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Mainframe Test Analyst Resume

Washington, DC


Over 30 years of experience in: data research and analysis, development and life - cycle maintenance, requirements analysis, and design for government and private sector information systems. Extensive experience in: WebFOCUS and Developer Studio™ v5.3x thru 7.7.6 and Web Maintain (10 years) and FOCUS for Mainframe (27 years) and on IBM z/OS UNIX, VM/CMS and MVS/TSO platforms; PC-FOCUS, VM EXEC2, MVS CLIST and MVS JCL. Additional experience with: JavaScript, Oracle RDBMS, Oracle PL-SQL, Oracle SQL*Plus, Oracle Forms v3.0, Crystal Reports, SQR, MySQL, and Microsoft Office products.


Hardware: IBM and AMDAHL mainframes, IBM compatible PCs

Operating Systems: VM, VM/SP, VM/XA, VM/ESA, z/VM, CP, CMS, MVS/TSO, OS/TSO, MVS/XA, DOS, Windows- Networked PCs (numerous versions), UNIX, Novell LAN

Database Management Systems and Related Products: FOCUS (Mainframe VM/CMS & MVS all versions), PC-FOCUS V1.0-1.5, WebFOCUS v7.7.3-7.7.6; Limited experience with: DB2v10, MySQL, ORACLE, Sybase SQL, Informix SQL Related Programming Languages/Software: Web FOCUS and Developer Studio™, Web MAINTAIN, FOCUS Modify, FOCUS Table; FOCUS Dialog Manager, EXEC, EXEC2, REXX, HTML, CGI, TSO CLIST, MVS & OS JCL, IBM File Manager, IBM ISPF, JavaScript, ORACLE PL-SQL/SQL*Plus, ORACLE Forms 3.0, Informix SQL, Structured Query Reporting (SQR), Crystal Reports, MS Office (EXCEL, Word, etc.).


Confidential, Washington, DC

Mainframe Test Analyst


  • As a member of the Quality Management team; tasked with the analysis, development and execution test: plans, scripts and data as well as generation of automated reports and other documents to substantiate results of testing of changes to both semi-annual and one-off system changes made to NFIP application and support systems, running on IBM OS/TSO Mainframes running: COBOL, IBI FOCUS for Mainframe, OS-JCL, SyncSort™ and other tools.
  • Provided technical support for all WebFOCUS enterprise architecture, data architecture and accessibility;
  • Installed, maintained and upgraded WebFOCUS BI systems and infrastructure supported by OEEAS;
  • Worked with WebFOCUS vendor support and SSA Systems Office personnel to troubleshoot and resolved software and hardware issues and upgrades;
  • Managed licenses, distribution and installation, and configuration of WebFOCUS Developer Studio and other Information Builders Inc. (IBI-WebFOCUS product vendor) products for developers;
  • Advised on use and implementation of best practices related to WebFOCUS systems;
  • Advised on use and implementation of best practices related to WebFOCUS systems;
  • Analyzed legacy FOCUS applications and determines best practices for conversion of legacy FOCUS applications to WebFOCUS or alternate BI solutions;
  • Worked with WebFOCUS Support and Decommissioning Team members to resolve migration issues;
  • Provided guidance and assistance with Decommissioning of FOCUS applications and software;
  • Produced FOCUS to WebFOCUS Decommissioning-related documentation (training manuals, user FAQs, white papers, etc.) for consumption by Decommissioning Team members, developers and end-users;
  • Developed and supported numerous Confidential applications and databases, and provided technical support to Confidential and Confidential analysts and management.
  • Databases developed and maintained under FOCUS for mainframe v7.3. Web applications developed and maintained using mainframe FOCUS and WebFOCUS v5.4, WebFOCUS Web Maintain, HTML, and JavaScript;
  • Principal support analyst for the Confidential for the Future Year’s Development Plan (FYDP) tool since 2007. FYDP supports Confidential analysts in the preparation of the Corps’ 5-year Military Construction budgets.
  • Designed, developed and currently support numerous legacy Confidential reporting and database management interfaces and launch pages using Web MAINTAIN, JavaScript, and mainframe MODIFY, TABLE, Dialog Manager utilities.
  • Responsible for all Confidential FOCUS DBA duties including REBUILD, Password control and batch job management.
  • Provided ongoing support to Confidential and Confidential analysts including data-mining and analysis; complex ad-hoc data reporting, and data modifications to meet tight deadlines.

Confidential, Bethesda, MD

Systems Integrator


  • Tasked with ongoing development and complete re-writes to a number of corporate: accounting, payroll, EEO-related, travel management, benefits, and deferred income tracking systems used on a daily basis by Confidential HQ officers, managers, analysts, accountants, and support personnel.
  • Led a small team of programmers and analysts tasked with the maintenance and execution of the Corporation’s Benefits Enterprise System (BES) legacy application used to track and manage insurance eligibility information for over 150,000 Confidential: employees, retirees and surviving spouses.
  • Led a small team during 1998-99 tasked with remediation of numerous legacy systems (including BES) in an effort to prepare for potential Year 2000 data issues. No data issues or system interruptions occurred within affected systems in January 2000.
  • Assigned to a team tasked with converting the Legacy BES application (see above) to the Confidential Benefits Reporting System (LMBRS), written in the Oracle RDBMS v6.0, running on a UNIX platform with reports written in the Crystal Reports reporting tool;
  • Assigned to a contract supporting the Enterprise Information Systems branch of Confidential Corporation in Bethesda, MD.
  • Became a full-time Lockheed-Martin employee in July of 1998 at the request of Confidential -EIS.

Confidential, Fairfax, VA

Systems Analyst


  • Primary focus was on the conversion of a COBOL application used to manage costs incurred by Confidential in support of Confidential .
  • The application was developed using the ORACLE RDBMS, PL-SQL and supporting software (including the Structured Query Reporting (SQR) language).
  • Performed significant forensic work to identify legacy code and determine business rules; design and normalization of relational databases; development of user interfaces and user reports using SQR. The application ran under the UNIX platform.

Confidential, Washington, DC

Sr. FOCUS Programmer


  • Member of a team supporting the Confidential Back-Office Support System (BOSS); a suite of databases and programs, written in the FOCUS v6.0 DBMS, which support the Confidential division tasked with the daily activity of packaging, marketing and maintaining the market value of Mortgage Backed Securities.
  • Provided considerable assistance in the analysis and redesign of application FOCUS v6.0 databases to reduce I/O costs and speed response time.


Senior Programmer/Analyst


  • Tasked with design, development and support of the Operations Planning (OPLAN) and Shipping Inventory (SHIP) modules.
  • The application enabled MSC planners to develop operation plan scenarios which determined the readiness of merchant fleet availability in the event of military actions in any part of the world.
  • Assisted with the development of SEASTRAT and OPLAN databases, developed FOCUS Modify procedures to transfer legacy COBOL data to FOCUS databases and developed approximately half the user interfaces used to manage data supplies to the SEASTRAT SAIL module. Developed a mathematical modeling application written in FORTRAN 77 used to produce theoretical shipping schedules based on user-entered parameters; SHIP module was developed using the PC-FOCUS v1.5-v2.0, running on a Novell LAN.

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