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Sr.cognos Developer & Admin Resume

Cincinnati, OH


  • Over 8 years of IT and 6+ years of complete BI project life cycle experience - Analysis, Design, and Implementation of business intelligence systems, Reporting tools, OLAP environments and tools, along with strong analytical and technical skills.
  • Strong experience in implementing and architecting BI solutions using Cognos 10/8.x BI Suite for large and mid size client implementations.
  • Extensive experience in installing and configuring of Cognos 10.1/8.4/8.3/8.2 and 8.1 BI Suite and also Cognos 7.x series for DEV/Test and Prod environments.
  • Interacting with the End users on a regular basis for resolving issues pertaining to the reports.
  • Very good knowledge on data warehousing concepts - Star schema, Snow-flake Schema and worked on both OLAP and OLTP databases.
  • Extensive experience in working as an administrator using of Cognos 10.1/8.4/8.3/8.2 and 8.1 BI Suite and also Cognos 7.x series.
  • Worked as Impromptu administrator in working with Report studio, Query Studio, Analysis studio and Framework Manager
  • Developed Metadata Models and DMR models using Framework manager and created filters, prompts, calculations, summaries and functions in Framework Manager.
  • Work experience in implementing security (both data level and package level) and best practices (database layer, logical layer and presentation layer) in Frame work manager.
  • Involved in creating simple list reports and complex reports like master detail, drill through and cascading prompt reports using Report studio.
  • Complex Report Building Experience by using Tabular Objects, Tabular SQL, Filters Customized Prompts, Conditional Formatting and Complex Layouts like Cross tabs, sub reporting and Bursting.
  • Expertized in different programming languages HTML, XML, JAVA in using Cognos software
  • Expertise in Relational and Dimensional Modeling.
  • Deploying models and reports from Development to Production and administering users/groups/roles.
  • Experienced in SDK Toolset Integration and worked on active reports
  • Experienced with Multiple Relational Databases including Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2 and Oracle 11g.
  • Strong experience in implementing Cognos Reporting security using LDAP and Active Directory.
  • Very strong experience in Design Custom Dashboard reporting solutions using Cognos 10/8.4 BI suite - Cognos Report Studio, Metric Studio, Analysis Studio, Cognos Go Dashboard.
  • Strong experience on Transformer Models for corporate data for building Multidimensional Cubes.
  • Been involved in analyzing multidimensional cubes using Power play studio and Analysis studio
  • Strong experience in migration of Cognos report from 7.x series to 8.x series.
  • Strong experience in improving the performance of Cognos reports by tuning SQL, implementing Data Marts, suggesting indices, running explain plans and implementing server changes.
  • Experienced in working with SAP BI i.e. creating Infocubes, Datasources. Migrating data from BW 3.5 version to BI 7.0
  • Effective communications skills (verbal and written) for both highly technical and non-technical audiences


Reporting Tools: Cognos 10.1/8.4/8.3/8.2/8.1 BI Tools including Report Studio,Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Metric Studio, Cognos 7.1/7.3EP series, Cognos GO (Search, Office, Dashboard), Cognos CAF, Crystal Reports, Power Analyzer 7.1

Metadata Management Tool: Cognos Architect 7.x, Cognos Framework Manager

ETL Tools: Informatica, Data Stage

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/2000/NT 4.0, XP, UNIX

Data Modeling Tools: ERwin 4.x

RDBMS/DBMS: DB 2, Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, SQL2000/2005, PL/SQL, DB2 MS Access, TOAD for MySQL Web Servers and Application server: Java Web Server, IIS 4.0/5.0, Apache Web Server, Tomcat 4.01

Programming Tools: C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, MDX functions

Programming Languages: HTML, XML, JAVA


Confidential, Cincinnati OH

Sr.Cognos Developer & Admin


  • Worked on multiple server handling for development and production of Cognos10.1 and Cognos 10.1.1 BI versions.
  • Extensive work on building up multi-dimensional cubes of different dimensions and measures.
  • Well versed with handling Powerplay Transformer in creating powercubes using reports as data sources.
  • Created different reports such as list, crosstab, masterdetail and drill thru reports using Cognos Report Studio 10.1.
  • Created cascading prompts and worked with various prompt controls such as Value prompt, Pick list prompt, and Date and Time prompt.
  • Customized Power Play Reports by using Slice and Dice, Drill through, Ranking, Conditional formatting, and Sorting options.
  • Created different new connections for the cubes as an on boarding process and tested the connections.
  • Experienced in running powercubes manually using the scripts and scheduling them for automation.
  • Involved in deployment of the cubes from the testing environment to the production environment for further testing.
  • Worked on exporting and importing the data from the database i.e. Toad for MySQL.
  • Expertized in writing MySQL queries and commands for retrieving the data from the specified tables according to the user requirement.
  • Involved in gathering all the business requirements from the customers.
  • Interacting with all the clients and the customers time to time in resolving the issues during the development and production processes.
  • Involved in testing and quality assurance of all the reports before delivering them to the end users.

