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General Manager Resume

Rochester, NY

OBJECTIVE Highly motivated professional, with a demonstrated history of increasing organizations’ profitability, seeking a challenging career in Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management

SUMMARY OF QUALIFICATIONS Statistical forecast models, normal distribution models, gamma distribution models, Inventory analysis, Linear programming, regression analysis, conjoint analysis, financial analysis, perceptual mapping, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Materials requirements planning (MRP), enterprise resource planning (ERP), Analytical proficiency combined with excellent communication and interpersonal skills

EDUCATION Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.)

Bachelor of Arts Economics (B.A.)


2008-present, President/Consultant Confidential, Rochester, NY

  • Utilize time series analysis to establish demand and lead-time forecasts, using moving average and exponential smoothing methodologies, developing mean and standard deviation values to drive continuous review inventory system.
  • Utilize ABC analysis to determine periodic review or continuous review inventory algorithms.
  • Determine if demand is linear or stochastic, to determine if what supply chain system is appropriate
  • Utilize expert statistical and probability analysis to lower supply chain costs
  • Utilize complex statistical analysis to make the most prudent " make versus buy" supply chain decisions
  • Mitigate type 1 and type 2 forecast errors,
  • Utilize regression analysis to analyze null hypothesis versus research hypothesis

2002-2007, General Manager, Confidential, Syracuse, NY

  • Responsible cutting costs in a multi-million dollar construction company, resulting in a cost reduction as a percentage of revenues of 10%, sustaining that reduction throughout my tenure.
  • Established GANNT charts for project completion.
  • Developed annual forecast based on expected value by applying a percentage likelihood of acceptable bids.
  • Calculated the net present value of future payments.
  • Optimized inventory costs based on lead time, transportation and holding costs resulting in an eight percent cost reduction.
  • Drove revenue increases year over year between 12%-20%, by increasing the number of winning bids by passing a percentage of the company’s favorable cost trends to the client.
  • Calculated the associated costs per business opportunity for proper job costing and bidding.
  • Developed Pro Forma Financial Statements.
  • Conducted Gap Analysis to efficiently leverage resources.

2000-2001, Product Manager, Confidential, Holmdel, NJ

  • Worked closely with suppliers to develop an inclusive "total enterprise" philosophy to increase supplier responsiveness to company needs by reducing component lead-times.
  • Utilized ABC analysis to determine component parts for periodic review versus continuous review
  • Developed product forecast using time series analysis and bottoms-up planning.
  • Mitigated the effects of "bull whip effect" by utilizing excess inventory to target a new market segment.
  • Redirected and consolidated antiquated inventory from distribution channels for one time expense filing in preparation for company reorganization.
  • Developed a Microsoft Excel based continuous review inventory mode and a delayed differentiation strategy; established reorder point and economic order quantities (EOQ) to optimize levels of inventory and order quantities at the lowest estimated annual inventory cost, with a projected 15% cost savings in a multi-billion dollar product line by juxtaposing my proposed strategy versus previous strategy.

1999, Acquired Products Analyst (internship), Confidential, Rochester, NY

  • Analyzed the component costs of OEM vendors, using product tear downs to increase negotiating leverage for the organization.
  • Conducted a competitor analysis in the small office/home office product line.
  • Identified Lead-time bottlenecks, resulting in quicker supplier responsiveness.
  • Analyzed the impacts of horizontal versus vertical integration (make versus buy).
  • Adjusted order quantity, reorder points based on reduction of lead-time.

1998- 2000, Graduate Assistant, Confidential. University Park, PA

  • Developed Programs for the Smeal Business school undergraduates, resume writing, financial planning, and mock interviews.
  • Hosted "meet and greets" with prospective employers and undergraduate students.
  • Tutored undergraduate students in business logistics/supply chain management.
  • Advisor to undergraduate business students.

AFFILIATIONS AND INTERESTS Council of Logistics Management Habitat for Humanity National Kidney Foundation Theta Omicron Scholarship Foundation Incorporated, Board of Director & Officer Syracuse University Alumni Association Pennsylvania State University Alumni Association McQuaid Jesuit High School Alumni Association

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