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Application Analyst Advisor Resume

Round Rock, TX


  • Conscientious and results oriented application analyst advisor with demonstrated success in creating, modifying, testing, and documentation of numerous programs and projects.
  • Take great pride in user and customer relationships and satisfaction.
  • Experience with the following systems: Sales, Rebates, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Order Entry, and EDI. These systems were either written in COBOL or had COBOL interfaces. These programs were both online and batch. These systems covered a wide array of file and data types from sequential flat files to VSAM, to IMS, to DB2, to SQL databases. This has given me proficiency in working with all of these data types as well as JCL, sort, and job scheduling.
  • Demonstrates problem solving skills with participation in 24/7 on - call list with a 12 week rotation. This involved being able to find and fix online or batch issues that would arise from help desk calls on the fly. Quick on your feet thinking to get the batch job streams running again and online users productive again and then to go back and put in fixes to prevent the same issues in the future.
  • Solely setup and tested online programs and batch runs when the mainframe was migrated from Boulder, CO to Plano, TX.


COBOL (mainframe and Wintel), RPG, VSAM files, sequential flat files, DB2 databases, IMS databases, SQL databases, Team Foundation Server, Net Express, Beyond Compare, Adobe, WCF Storm, Scheduler, Control M, Change Man, Visual Studio, OnDemand, Cypress, Fileaide, Easytrieve, Cygnus Hex Editor, Animator, Outlook, Excel.


Confidential, Round Rock, TX

Application Analyst Advisor

Confidential, Plano, TX

Application Analyst Advisor

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Computer Programmer Analyst

Confidential, Greensburg, PA

Computer Programmer


  • Diligent in Quality Assurance that we used to promote changes. Served as an interim QA person due to a staff shortage in that department for a short time. Well versed in developing valid test scripts, code walk throughs, and peer reviews.
  • As the applications administrator of IBM Content Manager OnDemand and ASG Cypress, was the go to person for any questions or issues with these report archival and distribution systems. Worked directly with IBM and Cypress to do several successful conversions as well and setting up and training for both internal and external users of these applications. Did all security setups and groups maintenance.
  • Managed and trained a small offshore group from India for OnDemand and Cypress issues and maintenance.
  • Successfully converted from IBM Mainframe systems to Wintel server environment. Initially made program and JCL changes and later in the project was put in charge of converting and tested all 6,000+ reports in OnDemand and Cypress from the mainframe to the Wintel server environment.

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