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Mainframe Developer Resume



I am an Information Technology professional with over 20 years of experience in the insurance and financial services industries with a unique aptitude for designing, managing, and delivering complex solutions involving technology, application development, and resource utilization. I have well - developed interpersonal, communication, and problem-solving skills with the ability to connect with a wide variety of individuals and styles, working well independently, in a team-oriented setting, and in a supervisory capacity. I am a dedicated, self-motivated achiever who is committed to success and adept at juggling multiple tasks in a high-pressured environment while continuing to develop programming skills by analyzing, designing, coding and testing solutions to customer enhancements and problem reports. I am local to Chicago and available immediately.


Platforms: IBM Mainframe, MVS, XA, Windows, DOS, OS/2, TSO/ISPF

Databases: DB2, IMS DB/DC, VSAM, ACCESS, SQL Server


Software: MS EXCEL, PowerPoint, Word, Project, MICROFOCUS COBOL (IMS/CICS)

Tools: QMF, Spufi, IBM Utilities, Panvalet, Expediter, Intertest, FileAID, ETL, Platinum DB2 Products, Princeton Softech Relational Tools, Computer Associates - DB2 Products, Endevor


Mainframe Developer

Confidential, IL


  • Performed analysis, design, and development for the Scorecard Remediation project.
  • Assigned to a new area to process the converting of legacy VSAM files to a DB2 table structure.
  • Worked on a project to read the new tables and build a duplicate of the VSAM record to use in a compare program to ensure the tables were being built with accurate data.
  • Supported the RTA/MLE process, a real-time claim adjudication and estimate subsystem.
  • Utilized skills in CICS, DB2, MQ Series, JCL, and COBOL, with a heavy emphasis in analysis and design.
  • Collaborated extensively with the DBA area to identify resource constraints and fine tune isolation levels to minimize contention.
  • Provided support for environment setup, installation, testing, and implementation of BCA releases 11.0, 11.1, 11.2, including DB2 table conversions and MLE throughput reporting.
  • Performed analysis, design, development and ongoing support for the major reconstruction of the ITS infrastructure involved with the BCA 10.0 release.
  • Contributed to installing all new components, creating test/cycle environments, identifying bottlenecks, streamlining to allow for concurrent processes, and volume testing.
  • Ensured the verification of all affected ITS processing components.
  • Served as an integral part of team involved in the initial BCA 10.0 release, converting a VSAM format to DB2 - ETL.
  • Handled setting up, data conversion, and loading of new databases as well as performance tuning.
  • Executed development depending a great deal on analysis skills involved in designing and tuning conversion processes to ensure a result that was accurate and efficient in its conversion.
  • Assisted with work on the subsequent 10.1 and 10.2 releases, including the unload, conversion, and reload of 6 billion DB2 table rows in 12 hours to improve overall system performance by a change to the partitioning algorithm.
  • Applied the above database changes to all test and cycle environments (eight platforms).
  • Helped extensively in a separation of test and production platforms by changing JCL streams to a procedure-based system with heavy use of symbolics to facilitate the cross use of procedures between test, cycle, and production environments.
  • Corrected problems in the online screen-based CICS system including changing of maps and programs based on BCA mandated enhancements.
  • Created an automated process, date and calendar system that automatically generated a file of future daily and weekend process dates catering for holiday and leap year factors.
  • Assisted other team members by offering debugging/problem solving skills.
  • Troubleshot problems and devised a solution based on limited or incomplete information.
  • Researched the IBM MQ Series for a new project involving real-time claim adjudication.
  • Attended HIPAA healthcare training seminar.

Software Developer



  • Performed enhancements and support of a transaction network that provided an automated trade routing solution connecting buy-side investors to sell-side mutual fund companies using COBOL II, VSAM, CICS, MQSeries, FTP, NDM, TCPIP sockets, IBM Mainframe, and File Aid.
  • Provided support for a server side subsystem that provided client transaction processing via FTP and Webservices while learning C#, SQL server and Visual Studio.
  • Coordinated design and development of enhancements with offshore programming staff.




  • Provided support for Confidential ’s billing application which included analysis, design, programming specifications, and development for a conversion from mainframe to client/server application.
  • Handled billing enhancements to Confidential International's billing and reservation systems using COBOL II, DB2, ISPF, Endevor, SQL and File Aid.

Project Leader



  • Worked on the policy renewal portion of system conversion from a mainframe batch process to a client server environment.
  • Renewal conversion became the front end process of a wider system that completely replaced existing applications that supported all of Confidential ’s commercial insurance.
  • The real-time conversion eliminated the cost of hiring and training a group of temporary employees to perform data entry of the existing business.
  • Led a team of up to 10 resources, developed programs to interpret information stored on a legacy system and mapped/converted it to a third-party developed workstation application.
  • Performed project management tasks including assigning priorities, negotiating with customers and the vendor, submitting costs for annual budgets, and providing weekly status presentations to the department.
  • Provided all production support and system enhancements.
  • Assisted in development of customer procedures for general system use and problem resolution.
  • Supplied training for customers and new team members while further developing programming skills by coding and testing solutions to reported problems.

IT Environment: COBOLII, DB2, VSAM, CICS, OS2 (DB2/2), IBM Mainframe, IBM Compatible PCs

Programmer Analyst



  • Attended a six-month in-house training class to develop all necessary skills to become an entry-level programmer.
  • Topics covered were COBOL, OS/JCL, IBM utilities, in-house software products, debugging, testing, TSO/SPF, planning, and user interviewing.
  • Promoted to Programmer Analyst and joined a newly formed team responsible for the development of an in-house IMS DB/DC data entry system.
  • The scope included database design, screen design, system flow, program specs, coding, and testing.
  • Elevated to project team leader for development of two sub-systems that required conversion from hard-coded program tables to databases and allowed online update and inquiry capabilities.
  • Served as project/team leader in charge of all system enhancements.
  • Access methods were VSAM, HDAM, and HIDAM.

IT Environment: COBOL, IMS, IBM Mainframe

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