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Biztalk Messaging Specialist Resume

Honolulu, HawaiI


  • Over 7 years of software development experience in developing enterprise applications
  • Over 4.5 years of experience in Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004/2006/2006 R2/2009/2010 for Enterprise Application Integration (EAI)
  • Experience in Administration, Installation and Configuration of BizTalk Servers
  • Good experience in Healthcare Industry and hands on experience in HIPAA compliant EDI transactions like 834,997,270,271,277,276 transactions
  • Expertise in BizTalk Artifacts like Orchestrations, Maps, Schemas, Adapters, Ports, Pipelines, using Custom pipeline, .Net class libraries
  • Extensively used Business Rules Engine(BRE) as a part of Business logic Implementation, Message Routing and data validation
  • Experience in Publishing and consuming Web Services and WCF Services with BizTalk Server 2006/2006R2/2009/2010
  • Expertise in SQL Server 2000/2005/2008 creating Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, creating Tables and indexes using SQL
  • Good understanding of Enterprise Integration Patterns like Message Construction and Transformation patterns using BizTalk
  • Experience in using custom adapters and using out of box adapters like File, FTP, SOAP, SQL and WCF
  • Experience in Migrating BizTalk Applications from 2006/2009 to 2010
  • Excellent Logical Thinking, problem solving, communication skills and a team player
  • Worked in 32 bit and 64 bit environments

Data Formats: Flat File, XML, XSD, XSLT, EDI, ANSI ASC X12, HIPPAEDI Transactions: 834,997,270,271,276,277

Languages: C#, C++, C, SQL, XML

Applications: Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010/2009/2006 R2/2006/2004

BizTalk Tools: HAT, BAM, TPE

BizTalk Adapters: HTTP, File, SOAP, SQL, WCF, FTP, SMTP, EDI, WSS, HIPAA Accelerator.

Database(s): MS SQL Server 2008/2005, SQLite, MySQL

Web Technologies: Html, Web Services

Operating Systems: Windows Server 2008/2003, XP Pro/NT/2000 Pro/98 and Linux, Unix

Application Tools: Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005/2003 Packages: MS Office, Visio


Confidential, Honolulu, Hawaii

BizTalk Messaging Specialist

The company provides quality health care products and services designed specifically to meet the ever changing needs of customers. BCBS provide customers with a wide variety of medical (including Medicare and Medicaid), dental, prescription drug (Rx), and health and wellness insurance products and services for individuals as well as local and national employers. Working through its subsidiaries it also provides dental insurance plans, Medicaid plans and services Family Care programs.


  • Mapped proprietary application files to HIPAA 834 X12 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance Advice.
  • Mapped proprietary 834 XML to HIPAA 834 X12 Benefit Enrollment and Maintenance Advice using SQL server as an application file.
  • Involved in Planning, Deploying Enterprise BizTalk Server Group for scalability & High Availability.
  • Mapping transactions: 270, 271, 276, 277, 997, and an assortment of experimental maps.
  • Set up and test new trading partners, verifying ANSI X12 HIPAA compliance issues, including creating Business Profiles and Agreements.
  • Developed EDI Mappings for following EDI transaction sets:
  • Benefit enrollment and maintenance transaction set (834)
  • Eligibility/Benefit inquiry (270)
  • Eligibility/Benefit Information (271)
  • Claim Status request (276)
  • Claim status Notification (277)

Confidential, San Antonio, TX

BizTalk Developer

Confidential is a diversified healthcare company and health plan provider serving more than 87,000 patients and plan members. Project involves implementation of HIPAA EDI transactions for client with different partners and upgrading existing integrations to new partners introduced.


  • Coordinate activities which include gathering requirements for different partners of the client, documenting all the requirements and technical and functional details.
  • Installed and configured BizTalk 2009 server.
  • Implemented EDI transactions like 837(Claims Professional and Institutional), 834 (Eligibility) for different parties as per HIPAA compliance.
  • Created and configured party information for all the parties in BizTalk admin console.
  • Designed and developed complex Orchestrations using patterns like sequential convoy, parallel convoy, Split pattern and aggregator pattern for managing message throttle.
  • Developed mapping involving complex mappings and business rules.
  • Extensively used Native BizTalk SQL Adaptor and WCF Custom SQL Adapter for communication with SQL Server 2008.
  • Developed Custom Pipeline components as per the requirements.
  • Developed SQL Triggers and Stored Procedures for archiving purposes.
  • Developed Vocabularies and polices for business rules using Business Rule Composer Tool.
  • Configured the BizTalk host instances and Adapters for Host.
  • Extensively worked on promoting code from development to other environments, Customized packages and deployed on multiple servers.

