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Mainframe Developer Resume



  • A highly accomplished and knowledgeable Mainframe Software Developer with extensive knowledge designing and maintaining IT applications to improve business productivity and efficiency; seeking a position as Software Developer, System Analyst, or Programmer/analyst to utilize my skills and proficiency in any recognized organization.
  • Dedicated professional driven, patient, and focused on quality and reliability.
  • In - depth knowledge of software programming and development.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Experience with Legacy System Integration.
  • Good production support skills.
  • Goal-oriented and ability to work under pressure.
  • Ability to communicate effectively both oral and written.
  • Ability to work well with a team; providing and seeking guidance as appropriate.
  • Bilingual English/Spanish.
  • US Citizen.





Mainframe Developer


  • Developed and Maintained batch processes base on user's work requests.
  • Developed new reports to support weekly and monthly operations using COBOL and VSAM files.
  • Developed new online screens to add, update, and inquiry Provider detail information using COBOL, MAPR, and CICS using VSAM files.
  • Reviewed Developer’s code of online and batch program to verify quality standards base on IBM’s checklist.
  • Participated as a Tester of Online Screens to report code failure and defects.
  • Prepare One time jobs to initially load and prepare test data into the UIT, SIT, and UAT regions
  • Reviewed JCL, PROC, and SYSIN cards through the development regions: UIT, SIT, and UAT.
  • Developed reports paths to send customer’s electronic reports to the specific Server location.
  • Participated as QA analyst on migration of components through the development regions: UIT, SIT, and UAT using Endeavor’s tools.

Confidential, NJ

Software Developer Sr.


  • Worked closely with end users to gather requirements to add new functionality to the application.
  • Write program specifications to develop new Online and Batch processes.
  • Created innovative and logical solutions to solve complex problems.
  • Improved performance of batch processes to comply with schedules times windows.
  • Developed new batch processes to support School's admin Year Cycle.
  • Developed online screens to in corporate new functionality to the application.
  • Maintained online screens to support user's work requests.
  • Maintenance of Inbound/Outbound feeds to support changes to the Web Scoring Application.
  • Developed reports to support user's work request.
  • Provided on-call support to solve Daily, Weekly, or Monthly production problems.
  • Helped and support IT consultants with application functionality.
  • Maintained Batch and Online programs to support daily business request using ADSO, COBOL/IDMS, JCL, and TSO.
  • Developed reports base on Daily Business Request using COBOL, EASYTRIEVE, & IDMS.


Sr. Mainframe Programmer/Analyst


  • Gathered requirements from Customer to design and document the new feeds process.
  • Planned and designed new batch processes to send and receive data from the Web application.
  • Identified database changes to add new elements to the Mainframe Application.
  • Detailed program specifications for junior programmers to develop new feeds.
  • Designed Unit and Integration testing plans to comply with the customer requirements.
  • Implementation of new Inbound/Outbound feeds.
  • Planned, designed, and coding of initial load process to provide historical data to the web application.
  • Changed Online screens to add new feeds functionality using ADSO, MAPC, & IDD.
  • Changed Batch programs to in corporate new feeds data using COBOL/IDMS.
  • Development of ADHOC reports to support new feeds information using COBOL, EASYTRIEVE, & IDMS.
  • Maintained Batch and Online programs to support daily business request using ADSO, COBOL/IDMS, JCL, & TSO.


QA Mainframe Tester


  • Modified online programs to apply user-request changes before the conversion process.
  • Provided on-call support to the Criminal Applications (PRGAV, JAIL, CAPS).
  • Modified online programs to add new DB2 libraries and parameters to comply with internal reader JCL procedures.
  • Changed online programs to scratch paging to comply with DB2 conversion tools.
  • Planned, designed, and executed test scripts for online programs.
  • Documented and analyzed defects discovered during parallel and regression testing using Mercury Test Director.
  • Produced reports to verify test results using SPUFI for DB2 and OLQ for IDMS.
  • Production Support to maintain online (CICS/DB2) and batch (COBOL/DB2) programs.

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