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Senior Bi Developer Resume


Skilled data architect with 20+ years of experience in database development, data integration and business intelligence. Top performer with a demonstrated ability to deliver effective solutions on budget and on time. Deep technical knowledge of data architecture and significant experience in the ecommerce, logistics and consulting industries. Specific areas of expertise include integrating ERP, CRM and marketing automation platforms.



Position: Senior BI Developer


  • Developed ETL processes to migrate data from legacy OLTP databases to newly architected databases in support of a site - wide re-architecture effort.
  • Designed and built data synchronization processes to sync data across multiple OLTP data stores in near-real time.
  • Developed an enterprise level data warehouse integrating data from over 10 different sources enabling 90% of all data requests to be served without intervention from IT. Ingested data from many types of sources (REST API, Flat File, Database).
  • Led the integration of a new marketing automation platform that leveraged customer data to enable targeted email campaigns and significantly increase customer engagement.
  • Designed and built an ETL framework to allow scalable execution of ETL tasks, combined with automatic error recovery and extensive logging.
  • Built data integrations with external vendors and provided daily monitoring of those integrations.
  • Developed integrations between Salesforce.com CRM platform and Confidential data sources.


Position: Senior Technology Consultant


  • Customized and developed MS Dynamics GP environment using VBA, Modifier and Dexterity.
  • Developed integrations for GP using Scribe, Smart Connect, eConnect and VB.net.
  • Designed and built reports using SSRS, Crystal Reports, Report writer and Excel VBA for various automation tasks
  • Created excel interface to replace GP forecasting windows for users to export and import forecast values. The interface also calculates future projected forecasts based on sales history and previous forecasts.
  • Developed eConnect service to accept xml data files and import to GP using a service running on the server.
  • Created budget alerts in GP using VBA and modifier to check PO’s and Payables to ensure that the budget was not surpassed.
  • Developed VB.net application for Walgreens to Auto release Solomon batches that were imported earlier using the same module. The auto release process eliminates the extra manual step for users to release the hundreds of GL batches imported automatically. This enhancement saved considerable man-hours for Walgreens.


Position: IT Technical Consultant


  • Created a VB.net module for inserting GL entries directly into SOLOMON tables to eliminate manual
  • entry for Walgreens as well as AIT World Wide. This module accepts excel files, does a complete set of error checking based on business rules of the client requirements, then either fails the import if errors are found or integrates them into GL for Solomon based on the data in the file. At the end, it sends email reports out to the users which contains all the details of the transaction, status and other info.
  • Completed SQL reporting services projects for Option Care/Walgreen’s, Latino Institute etc. which included recreation of crystal reports in SSRS, Data driven subscriptions, parameterized reports.
  • Developed ASP.NET pages for end users for maintenance of SQL tables for integration purposes. Some of the integrations and customizations require users to manage data in a table to map accounts, locations etc. Created asp.net pages which use VB.net in the backend and allow users to maintain data in a table based on business rules of clients.
  • Built a VB.net module for BIO Analysis services for Data warehousing, allowing users to maintain and manage tables in SQL Server.
  • Completed a Forecaster to GP Integration to bring Forecaster data into GP tables for reporting purposes and comparison.


Position: System Admin/Consultant


  • Designed, integrated and successfully managed development of E-Commerce ready website.
  • Created database design and functionality according to business requirements.
  • Upgraded current LANtastic Network to WinNT 4.0 + Win 2000 and terminal services for thin client network.
  • Automated the process of publishing paper catalog of 1,100 pages using VBA for Excel, MS word and Acrobat writer.

Technical skills

Systems: Windows 98, NT, 2000 server, 2003 server, XP and Novell.

Languages: Assembly language, C, C++, Pascal, Cobol, SQL, Visual Basic 6.0, VB.net, VBA for MS Word/Excel and Dexterity programming for Great Plains.

Tools: Crystal reports, Turbo C, Turbo Pascal, Basic, SQL reporting, integration and analysis services, SCRIBE, Smart Connect, eConnect.

Middleware: ODBC, COM.

Databases: FoxPro, MS Access, MS SQL Server, ORACLE 9i.

Skills: LAN & WAN setup and administration, Data Conversion, Application development (Middleware, SQL), team leadership, architectural design, code reviews, software testing, prototype development, documentation, Class-room Instructor.

ERP: MS DYNAMICS (Great Plains and Solomon)

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