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Software Engineer Resume



  • Mainframe Developer with 18+ years of results - oriented, progressive experience in application development and support to batch and transactional processes hosted on an IBM mainframe, with a core focus in COBOL, DB2, CICS, JCL and VSAM
  • Has extensive knowledge of retail, publishing industry, health and human services, health claims processing. Plays a key role in SDLC including design, development, testing and implementation phases.
  • Professionally adaptable to 'get on board' quickly with new technologies and new assignments, able to work independently or in a group/team setting to meet deadlines while handling multiple assignments.
  • Well versed in trouble-shooting problems in a wide variety of abnormal terminations in a batch and pseudo conversational environment
  • Team player with excellent communication and interpersonal skills


Programming Languages and Technologies Overview: COBOL/COBOL II, CICS, EASYTRIEVE, Micro Focus COBOL, Speedware

Programming Environments & Tools: TSO/ISPF, JCL, SPUFI, FILEAID, QMF, CA7/CA-11, XPEDITOR, INTERTEST, ZEKE, FTP, SYNCSORT, IBM Utilities, IDCAMS, TCP/IP, CHANGEMAN, LIBRARIAN, ENDEVOR, Shadow Studio, MS Office, AMISYS, PuTTY, Code Collaborator, Clarify, Clarity, Remedy, Waterfall

Database Experience: DB2, SQL, IBM/DB2 Utilities. VSAM, IMS/DB, SQL Server, TearaData, WinSCP, Oracle

Operating Systems: z/OS, MVS/XA/ESA, OS/MVS, UNIX, Windows/NT & MS/DOS


Software Engineer

Confidential, PA


  • Provided analysis, design and detail construction for client’s health claims processing systems.
  • Application programming in MF COBOL, Oracle, Shell Script, Speedware under UNIX.
  • Converted Speedware claims reporting application to MF COBOL.
  • Played instrumental role in setting up and maintaining data integrity in the company's testing environments to include Oracle subsystems, AMISYS and WinSCP.
  • Performed unit and system testing using AMISYS - HIPPA compliance software.

Environment: MF COBOL, Oracle, Shell Script, AMISYS, Speedware, WinSCP, UNIX

Software Engineer

Confidential, Franklin Lakes, NJ


  • Provided analysis, design and detail construction, programming, testing, implementation, and surveillance for new and existing application utilizing COBOL, DB2, CICS, Easytrieve and JCL running under MVS. System is the largest healthcare/PBM system on the IBM mainframe at Confidential .
  • Provided proven problem research and resolution skills via 24/7 weekly on-call production support of daily batch jobs and CICS transactional processes for Client Benefit Management (CBM) system.
  • Wrote TSD's (technical specifications document), creating test cases, making recommendations for design, code reviews (evaluating code for efficiency, ensure that requirements are satisfied, and code adheres to standards).
  • Extensively interacted with the client's user community to gather business rules, functionality requirements for new and enhanced products.
  • Actively worked to mentor the offshore team.

Environment: Mainframe, TSO, COBOL, DB2, JCL, SPUFI, Mainframe Utilities, TearaData and Easytrieve

Mainframe Application Developer

Confidential, PA


  • Participated in developing the technical and business requirements for integrating publishing data into the directory management legacy system and ad management production legacy system.
  • This included contract data, publishing data, marketing data, commission data, and financial/billing data.
  • Analyzed and compared “as-is” sales reports to “to-be” sales reports.
  • Analyzed data fields and identified information gaps.
  • Developed business requirements to ensure continued reporting capabilities.
  • Participated in entering requirements into Quality Center testing database. Linked requirements to testing packages and releases.
  • Responsible for developing, modifying and maintaining systems software for ZipLocal, CanPages projects.
  • Designed and developed application for the DMS White Pages Business books. Resolved production issues.
  • Performed DB2 LOADS, UNLOADS, Image copies, RUNSTATS, BINDS and other DB2 core utilities in developer test and staging DB2 environments.
  • Coordinated the project changes and implementation process.
  • Exceled in a multi-task work environment.

Environment: COBOL, CICS, DB2, JCL, Mainframe Utilities, PLI


Confidential, New Castle, DE


  • As a team member, played active role in technical design, development, system and unit testing for the Operations module of Audit and Recovery Management Services.
  • The multi-platform web system is designed and built to support both manual and automated overpayment cases creation; individual and business case management, generation of various operations management reports, client forms and notices. The contributions included:
  • Worked with Integrated Eligibility/Public Assistance Systems for Food Stamps, Medicaid and TANF.
  • Developed applications to access data in DB2 for both supporting web screen functionality and generating batch reports.
  • Participated in a creation of Detailed Technical Specification project deliverable.
  • Prepared and promoted applications into production and support system implementation by addressing technical issues.
  • Participated in integration testing.

Environment: COBOL, CICS, DB2, JCL, Mainframe Utilities, Shadow Studio, .NET

Consultant Programmer/Analyst

Confidential, Fort Washington, PA


  • Worked as an Information Systems Consultant to develop software to simplify the complex business of Confidential administration.
  • Actively involved in the HEALTHsuite® project for a Family Care members Conversion.
  • Designed, implemented and tested the modules for data conversion from the flat files to DB2 tables (Micro Focus COBOL, UNIX).
  • Mentored junior team members, and supervise quality control tasks.

Environment: Micro Focus COBOL, UNIX, DB2

Senior Programmer/Analyst

Confidential, Lawrenceville, NJ


  • Supported the package of legacy applications (COBOLII, JCL) and successfully completed miscellaneous work requests.
  • Provided Production Support for user reported problems with Reports/Balancing and played a key role in system design and control reporting (COBOLII, DB2).
  • Designed, developed and implemented an application processes that performed commission’s calculations for Confidential Fifth Avenue Specialists (COBOLII, JCL).
  • Collaborated with Loss Prevention user community to identify fraudulent activity on cash refund documents and store credits. This led to the savings of $1M due to fraudulent activity in 2006 (COBOLII, VSAM, DB2).
  • Supported multi platform data interchange activities, sending data from IBM Mainframes (zOS) to IBM Regattas (AIX, JCL and FTP).
  • Managed the leased vendor chargeback system for 3rd Party purchases in Confidential Fifth Avenue stores. This led to annual savings of over $350,000 (COBOLII, VSAM and JCL).
  • Worked closely with the Control Division and Accounting to enhance monthly summary reporting to support General Ledger and Stock Ledger adjustments (COBOLII, JCL, VSAM, DB2).


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