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Senior Software Analyst Resume

Cincinnati, OH

Summary: Over the past 15+ years, I have established a proven Senior Software Analyst record of accomplishment for streamlining processes, developing and migrating efficient application systems resulting with minimal maintenance costs. In addition, I have acquired a richly varied IT experience and have consistently exceeded company objectives, which contributed to double-digit gain in revenues and profits.

Professional Experience

Confidential 2011 - Present
Cincinnati, OH

Designed new COBOL/VSAM solutions for Confidential rate Management System (RMS)

  • Implemented calculation in the Rate Management System (RMS) for Small Business Debit Rewards and ThankYou points for AAadvantage and CitigGold accounts based on a similar program currently offered only to individual non-business consumer accounts.
  • Designed and developed and implemented new State Level Pricing (SLP) structure into RMS
  • Improved overall RMS system performance by 25% by STROBING 12 main COBOL modules and deleting obsolete data in our master vsam files.
  • Maintain and support RMS in 5 test environments and production

Environments: COBOL, VSAM, Tablebase, DB2, Informan, Changeman, IBM Rational Developer (Rdz) , Rexx, DB2 tools, and HP Quality Center,

Confidential 2011 - 2011
Denver, CO

Designed new COBOL/DB2 solutions for First Data to migrate remaining Assembler functionalities within the Electronic Federal Payment System (EFTPS) designed for the IRS.

  • Re-architected, coded, and migrated to COBOL two Assembler Wait and Dynamic Allocation functions that are deeply integrated into CA7 and the Electronic Federal Payment System (EFTPS) that performs billion dollar payments daily to the Federal Reserve, Treasury and IRS.
  • Implemented new Tax Type changes to EFTPS system to process new Branded Drug Prescription and Indoor Tanning subcategory tax payments to Internal Revenue Service.
  • Advised on the maintainability benefits and risks of other Assembler modules within the IRS tax payment system (EFTPS). Provided recommendations on reusability and performance benefits of some Assembler and COBOL modules with critical tax business logics as a service for the mid-range systems.

Environments: COBOL, Assembler, DB2, CICS, Endevor, Rexx, CA7, Platinum MQ, DB2 tools, Clarity

Confidential, 2009 - 2010
Woodland Hills, CA

Assisted with new product implementations while serving as a consultant and liaison for WGS technical and operational Checkwrite and GNA Accounting teams. Created vision documents and analyzed new business opportunities by determining the cost and benefit of product offerings which includes a white paper to move COA system toward 24x7 availability and made my recommendations based on this Advisory role.

  • Architected, designed, developed and implemented new Cobol, M204, DB2 SQL modules for the WGS Online Accounting system (Charged Overpaid Account) to modify claim statistics once claim payment has been rejected or re-issued.
  • Coded various Subledger M204 reports on out-of-balance transactions against GNA Account Receivable and Accounts Payable files
  • Designed an Assembler windowing schemes to continue to use data fields to hold more possible values without expanding the field saving exorbitant cost of field expansion or re-engineering of dozens of applications.

Environments: COBOL, M204, DB2, REXX, IMS, VSAM, Control-M, JCL, z/OS, TSO/ISPF, Changeman, QMF, Remedy

Confidential 2002 - 2009
Oldsmar, FL

Advised, architected, designed and implemented new applications for the national business unit. Created and deployed feedback mechanisms for end users. Analyzed results, made recommendations for support process improvement, and implement changes. Fielded incoming problem tickets from end users to resolve application and software issues within servers, databases. Prioritized, scheduled, and administered all instances where enhancements and defect resolution are required. Assisted system programmers in enterprise testing of new mainframe fixes and upgraded software, including systems and application configuration. Communicated application problems and issues to key stakeholders, including management, development teams, business analysts, end users, and unit leaders

  • Reduced Delivery windows of Fast Affiliates ratings by 3 hours by increasing the performance of our National calculation Engine mainframe application through clever tweaks to M204 database loads and extracts, optimization of COBOL, PL/1 and Assembler applications, SQL optimization, Syncsort, FileAid, JCL, CA7, Strobe utilities, and VSAM indexes, work load balancing adjustments which increased satisfaction levels for our Network and Cable TV clients and reduced late delivery penalty fees for Confidential
  • Designed, and implemented new methods of collecting and processing high-volume Time-shifting TV viewing with the rapid adoption of DVRs (using PL/1, Assembler, C, DB2). This value added information allowed Confidential to process Triple the amount of Live data and deliver Live, Live/Same Day, and Live plus 7-day TV ratings which further propelled Confidential earnings in double digits
  • Developed and implemented the Elemental Database application (ELDB), a mainframe-based (PL/1, Assembler, COBOL, DB2, M204) application that collects Sample TV Household and person characteristics used as input by the very efficient National Calculation Engine (NCE) to produce TV ratings which contributed to the company's growth within our Cable TV client base
  • Designed DB2 conversion of older M204 mainframe TV season Calendar subsystem to a modern DB2-based Calendar application accessed through DB2Connect via .NET front ends
  • Contributed to the re-platform of the Local TV ratings VIP system by converting dozens of complex and mission-critical Assembler routines to Cobol/PL/1 to ease migration to a Java solution
  • Responsible for designing business solutions from concept to production by working with business partners, clients, developers, and end users to define requirements, translate them to viable designs, and see it through to implementation working through the entire software development lifecycle (SDLC)
  • Provide advanced training and mentoring to new and existing Tata Consulting outsourcing team members in applications of new hardware and best practices to achieve timely implementation of Nielsen software releases

