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Business Intelligence Consultant Resume

Houston, TX


10+ years professional experience in Detail-oriented Business Intelligence with a proven record of success. Substantial analytical, technical and problem solving skills combined with a strong cross-functional understanding of business processes and information technology needs.

IT Skills:

Reporting Tool: Business Objects XIR1/R2/R3/4.0, Crystal Reports 8.5/9/10/XIR2 , BO Enterprise XI R1/R2/R3, SSRS 2005/2008, Tableau

RDBMS : Oracle 8i/9i/10G, MS Access 2000/2003, SQL Server 2005/2008.

Languages : SQL, C#.Net, XML

Data Modeling Tool : Erwin 4.1.X

ETL Tools : SSIS (Midlevel)

Analysis Tools : SSAS, ProClarity, BO WebI, Cizer, Prism Cube

Computer Packages : MS-office, Ms-Visio, Ms-Project, Compare Beyond, Data Factory, TOAD

Version controls / Content Management Portals: Visual source safe, Share Point, Team Site, Team Foundation Server

Products / Tools / Systems : AllScripts / Confidential Manager 3.5/4.5/5.0/5.5 , Black Board - Angel


Client: Confidential, KY

Role: Business Intelligence Consultant

Environment: Business Objects Universe 3.0/4.0, WebI, BEx Web, XCelsius, Crystal reports, SSRS/SSIS/SSAS 2005/2008, SQL Server 2005/2008, MS Visual Studio 2005/2008, Tableau 7, Team Foundation Server, Share Point, .Net.

Description: Council on PostSecondary Education IT department is responsible for collect and housing student and staff data from public and private institutions. Housed data is used by numerous reporting system and agencies (legislative, senate, governor office, workforce, education cabinet and many more).


  • Data collection, Data integrity and Data quality check through edits/audits process.
  • Work closely with business users in agencies to understand their reporting needs and suggest solutions.
  • Implement and maintain data/reporting request and roll out process.
  • Architect BI solutions.
  • Setup, Configure and administer BI/reporting environment.
  • Implement and manage Business Intelligence Solutions
    • Database – Design and develop databases, Scripts, Stored procs etc
    • Edit / ETL process – Edits/Audits/Cleanup data, Quality check, create scripts for ETL process
    • Warehouse / Data Marts – Design and Manage warehouse, host external data
    • SAP Business Objects Universe
    • Reporting – SAP Web Intelligence, SQL server Reporting Server, Crystal etc
    • Dash board – Tableau, XCelsius , excel
    • Analysis / OLAP/Cubes – Create SSAS cubes, summarize tables and dashboard.
    • AdministrationSAP BO CMC environment / SSRS Report Manager Create/Manage Users/Security, Folder etc
    • Distribution of Document / Reports : Create, publish, schedule and distribute reports
  • Create user documents /training materials and conduct training for internal BO users.

Confidential, Houston, TX

Environment: Crystal Reports, SQL Server 2002/2005/2008 , SSRS 2005/2008/2008 R2/2012

Role : Business Intelligence consultant / Report Writing Specialist.


Reports were developed to meet, but not limited to the following requirements:

  • Extract and Track Patients Information.
  • Orders, Work List / Tasks, Medications, Documents, Notes, Vital Signs / Flow Sheets.
  • Compliance check on assessments: Stroke, Pain, fall, Bradon, DVT, Education, Restraint, Wound care etc.
  • Legal Medical Record reports
  • Monitoring and follow up on staff to use system.
  • Data Quality Maintenance and Integration.
  • Downtime Reports.
  • Activity Summary, Check treatment and patient care standards.
  • Emergency Department, Research & Analysis reports.
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements of Joint commission requirements / State bodies.
  • HPF Backup and storage.

Achievements / Accomplishments:

  • Saved average 6 minutes per patient per day for Physicians on compiling and handling data during Sign off and Rounding. Created a comprehensive report (5-6 patients/page) with patient’s demographic, Allergies, Events, Comments, Vital Signs, Results and Medications.
  • Increased compliance rate to 98% on critical assessment areas like Stroke, Pain, fall, Bradon, Education etc.
  • Reduced 5 hr weekly manual work by creating a performance indication reports for unit directors.
  • Developed reports avoiding care providers having to access multiple systems.


