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Manager Mainframe Services Resume

St Louis, MissourI


IT Professional with over 20 years of experience managing the direction and stability of client/server infrastructure, operations and data integrity. Most recent experience includes over 10 years implementing and supporting national and international IT operations in more than five countries. Regarded as a cost - conscious manager with aggressive determination to pursue and implement strong purchase and contract cost controls. Determined advocate of applying automation and technology to resolve business needs with as much voluntary client control over local operations as desired.


Operating Systems: AIX, LINUX, OS2, UNIX, VM, and Windows, z/OS

Performance, capacity planning and diagnostics tools: Omegamon, TMON, and Resolve

Network communications: Communication Server, HTTP, NCP, SMTP, SNMP, TCP/IP, and VTAM

Communications Protocols: Ethernet, NJE, SNA, Token-Ring

Data Security Services: ACF2, RACF, UNIX core, VMSecure

Programming Languages: Assembler, COBOL, C, C++, DCF, EasyTrieve, REXX, SAS, and Scripting languages for LINUX, UNIX, and Windows

Application Support Tools: Intertest, ISPF/PDF, JCL Plus, PlusPack, Syncsort, TSO/E

Operating System Support Tools and Services: ADC2, CICS, DB2, FDR/ABR, IDMS, Mobius, OPC, and TLMS.

Storage Support: SAN, SVC, TPC

Windows Support: Office Suite, Visio, Scripts


Confidential, St. Louis, Missouri

Manager Mainframe Services


  • Designed, planned, and directed projects to simplified Business Units operations.
  • Originated policies reducing Data Center infrastructure footprint and cost.
  • Redesigned Business Unit infrastructures to exploit unused or underutilized assets already in place.
  • Devised a sustainable dynamic self-modifying national Disaster Recovery infrastructure.
  • Oversaw infrastructure activities for acquisition, separation, and relocation of business properties
  • Managed infrastructure upgrades, configurations, performance tuning, capacity planning, and problem diagnostics/resolution.
  • Responsible for SAN storage maintenance, capacity planning, administration, and performance.
  • Attached AIX, Linux, and Windows platform administrative support to mainframe duties.
  • Converted Token-Ring network to Ethernet.
  • Created cross platform security protocol to secure data and task transmissions.

Senior Systems Specialist



  • Successfully integrated Network Operations of three major acquisitions, doubling domestic capacity.
  • Modernized mainframe infrastructure equipment, reducing operating costs by $6 Million.
  • Merged VM/XA operations and network into MVS.
  • Setup a Y2k test environment with the ability to test application with both pre-and post-year 2000 dates.
  • Installed, configured, and provided technical support for TCP/IP, NCP, and SNA networks.
  • Responsible for Ethernet and Tokin-Ring LAN networks.
  • Migrated VM/XA applications, hardware, network, and services to MVS.

Systems Specialist



  • Upgrading the MVS operating system to the latest release while eliminating all local user modifications. Improving system availability time to 99.9%.
  • Diagnosed a storage equipment problem by tracking and isolating 90% of all equipment failures to 3 devices. After presenting evidence to my superiors, the collected documentation was presented to the vendor resulting in an internal change to their maintenance procedures.
  • Redesigned performance configuration increasing task through put and significantly improve productivity.

Systems Programmer



  • Developed applications designed to submit, track, and report daily application schedules.
  • Created an Execute Channel Program (EXCP) application to extract JES2 Spool data directly from a storage device using CCWs (Channel Command Words)
  • Planned, developed and managed the company wide conversion to ISPF/PDF.

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