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Application Developer Resume


  • 8+ years professional experience in IT and gained excellent skills in diverse phases of the software lifecycle as a Mainframe developer.
  • Involved in all the phases of SDLC, comprising of Analysis, Design, and Coding and Testing phases.
  • Analysis of Application Requirements, Documenting functional behaviour, Grouping of Rules, Inheritance of the rules, Technical/Systems support, Preparation of Unit test Plan, Review of Unit test plans, Coding and Testing.
  • Handled Projects and delivered and Implemented in both Agile and Waterfall Methodology.
  • Gained vast experience in COBOL, JCL, DB2, CICS Programs, JCL utilities, FILEAID, SORT, VSAM, IPCP jobs, TSO, ISPF and Line Commands.
  • Used CICS Channels and Containers to communicate the mainframe CICS application from distributed system
  • Experience in handling Integrated Systems Controller (ISC) and Message Queue (MQ) which receives request and send response to Front End Applications by interacting with CICS Online Programs.
  • Created several Changeman Packages for Code changes with Compiling, Expediting and DB2 Options.
  • Had experience in coding Microfocus NetCOBOL, debugging and compiling and testing in Unix platform.
  • Have created several stored Procedures and invoked using COBOL program.
  • Acquired experience on promoting the Distributed and mainframe components from development to Integration Testing, Quality Assurance Testing, User Acceptance Testing and Production Environment
  • Involved in several mainframe migration project and implemented the logic using Websphere Message and ETL Processing.
  • Websphere MQ and Message broker is used to integrate various front - end and backend applications mostly mainframe.
  • Developed several message flows using WMQ to transform messages between different clients to meet their business needs with the help of IBM Primitive nodes i.e. Compute Node , File Node , MQ Nodes , HTTP Nodes , Filter Node , Route To Label, Label, ResetContentDescriptor, Trace, and Database Nodes etc.
  • Coded ESQL procedures and functions for message processing and configured to the respective nodes in the message flows.
  • Experience in MQSeries Clustering, MQClient / MQServer setup , MQSeries System Administration, user training and documentation.
  • Expertise in developing integration mappings to connect systems like Oracle, Flat files, Mainframe (VSAM files).
  • Converting business rules into pure WMQ flows using DB nodes and computational nodes.
  • Transformed Request messages from SOAP XML to CWF & TDS based on the requirement and send those to Mainframe.
  • Experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, Testing and Support of ETL Processing using Informatica Powercenter.
  • Strong Data Warehousing ETL experience of using Informatica PowerCenter Client tools - Mapping Designer, Repository manager, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor and Server tools like Informatica Server, Repository Server manager.
  • Strong experience in Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) data from various sources like flatfiles, Oracle, DB2, SQL server databases, Mainframe DB2, Mainframe Dataset QSAM and VSAM into Data Warehouses and Data Marts using Informatica Power Center, Power Exchange, Power Connect.
  • Extensive experience in writing UNIX shell scripts for automation of the ETL processes and Autosys for scheduling the workflow runs and Cyberfusion process to transfer the files.


Hardware: IBM 390, AS400

Operating System: OS390, z/OS, Windows NT/XP/7/10, UNIX, LINUX

Programming Languages: COBOL, JCL, Proc, REXX, SAS, MVS, VSAM, CICS, SQL, XML, ESQL, JSON, ETL Transformation, Unix shell scripting

Mainframe Tools: FileAid, Syncsort, TSO, ISPF, Changeman, Jobtrac, Mainframe DB2, Cyberfusion, Abend-Aid, Xpeditor, Platinum tool, Omegamon, SPUFI, Integrated Systems Controller, ISC Instrumentation, ISC Diagnostics Viewer, MQMonn

Middleware Tools: Websphere MQ Series, Websphere Message Broker, WBI Adapters, WBI E2E Monitoring Tool, Message Log Viewer, Tivoli, Tectia Secure Shell, XML Spy, RFHUtil

ETL/Informatica: InformaticaPowerCenter 10.x/9.x (Designer, Workflow Manager, Workflow Monitor, Repository manager and Informatica Server), Informatica PowerExchange 10.x/9.x, Informatica Data Quality 9.x/8.x, Informatica Power Connect

DB Tools: DB2, UDB, MongoDB, DB Artisan, Rapid SQL, Microsoft SQL Management Studio, SQL Navigator

Promotion/Version Controls: Dimensions, PVCS, Jenkins, Bitbucket, DevOps, Artifacts

Other Tools: Remedy, ALMI, TSO, ISPF, SOAP UI, Message Simulator, Autosys, Cyberfusion, Shell Scripts, FTP, ConnectDirect, Microfocus NetCOBOL, Fujitsu


