experience in all phases of Data Warehouse lifecycle (Dimensional Modeling, Database design and ETL) and Business Intelligence (Report, Self Service tools, KPI, Scorecards, Dashboards) development.
  • SME on building Enterprise DataWarehouse or Datawarehouse appliances from Scratch using both Kimball and Inmon Approach.
  • Data Architecture (Conceptual, Logical, Physical) experience involves building 2/3 Normal form & Star Schema {Dimension (Slowly Changing, Snowflake, Conformed Dimensions), Fact, Metrics, and KPI} using Erwin.
  • Strong expertise as solution architect designing and delivering solution deployment architecture, Infrastructure sizing, performance and scalability options, benchmarking & tuning (application, database and hardware) for test, development and production environment
  • Worked with high performance teams developing and implementing state-of-art data warehouse applications. Ability to understand (or get the customer to articulate) the business needs in terms of business value
  • Managed and mentored 20+ team technically to deliver solutions , both partner and company
  • Expert having around 8 years of experience in Investment banking, Finance, Human resource, and Insurance domains with strong hold in Business Intelligence and data analytics background.
  • Act as a Lead architect in development, design, execution and implementation of complex development and engineering projects.
  • Efficiently lead a team of developers, and effectively worked with other business units in the company and the customer team in the creation of the solution. Worked with the customer and helped them envision the solution value, and how it will benefit them in the longer term.
  • Coordination with business end-users, vendors, software development teams, and executive management to translate business requirements into actionable functional/technical design specifications and enhancements.
  • Worked on data analysis, business requirements and functional specification documents, including report mockups and ad-hoc reporting use cases
  • Strong Experience of Data Modeling, using Cognos BI Platform and SQL to generate reports spanning across wide area in warehouse.
  • 8 years of practical knowledge in developing Reports using Cognos 8.2/8.4/10.1.1 Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Business Insight Advance (BIA), Business Insight (BI), Series 7 IWR Reports, PL-SQL Stored Procedures, functions, and packages.
  • Great understanding of DQM, Dynamic Cubes, Qlikview, Business Objects, Cognos TM1, Cognos TM1 Turbo integrator, DB2.
  • Practical knowledge of Cognos 3 Tier Architecture as a Cognos Admin, creating user, Groups and roles. Maintaining and providing permission on various artifacts of Cognos connection.
  • Installing and troubleshooting on Cognos Multitier environment.
  • Deep knowledge about the reporting platform and various Cognos components, Strong familiarity with Cognos Transformer, Dynamic Cube Designer and BI modeling.
  • Strong in-depth knowledge of OLAP development and data warehouse concepts/best practices
  • Track record of Performance tuning of reports and to evaluate complex SQL statements and tune non-conforming SQL as needed.
  • Experience with SQL, PL-SQL Programming, Java scripting and xml.
  • Hands on using SQL querying tools such as Toad, PL-SQL Developer.
  • Created standard templates to use in Cognos Advance Business Intelligence.
  • Used Excel as External Data Source in Cognos Reports and Cognos Advance Business Intelligence.
  • Designed generic Portal tab to facilitate Trading and FI Desk reporting requirements.
  • Exposure to create Cognos 7 Power play Cubes from sources such as iqd and Oracle 9i connection.
  • Hands on experience of Cognos deployment methods using Import/Export and MotioCI.
  • Extensive exposure to Framework modeling and performance tuning of reports.
  • Acquaintance with building Framework Manager, retrieving data using various data source connections, Stored procedure, Free hand SQL methods and creating complex ad-hoc Reports using the Cognos Report Studio and Advance Business Intelligence.
  • Created and mentored analytical reporting platform for providing statistical analysis of historic and current set of data.