Environment: Cognos 10.1 and 10.1.1 BI versions, Report Studio10.1, Query Studio 10.1, Framework manager 10.1, Powerplay Transforemer 10.1, Toad for MySQL database, XML, Excel and Windows.

Confidential, Branchville, NJ

Sr.Cognos Admin & Developer


  • Experinced in hadling promotes using Motio CI.
  • Proficient in handling multiple servers and handling with the issues when building the cubes.
  • Also involved in copying the cubes from the development servers to the production servers.
  • Involved in building the cubes of multiple dimension and the cube size was upto 2GB.
  • Involved in building models, packages using Framework Manger and published the packages to ReportNet Server.
  • Involved in the process of migrating Business Objects reports to ReportNet reports.
  • Used Cognos Connection to administer Reports as well as the ReportNet Server.
  • Created professional reports in Report Studio and ad-hoc reports in Query Studio.
  • Modified packages to suit the business needs and to improve the performance of the reports by defining filters and adding calculations
  • Created list reports, crosstab reports, chart reports and reports with lot of conditional formatting using Report Studio.
  • Developed Catalogs and created reports using Cognos Impromptu.
  • Designed models using Impromptu Query Definition (IQD), created OLAP Cubes in Cognos Transformer, and analyzed the data using Cognos PowerPlay.
  • Used Cognos Visualizer to create, present and distribute visual presentations of complex data for easy analysis.
  • Creation of standard filters, prompts, calculations, and conditions in catalog.
  • Created various reports such as List reports, Cross-Tab reports, and Drill through Reports using Impromptu.

Environment: Cognos 8.4 BI series - Framework Manager, Powerplay Transformer, Cognos Connection, Report and Query Studio, Report Net 1.1, Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2008, XML, Excel, Windows


Sr. Cognos Developer


  • Designed meta model in Framework Manager 10.1by Creating database layer and business layer, defining appropriate relationship between query subjects in Framework Manager and then deployed packages into Cognos connection portal.
  • Implemented Framework manager security for Data access, Object level access and Package access.
  • Implemented Star Schema Grouping and Dimension Hierarchy in Framework Manager. Model.
  • Developed List, cross tab, drill through, master-detail, chart and complex reports which involved Multiple Prompts, multi-query in Cognos 10.1/8.4 Report Studio.
  • Involved in Bursting Reports against database.
  • Created custom templates and custom tool boxes for the use of reporting.
  • Involved in creating cubes using Transformer and experience with analysis studio to analyze the cubes.
  • Designed Power Play reports to provide summarized results by measures and dimensions.
  • Moved Packages and reports from development to QA and then Production servers
  • Deployed the cube from Testing Environment to Production Environment using Batch script.
  • Testing reports using review checklists for Quality Assurance before delivering to the end users.
  • Involved into move to Deployment to UAT and Production.
  • Developed Dash Board reports in Report Studio using MDX Functions.
  • Involved in writing Stored Procedures and functions in Oracle PLSQL.
  • Trained the end users effectively to use the reporting tool, to build and customize their ad-hoc reports.

Environment: Cognos 10.1/8.4 BI, Oracle 11g, DB2 0, Framework Manager, Report Studio 1, Transformer, Analysis Studio, Cognos XML, Generic/Cognos JavaScript, BATCH SCRIPT.