Confidential, Yonkers, NY

BizTalk Consultant

This project was to develop Biztalk applications for HIPAA 837,835,278 transactions types for versions 4010 and 5010


  • Analyze current processes for 837,835 transaction types.
  • Design the new Biztalk solution which will handle HIPAA 837,835 transactions.
  • Advice IT personal what new software/hardware will be required.
  • Configure development and production environments. SQL server 2008, Biztalk Server 2009 and Visual Studio Team System 2008 was used for development and production environments.
  • Designed and developed complex Biztalk Schemas, Orchestrations and Maps to handle 837/835 transactions versions 4010 and 5010.
  • Implemented HIPAA 999’s for 837 transactions.
  • Created receive ports, receive locations and send ports. Used FTP, HTTP, FILE, SQL and WCF Adapters.
  • Designed and developed custom SQL queries/procedures to extract data for the Biztalk processes.
  • Create custom pipelines, custom adapters to handle various data processing needs.
  • Designed and developed custom batching orchestrations, batch release mechanisms for 835,837,278 transactions.
  • Created and managed various Biztalk Parties for data exchange.
  • Developed MSI packages, custom installation scripts and deployed Biztalk artifacts to QA and production environments.
  • Collaborated with QA team to carry out bug fixes for developed 837,835,278 applications.
  • Created custom MSR reports using SQL server 2008 and 2000.
  • Documentation of all developed applications. Documentation was done to provide detail information in the application design, development and deployment phases.

Confidential, Oak Brook, IL

BizTalk Consultant


  • Worked in Business requirements gathering, Business process flow discussions and Team meetings.
  • Authored BRD, Detailed design and High level Design document of the project, Forward Warehouse to reverse warehouse EDI transfers.
  • Worked with BizTalk 2009, Visual Studio 2008, Configured WCF SQL adapter, created parties in administration console etc.
  • Worked with EDI transactions 940 - ware house shipment order, 856 - advanced shipment notice, 944 - warehouse shipment transfer advice.
  • Created parties as interchange senders and receivers, in administration console to work with EDI transfers.
  • Worked with various artifacts like mappings, custom pipelines, pipeline components, Schemas, complex Orchestrations for the business logic.
  • Configured adapter metadata to invoke the stored procedure schema to map 940 EDI and insert into SQL Database.
  • Developed custom functoids and pipelines using C#.NET.
  • In the administration console worked with application event log, tracked all message events and process events and exceptions.
  • Configured various send and receive ports using WCF SQL, WCF Custom, and File in this project.
  • Worked with MSI files, Binding Files, involved in code migration between various environments.
  • Performed unit testing, System testing, integration testing and user acceptance testing in this project.


Application Developer

Confidential is an insurance company, which will provide Life, health and dental insurance. Elite was initially using a C++ application. This has been rewritten in ASP.NET with code behind in VB.NET. The application’s purpose was to aid Elite’s facilities to keep track of the incident, diagnosis, census and insurance data and the reporting needs. . My responsibility involved front end Coding and using method calls from COM+ to transact with the SQL Database and XML. Business requirements for the functionality and look and feel were strict which made development a challenge.


  • Analysis, design and development of Applications
  • Collecting inputs from the Client
  • Design and develop interfaces and data access components using ASP.NET/ASP with client side JavaScript
  • Data access layer developed with ADO.NET/ADO and COM+ involving transaction management
  • Implemented mailing system (Send mail) with attachments
  • Created stored Procedures using SQL Server 2000
  • Created PDF files with COM control for XML, XSLT and XSL using Windows forms
  • Created XML output from SQL Views


Jr.NET Developer

Employee Management System (EMS) is an interactive online application, which automates the employee management of an organization. It consists of 4 modules- Admin module, Employee module, Leave module and Salary module. Admin module keeps tracks of all authentications given to the users and the maintenance of master tables used. Employee module keeps track of all employee related information like employee registration at the time of recruitment, any new insertion and modifications if required. Leave module manages the leave-related. In this module we maintain a hierarchy of the authorities who are authorized to sanction leave. The Salary module keeps track of salary of the employees.


  • Analyzing Requirements and creating detailed Technical Design Document
  • Designing Database schema, creating Database structure, Tables and Relationship diagrams in SQL Server 2000
  • Creating Code Components, Implementing business rules in the code
  • Worked on C# to develop the logic (code behind)
  • Performed Data Base Administrator jobs such as creating Tables and writing Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers and Views

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