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Programmer Analyst Resume

Dallas, PA

Career Summary:

Fifteen plus years of diversified experience in the Information Technology field, with a focus in the Financial and Insurance industries. Significant experience in complex software development environments, involving single and multiple platforms.(Mainframe/UNIX/LAN) Strong knowledge of the full life-cycle of software development, support and maintenance, in the mainframe COBOL, DB2 environment. Current experience with A/S400 iSeries using RPG IV in an interactive/batch environment.

Technical Skills:


11/2008 - 02/2009 Confidential Rochester, NY

  • Office admin/mail room - Sorting and distributing incoming mail. Preparing outgoing mail using sorter/inserter and postage machines
  • Assist print shop personnel in completing customer requests for printed material

09/2007 - 09/2008 Confidential, Rochester, NY

  • Programmer/Analyst - My principal duties include maintenance and enhancements to the Infinium General Ledger and Fixed Assets systems. My duties also included a Project Management system that was not an Infinium product.
  • Devoted a great deal of time and effort in learning the RPG IV language, CL language, and the A/S400 system utilities as well as a SME for the business systems I was responsible for

05/2006 - 09/2007 Confidential Dallas, PA

  • Programmer/Analyst - My principal duties include maintenance and enhancements to the HR/Payroll and Mainframe Financial systems. The HR/Payroll system was a batch VSAM report generator providing download files to the user’s Local Area Network.
  • Other duties are to provide minor enhancements to the Customer Service system.The enhancements completed involved modifying CICS COBOL modules and batch DB2 COBOL modules.

08/2005 - 03/2006 Confidential Dallas, TX
Software Engineer Consultant, for Confidential a medicare services Processor:

  • Assisted in the installation of a new version of HIGLAS Medicare Part-A Claims processing financial application.
  • Member of a team that installed a new version of the JCL and JCL PROCs in order to standardize processing of all Medicare Part-A data.
  • Handled normal user requested maintenance and enhancements to the current system.
  • On-call production support team member.

10/2004 - 07/2005 Confidential, Dallas, TX
Software Engineer Consultant, for a major credit card company (Confidential) - Addison TX.

  • Worked on the project to integrate two credit processing systems into one unified global system:
  • Performed research and detailed functional analysis of current processes of the credit card production systems.
  • Prepared detailed program specifications and unit test-plans. Then participated in the team walk-thrus of said programs.
  • Using the approved program specifications, coded a COBOLII program to create a data extract file used in credit card production and reporting. Separate submodules (COBOLII) were written to access DB2 tables and VSAM files.
  • Create test files using VSAM utilities (IDCAMS) and EASYTRIEVE as input to the data extract program.
  • Verified unit test and system integration test results using SPUFI, FileAid, and EASYTRIEVE.2
  • Assisted in the migration of project elements (programs, copybooks, PROCS, etc) in the ENDEAVOR environment

02/2001 - 04/2004 Confidential, Jersey City, NJ
Software Engineer: Designed, developed and implemented new software systems as per client requests.

  • Member of a team that developed two new DB2/COBOLII database systems;
  • The Auto Insurance Claims Histories database(CLAIMSEARCH) and the Verification of Insurance Coverage(COVERAGE VERIFIER) database for types and dates of auto and homeowner insurance policies.
  • Working from written specifications, developed edit and conversion programs for client data.
  • Developed program specifications to back-out invalid client data from database.
  • Participated in team program code reviews.
  • Built test data for unit testing.
  • Wrote JCL procedures to process client data.
  • Maintained and supported the Claim Search database.
  • Analyzed problems in terms of application and programming requirements.
  • Made modifications to the programs to ensure that the program met specifications and conformed to the overall system.
  • Identified and designed, through research and evaluation of alternatives, and prepared detailed specifications for a procedure to increase efficiency of DB2 tables using the most cost effective solution.

01/1998 - 10/2000 Confidential, Denver, CO
Analyst/Programmer: Development, maintenance and support of new and existing systems.

  • The Mincom system is a database system written in COBOL and COBOLII. Mincom designed and built the system on UNIX/Oracle machines.
  • Worked on MIMS Financial and H/R Payroll, with both the UNIX and IBM mainframe client-base. Analyzed user requirements and created custom reports and interface files using COBOL II and Mincom proprietary programming languages for multiple clients across UNIX/ORACLE and IBM Mainframe platforms.
  • Installed and modified Mincom proprietary language programs, at various client sites, to support general ledger and inventory control applications.

07/1997 - 01/1998 Confidential, Littleton, CO
Consultant - Programmer/analyst: for a major Life Insurance client.

  • Designed coded and tested new policyholder reports for a major Insurance company in Denver, Colorado.
  • Provided support of existing systems during the implementation of new systems.

02/1994 - 07/1997 Confidential, Denver, CO
Programmer/Analyst: Development, maintenance and support of new and existing financial client investment systems and procedures.

  • Developed, designed and implemented new procedures for the New Fund Setup system, in order to reduce manual intervention.
  • Identified needs and modified the existing Fund Merge system in order to reduce run-time significantly.
  • Enhanced the Funds Merge reports (pre merge and post merge) to improve balancing procedures and identify problem accounts.

10/1991 - 02/1994 Confidential, Denver, CO
Programmer/Analyst: Development, maintenance and support of new and existing systems.

  • Developed new reporting system as per specifications of the marketing group using COBOL and EASYTRIEVE to track sales and inventory of new items.
  • Maintained existing systems, with user input, to improve overall running and efficiency of systems.
  • Developed new system to print new member ID cards (with photo and bar-coded member number) from data and image transition by each warehouse at member application time.

05/1989 - 09/1991 Confidential, Maryknoll, NY
Programmer/Analyst: Development, maintenance and support of new and existing systems.

  • As a member of a team that developed a CICS/VSAM online student enrollment tracking system I created several screens, coded and tested several Command-Level COBOL programs, and assisted in the installation of the system.
  • Responsible for the maintenance of the mailing systems which selected, formatted, sorted, and printed material for fund solicitations. I installed and tested the updates to the mailing systems.
  • As the technical member of a group that participated in selection and installation of an on-line address verification system (FINALIST from LPC, Inc.)


Completed extensive coursework towards a degree in Computer Science.