Environments: COBOL, Assembler, PL/1, C, REXX, , VSAM, CA7, JCL, z/OS, z/VM, UNIX, TSO/ISPF, Panvalet, DB2, M204, QMF, SPUFI, DB2 Connect

Application Technical Specialist, Confidential 1998 - 2002
Oldsmar, FL

Recorded, tracked, and documented the problem-solving process, including all successful and unsuccessful decisions made, and actions taken, through to final resolution. Evaluated documented resolutions and analyze trends for ways to prevent repeated future problems. Tested fixes and perform post-resolution follow-ups to ensure problems have been adequately resolved. Maintained and enhanced performance of all new and existing software and applications across the organization

  • Designed and developed efficient mainframe-based National TV ratings Calculation Engine (NCE) that computes quarter and half hour TV projections/ratings that are loaded to a Sybase data warehouse tightly coupled with Java based reporting systems. The entire process integrates client/server and mainframe technologies (COBOL, PL/1, C, Assembler, SAS, JCL, REXX, VSAM, SQL, DB2, M204, Sybase, Java, ESB, Websphere MQ ) for a zero-downtime solution
  • Developed a set of Assembler linkage interfaces for BATCH204 that allows BATCH204 to be invoked in from PL/1 or COBOL even as a batch region is created in the background. These sets of API are still used as a more efficient alternative to Computer Corporation's IFAM High level languages interfaces for the M204 database
  • Developed many online and batch REXX tools to reduce repetitive tasks developers and QA testers perform and made those tools available to the mainframe enterprise. The tools make calls to CA-JCLCHECK and HSM, and other z/OS subsystem to facilitate JCL checking and retrieval of migrated datasets and quick deletion of existing files to avoid duplicate file errors occurring during job execution
  • Provided Subject Matter Expertise during new product design, development, and implementation
  • Served as Last level Application Support SME in time of crisis to Production Analysts and Senior Management. Responsible on a 24x7 'On Call' basis for resolution of all National Calculation Engine's issues as they arise

Environments: COBOL, Assembler, PL/1, REXX, , VSAM, CA7, JCL, z/OS, z/VM, UNIX, TSO/ISPF, Panvalet, DB2, QMF, SPUFI, DB2 Connect, M204, SYBASE, CICS, FileAid, NDM, TCP/IP, Smartest, Abend-Aid, STROBE, SYNCSORT, Java, C/C++, SOA, WebSphereMQ, IBM ESB, Tibco, SDLC Methodologies, MS Office, MS Sharepoint, and MS Project Plan.

Application Programmer/Analyst, Confidential 1990 -1998
University Application Processing Center Brooklyn, NY

  • Responsible for the (PL/1, Assembler, COBOL, XEROX PDL/ PDF) design, development, and maintenance of the DB2-based Student Admission and Record Keeping (SARK) system for the Board of Education\'s 280+ high schools.
  • Developed APF-authorized Interfaces and REXX Function packages that facilitate the integration and communication of various SARK Application components written in different programming languages (Assembler, COBOL, PL/1, REXX, C) while minimizing overhead of the language environment creation. These interfaces are used to develop, maintain, and integrate (BSAM, BPAM, VSAM, and VTAM) legacy applications High Transcript, Grade Reporting, attendance, and other statistical Applications to then new DB2 database for over 280 high schools of NYC department of education.
  • Responsible for development and integration of components (such as PETS, FAPINQ,) used by 23 CUNY colleges to maintain data on college students Federal PELL grants, Direct Loans, and Tuition Assistance. Included the use of REXX, COBOL, PL/1, TSO/ISPF, XEROX PDL/ PDF, Assembler, and DB2 dbms

Environments: Assembler, PL/1, COBOL, REXX, XEROX PDL/PDF/DJDE, VSAM, VTAM, JCL, MVS, SAR, TSO/ISPF, Panvalet, DB2, QMF, SPUFI, C/C++, FileAid, SYNCSORT, NDM


B.S. Computer Information Science.

Languages: Fluent in English, French, French Creole (of New Caledonia, Reunion, Mayotte, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Mauritius, and Seychelles), and very little Spanish

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