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Team Lead Resume

Atlanta, GA


I am a CISSP with 20 year of experience in a variety of Information Technology areas. I have specialized in network and system security for the past 15 years. I possess a strong background in training and documentation.


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Team Lead


  • Generate and guide initiatives for the resolution of compliance and security related shortcomings within client environments with focus on Confidential - DSS, SOX and HIPAA. Documented change process and integration methodology for new technologies. Audit and recommend improvements for client environments.
  • Develop processes for reconfiguration and enhancement of network environments for regulatory compliance and corporate goal achievement. This includes review and recommendation regarding SNMP and log monitoring, security policy development and enforcement, centralized authentication.
  • Design and implement Palo Alto Networks firewall solutions for clients through collaboration with clients to develop business enhancement, availability and increased understanding of network traffic. Client base includes Fortune 2000 and larger clients in Financial, Education, Entertainment Broadcasting, Pharmaceuticals, Insurance, and Technology Manufacturing.
  • Implement firewalls in virtual environments including VMWare ESX, Amazon AWS and Azure.
  • Migrate and audit configurations from Cisco ASA, Cisco PIX, CheckPoint, Fortinet, SonicWall, and Juniper/Netscreen firewalls to Palo Alto Networks Firewalls
  • Integrate systems with RADIUS, Kerberos, LDAP and multiple two-factor authentication systems, including RSA, WikiD Systems, Duo Security, Azure Multifactor Authentication, Skybox management systems and OpenOTP. Implement SSL VPN solutions including Palo Alto Networks Global Protect with single and multiple gateway solutions including integration of PKI certificates. Integrate multiple vendor Confidential site to site VPNs, including Palo Alto Networks, Cisco ASA, CheckPoint, Juniper JUNOS firewalls. Document and improve automated migration process for Cisco, CheckPoint, Juniper/Netscreen, and Fortinet systems.
  • Team lead for a team of 34 members. I was responsible for the development team and personal project completion processes for effective service delivery, coordinating with other management team members to assign appropriate team members to projects, and providing ongoing training to staff on technology trends, best practices and new software. Lead and participated in sales and project scoping calls. Interview and review candidates for open positions within team. Coordinate with other management staff to assign the appropriate team members to projects. Provide ongoing training to staff on new and current technology trends and practices.

Confidential, Kansas City, MO

Security Analyst, Project Manager, Strategic Business Analyst


  • Security log analysis, IDS system monitoring, corporate cache system management and monitoring
  • Participate in document collection for SAS 70 and Confidential audits for company and clients as needed.
  • Conducted mapping of existing Confidential and SAS70 controls to HIPAA guidelines.
  • Planned and executed yearly testing of security Confidential team process in coordination with the Director of Security and Senior VP of Operations
  • Worked with clients to implement Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity solutions within the Confidential Data Centers
  • Coordinate completion of video capture hardware refresh for corporate monitoring and compliance with Confidential requirements and SAS 70 controls.
  • Project responsibilities include coordination of contract delivery and fulfillment of services by operational teams in a fast paced, security centric environment, policy and procedure reviews as directed by executive management, Disaster Recovery deployment and coordination.
  • Participated in internal security policy review and update process.
  • Coordinated the design and implementation of redundant critical corporate systems for business continuity and return to service in the event of loss of services at one or more corporate facilities.
  • Participated in procedural reviews of operational tasks
  • Clients industries included payment card systems, payment processors, entertainment, retail and government

Confidential, Overland Park, KS

Senior Security Engineer


  • Install and configure network security solutions, including firewalls and monitoring solutions
  • Implement network infrastructure for clients
  • Troubleshoot and support client infrastructure, including routers, switches, servers and security devices
  • Document implementation and troubleshooting activities for Active Directory access control and file solutions
  • Document and monitor infrastructure for clients using proprietary and open source solutions and submit security remediation and improvement plans
  • Review client systems after possible breaches, determine vulnerabilities and submit remediation plans for clients.
  • Implement site to site VPN solutions utilizing Confidential based configurations on firewalls and routers
  • Clients industries included electric and gas utilities, education, health care and government

Confidential, Overland Park, KS

Systems Integration Specialist


  • Develop and deploy a Windows 2003 server image solution for a satellite based video distribution system. Server image included controls for limiting local network access
  • Develop custom update packages for Confidential Corporation software, as well as for software packages installed on the appliance
  • Utilize Windows Group Policy to manage and secure remote servers, including firewall rules and service controls
  • Document process and procedure for installation of software for the server image via secure distribution system via satellites

Confidential, Lenexa, KS



  • Responsibilities included security design and implementation, troubleshoot and document client networks, project management, Active Directory network design and implementation.
  • Design and implement firewall solutions for network based security for clients.
  • Design and implement remote access VPN solution utilizing Confidential configuration of Cisco equipment.
  • Design and implement high availability solutions for client websites using secure for increased availability
  • Develop small and medium business auditing and evaluation procedures.
  • Maintain and troubleshoot client networks, including desktops, servers and networking devices.
  • Design and maintain network security for clients.
  • Client industries included education, financial and natural gas processing

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