Confidential,Charlotte, NC

Sr. Cognos


  • Involved in Requirement gathering from Business Users.
  • Analyzing the specifications provided by the clients and Developing specification documents for reports as per client requirements.
  • Design and Developed the Framework Manager models and Published into Cognos Portal.
  • Design & development of the reports using Cognos 8.4 Report Studio, Analysis Studio reports. Also worked as an administrator in working with report and analysis studio
  • Design & development of multiple reports using various templates like list reports, cross-tab reports and Chart reports and involved in complex reporting.
  • Extensively worked on Analysis Studio to develop multi dimensional reporting.
  • Worked with Global Drill- through Definitions to drill through from analysis studio reports to report studio reports..
  • Created Ad-hoc reports using Query Studio.
  • Worked as report studio administrator, to create complex reports and dashboards for the given requirements.
  • Created Scorecards/Metrics Using Metric Studio and also created Complex dashboards in Metric Studio.
  • Created complex dashboards with area charts, pie charts, crosstab and Multi prompts in Report Studio.
  • Exposure on Cognos development Software development kit like SDK in order to customize reports.
  • Designed Power Play reports to provide summarized results by measures and dimensions.
  • Interacting with the End users on a regular basis for resolving issues pertaining to the reports
  • Co-facilitate client workshops and training, typically small to medium group of clients.
  • Performance tuning by analyzing and comparing the turnaround times between SQL and Cognos.
  • Coordinating with Development Team tasks& Deliverables and working on high priority issues
  • Testing reports using review checklists for Quality Assurance before delivering to the end users.

Environment: Cognos 8.3/8.4 Suite (Cognos Connection, Framework Manger, Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Cognos Office Connection), Oracle 10g, Cognos Access Manger, Windows 2003 Server, IIS Web Server, SQL Server 2005, Informatica 7.2 Clear quest,DB2,Unix.

ConfidentialSomerset, NJ

Sr. Cognos Developer


  • Generated catalogs by connecting to different databases.
  • Developed reports from multiple queries using Impromptu and Power Play, and published them for end-users in Upfront.
  • Created various types of reports such as List, Grouped List, Crosstab, Nested Crosstab, Drill through, and Standard List
  • Created cascading prompts and worked with various prompt controls such as Value prompt, Pick list prompt, and Date and Time prompt.
  • Customized Power Play Reports by using Slice and Dice, Drill through, Ranking, Conditional formatting, and Sorting options.
  • Worked with the join functionality to create various reports.
  • Experienced Cognos 8.4 BI Studio, Cognos 8.4 Framework Manager, Cognos 8 Administration, and Cognos SDK
  • Involved in the Dimensional Data Modeling and populating the business rules using mappings into the Repository for Data management.
  • Generated reports for comparative analysis based on the Projected v/s Actual.
  • Used Cognos Scheduler to update a report for specific or recurring times and dates
  • Designed Multi Dimensional Cubes using Transformer and Optimized Cube performance to improve report run time.
  • Installed Cognos v8.x on Windows environment with Oracle 10g as a backend database
  • Deployed cube security to give only specific users the access to specific hierarchies.
  • Designed and develop SSIS packages, store procedures, configuration files, tables, views, and functions; implement best practices to maintain optimal performance.
  • Worked on Informatica for master data management, data migration
  • Experienced with TM1Executive Viewer for pivoting, drilling, charting and conditional formatting.
  • Successful implementations of the Analyst, Manager, and Contributor applications within Cognos 8 Planning
  • Extract Transform Load (ETL) development using SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS)

Environment: Cognos 8.4/8.2, Planning, Impromptu, Impromptu Web Reports (IWR) 6.6, Power Play 6.6, Power Play Transformer 6.6, Upfront, Access Manager, and SQL ServerConfidential,Houston,TX

Sr. Cognos Developer


  • Involved in creating Metadata Models (Using multiple data sources) using Framework Manager.
  • Created Several Parameter Maps, Calculations and Relationships in Framework Manager.
  • Involved in organizing the Framework Manager model into several different Business views based on end user requirements.
  • Created list, Crosstab, Charts & Nested Cross tab reports in Report Studio. Worked as administrator with Prompts, Conditions, Filters and Calculations.
  • Trained Professional Authors to write complex reports using Report Studio and trained power users to use Query Studio for Ad Hoc Reporting.
  • Worked extensively on applying and maintaining Security for several different users in ReportNet developing prompt pages and conditional variables
  • Involved in Testing and Improving Report Performance.
  • Installed and Configured Cognos series 7 (IWR, Upfront, PPES and Access Manager).
  • Catalogs and Reports using Impromptu Administrator and designed Power Play Models using Transformer.
  • Created Drill-Thru, Sub-Reports and Chart Reports using Impromptu Administrator.
  • Created Special Categories and Secured Power Play models using Power Play Transformer.
  • Worked with Access Manager Administrator to provide security for Cognos applications
  • Tuned the Impromptu/IWR reports and Power Play cubes.
  • Published Impromptu Reports and Power Play Cubes to Upfront using Cognos IWR Administration and Power Play Enterprise Server respectively.
  • Supported IWR/PPES Usersin production.
  • Involved in resolving issues in the ETL load process. Worked on SDK Concept.
  • Involved in the development of Data Mart and populating the data marts using Informatica.
  • Used Informatica Power Center/Power mart Server manager to create sessions, batches to run with the logic embedded in the mappings.
  • Implemented performance tuning with the Transformations, Sessions and on the Source Databases to load the data efficiently in to the target.
  • Assisted Informatica team in creating complex mappings based on the functional specifications provided by business users.
  • Created UTP's to test data loads and check whether the components adhere to the technical design.
  • Involved in Cognos Planning, BI server administration, Portal administration and installations of reporting tools.

