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Senior Development Specialist & Production Support Specialist Resume

Jacksonville, Fl


  • 10+ years of experience in Confidential, Jacksonville, Florida as mainframe development specialist and production support specialist.
  • Expertise in coding using COBOL, JCL, CICS, DB2, SQL, VSAM, IMS, MQ, Cursors, z/VM mainframe platform.
  • Expertise in root cause analysis and bug fixing in mainframe applications.
  • Expertise in practicing ITIL - Change Management, Problem management, Event Management, Incident Management, Application Management etc
  • Expertise in performing complex SQL queries in DB2, Oracle.
  • Expertise in SDLC, Design, Development, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, UAT testing, Production implementation, Post production Support.
  • Proficient in practicing Agile & Waterfall methodology.
  • Have knowledge of JIRA, Confluence.
  • Expertise in creating system designs to facilitate the inter-operability of large-scale business systems.
  • Expertise in designing/coding mainframe Stored Procedures.
  • Well versed with CMMI Quality procedures, SOX compliance, coding standards and testing procedures.
  • Expertise in mainframe CLEAN project - retiring not needed mainframe programs, transactions, files, psbs, plans, and jobs.
  • Worked in Data modelling-Normalization, designing and optimizing the performance using Indexes and other tuning techniques. Fine-tuning SQL queries to improve transactions performance.
  • Expertise in translating business requirements into design specifications and code using mainframe skills.
  • Expertise in accurately understanding the scope and complexity of the proposed enhancements and be able to communicate clearly to the stakeholders.
  • Expertise in working with Job Scheduler like CA-7.
  • Expertise in using ENDEVOR and CHANGEMAN version control tools.
  • Expertise in generating reports and scheduling emails thru JCLs.
  • Expertise in insurance and transportation domain.
  • Expertise in documenting test cases, expected test results, test data requirements, and collaborating with testing teams and business partners to resolve testing problems.
  • Heavily experienced in collaborating with high-performing teams and individuals to accomplish common goals.
  • Flexible, enthusiastic having strong analytical skills and project oriented team player with excellent communication skills with leadership abilities to develop creative solution for challenging requirement of client.
  • Willing to relocate: Anywhere
  • Authorized to work in the US for any employer on H1b with approved I140.


Senior Development Specialist & production support specialist

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL 

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Subject Matter Expert of mainframe applications like Terminal Yard Management System(TYMS), Yard Enterprise System(YES), HumpYard System, Train Ordering System, Automated Message Switching System(AMS).
  • Working on modernization of mainframe applications like TYMS, Train Ordering and End of Train application.
  • Worked on automation for few projects like automation of train arrivals in any yard etc.
  • Worked on CLEAN project - retiring mainframe programs, jobs, files(sequential, vsam, gdgs), psbs, oncall entries etc.
  • Coded various mainframe stored procedures, CICS and batch programs using Cobol.
  • Doing various root cause analysis for any abend or issue and fixing those bugs. Whenever any batch job abends, or any CICS transactions abend, identifying root cause issue and doing their fixes to permanently get rid of issues.
  • Worked in the application that is processing and archiving the data in DB2.
  • Extensively used MQ, Cursors, DB2, SQL, IMS, VSAM in the project work. Used TOAD and EXPLAIN for analyzing and testing the queries.
  • Knowledge in Loading and Unloading the DB2 table for taking backup.
  • Load and unload the IMSDB using JCL utilities.
  • Used CEDF, CICI and CEMT system tool/tran for testing and debugging the transactions in CICS regions.
  • Creating various reports and sending such scheduled reports/emails thru JCL.
  • Used KSDS-VSAM used for random/dynamic access/read and del/defined them using IDCAM for better performance.
  • Good Technical understanding of query execution, explain plans, join strategies and data access paths.
  • Worked in various Mainframe batch jobs or online transactions abend like: SOC7/ASRA, SOC4, SB37, file handling issues, bind issues, duplicate issues, look back issues, DB2 issues and resolved them within SLA.
  • Providing production support for these maintenance TIER1 applications - TYMS, YES, HUMP, AMS.
  • Running Complex DB2 queries on various occasions to correct business data due to any bug.
  • Designed various DB2 table layouts for the mainframe application.
  • Running volume test and assist UA test.
  • Reviewing/Tuning code changes done by peers.
  • Participating in Disaster Recovery exercises and testing the TIER 1 applications.
  • Doing research work for issues reported by Confidential Business Partners, users. Interact with Vendor Sytems for data integrity and issues.
  • Generating reports as per Business need. The data resides in multiple databases like DB2, IMS. Getting data from various sources and then generating the reports as per need. For example - Generated the Gross Ton Miles report. It is developed to calculate the total gross tons of each separate goods for the total miles in a week. This report is used to monitor the each individual goods travelled in Confidential in a week in for how many number of miles.
  • For the enhancements, doing analysis, sharing the estimate if it’s new requirement. Upon approval, doing coding and unit testing and seeking BP’s approval. Doing integration testing. Promoting to UAT for business testing. Upon Business approval, getting Technical Director Approval and implementing the changes in production. Providing post production support.
  • Doing Analysis and sharing estimates for the mainframe requirement shared by Business Partners.
  • Extensively used utilities like BMCUPROC, IEBGENER, IDCAMS, SORT, ICETOOL, IEFBR14, IKJEFT01.