  • Created project plans, estimations and traceable deliveries with appropriate tools to deliver measurable solutions.
  • Created adhoc query reporting platform enabling cross program reporting of data to lowest grain of fact.
  • Working extensively with client(s) to understand their needs and processes, delivering tactical and strategic solutions to add value to their processes through business intelligence
  • Meet with subject matter experts in different areas of the business, be able to quickly learn the concepts and business language relevant to their line of business, and develop an understanding of how their data supports their business processes.
  • Partner with internal teams and clients to provide technical leadership in order to develop solutions and architect the end-to-end development cycle
  • Worked to Analyze and deliver complex processes, for means of continually improving efficiency.
  • Practiced the role of a consultant during the early phases of the solution, in order to gather requirements and work with the platform or business team to put together a document in return to a Request For Proposal (RFP) from the customer.
  • Clearly communicate highly technical results and methods Interact cross-functionally with a wide variety of IT and business people.
  • Experience in Designing and creating BI applications along with sturdy knowledge of Securities Lending, Portfolio Performance for Investment Banking.
  • Comprehend the business user’s requirements and convey same to the application development/data warehouse team.
  • Defining Test Cases, analyzing bugs, interaction with team members in fixing errors and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Conduct analysis of business and user needs in order to develop requirements documentation for the implementation or revision of systems and BI application.
  • Lead preparation of data warehouse requirement documents, Framework model document, report designing document.
  • Transformed the business objectives into business and technical essentials by creating Business Requirement Document (BRD) and Technical Design Document (TDD).
  • Conducted training conference with the Business users, Technical architects, Data management and the UAT team.
  • Well versed with elicitation techniques like interviewing, questionnaires, brainstorming, focus groups, prototyping and facilitating training sessions.
  • Conducted Gap Analysis by creating process flow chronicle in order to call attention between the Current (As Is) environment versus the Target (To Be) environment.
  • Requirement gathering through interviews, workshops, conference calls, mail with clients, developers and QA Analysts and referring to existing system documentation and procedures.
  • Also played a significant role in testing, validation and delivering user training.
  • Gather business requirements and transform them into technical requirements for the creation of application features, enhancements, and functions.
  • Sound experience in Oracle 9i/11g, SQL 7.0/2000.
  • Exposure to various BI tools like Datastage, Jasper Soft and Qlikview
  • Experience on Agile process and successfully delivered strict timeline project using agile life cycle.
  • Well versed with the Quality process and defect tracking.
  • Competent in analysis, design, development and testing of reports on a variety of Cognos Reporting platforms and has strong knowledge in Data Warehousing Architecture.
  • Experienced in requirements gathering, system analysis, design, development, testing, implementation, support, documentation and design reviews.
  • Ability to clearly articulate and effectively communicate ideas, problems and solutions within the team.
  • During stint with platform and business team, working as a lead for Cognos tool adhering to strict SLAs.
  • Worked in domains like Insurance and Investment banking.
  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work under pressure has been demonstrated under various occasions.
  • Outstanding team player along with exceptional leadership skills and interpersonal skills.
  • My strengths includes implementing simple solutions to the problems, able to learn business trends and technology swiftly, art of managing people and empathize with team without sacrificing operational efficiency.