Application Developer



  • Designed and developed several online applications for generating the Policy number for insurance Policies, inquire on policy information, Calculating commission percentage for insurance agent, routing IVR calls to various departments, creating and handling service request, cases and activities logged by customer representatives etc.
  • Designed and developed several Batch applications for calculating Large premium amount, Credit card expiry notification, Recurring payment, etc.
  • Handled Oncall and Production support for Batch and Online applications and provided immediate fix for the abends and permanent resolution if needed.
  • Acquired knowledge on Jobscan using changeman Library, Application Library or submitting JCL.
  • Performed Cyberfusion and FTP transmission of files from mainframe to distributed environment, XMIT the files between mainframes, File transfer from mainframe to windows.
  • Application LifeCycle Management Integration (ALMI) tool used to track the defects occurred during integration, Quality Assurance, User Acceptance testing.
  • Online programs used to read the input request from Integrated Systems Controller(ISC) and send a response to ISC through SRB programs.
  • Created Adapter mainframe Program which uses IBM Websphere MQ and Integrated System Controller Messages to enrich and transfer messages from sending system to receiving System.
  • Handled Code delivery and Code Promotion (Process of moving Application software from a development environment to a Production and Non-Production environment)
  • Handled CICS failures using Abend-AID and mainframe DB2 issues using Platinum tool by querying plan, package, database, tablespace and tables.
  • Executed several SQLs in SPUFI for insert, Update, Alter and Query the DB2 tables.
  • Applied several CICS commands for defining Programs, transactions, Files, tables and to perform functions like newcopy program, allocate and deallocate files, open and close Vsam files.
  • Created REXX tools to automate various processes such as comparing mainframe files and to submit mainframe utility jobs using ISPF panel without editing JCL.
  • Extensive knowledge on coding Microfocus NetCOBOL and used Fujitsu for compilation and debugging.
  • Developed Message flows using custom XSD/XSLT Schema transformations to transform into XML and Fixed Length Message (TDS), SOAP/HTTP XML to IMS (MRM) mappings and transformations.
  • Processed XML messages with exceptions and performed Message transformations, translation, validation for incoming messages, XML File lookups, database inserts, https posts and java calls to backend systems.
  • Responsible for identifying and creating the MQ objects required for the interfaces.
  • Developed Message Flows, ESQL Statements, Message Sets, test cases, executable bar files.
  • Involved in Debugging ESQL using IIB Message Broker Toolkit.
  • Created bar file and deployed on execution group using Bitbucket and Jenkins.
  • Developed test cases for Common flows and tested those test cases in Unit Testing, System Testing, Integration Testing, QA Testing, Regression and Performance Testing.
  • Deployed message sets and messages flows on DEV, QA and UAT brokers.
  • Developed Migration plans for migration for WBIMB 7.1 flows to WMB 9.1.
  • Responsible for creating Message Sets using XSDs, COBOL copybooks.
  • Created mappings, which involved transformations, like Filter, Union, Router, Connected & Unconnected lookups, Sequence Generator, Stored Procedure, Joiner, Update Strategy, Expression and Aggregator transformations to load the transactions, accounts and customer’s data from flat files. Also used debugger to test the mappings and fixed the bugs.
  • Extensively used ETL to load data from Flat files which involved both fixed width as well as Delimited files and also from the relational database, which was Oracle.
  • Analyzed the session and error logs for troubleshooting mappings and sessions.
  • Data Cleansing, Masking, Validation in the Landing/Staging Area.
  • Created Mapping Parameters, Session parameters, Mapping Variables and Session Variables.
  • Hands-on Experience in working with Source Analyzer, Warehouse Designer, Mapping Designer, Mapplets to extract, transform and load data.
  • Experience in all phases of Data warehouse development from requirements gathering for the data warehouse to develop the code, Unit Testing and Documenting.

Mainframe Developer



  • Involved in development of COBOL, JCL, DB2 and CICS programs as per the requirements.
  • Involved in Project Estimation and Resource Planning after a walkthrough of Business requirement Document (BRD).
  • Involved in Requirement Analysis and Software Requirement document Preparation and also involved in solving Complex technical issues
  • Designing and developing the technical framework for the systems to be enhanced and Prepared Design Documents
  • Preparation of Unit Test Plan and performing Unit testing, Interface testing, Regression testing and Review of Programs
  • Production Support and Resolving of all production issues
  • Bug Fixing for errors arising out of Production and User Acceptance testing
  • Created REXX tools to automate various processes to avoid manual intervention for copying, renaming, restoring dataset from Tape, to create empty dataset, sort dataset, updating retention period and Comparing Dataset using Copybook before and after a release change
  • Used SAS to create a various reports like Job cost, DASD cost, Policies with Large Premium Amount, Transactions logging report etc.
  • Several Changeman Packages has been created for making Permanent changes to JCL, Proc, Cobol and Scheduler changes. Also facilitates compiling, Audit a changeman Package for any errors.
  • Scheduled jobs in JOBTRAC for Batch application in production environment as per the requirements from Business partners.
  • Perform release activities, Special Processing, Holiday Processing, Year-End processing and Business Continuation Exercise.
  • Performed root cause analysis and provide resolution and fixes to recurring issues in Production
  • Abend monitoring and providing resolution / facilitate resolution with the respective teams.
  • Monitor and expedite batch and online application in production environment.
  • Export and Import files to/from Business partners using Cyberfusion (FTP).
  • Using Xpeditor, Debugged many online/CICS COBOL Programs.

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