Environment: - IBM mainframe, Cobol, JCL, DB2, CICS, IMS, Changeman, IBM File Manager, IBM Fault Analyzer, MQMON, TCIS, JMR, ISPF, TSO, Debugger(DTCN), MQs, ASMAAVK1, TOAD, Work Load Managers, Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT, Vizio, Agile Methodology.

Technical Team Lead (offshore)



  • Getting work requests from onsite -
  • Reviewing the issue, breaking down into smaller fragments and assigning to team member with more details and inputs to research. Reviewing their analysis and correcting it if needed and sharing with onsite.
  • Doing analysis, estimating the code changes. Sharing the estimate with onsite.
  • Doing the COBOL mainframe code changes as per requirement. Unit testing it. Doing the integration and UAT testing. Breaking the code requirement if its big project and distributing to team members and getting work done.
  • Used standard date/time routines (PFE075AT etc) in programs instead of complex manual date/time routine coding.
  • Providing mainframe training/application transition to new joinees.
  • Sharing idea to reduce business issues, increasing profit and reducing manual effort in Smart Idea Contest (SIC).
  • Performed complex SQL queries as per requirement/need.
  • Running BMCPROC or other IBM utilities to load/unload DB2 data’s.
  • Used utilities like SORT, IEBGENER, IEFBR14, ICETOOL, IDCAMs.
  • Used cursors in mainframe programming.
  • Wrote new COBOL programs, new JCLs, CICS transactions, stored procedures as per business requirement.
  • Doing performance tuning for existing mainframe programs. Using correct PROCOPT to avoid delay in response.

Environment: - IBM mainframe, Cobol, JCL, DB2, IMS, CICS, Changeman, JMR, Work Load Managers, IBM File-Manager, IBM Fault Analyzer, MQs, Debugger(DTCN), TOAD, TSO, ISPF, Agile methodology, Microsoft Word, Excel, Vizio, PPT.

Software Developer and System Software Developer



  • Worked in Commercial Lines & Personal Lines of Insurance in Confidential project as mainframe Developer.
  • Getting work request in form of RMPOs/RCAs in Lotus Notes from onsite and delivering/completing them within SLA.
  • Wrote various mainframe cobol programs, stored procedures.
  • Designed CICS screens in Commercial Lines of Insurance for users/BPs to use.
  • Providing production support for nightly production batch and integration batch job cycles.
  • Participating in team meetings with Clients. Noting MOM and sharing with clients.
  • Submitting timesheets for the hours spent on tasks/projects.
  • Attended ITIL classes and certified for the basic ITIL course.
  • Performing DB2 queries to generate reports as per user requirement.

Environment: IBM Mainframe, TSO, ISPF, Endevor, IBM File Manager, IBM Fault Analyzer, Debugger(DTCN), Lotus Notes, Service Now, Agile Methodology, TOAD, SPUFI, QMF, Microsoft word, Excel, Vizio, PPT.

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