Technical Skills:

Database : Oracle 11g/9i, Microsoft SQL Server 2005/2000

Operating Systems: Windows (XP, NT, 2000)

Tools/ Utilities : Cognos Series 10: 10.1.1 Report Studio, Business Insight Advance, Event Studio; Cognos Series 8: 8.2, 8.4 Report Studio, Query Studio, Framework Manager, Motio CI, Analysis Studio, Metrics Studio; Cognos Series 7: Impromptu, Transformer, Catalog; Qlikview, PL-SQL, SVN, VSS, CVS, HPQC, Microsoft Office – 2010..

Professional Work Experience:

Project: Confidential

Role: Sr BI Lead/Developer (New York)

Description: Confidential is a MIS for Inventory, Loan, Collateral and Investments details. BI provides ability to report loan and earnings on traded Securities for Client(s), borrower(s) and account(s) it’s widely used by Traders and main user comprises of Trader (Equity and Fixed Income) Desk.


  • Providing technical and functional solution to team and client.
  • Continuous communication with client and team by means of mails, con-calls and meetings.
  • Change Request Management and status reporting of project.
  • Requirement Analysis and technical documentation.
  • User training on using Business Insight Advance.
  • Complex Framework modeling, spanning various business areas.
  • Performance Tuning.
  • Created ‘ Home Portal Page comprising various quadrants pointing to Adhoc Reports, My Folders (as per each user), Canned Reports and Useful resources such as Data Dictionary , Resource Guide and Report Digest .
  • Created standard template for Adhoc report needs to use in Business Intelligence advance.
  • Created Oracle functions to derive result from base data from dimensions.
  • Worked on complex and long SQL queries in FM to support Adhoc reports.
  • Used ETL knowledge and BI concepts to effectively modify Data Marts as per user requirements.
  • Used embedded filters and macros in FM.
  • Created complex Calculation for weighted rates and averages.
  • Worked on complex reports comprising date logic’s as Current Year, MTD, YTD and Previous Year and Previous YTD .
  • Enhanced Prompt page and used JavaScript for validation and business rules.
  • Worked on report xml’s to add complex and repetitive calculation and condition in all objects of a report.
  • Created Agent using event studio for satisfying user’s tricky requirements.
  • Scheduled reports and created jobs.
  • Performance tuning of FM and report queries.
  • Unit testing by using short hand written SQL’s and Excel.
  • Building various Audit Reports out of Cognos Audit Package .
  • Coding.
  • Preparing Unit test cases.
  • Self and Peer to Peer testing of Code and document.
  • Unit Testing.

Project: Confidential

Feb 2010 – Aug 2013.

Role: BI Lead

Description: Confidential is a data warehousing project dealing with portfolio management/analysis, Risk Attribution, Risk Analysis to be used by fund managers.

Confidential & Analytics Reporting system offers extensive capabilities for risk calculations, broader performance and attribution analyses, greater ability to customize investment reports and much more flexibility to manage performance analyses. The system is designed so performance managers, analysts and institutional investors can analyze the effectiveness of their portfolio strategies.


  • Client and business facing experience as BI lead.
  • Created or Enhanced 150 odd reports from simple, medium and high complexity as per client request.
  • Estimating efforts using estimation template, approximation techniques.
  • Created stored procedures, packages, functions to support various complex reports.
  • Created dashboard type report studio reports
  • Showing Top 10/Bottom 10 performing securities
  • Trend chart showing benchmark vs account returns.
  • Bar Chart, pie chart showing Account returns for multiperiods such as MTD, YTD, 1 year so on till Inception.
  • Cross Tab containing measures for time series.
  • Worked on Repeater table to show performance indexes in grid.
  • Used Conditional block, Render variable, Style Variable and Condition Styles in majority of reports.
  • Done xml coding for creating parameter page of each report specific to project.
  • Created Drill through reports.
  • Used Stored Procedures in Cognos FM.
  • Worked on Cognos Framework Modeling.
  • Efficiently used shortcuts and alias while building model.
  • Worked closely with front end developers to deliver template based custom reports.
  • Provided solution as well as build historical and multiperiod stats in one report.
  • Created multipage reports, used Master Detail relationship, Page sets, Report variable features.
  • Used detail and summary level filters in reports.
  • Diligently used xml, page layout and page design modes.
  • Providing technical and functional solution to team and client.
  • Continuous communication with client and team by means of mails, con-calls and meetings
  • Change Request Management and status reporting of project.
  • Requirement Analysis and technical documentation.
  • Coding.
  • Preparing Unit test cases.
  • Self and Peer to Peer testing of Code and document.
  • Unit Testing.
  • Designing Dynamic report XML.
  • Conducting Knowledge sharing session with team and client.
  • Well versed with agile process such as scrum, sprints, task, stories and showcase.

Project: Confidential

Role: Cognos Developer/Team Member

Description: Confidential is Corporate MIS Team which is involved in Development and Maintenance of internal systems like JPMS, PATNI-Intranet, PeopleSoft etc and generating MIS reports for delivering to the top Management. Confidential initiative was an integration project with the objective of bringing data from legacy systems of the organization and existing PS 8.4 and integrating it into PS 9.0. The PeopleSoft team had done the PS 9.0 implementation and the BI team was involved in building a Corporate Warehouse on the newly implemented PS 9.0 platform for replacing the existing Warehouse. By using Cognos8.4 we had developed the Reports which were built for the Corporate Functions like Finance, HR and Operations.


