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Mainframe Ogrammer/analyst Resume



  • Strong Career Experience on Mainframe Programming using (DOS/VS, MVS/OS390, TSO/ISPF, COBOL II, CICS, VSAM File aid, Start tool, DB2/SQL, JCL/PROCS., NATURAL/ADABAS, Panvalet, Roscoe, strong experience in Mainframe environment.
  • Performed fine tuning for various batch processes that utilized an overabundance of run time, CPU and system resources.
  • Created job flow diagrams and conducted code walkthroughs.
  • Scheduled and monitored all batch production jobs for new and enhanced applications.
  • Provided production support coverage on a rotation basis for all pertinent applications.
  • Provided mentoring and coaching to less experienced team members.
  • Participation on the Application's analysis dealing with Analysts, programmers and end - users.
  • To improve process providing more efficient use of resources and better support customers, that create value for customers, while removing unnecessary work.
  • To focus strategic matters on essential aspect of the business, which is to administrative taxe's issues regarding the type of merchandise of the customers and different types of penalties.
  • To work very close with the application's programmers and end-user on Arbitrios applications meetings.
  • To give support to the end-users and Application programmers on redesign of core business processes.
  • To conduct several interviews with people working along the processes. During the interview, they gather information about process structure, as well as process performance data.
  • To discussed possible process improvements during end-user's meeting.
  • Create solutions and waste of time to complete projects on time.
  • Use of SC - (Service Center-to manage daily problems (Incidents), related to End-users at Active's applications, GP - (Project Management Software), this Software is used for the Project's administration, I been involved very deep on this Software on all its areas, requirements (Correctives, Evolutives, Normatives) also in meeting of End-Users, Technical Staff, Budget staff and me, Test and clarify any requirement to (Expand/Reduce) the reach of the Project.
  • To work on the documentation of the right needs and Production Support’s manuals and process.
  • An experienced IT Project leader with strong programming and project management background.
  • Skilled in decision-making, including the organization and analysis of Information.
  • Experience in managing and directing major IT Projects, in a wide variety of environments.
  • Work with client and team leads to identify and define the objectives of the project.
  • Generate Project plan, team and client interactions.
  • Supports the development team by facilitating communication between the Client and Team Lead.
  • Tenacious interpersonal skills.
  • Extensive project management experience.


Confidential, PR

Mainframe Programmer/Analyst


  • Designed, coded, tested, implemented and maintained enhancements to JCL, PROCS, DB2/SQL and Batch COBOL-II programs using DB2 for applications in equities options, fixed incomemutual funds risk margin, book keeping confirms and tax lot financial applications in an MVS/XA, Z/OS environment. .
  • Performed fine tuning for various batch processes that utilized an overabundance of run time, CPU and system resources
  • Created job flow diagrams and conducted code walkthroughs.
  • Scheduled and monitored all batch production jobs for new and enhanced applications.
  • Provided production support coverage on a rotation basis for all pertinent applications.
  • Coordinate activities between end-users, programmers as electronic data processing information systems, systems analysis, and computer programming, on Loans (Personals, Commercials), Warranties, Insurance, line of credit's applications.
  • Assign, review and follow-up with the developing team and stay abreast of the latest Task GP (Pettion's Management) to ensure the Project or Petition do not lack behind.
  • Develop requirements, schedule's projects from development through implementation, working with internal and external clients, consultants, and computer specialists.
  • Design and develop programs using (COBOL, SQL, DB2, VSAM) to ensure clarity of business and functional specifications of the project.
  • To set up Conference's Calls between end-users and programmers teams to define GP objectives.
  • To make programs (Cobol, SQL), to satisfy daily Report's needs for the FDIC or Managers's end of the month's needs.
  • Generate SPUFIS/SQL/Jcl to daily's operations problems.
  • On call 7*24 for batch process support.
  • Prepare week-end's Projects follow-up for status checking and any objective’s changes.
  • Provide production support for all activities associated with the Applications. Nighttime support 7*24.
  • Prepares system test plans along with involvement in user acceptance testing and prepares implementation plan. Works closely with Quality Assurance staff to support QA test phase for User-Acceptance, develops internal systems documentation and end-user documentation as needed.
  • Outlines and recommends modifications necessary to processing activities, and interacts with programming staff throughout the project to ensure it meets user requirements.
  • Consults with business and users to identify needs/problems; determines functional requirements; prepares definition of problems/solutions filling on-line the GP forms.

Environment: Used: Mainframe MVS/OS390, Cobol II, CICS, DB2/SQL, VSAM, ChangeMan, File-aid, JCLS/Procs, TSO/ISPF, Windows 7,8, EXEL, Maicrsoft Word.

