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Mainframe Technical Resume

Falls Church, VA


A proven Mainframe technical leader with more than 26 years of IT Mainframe Business experience utilizing Cobol, CICS, 4th Generation languages, Relational databases and VSAM. Strong on cross platform data sharing using FTP, XML, MQSeries and other file sharing tools. Experience over a wide spectrum of assignments including Application design through implementation; Data Modeling; Development Infrastructure Management and Technical Project Leader. Strong on Direct Marketing Strategies, Health Care, Distribution, Supply Chain, Accounts Receivable & Payable, Financial Instruments and Retirement and Benefits Administration. Also strong on Business concepts, practices and procedures; International business (Languages, Currencies, Import/Export requirements and Taxation).
Notable achievement: IT Consultant at Confidential, New York for over 13 years.



COBOL II,COBOL REPORT WRITER,IDEAL,RPG2,MANTIS,CA-DATAQUERY,CA-DATAREPORTER, Easytrieve, ASP, VBScript, HTML, XML. Over 26 years continuous Ideal/Cobol/Datacom experience.






IBM MULTIPRISE 3000 7060/H50, IBM 3033, 4300, OS/MVS, z/OS, DOS, VSE/ESA, VSE/VS, VM/ESA, VM/MVSM OS390.


Manufacturing, Health Care, Financial, Distribution, Insurance, Auction, Retirement & Benefit Administration andSupply Chain.


Cobol Software Engineer - Confidential, Falls Church, VA 07/11 to pres.

TAPDB-G – Cobol/Datacom (Secret clearance, Security 301+ certification)

Cobol Software engineer responsible for engineering, developing and maintaining a Cobol Personnel System for the Army National Guard. I developed testing aids for the team, using FileAid cross referencing to format over 80 incoming SIDPERS transaction types as well as outgoing DoD daily and monthly Master file extracts.

Consultant – Confidential, Arlington, VA 08/09 to 03/11Retirement & Savings Benefits – Ideal/Datacom; Cobol/Datacom; CICS/Datacom

  • Cash Refund (new benefit option):Designed, coded and implemented on-line Payment screens and amended all Option forms to show new Benefit Option.
  • Accelerated Billing (Employer contribution):Designed, coded and implemented – 1st 8 months Billing cycle accelerated at user determined rate, 4 months (in moratorium period) billed at zero rate.
  • Exception Processing:Implemented system wide enhancements to track Participants on multiple rather than a single exception. Change included system wide tuning and separate reporting.
  • Bank Reconciliation:

Designed, coded and implemented this system. The system processes all deposits, establishing correct Account number designation, amount allocation, Sub Group assignment and totals – compares against outgoing transaction files and reports on exceptions.

  • Production Support:Provided on call support.
  • Ideal/Datacom Support:Provided guidance and training to Consultants in Ideal and Datacom.
Owner - Confidential, Dayton, NJ 10/08 to 07/09

Consultant – Confidential, Dallas, TX 08/07 to 10/08

Web-based Order Entry – Ideal/Datacom; Cobol/Datacom; CICS/Datacom; MQSeries
  • XML Parser:

Coded and implemented an XML parser to limit MQSeries get messages to 32k segments (Ideal language limitation) to accommodate up to 800 order lines.

  • Order Entry– Coded and implemented the following modules invoked via XML MQSeries messages:
      • Order Create; Payment; Credit Analysis; Goods in Transit; Credit Card Refunds.

Consultant – Confidential, Cincinnati, OH 04/06 to 06/07

Insurance – Cobol/Datacom (SQL option); CICS/Datacom; Easytrieve, IMS
  • Database Conversion:

Converted all batch reports from an IMS Database to Datacom.

  • Combined Client Name and Address:

Implemented a combined Client Name and Address procedure that retrieves all roles related to a Policy and, assigns an Address of preference to each role.

  • Guidance and Training:

Provided Datacom/DB guidance and training to all IMS staff.

Consultant – Confidential, Skokie, IL 05/05 to 12/05

Supply Chain – Cobol/CICS/Datacom. Warehouse Lift Operations:

Designed, coded and tested. The system allows Lift Operators to perform the following using a scanning device or keyboard entry:

      • Putaways, Letdowns, Inventory transfers, Bulk Picks, Slot lookups for License plate and Product information.
Consultant - Confidential, New Jersey – 02/04 to 04/05

Financial Systems– Cobol/Datacom, Ideal/Datacom, Easytrieve/Datacom

Contract Pricing:

Re-wrote their Contract pricing system to allow for multiple pricing structures.

  • Enhancements:

Debugged and made numerous enhancements to existing systems.

Consultant, Lead Developer - Confidential, Chicago, Il 12/03 to 02/04

Promotional Allowance– Cobol/Datacom, Ideal/Datacom, CICS/Datacom.

Lead Developer, responsible for 9 developers.

  • Promotional Allowance/Rebates:

The system tracks Purchases from Vendors and calculates rebates acquired based on sale contracts negotiated by the Marketing Department.

Consultant - Confidential, New York 06/89 to 09/03

Confidential Total Auction Reporting System -Ideal/Datacom, Cobol/Datacom

  • Class Action:

Led the design and development of a system for a Class Action suit. The system retrieved and reconciled Confidential worldwide business transactions (9 years) and, generated reports for the US Justice Department. It also generated a tape of settlement payment data for an outside vendor to process.

  • Direct Marketing (DMS):

Led the design and development of a Direct Marketing System to promote Sales at worldwide locations. Developed an automated tool that generated Ideal/Datacom code, based on selections made on a free-form entry screen, by the Marketing department. Geographic, Demographic and Historical selections could be made and Client response tracked. System credited with boosting attendance and sales at worldwide sale locations.I have since developed a web-based version using VBScript, ASP, SQL and XML – Demo on request.

  • Data Conversion & Cleansing:

Provided extracts to Sothebys.com team:

  • Client and Property data - Datacom to Oracle.
  • Client and Property data - Datacom to Siebel.
  • STARS – Confidential Total Auction Reporting System:

A multinational Auction system (New York, London, Amsterdam, Milan, Paris, Monaco, Geneva, Zurich, Munich and Hong Kong) managing property, from receipt to sale, transfers within worldwide locations and, Billing and Inventory. The system accommodates 7 languages, multiple currencies, foreign tax codes and import/export documentation requirements. Participated in all phases of project development and I was solely responsible for system implementation in Europe and Asia.

  • Consignor Payable:

Led the design and development of this system. The system maintains accrued charges for consigned property; payments for sold property and calculates outstanding balances. An interface with the Accounts Receivable system tracks and reconciles purchasing with consigning activity (Auction clients can be both Buyers and Sellers, therefore could be both Receivable and Payable).

  • Catalogue Subscriptions:

Led the design and development of this system. The system generates catalog fulfillment based on categories subscribed and upcoming sales events. The system handles Billing and Catalog promotions.

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