  • Cognos developer
  • Migration of finance, HR and Operations reports from Cognos Report net to Cognos 8.4 .
  • Created Standard template using Layout reference tool for use in majority reports.
  • Requirement Analysis.
  • Coding.
  • Preparing Unit test cases.
  • Self and Peer to Peer testing of Code and document.
  • Unit Testing.

Project: Confidential

Role: Report Author/Administrator and FM Modeler

Description: The MIS Finance Projects consist of Building a Data warehouse, with all the required data for generating Reports and delivering Cubes for the Corporate Deck. There are a huge number of reports developed in Cognos Report Studio. A Cost-Revenue-Effort Cube consisting data related to Cost, Revenue and Effort on various levels in the Organization has also been developed keeping in mind all possible dimensions across the Organization.

GSOM: GSOM is a module which consists of all required data for developing reports which shows utilization percentage across the Organization.

360 Degree: It is a module which shows project level data such as Revenue, Cost, Pending Invoices, Ideal and Current Number of employees for different designations, Schedule and Effort variances etc.


  • Requirement Analysis.
  • Created Drill through reports for GSOM showing allocation, Utilization for Business unit till Manager.
  • Created Burst reports to get distributed in email and directories of users.
  • Created filters on report page to run report and change parameters on demand.
  • Created Dashboard for 360 degree showing all round information for projects.
  • Cognos Admin work: Created Groups and roles, deploying artifacts by import export, maintain permission level of various Cognos artifacts.
  • Created Cognos 7 Power play Cubes for Finance data.
  • Created Cognos package out of Cognos 7 Power play cube to use in analysis studio.
  • Build Multi-Dimensional model package to use in analysis studio.
  • Worked as FM modeler to support various reporting requirements.
  • Diligent use of data item usage properties, determinants and rollup aggregates.
  • Used SQL for cross verifying results from reports and cubes.
  • Adding users to groups, roles and authorizing users with proper access.
  • Coding.
  • Preparing Unit test cases.
  • Self and Peer to Peer testing of Code and document.
  • Unit Testing.
  • Conducting and attending Technical and Domain based knowledge sharing sessions.
  • Creating Metrics in Metric Studio.

Project: Confidential, Mexico

Role: Team Member/Report Developer

Description: MetLife is one of the renowned Insurance Organization. A Data mart is built to consolidate and integrate all Policies and services related to a customer. Consolidation of data from source systems is done using DataStage; Cognos 8 is used for development of reports.

The client has an existing Individual Sales data mart. PROVIDA, source system feeds the information related to various insurance policies to Individual Sales data mart and business uses this information for decision-making using COGNOS as a reporting tool.

SIEV: SIEV application is used primarily to generate reports for bonuses, incentives, premiums, and commissions for promoters and agents across different production centers and regions in MetLife Mexico. It is used to generate variety of statistical business indicators and reports, which are in turn referred by the MetLife management for incorporating new business plans. Also, the winners of different Competitions (Concourses), carried out by MetLife, in order to enhance the production of the agents working for MetLife can be monitored through this system. The system is also used to identify the winners of sales in different business areas on a quarterly and yearly basis. In nutshell, it acts as an effective MIS for MetLife Mexico.


  • Requirement Analysis.
  • Created Simple reports having one to one mapping with screens.
  • Called Cognos reports to run from java application by passing path and prompts.
  • Build Cognos series 7 Pow play Cube using FM generated impromptu Query Definitions (IQD).
  • Used relative path to display various images on reports.
  • Tested report using various unit test cases and hand sql’s.
  • Coding.
  • Preparing Unit test cases.
  • Self and Peer to Peer testing of Code and document.
  • Unit Testing.
  • Conducting and attending Technical and Domain based knowledge sharing sessions..

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