Environment: Cognos7.1/ Report net1.1 (Framework Manager, Cognos Connection, Report Studio, Query Studio), Impromptu 7.1, Power play 7.1, Power play Transformer 7.1, Informatica Power Center/ PowerMart, SQL Server 2000, Teradata, SAP BW, Flat files, MS Excel and Erwin.


Cognos Developer


  • Analyzing requirement Specification document and preparing the Specification document as per the Business requirement.
  • Developed a logical model that conforms to star schema concepts, different views (import, business, external) as per Business requirement.
  • Creating star schema grouping for better understanding of the model & facilitate multi-fact (cross-fact) reporting.
  • Setting up cardinality (minimum, maximum & optional), Determinants to avoid double counting, support loop joins, optimize data source, and identify dimensions and facts.
  • Ensuring clear query paths by resolving ambiguous relationships (loops, reflexive and recursive).
  • Implementing concept of hierarchies by defining dimension (regular, measure) to enable analysis on relational data source.
  • Implemented different types of hierarchies (balanced, unbalanced, ragged).
  • Adding business rules by defining different kinds of calculations and filter.
  • Creating prompts with query macros by including references to parameter maps.
  • Developing the reports using various templates like list report, Cross-tab Report and Chart Report.
  • Extensively worked with Cognos 7 Report studio, Analysis studio.
  • Extensively worked with Stored Procedure Query Subjects in FM and Reports.
  • Performance tuning by analyzing and comparing the turn around times between SQL and Cognos.
  • Customize reports using Cognos SDK and integrated with Portal.
  • Pre-sort, clean, consolidate Data for faster process in transformer
  • Preparing the Entity Definition Sheet for Reporting tables.
  • Developing the shell scripts to load the data in Backend Reporting tables.
  • Import and export statements are used in writing the SQL scripts.
  • Based on proto type refining the model by creating dimension map (dimensions, drill down path, alternate drill downs) and measures.
  • Diagnosing and resolving any design problems using techniques like show scope, count, reference and by generating categories
  • Handling unbalanced hierarchy by using sub-dimensions
  • Creating cube groups where the child cubes were intended for different users.

Environment: Cognos 7.3 Suite (Cognos Connection, Framework Manger, Report Studio, Query Studio, Analysis Studio, Metric Studio, Metric Manager), Transformer 7.3, Cognos SDK, DB2 8.1, Oracle 10g, Cognos Access Manger,MSRS, Windows 2003 Server.


Oracle Developer


  • Created customized database with appropriate table spaces to increase the performance.
  • Created stored procedures and packages to view, update and enter the check-in and checkout procedures.
  • Used dynamic SQL to find out the availability of tickets.
  • Optimize the SQL statements using hints.
  • Created SQL scripts to tune performances and make backups.
  • Created List reports, Sub-reports, Cross-tab reports using Impromptu Administrator.
  • Evaluated report effectiveness by tuning query data.
  • Created Catalog and assigned joins as per the requirements.
  • Generated the reports using Cognos Impromptu by querying the data from different Database tables as per the requirement.
  • Involved in the development of Data Mart and populating the data marts using Informatica.
  • Used Informatica Power mart Server manager to create sessions, batches to run with the logic embedded in the mappings.
  • Designed and built logical and physical models into catalogues and Power Cubes for end-user and management reporting needs.

Environment: SQL, PL/SQL, MS-SQL Server, Forms 4.5/ Reports2.5, Cognos Series 7 Impromptu, Impromptu Web Reports, PowerPlay, PowerPlay Enterprise Server, Upfront, Access Manager, IWR and PPES Admin Tools, SQL Server, Siebel Informatica Power Center/power mart 4.

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