Business/Analyst Programmer

Confidential, San Juan, PR


  • Analyze and prepare paper works for end-user's meeting (ARBITRIO's Application).
  • Prepare Organigram of main Menu and PGM's involved on the (Notificcion de Multas) Menu.
  • Developed new inquiries on Arbitrio's applications.
  • Make new developments on the (Notificacion de Multas) option and work very close with System information's Director to check the results.
  • To Analyze SABEN's application and meet with Application Analyst to review the system and to clear some questions.
  • To prepare PGMS which solve problems on SABEN's customer’s overpayments.
  • To prepare PGMs that generated customer's overpayments notification's letters.
  • To assist end-user's meeting for s of new development.
  • PRT (Telephone Company), Guaynabo, PR
  • Participation on NPA project team. Responsible for programming changes, executing, testing needs for project s. Consistently surpassed contract requirements, and delivered ahead of schedule. Achieved test prior to planned dates in all cases.
  • Work with client and end-users to determine the objectives of the project.
  • Identify the deliverables, changes on VSAM files (length size change or filler pic x (xx) change, DB2 tables changes) and ALL PGMS that READ the files and DB2 / tables been impacted.
  • Identify and changed 223 Cobol II PGMS that has been affected by the NPA project’s requirements.
  • Developed schedule for: PGMS changes using TSO/Panvalet Software, Cobol II/Proc. For programs, compilation, File-Aid for files preparation (Date of the data to be prepared for TEST),
  • Prepare schedule for End-users Test .
  • Prepare Cobol II’s Pgms. to create new files length’s changes also used file-aid (TSO/ISPF) to create DATA in the files for testing.
  • Used ChangeMan how Intermediate interface Dialog for PGMS to be passed to Production Environment for .
  • Expedited communication between management and Team Leads personnel.
  • Maintained close personal contact with all associates in the building and Establish relationships with business users, project teams, responsible for planning, Documentation using Lotus Notes and EXEL, developing and executing testing needs of the Project/Business for at the Development and Production Environments.

Environment: Used: Mainframe MVS/OS390, Cobol II, CICS, DB2/SQL, VSAM, Natural 2.2/ADABAS, ChangeMan, File-aid, JCLS/Procs, TSO/ISPF, CA-Panvalet, Windows XP, Lotus Notes, EXEL, Word.

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN

Business/Analyst Project Leader Developer


  • Manage the team, responsible for planning, developing and executing testing needs for Project s.
  • Consistently surpassed contract requirements, and delivered ahead of schedule.
  • Achieved test prior to planned dates in all cases.
  • Worked on the Development team Participated on the Analysis, functional requirements and aprox. 297 CobolII PGMS’s development, Testing and implementation.
  • The Inventory Application does Interface with Customers Credit cards and Banking accounts information for parts and Service’s Contract and payments.
  • Work closely with the business User Manager to ensure clarity of business and functional specifications of the project.
  • Generated the Inventory’s Report’s environment using MVS/XA operating system and JCL/Procs.
  • Executed Cobol II pgms. for Batch Process. JCL’s Syncsort option been used for fastest sort of files that generates information useful for the upper level management to Plan and scope Inventory’s budget.
  • Develop, maintain and monitor coding developed specifications for junior team members and new developers to ensure all team meet quality standards.

Environment: MVS/XA390, Cobol-II, CICS, DB2/SQL, VSAM, SYNCSORT V3R6File-aid, JCLS/Procs, JES2, TSO/ISPF, Windows XP, EXEL, Word.

Confidential, Ft. Lauderdale, FL



  • Assigned to Corporate Cash Management Division.
  • Responsible for development & integration of new or existing applications into the technical infrastructure & existing business processes.
  • Developed and / or maintained the following applications using COBOL/CICS/BMS/VSAM/DB2-SQL. Where applies MQSeries or NDM for data exchange.
  • Lockbox collection service.
  • Stop Payment service.
  • Controlled Disbursement service.
  • Account Position.
  • Check Reconcilement.
  • Float Analysis.


Senior Programmer/Analyst


  • For a major foreign bank, participated in the analysis, design, development and implementation of the investment/portfolio management system.
  • This system takes care of multi-currency portfolio accounting, automated cash management, automated portfolio management, integration with debit/credit ATM cards, automatic periodic disbursements, flexible reporting on-line customer access, fax reporting, secured and non-secured credit lines.
  • This system interfaced with customer accounts and credit card systems for security authorization access. software toolset was utilized to generate the code for the main business process components of the target system.
  • Provided technical for advanced NATURAL/CONSTRUCT concepts and facilities to the project team.
  • Additionally, KnowledgeWare’s IEW case tools for application reengineering. The application development platform used DOS/VSE COBOL, CICS, NATURAL 2.7 and ADABAS for the Administration and Inquiry of the DATA/BASE.

Environment: DOS/VSE, MVS/OS390, COBOL, CICS, VSAM, Endevor, file-aid, BMS, ADABAS/NATURAL 2.7., PC / Softwares (Word, IEW case tool)


Consultant Systems / Programmer


  • Involved in the development and implementation of various modules of the savings bond systems.
  • This system takes care of opening, closing, customer interest, automatic interest payment, tax reporting and maintenance information related to customer accounts including account balance and summarized client activity report.
  • This system interfaces with customer systems, allows growing of accounts for auto-investment, calculates interest and charges applicable to accounts.
  • The technology used Is NATURAL 2.2 / ADABAS running under the DOS/VSE operating system. Been working with this Data/Base software tool.
  • I was a consultant for the Bank working with APS//, involved on the Development of the (Mesa de Dinero) Project at Banco Consolidado.
  • After one year working on this Project the Banco Consolidado’s System’s Information Manager, offered to be a part of his team working on the improvement and new user’s needs for the Mesa de Dinero application.
  • Worked in a team with the Manager of the application on the identification of new customer requirements and debugging of the existed one in the Application.
  • On this Project make my expertise very strong using the Software AG Products(ADABAS / NATURAL 2.1, PREDICT) which were one of the most powerful tools in theTechnology’s market to develop Applications ON/LINE by that time (90’s).


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