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Business Intelligence Resume

Phoenix, AZ


Total 7 years of experience in software industry with focus in the areas of Data warehousing/Business intelligence using Cognos (Cognos 8.x / 7.x and Report Net 1.1)

  • Excellent working experience in Cognos 8.x including Framework manager, Report studio, Query Studio and Analysis Studio, Transformer Cognos Report Net 1.1, Cognos Series 7 such as Impromptu, Transformer, IWR, PPES and Upfront
  • Experience with expertise in Analysis, Design, Development, Customization, Implementation and Testing of BI Applications
  • Through understanding of Data warehousing project life cycle such as dimensional modeling, data extraction and loading, schemas and Business intelligence
  • Extensive experience in designing the Framework Manager models with BI industry standards such as Physical Layer, Business Layer and Presentation Layers...etc
  • Created IQDs using Framework Manager for building power cubes
  • Expertise in DMR modeling with creation of Regular Dimensions, Facts Dimensions with hierarchies/levels
  • Extensive experience in creating complex Lists, Cross Tabs, Charts and Repeater in Report Net and Cognos 8
  • Supplemented regular prompts, cascading prompts, detailed filters, summary filters, conditional styles, conditional blocks, static headers, Drill Through, master-detail reports for users in Report Studio
  • Created Drill through/Goto Links definitions at Cognos Connection for navigating from summary reports to detailed reports
  • Experience with Report Deployment, Scheduling, automated report Bursting and delivery via emails
  • Created Portal pages as excellent dashboards for business users to accommodate business critical reports in one single portal page for more analysis
  • Worked on performance tuning of cognos reports by creating indexes to achieve optimum level of performance in reporting system
  • Strong understanding of Relational database design concepts and in depth knowledge of OLAP solutions
  • Experience in Cognos Administration, security implementation such Package, Object, Data level security using Framework Manager
  • Provided security for reports, folders, jobs, packages using Cognos Connection
  • Experience in creating User groups and roles to manage security in Cognos Connection
  • Scheduling and Monitoring Cognos reports, Impromptu Web Reports (IWR) on Cognos Upfront, also formatting the generated excel files for the company standard format
  • Expert in development of OLAP Models and Power Cubes using Cognos Transformer
  • Extensively worked on design and building cubes in Power play Transformer
  • Involved in publishing IMR reports and Cubes to Upfront using IWR(Impromptu Web Reporting) and PPES(Power Play Enterprise Server)
  • Involved in preparing Requirements Specification Documents, Technical Design Specifications, Test Scenarios and Test Results for the Cognos reports
  • Experience in working with functions, packages and stored procedures, triggers


Business Intelligence Tools: Cognos BI Suite 8.x / 7.x (Framework Manager , Query Studio, Report Studio, Analysis Studio, Cognos Connection, PowerPlay Transformer, Impromptu Administration, IWR,PPES and Upfront) Report Net 1.1 (Query Studio, Report Studio, Framework Manager, Cognos Connection) Databases: Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, MS Access 7.0 Querying Tools: Toad, SQL Developer, SQL-Plus Data Modeling: Visio 2003 Operating System: Windows-98/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Windows 7, UNIX(IBM AIX, HP-UX), DOS Languages: SQL, PL/SQL Directory Servers: LDAP, Active Directory Server

EDUCATIONAL DETAILS: Bachelor of Engineering (Computer Science)


Confidential, Phoenix, AZ April 2009 - Till Date Confidential is one of the largest providers of products and services. These include insurance, financial, travel, automotive, roadside assistance and member discounts.


  • Analyzed the reports requirements and transformed the Functional Design Specifications into Technical Design Specifications for reports development
  • Prepared demo reports, Report Studio canned reports that can be shown to end users for report mockup approval
  • Metadata has designed using Cognos Framework Manager with layered approach such as Database View, Business View, Dimension View and Presentation View
  • Packages are created and published to Cognos Server for reporting
  • Published DMR model for creating multi dimensional reports with Analysis Studio
  • Published Relational model for creating managed reports with Report Studio and ad-hoc reports using Query studio
  • Imported all required tables/views in to Database View namespace from data source and defined proper relations and cardinalities between them
  • Created calculations and applied business rules in Business View namespace
  • Created Regular dimensions, Fact dimensions, Hierarchies/Levels in the Dimension View namespace
  • Provided business naming conventions for Query subjects and Query items in the Presentation View namespace
  • Worked extensively on List and Crosstab, Chart and Repeater reports using Report Studio
  • Created various complicated reports that involve multiple query joins, cascade prompts, conditional variables and report filters
  • Created Master-Detail relationship based reports
  • Applied various kinds of prompts, detailed filters, summary filter for report better performance
  • Worked with Global Drill-through/Go to Links Definitions from analysis studio reports to Report Studio reports and Report Studio reports to Query Studio reports
  • Created several On-Demand as well as scheduled reports requiring distribution or Bursting to stakeholders
  • Suggested Performance tuning measures to the existing reports

Environment: Cognos Suite 8.4 (Framework Manager, Cognos Connection, Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio), Oracle 10g

Confidential, Bothell , WA June 2008 - March 2009 Confidential is a national provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services capable of reaching over 293 million Americans where they live, work, and play. The main aim of this project is to create reports and cubes by using Cognos as their reporting tool.


