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Programmer Resume

U S, A

OBJECTIVESeeking a full time opportunity in the communications/signal processing/software/networking field that utilizes my engineering & project management skills.

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA
Master of Science, Electrical Engineering (DSP & Communications)G.P.A : (Major) 3.43 / 4.0, (Overall) 3.30 / 4.0
Confidential, Dubai, U.A.E
Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.), Electrical & Electronics Engineering,C.G.P.A: 7.29 / 10

  • Probability & Random Processes for Engineers
  • Introduction to Computer Networks
  • Digital Signal Processing Communication Systems
  • Digital Image Processing Error Correcting Codes
  • Adaptive Signal Processing
  • Communication Theory
  • Operating Systems

Programming Languages/Tools:C,/C++, MATLAB,PCB Design, PCB Artist
Operating Systems:Windows2000/XP/VISTA,MS DOS, UNIX,MAC,RTOS,GNU Compilers, Nachos OS,Qt Toolkit
Applications:MS Excel, Visio, Auto CAD, SPSS, Wireshark, OPNET, Oscilloscopes, Logic Analyzers
DSP Development Tools:Code Composer Studio IDE (on TI’s 320C6713DSK.) -FPGA
Protocols and Standards:TCP/IP, UDP, CDMA,OFDM,802.11, Ethernet


Confidential, TORRANCE,CA, U.S.A ( Wirelss Intern )

  • Responsible for developing the PCB Design and Layout for RTDs and Strain Sensors for wireless sensors.
  • Ran experiments to verify the integrity and functionality of the RTD and strain sensors circuits.
  • Embedded C/C++ programming for wireless sensors over the microcontroller PIC18F2520, through USB communication.

Confidential, Dubai, U.A.E

  • Collaborated with the Design and Engineering team, and presented a report as a part in the development of Technomigtht’sCrestron Control ProgrammingProjects which played a pivotal role in Audio/visual Systems Integration.


Real Time2-D Audio Source Localization using TDOA, GCC-PHAT Algorithm in TI’s 320C6713DSK ( in C)

  • Submitted a report and a presentation on the implementation of the localization of multiple sound sources, using an intuitive visual display (in LABVIEW), to represent the angles and sources from the given audio signals.

Retrieval of the Embedded Watermark Signal from the audio file in TI’s 320C6713DSK (in C)

  • Retrieved the embedded watermark signal from the given audio file by extracting the DC component after taking the 128-point FFT of blocks of the given audio signal.

Array Signal Processing Via Multi-Channel WIENER Filtering (in MATLAB)

  • Performed enhancement of signal suppressing noise and interference using an array of sensors.

Adaptive Signal Processing for a MIMO Communications System (in MATLAB)

  • Investigated the performance of a MIMO Communications’ system under both static and time varying channel conditions using MMSE, LSE and LMS algorithms.

Tracking Spacecraft Signals during entry, descent and landing with Adaptive Linear Prediction (inMATLAB)

  • Analyzed the performance of the adaptive frequency tracking schemes in terms of the root mean-square (RMS) frequency estimation error.

Source Separation via Adaptive Noise Canceling (in MATLAB)

  • Separated multi-media source data, i.e. voice signal, from a binary data stream vi adaptive processing

Building a Digital Communication System (in MATLAB)

  • Implemented the transmitter, receiver, and an AWGN channel. Developed a sample-based simulation where the transmitted symbols were oversampled. The results were generated for 2-, 4-, 8-PAM and 4-QAM.

Digital Image Processing Projects (in C++)

  • Implemented Digital Watermarking, Image Enhancement and Noise Removal on colored and grayscale images.
  • Analyzed and performed Basic & Advanced Edge Detection, Morphological Processing and Digital Halftoning algorithms.
  • Reported results on Geometric Transformation &Spatial Warping, Texture Classification & Segmentation and OCR.

Removing Periodic Interference in Binary Communications from a Speech Signal (in MATLAB)

  • Removed the periodic interference which adversely affected the demodulation of a binary communication signal using Notch Filtering.

Tracking Spacecraft Signals during the entry, descent and landing with Digital Spectrum Analysis (in MATLAB)

  • Tracked the carrier signal transmitted from the spacecraft during EDL with a Fourier Transform-based, open loop tracking technique.

Client Sever communication using Socket Programming (in C++) on UNIX, OPNET and

  • Simulated transfer, routing and verification of fragmented messages over TCP / UDP sockets in a network with client-server architecture with multiple forked clientsin C++.
  • Simulated local Area Networks such as Ethernet (Both Shared and Switched) and Routing Algorithms includingRIP and OSPFand their performances were evaluated using OPNET.
  • Monitored protocols such asHTTP, TCP, IP and ARPusing Ethereal


  • Participated in variousSudoku Solving,Acting, Debating Competitions, and Essay Writing and Skitcontests.
  • Won “Memento” for acting, as one of the participants for a Theater Group in Dubai.

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