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Mainframe Specialist Resume

Ft Knox, KY


Broad - based I/T specialist in Systems Management with experience in a multi vendor environment. Specializing in mainframe with batch processing skills in Z/OS, MVS, JCL, JES2, CICS, ISPF, SDSF, VM, RACF, OPC, CA-7, IMS, IDMS, VTAM, DB2, NetView, Omegamon, Lotus Notes, Outlook, ManageNow, Maximo, Impact.


Confidential, Ft Knox, KY

Mainframe Specialist


  • Monitor system consoles in the computer data center and mainframe production management area.
  • Respond to all system failures at time of failure and work with support teams or vendors to minimize downtime.
  • Operate peripheral equipment such as printers, tape drives, Virtual Tape Systems (VTS).
  • The operation of these devices includes device initialization, operation, monitoring, routine cleaning, troubleshooting, and vendor maintenance coordination.
  • Maintain input/output priorities for timely output distribution. Provide host system resource management and coordination and monitor online availability; this includes monitoring parameters for critical systems, Operating System (OS) thresholds, and Central Processing Unit (CPU) /memory usage and error logs.
  • Maintain shift log of notable activities (identify any recurring trends).
  • Manage workload sequencing to prevent jobs from being executed before the successful completion of input tasks and job dependencies are satisfied.
  • Coordinate job definition, submit and monitor jobs through automated scheduling tools and monitor job executions.
  • Manage abnormally terminated and/or suspended jobs and advise of any job restarts, recovery procedures, or restart protocols.
  • Review submissions, coordinate the scheduling of individual jobs through an automated scheduling tool with specified programmers, assist in building the schedule, monitor production schedules, manage the batch and online environments and problem resolution.
  • Stage production run requests according to procedures and program dependencies listed in system documentation, and ensure the security and integrity of production data.
  • Review, analyze and report errors and/or abnormal ends of production runs to determine the cause and how to resolve production run problems.
  • Interact with various directorates and teams to identify, outline and run special requests for processing.
  • Accommodate special cycle considerations to the batch and online environments by modifying job control language (JCL) or system parameters to bypass production problems and complete production runs. Log productions runs, problems, resolutions, and complete trouble reports.
  • Start and stop printer from the mainframe.
  • Load paper for the Nuvera, clear jams, load and dispose of toner, report Confidential meter readings and clear accountability log.

Confidential, Lexington, KY

Print Technician


  • Provides document production and imaging services.
  • Prepare documents for imaging by sorting and batching like documents.
  • Perform all phases of equipment set-up, operation and routine maintenance on HP and Cannon printers.
  • Ensure that production schedules are met.

Confidential, Lexington, KY

I/T Specialist in Systems Management


  • Monitor, control and operate complex computer systems, applications in a multi-vendor environment.
  • Responsible for analyzing first level problems for all systems.
  • Perform complex JCL overrides and restarts.
  • IPL and recovery of systems.
  • Monitor system errors, application errors, and hardware issues.
  • Monitor abend queue and ADHOC batch request mailbox.
  • Monitor daily production and non-production batch cycles.
  • System Administrator, installed new software, upgraded software, replaced hardware.
  • Responsible for training new operators.

Confidential, Lexington, KY

Computer Operator


  • Responsible for monitoring: (10) AS/400, (5)RS/6000, (90)Lotus Notes and PC servers, (4)ACS tape silos and mainframe abend resolution.
  • Add jobs and restart jobs to daily schedule. Responsible for daily backups and weekly backups. for execution and distributing reports.

Tape Librarian



  • Responsible for daily preparation of disaster recovery tapes sent to an off-site company.
  • Maintained a tape library of 90,000 tapes. Implemented and tested software for tracking tapes off-site.
  • Developed and implemented database to keep track of AS/400 tapes going off-site
  • Responsible for maintaining 4 Storagetek ACS silos.

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