  • Interacted with Functional / Business users for requirement gathering
  • Involved in data modeling in Framework and followed layers approach such as Physical Layer, Business Layer, Presentation Layer
  • Provided security at Package, Object and Data level using Framework Manager.
  • Created and published Packages using Framework Manager
  • Created IQDs using Framework Manager, which are the inputs for creating power cubes using Transformer
  • Worked extensively in development of standard Reports, Charts, and Drill through Reports, Master Detail Reports
  • Created various kind of prompts and filters
  • Created Page set/Page break reports and used Conditional blocks
  • Scheduled reports and with different output formats
  • Created new jobs using Cognos Connection
  • Bursting Reports and using Report Studio
  • Created a transformer model and Cube using the IQD's using Transformer
  • Created special categories such Prior Month, Prior Quarter...etc based on relative time functions
  • Created alternate drill down paths for more analysis
  • Implemented security at Cube using Apex, Cloak, Exclude and Suppress
  • Published cubes to Cognos Connection
  • Created multi-dimensional reports using Analysis Studio and applied context filters for better analysis

Environment: Cognos Suite 8.2 (Framework Manager, Cognos Connection, Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio and Transformer), SQL Server2000 and TOAD

Confidential, Wilmington, DE March 2007 - May 2008 Confidential engages in credit card and consumer lending business in the United States. It offers a range of credit cards, such as balance transfer, low APR, personal loans and cash back, charity, football, and student credit cards; personal and secured loans; and travel, motor, and home insurance products, as well as online services. Barclaycard operates as a subsidiary of Barclays PLC.


  • Going through the Report Specification documents and understanding the User Requirements
  • Creating model by defining proper relationships, cardinality in Framework Manager and followed two layers approach like Database Layer and Presentation Layer
  • Published packages to the Cognos Server to be accessed by Report Studio and Query Studio
  • Developed Standard Reports, Dashboards, YTD reports, Tabbed reports Charts, Drill through Reports, Master Detail Reports and Bursting Reports using Report Studio and Query Studio
  • Creating various kinds of reports like List, Crosstab, Charts and Repeaters in Report Studio
  • Created prompts such as Value prompt, Date prompt, Textbox prompt...etc
  • Involved in creation of drill through reporting and Conditional formatting reports
  • Create the Report and Set Burst Options in Cognos Report Studio
  • Created adhoc reports using Query Studio
  • Implemented security at Package, Namespace, Query Subject, Query Item and Data level security at Framework Manager
  • Implemented security at Cognos Connection at Report, Folder, Job levels

Environment: ReportNet 1.1MR2 (Report Studio, Query Studio, Cognos Connection, Framework Manager), Erwin, Oracle 9i

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN December 2005 - February 2007 The purpose of this project is to build Finance Data mart. Data is extracted from different source systems and loaded into Staging area and from staging area loaded into Data mart. Reports are generated for business analysis from this data mart.


  • Responsible for creating Catalog using Impromptu Administrator
  • Created Folders, Filters in Catalog for reusable to report authors
  • Applied security at Table level, Folder level at Impromptu Administrator
  • Created various types of reports such as Simple List, Grouped List, Crosstab, Nested Crosstab, Drill through, and Charts
  • Created cascading prompts and worked with various prompt controls such as File Pick List prompt and Report list prompt
  • Applied sorting and grouping for better analysis
  • Created IQDs using Impromptu Administrator
  • Created OLAP cubes using Cognos Transformer
  • Extensively used scheduler for periodical up gradation of cubes
  • Maintained user security and privileges through Access Manager
  • Responsible for publishing cubes to Upfront using PPES
  • Published IMR reports to Upfront using IWR

Environment: Cognos Series 7(Impromptu Administrator, Transformer, Impromptu Web Reports (IWR), Upfront, Access Manager, Power Play Enterprise Server (PPES)), Windows NT/2000 & XP, Oracle 8i, Toad

Confidential, Hartford, CT April 2004 - November 2005 Confidential offer a wide variety of insurance and surety products, as well as risk management services to numerous types of businesses, organizations and individuals. The Project involved conversion of existing clear access and impromptu reports into Cognos reports, development of new reports, training client developers in report studio, and training in framework manager.


  • Created catalogs by connecting to different databases
  • Created various types of reports such as List, Grouped List, Crosstab, Nested Crosstab, Drill through, and Standard List
  • Created cascading prompts and worked with various prompt controls such as File Pick List prompt and Report list prompt
  • Customized Power Play Reports by using Slice and Dice, Drill through, Ranking, Conditional formatting, and Sorting options
  • Generated reports for comparative analysis based on the Projected v/s Actual
  • Designed Multi Dimensional Cubes using Transformer and Optimized Cube performance to improve report run time

Environment: Cognos 7.2 (Impromptu Administration, Power Play Transformer) and SQL Server

Confidential, Hyderabad, INDIA April 2003 - February 2004 Confidential is one of the fastest growing Integrated Infrastructure Enterprises of India. This project is used to automate the Confidential day-to-day activities and transactions. It is an Intranet based enterprise application, which automates the process of resource management and provides better services like stock management, and accounting.It links their activities like office maintenance and inventory control and provides access to all of their branches.


  • Created catalogs with Impromptu Administrator utilizing relational databases
  • Developed impromptu reports with various functionalities (Drill-through, Cascading prompts)
  • Created templates at Impromptu
  • Created user prompts, conditions and filters to improve report performance
  • Using Impromptu Administrator created IQDs
  • Using Transformer created power cubes with IQDs
  • Designed levels, Dimensions at Dimension Map
  • Create Relative time categories at Show Diagram
  • Prepared Technical Design Documents
  • Involved in preparing Test Results as Unite Testing

Environment: Cognos 7.2 (Impromptu Administration, Transformer) and Oracle

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