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Sr. Salesforce Developer Resume

Alpharetta, GA


  • Around 8+ years of professional IT experience and 5+ years of experience as a Sales Force Consultant on Force.com platform and Database Management Systems.
  • Salesforce certified developer (DEV 401)
  • Experience working across various SFDC implementations covering Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Custom Cloud, Call center, Chatter & App - exchange applications
  • In-depth understanding of CRM business process like Campaign Management, Order Management, Account Management and Case Management.
  • Implemented various advanced fields like formulas, lookups, master detail, junction objects relationships.
  • Extensive experience of using declarative features like validation rules, field dependencies, workflows, dynamic approval process for satisfying complex business process automations.
  • Excellent in administrative tasks like creating profiles, roles, users, page layouts, email services, Approvals, Activities.
  • Strong Experience working with Triggers, Apex Controllers, Controller Extensions, Components, Test Classes on Application Design and Development on Multitenant Force.com platform.
  • Experience developing reusable Visualforce components using java script, AJAX functionality on Visual force pages, Attributes and Controllers.
  • Experience in Apex coding to implement the complex business logic with in Governor limits.
  • Experience working with Deployment Tools like Force.com IDE based on salesforce.com Sandbox environments.
  • Experience working on data model and SOQL, SOSL, DML statements, methods and governor limits.
  • Extensive Experience in Salesforce Integration with in house legacy systems using Web services API like Rest, Bulk and Soap and third party tools like Cast Iron and Pervasive Data Integrator.
  • Experience in Synchronization, Data-Modeling, Data Extraction, Transformation, Data Loading, Scheduling, Monitoring, and Reporting in a cloud scenario.
  • Developed Test Classes and test methods to ensure Maximum Code Coverage in Production instance.
  • Good experience in generating Reports, Dashboards and Analytical Snapshots.
  • Experience in Partner portal, Customer portals and Force.com Sites.
  • Experience in Data Migration using ETL tools like Data Loader and Informatica On Demand.
  • Experience in Lighting Framework
  • Experience in writing test methods and Test cases with code coverage of more than 75%.
  • Expertise in Source Code Management using Clear Case, and Microsoft Visual Source Safe.
  • Implemented security and sharing rules at object, field, and record level for different users at different levels.
  • Experience in Customized Sales, Marketing, Customer Support and Call Center Applications.
  • Excellent experience in gathering business requirements (BRD’s) in business process and translating them to functional documents.
  • Involved in analytics to measure KPIs and create reports and Dashboards for business users.
  • Experience with test-driven, Waterfall and agile Scrum methodologies.
  • Significant experience in issue resolution, client communication and reporting.
  • Experience in Object Oriented Languages like C++, Java, J2EE, JSP and Servlets.
  • Experience in web technologies like HTML, XML, CSS, XPath and JavaScript.
  • Experience with databases such as Oracle and My SQL.
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills, accustomed to working in both large and small team environments.
  • Experience with both technical and functional aspects of Salesforce.com and have deep understanding of its underlying principles of SAAS and Cloud Computing


Sales Force: Sales Force CRM, Apex Custom Controllers, Apex Classes, Apex triggers, Visual force Pages/Components, Packages, Apex Web Services, SOQL, SOSL, AJAX Toolkit for S-Control, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, Dashboards and Custom Objects.

Sales Force Tools: Eclipse, Force.com Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Force.com Explorer, Change Sets, Force.com Data Loader, Force.com, Excel Connector, Force.com Platform (Sandbox and Production )

Integrating Tool: Apex Data Loader and Informatica On-Demand,Jitterbit

Programming: Apex, C, C++, Java, Java script, SQL

Web Technologies: HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS3, AJAX, Java Script

Database: Oracle 8i/9i/10g, My SQL Server 200/2005

Testing Tools: JUnit, Jira, Element Tool

Operating systems: Microsoft Windows (2008/XP/Vista)

Other tools: Visio, Clear Quest, Clear case and Project, Eclipse


Confidential, Alpharetta, GA

Sr. Salesforce Developer


  • Developed Apex Classes, Controller Classes and Apex Triggers for various functional needs in the application.
  • Created Managed Packages with deprecated annotations to be available for partner Salesforce users.
  • Created Custom Controllers to make external web service callouts, validate and insert data.
  • Created Custom Visualforce components and attributes to override the look and feel of standard Visualforce components.
  • Created Visualforce pages that could be rendered as PDF's , build dashboard components and define email templates.
  • Created Visualforce pages which identified a region to be updated to enforce partial page refreshes and display the status of Ajax requests to display different values depending on whether it is in progress or completed
  • Created components with lightning experience in Aura framework.
  • Debug Apex scripts using Debug Logs and System Log Console to catch Exceptions and execute Governors and Limits.
  • Worked on Lightning Process Builder to perform auto processes
  • Worked with Lighting components and also integrated it with Visualforce for reusability
  • Customized existing Visualforce to align with salesforce new Lightning UI experience
  • Built apps visually with Lightning App Builder, Lightning Components and lightning connect integrations across multiple connections
  • Integrated Apex with External services by making callouts that used SOAP and WSDL.
  • Experience in Creation of Lightning Components, Events, using SLDS for Rich UI in Lightning Components.
  • Maintaining test coverage for all the classes and triggers and supporting deployment activities.
  • Built apex classes and triggers implementing SOQL and SOSL statements within Eclipse to manage interaction with the database.
  • Worked with SOQL&SOSL queries with Governor Limitations to store and download the data from Salesforce.com platform database. 
  • Developed Web Service Callouts from Salesforce to External Applications using SOAP and REST API.
  • Deployed the metadata and other changes using change sets and ANT migration tool.
  • Using Apex Data Loader mapped data sources and loaded data into Call Center application
  • Design and Development of UI using HTML, CSS, JSP, JavaScript and Ajax.
  • Used Visualforce in development mode to change the behavior and appearance of Visualforce components.
  • Used Eclipse IDE for all code Migrations/ Deployment between various Environments of the Applications.

