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Senior Programmer Analyst Resume



To go into knowledge driven career involving creative and analytical thinking where, I would have an opportunity to apply my skills that is acquired through my and work experience.


  • 12+ Years of extensive experience on IBM mainframe as developer/tester on Insurance domains and annuities.
  • Have worked on many enhancements involving the design of technical docs, walk through etc.
  • Have also been involved in the system testing and in the implementation and checkouts of new products.
  • Have good knowledge of admin engine in insurance like wmA, Vanatage and also of DSS (Commissions)
  • Have worked on many value add which helped the cost optimization.
  • Have also worked on the mainframe LPAR migration.
  • Strong Communication skills of written, oral, interpersonal and presentation.
  • Have good work experience in IBM Mainframe, especially on COBOL, JCL, TWS, DB2, REXX, VCS - VSAM, EZYTRIVE.
  • Have been involved in the Production support activities on mainframe involving the nightly batch support, meeting online SLA’s.
  • LOMA-280 Certified.
  • Good analytical & communication skills and ability to work independently.
  • Excellent Team player with the ability to communicate effectively at all levels of the development process.
  • Good working experience in Coordinating and Supporting the Development, Testing and Deployment of Project in Off-Shore/On-Site model.
  • Good hands on experience and knowledge on COBOL-DB2 batch programming using JCL and PROC.
  • Implemented business logic with advanced level programming using COBOL in development and major enhancement projects.


Programming Languages: COBOL,JCL, REXX, CICS,JCL, ISPF edit Macros, EZYTRIVE.

Database: DB2, VSAM, SQL, IDMS DB, DB2 Utilities.

Tools: TSO/E, File-Aïd, Xpeditor,ISPF and MVS, SPUFI, TWS,ZEKE,File manager, CA7, MFE, MQ, PLATINUM.


Scheduling: CA7, TWS, ZEKE

Methodologies: Waterfall Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Configuration Management Tools: ENDEVOR, WORKBENCH, SCLM.


Confidential, MO

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Working on problem tickets raised by the branches.
  • Worked on the value add for the automated deletion of the error MQ’s which are older than a specified period of time.
  • Worked on the migration of the DOC1GEN from mainframe to LINUX server and also on the up gradation of DOC1 version 4 to DOC1 version 5.
  • Worked on resolving the issues in the CA7 scheduling for the admin fee alignments jobs, on which downstream were dependent.
  • Also worked on the daily RMD extract job issues with the annually update RMD update jobs.
  • Worked on regulatory effort which involves capturing the portfolios printed by the financial advisors and then analysing the account related to it based on the criteria set by business.
  • Interacted and reviewed the design documents with SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) of Application, other Interfacing applications and Business teams.
  • Interacted with Database Administrators for scenarios of DB2 tables creations.
  • Estimated the effort for the projects.
  • Developed/Enhanced (Code and Unit Test) the system as per the designs.
  • Ensured the Unit Test Plan and Scripts are prepared for all the projects.
  • Resolved the issues with analysis or using Expeditor (Debugging tool).
  • Worked with test team to develop system integration test scripts, test plan, test cases and ensure the testing results correspond to the business expectations.
  • Ensured the Integration testing and functional testing are performed for the application.
  • Ensured the Integration and Functional testing defects are tracked in Quality Center and are fixed and closed appropriately before the Production / UAT (as applicable).
  • Migration of IDMS database to DB2 version.

Environment: /Technologies: COBOL, DB2, JCL, IDMS, SPUFI, PLATINUM CA7, MKS, WORKBENCH, MQ’s.

Confidential, NJ

Senior Mainframe Developer


  • Working on defects reported in production as well as Test environments
  • Running Test Cycle on different QA regions which is for the testing of the defects as well as the for new annuity products.
  • Was also responsible for the production support activities which involved solving any abends in the nightly batch cycles and also supporting for the issues faced by the business users during the daytime.
  • Worked on migration of the mainframe LPAR. This was initiative taken to in source it’s wmA application to in-house mainframe. This work involved in migration of database, code and then running test cycle in new LPAR to ensure that all functions are same as in the old LPAR.
  • Adhoc request which involves in working on compliant cases, legal issues and resolving the issues within committed time lines. This involves analysis of the corrupted policies with the BA’s and then analyzing its data from in the past and getting that corrected.
  • Also worked on annual scan such as FINRA which are annual reports for the all the policies in the admin and is required by FINRA organization.
  • Played a crucial role in meeting the online availability SLA during the critical cycle such as the year end.
  • Worked on automating the test cycle through the CA7 scheduler. This involved in creating the JCL, preparing the Job flow and the auto triggering of the jobs.
  • Running the Simulation Quarterly cycles.

Environment: /Technologies: COBOL, DB2, JCL, MFE, EZTRIEVE, SPUFI,ZEKE,CA7.

Confidential, Hartford, CT

Mainframe Developer


  • I was the on call person for the nightly batch cycle support, which involves taking care of the abends and also meeting the online SLA.
  • Also worked on the scan requirement from our onsite business user. This involved in writing new code to fetch the data from the database as per the required conditions.
  • Also worked in creating some automated tools using REXX, some of which were automated cycle run, tape file deletions.
  • Also worked on fine tuning some to the long running jobs which improved the runtime and hence improved the batch completion times.
  • Also worked in analyzing the access methods of the VSAM file in the COBOL module and hence finding out a way to improve the system performance.
  • Full ownership of all the reporting program design for the new modules which were required for the new extract creation. These were extracts were input the downstream cycles.
  • I was also responsible for end to end ownership of ST, acceptance test by the QA teams and also its final implementation in production.
  • Also worked of SSR and SPR’s for fixing the production. These were some minor changes in the JCL and sometime design level requested by the business. Tested these changes and then finally implemented in production.
  • Worked on value add’s such deletion of the huge unused files, fine tuning the long running jobs.
  • Was also responsible for the weekly and daily task which involved in getting the commission paid for the agents which were erroed in the batch cycles.
  • Was also responsible for taking care of the abends in batch as well as the test cycles.
  • Running Test Cycle on different QA regions which are for the testing of the production release.
  • Unit testing the defects prior to delivering it to the QA region.

Environment: /Technologies: COBOL, DB2, JCL, REXX, ASSEMBLER, fileaid, TWS, Xpeditor, EZTRIEVE.

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