  • Data Collection, requirement gathering, analyzing, and documenting reporting specifications / requirements.
  • Interacting with users to understand reporting needs, advice and accommodate enhancements.
  • Designing and developing reporting solutions.
  • Extracting, processing data, combing, Reporting data from HIS system and MethOD using SSIS with whole control and audit.
  • Created complex stored procedures, and functions using PL/SQL to produce the reports.
  • Designed and developed Reports using BO, Crystal Reports and SSRS.
  • Deployment and maintenance of scheduled reports in Report Manager, CMC.
  • Creating Templates, Versions and Integrating reports in Confidential Manager.
  • Converting Reports from Crystal Reports to SSRS for SCM5.5 upgrade
  • Report validation and obtaining user approval and sign off.
  • Provide training and knowledge to user on the reports.
  • Production Maintenance and back data runs
  • Investigating and answering user(s) questions related to report data.
  • Performed tuning and maintenance of SQL / Stored Procedures and reports.

Client : Confidential, New York City, NY

Environment: BOEnterpriseXIR2, Web Intelligence, Crystal Reports XI, Oracle9i, Erwin4.1, Informatica7.2

Role : Business Intelligence consultant


Confidential lifestyle brings the editorial excellence and renowned brands of CondéNast magazines. CondéNet main divisions are Flip ,Epicurious, Concierge, Style and Men Style.

Confidential is implementing BO/XI operational reporting for the www.flip.com. In order to have no impact on the operational transaction based system, a Data Mart is created for reporting. A dimensional representation of the data model is created. ETL is developed to do the source system Extract and transformation. Reports are created using Crystal / WebI reports.

Achievements / Accomplishments:

  • 65% increase in clicks to the website.
  • 30% rise in subscriptions in 1st month.
  • Substantial increase in advertisers and revenue.


  • Involved in Architectural Design and Data Model.
  • Designed data model using Erwin and generated Schemas.
  • Designed and developed BO Universe.
  • Created Cardinalities, Contexts, Joins, External Strategies and Aliases for resolving Loops and checked the Integrity of the Universes.
  • Exported the Universes to the Repository to make resources available to the users.
  • Developed reports using Web Intelligence and Crystal Reports.
  • Developed Web Intelligence reports using Filters, Combining Queries, Sub queries, Ranks, Breaks, Sections, Alerts, Graphs, Drill down, Formulas, and Variables etc.
  • Worked on BO Enterprise CMC and Infoview like creating users, providing security, scheduling reports, creating events, User groups, Users, Notifications, Email Distribution etc.
  • Worked on Dashboard and Performance Management.
  • Promoted / Deployed reports in Production.
  • Prepared reporting document depicting the data roadmap from source, data mart, Universe.
  • Provided production support and maintenance.
  • Worked on performance enhancement.

Client : Confidential, Milwaukee, WI

Environment : Windows XP Professional, C#.Net, MS SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports XIR2, MS Visual SourceSafe 2005, Visual Studio 2005, JIRA

Role : Report Developer and Analyst


Confidential is the Advanced Planning System to support the improvement and simplification of Confidential brand, chain and DMA (District Market Area) Planning and link them with other business planning processes through a single planning framework that connects, integrates and synchronizes the different ways to reach market to meet consumer and customer needs and drive sales.

Achievements / Accomplishments:

  • Created executive reports for Supply Chain, Product Sales, Inventory and financial.


  • Involved in gathering, analyzing, and documenting business requirements, functional requirements and data specifications Reports.
  • Designed and developed Crystal Reports which included standard reports, cross-tab reports, summary reports according to the requirements. These reports used complex SQL, Crystal formulae, Selection Criteria, Sub Reports, Graphs, functions, Parameters fields, and Group selection.
  • Created views, triggers, complex stored procedures, and functions using PL/SQL to produce the reports.
  • Involved in using crystal syntax for Formula field and Selection Expert in designing of reports.
  • Developed various Charts and Graphs like Bar Chart (Side by Side, Stacked), Line graphs, Pie Charts etc by using Chart expert of Crystal Reports XI.
  • Study and understanding the business Scenarios of the existing systems, understanding the data and validating the data by applying the current business rules.
  • Exported reports into various formats like XML, PDF, HTML, and EXCEL for user.
  • Involved in unit testing and data validation of Reports.
  • Performed maintenance and tuning of SQL and newly created report.
  • These reports are published on web using Crystal reports Viewer in C#.Net

Client: Confidential, New York City, NY

Environment: Crystal Reports XI, BOEnterpriseXIR1, WebI, Oracle9i,Erwin4.1,Informatica7.2

Role : Reports Developer & Tester


CondéNet lifestyle brings the editorial excellence and renowned brands of CondéNast magazines. CondéNet mains divisions are Epicurious, Concierge, Style and Men Style.