Environment: Salesforce.com platform, Workflow and Approvals, Reports, Lighting, Custom Objects, Tabs, Email Services, Apex Language, Visual Force Pages, Components and Controller, JavaScript, Eclipse IDE Plug-in, Data Loader.

Confidential, Irvine, CA

Sr. Sales Force Developer/ Administrator


  • Created Formula Fields , Validation Rules , Workflow and Approvals for the flexibility and functionality of force platform application .
  • Designed, developed and deployed the Custom objects , Page layouts , Custom tabs , Components.
  • Used Force.com Eclipse IDE plug to develop the classes and triggers.
  • Developed different Visual Force Pages to suit to the needs of the application using different Visualforce components .
  • Used Data Loader for insert, update, and bulk import or export of data from Salesforce.com objects. Used it to read, extract and load data from comma separated values (CSV) files.
  • Worked on various salesforce.com standard objects like Campaigns, Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Opportunity, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Defined lookup and master-detail relationships on the objects and created junction objects to establish connectivity among objects.
  • Developed Complex Reports and Dashboards using HTML, PDF, Apex, Visual force page and mail merge .
  • Built apex classes and triggers implementing SOQL and SOSL statements within Eclipse to manage interaction with the database.
  • Customization, Configuration and maintenance of sales and service clouds.
  • Performed the role of support engineer for the internal users and helped them in getting used to the application, generated reports and saved them for further access to the users.
  • Also have experience on Service Cloud , App-exchange & Call center applications , in Various SFDC Implementations.
  • Using Apex Data Loader mapped data sources and loaded data into Call Center application.
  • Created and used Email templates in HTML and Visualforce .
  • Used the sandbox for testing and migrated the code to the deployment instance after testing.
  • Administrated and monitored the company’s Salesforce CRM application

Environment: Force.com Platform, Salesforce Enterprise Edition, Salesforce.com Custom/Standard Objects, Custom Tabs, Page Layouts, Force.com Web Services API, SOQL/SOSL Queries, Workflow & Approvals, Reports, Eclipse, Force.com Eclipse Plug-in, SalesForce.com sandbox data load, Email Services, Security Controls, HTML, Java Script, CSS, WSDL, SOAP, AJAX,

Confidential, Washington D.C

Sales force Developer

  • Acted as Senior Developer on large-scale Salesforce implementation team responsible for development, integration, data migration, and deployment of a Financial Services CRM application.
  • Worked with various business user groups for gathering the requirements for CRM implementation.
  • Built Force.com Sites for recruiting application and Feedback form.
  • Worked on Web 2 Case to build a business solution.
  • Integrated websites and external applications using web services by generating the necessary stubs from the WSDL files for extracting the data from third party.
  • Developed dupe contact search functionality in salesforce.com.
  • Managed multiple instances of different groups within Morgan Stanley.
  • Administered, configured, and maintained Salesforce.com application user profiles, roles, assigning permission, generating security tokens, validation Rule, upgrade installation.
  • Designed, developed and deployed the Custom objects, Components, VisualForce Pages to suit to the needs of the application.
  • Designed, developed, test and deployed custom Salesforce applications software using Apex Classes, Controller Classes, Batch APEX, Schedule Class and APEX Triggers for various functional needs in the application.
  • Integrated the web services by generating the necessary stubs from the WSDL files for extracting the data from third party.
  • Worked on Data loader to extract data from salesforce.com and its related activities.
  • Used SOQL & SOSL with consideration to Governor Limits for data manipulation needs of the application using platform database objects.
  • Managed and provided direction for the onshore & offshore teams in support of development activities

Environment: APEX, Visual Force, Web services, SOSL, SOQL.

Confidential, Erie, PA

Sales Force Developer

  • Responsible for developing sites to the Salesforce.com platform as a consultant.
  • Worked as enhancement team member and performed the roles of Salesforce.com Developer/Admin in the Organization.
  • Worked extensively on Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Ideas, Users and other Standard and Custom Objects for additional fields, Layouts, record types and validation rules.
  • Created Custom fields, validation rules and formulas, workflows and approval process.
  • Implemented AJAX, APEX, java script, CSS to build rich and dynamic Visual force pages.
  • Setup and Customized the customer portal for the Salesforce.com platform.
  • Involved in development of Microsoft applications for connecting to Salesforce orgs using Salesforce.com API.
  • Designed and re-factored test classes to follow the Factory design patterns for efficiency and reusability
  • Implemented the requirements on Salesforce.com platform and Force.com IDE plug-in using Eclipse.
  • Designed various WebPages in Visualforce for capturing various customer enquiries and implemented logic Created users, roles, public groups and implemented role hierarchies, sharing rules and record level


JAVA Developer

  • Was part of the design team to finalize the design/ architecture of the project and Developed core modules.
  • Experience in application design and development with a comprehensive knowledge of Java and J2EE.  
  • Involved in testing the application during the system and integration test phases.
  • Perform system requirements analysis, definition, allocation, and documentation.

Environment: Java 4, JSP 2.0, Servlets 2.0, XML, PHP 4.0, MySQL 4.0, Tomcat 4.0 Application Server, Apache HTTP Server

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