CondéNet is implementing BO/XI reporting for the Epicurious system and Marketing Campaigns over other systems. In order to have no impact on the operational transaction based system, a Data Mart is created for reporting. A dimensional representation of the data model is created. ETL is developed to do the source system Extract and transformation. BO/XI and crystal/WebI reports are created for reports. A forecast of upcoming reporting requirements has been defined and the dimensional model is prepared to support those reporting requirements


  • Prepared the Reporting Specification interacting with business users and understanding business scenarios.
  • Involved in Architectural Design and Data Model.
  • Designed data model using Erwin and generated Schemas.
  • Simulated data mart with test data using Data factory and TOAD.
  • Formulated ETL Transformation specification from the source to Data Mart.
  • Involved in the Designing and Building of Universes, Classes and Objects for
  • Developed reports using Crystal Reports and Web Intelligence.
  • Developed Web Intelligence reports using Breaks, Sections, Alerts, Graphs, Formulas, and Variables etc.
  • Implemented Formulas, Parameter, Cross tab Reports, Sub Reports etc using Crystal Reports.
  • Worked on BO Enterprise CMC and Infoview like providing security, permissions, scheduling reports etc.
  • Prepared validation document and validated reports against source, data mart and Universe.
  • Worked on performance enhancement.
  • Provided training to the users in Infoview and Ad hoc reporting using Web Intelligence.

Client : Confidential, Hopewell, New Jersey

Environment : Crystal Reports 10, C#,.NET, XML, ChartFx, WinXP,2000/2003, IIS, Oracle, BO 6.5.

Role : Reports Developer & Tester


Confidential is one of the world’s leading financial management and advisory companies. Retirement paycheck service is introduced to plan and meet the cliental need upon retirement for secured life thereafter. Retirement paycheck service- Income Plan is the report generated from the web application by the financial advisors. This report provides clear understanding of the plan and thereby in decision making.


  • Understanding and analyze the requirements based on business scenarios.
  • Involved in Designing Application Architecture and System development.
  • Developed reports based on scenarios using various features like fields, formulas and conditional formatting using Crystal Reports.
  • Implemented Cross tab Reports, Sub Reports using Crystal Reports Designer.
  • Designed ad hoc reports using Desk top Intelligence.
  • Created bar, pie graphs using chartfx and called them in the crystal reports.
  • Worked along with team on .Net for Dataset creation and data binding.
  • Worked on XML processing – Serialization and data definition.
  • Review and update test plans depending as per changes in technical and functional requirement.
  • Conducted Functional Testing, GUI Testing, Web Testing, and Regression Testing during the various phases of application development.
  • Performed Cross-browser and Cross-platform Testing.
  • Performed user Functional & User Acceptance testing, Tracked & Fixed bugs.
  • Worked on performance enhancement.
  • Interacting with the users to implement the requirement changes and enhance Reports.

Client : Confidential

Environment : Crystal Reports 9, Power Builder , SQL Server, WinNT

Role : Business Analyst and Report Developer


Confidential is a parent organization for Olympia College and World wide Education Council. It has about 15 education centers in Asia pacific region.

  • Course Information – Course Details, Universities details
  • Enquiry Details, Promotions.
  • Basic details of students - Registration Details, Fee Payment Terms, Contact details, Exams Appeared, Results, Attendance etc.
  • Class Time Tables / Exam Schedules / Meeting Schedules / Counseling schedules / Promotion / Events / Activities.
  • Resources utilization matrix
  • Student Feedback
  • Reports – Registration Summary Report, Result Report, Resource Utilization Report, Revenue Reports, Outstanding Collection Report etc.


  • Analyzed the business requirements and created Business Model.
  • Interacting with users and students to gather requirements.
  • Developed use cases, coordinate with development team.
  • Developed several reports using various features like section / break report, drill down, parameterized fields, formulas and alters.
  • Implemented charts and graphs like Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Line graphs for financial reports.
  • Performed manual testing and automated testing.
  • Interacted with Development team in fixing crucial bugs.
  • Involved in entire Development life cycle.

Client : Confidential

Environment : Oracle, Crystal Reports 6, RS/400, Insulator ,UNIX, Dos,C, C++, VC++.

Role : Member of Technical Support


Working on Anti-Collision Device which deals with Communication among GPS system, Radio modems etc. The main aim of this product is to avoid the collision of communication. This software is divided into various modules. This software is embedded in to a device.


Coding, Troubleshooting, Designing and Documentation

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