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Programmer Analyst Resume

Norfolk, VA


  • Highly successful IT professional with a broad analytical, technical and managerial background in the IT industry.
  • Insurance, Banking, Consulting, Manufacturing, Engineering and Telecommunications.
  • Insurance Billing, Credit Risk Management, Data Warehousing, Information Security, Plant Logistics, Finance, Manufactured Product Tracking and Order Entry.
  • Extensive experience in all phases of the project development life - cycle including: project planning, process improvement techniques, software package evaluation, system design, coding, defect tracking, change control, issue management and SSP.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and effective at dealing with managerial and technical personnel at all levels.
  • Hands-on experience in the design, development and management of large-scale development projects on Client Server, Mainframe and Distributed platforms.
  • My strengths are my leadership and analytical skills, along with my solid understanding of both project management and CMM process methodologies.
  • A team player with excellent verbal and written communications skills, very strong interpersonal skills and effective at interacting with the user community, management and technical personnel at all levels.
  • A solid technical background and worked with both hierarchical and relational databases. Experience with performing AIX system administration.


Methodologies: Software Development - SSP Process Six Sigma and CMM.

Databases: Oracle 11G, TERADATA, DB2, IMS DLI and VSAM

Languages: PL/SQL, COBOL II, CICS, C, IMS/DC, OS/JCL, Basic, SQL, PLI, SAS, UNIX Script and VB

Software & Tools: Toad for Oracle, Mercury Quality Center (Test Director), MQ Series, Actuate Web eReport, INFORMATICA, TERADATA, MS Project, MS Office Suite, Lotus notes, VISIO, Confidential /ISPF, CA7, Confidential, XPEDITOR, File-Aid, SAS, EASYTRIEVE, ENDEVOR and CHANGEMAN

Operating Systems: UNIX, OS/MVS, MS Windows 95/98/2000/NT

Protocols: Confidential TCPIP sockets communication protocol, BARRONET and FTP

Hardware: Confidential Mainframes, Confidential RISC6000, Confidential Series 1 Minicomputers, Confidential PCs/Compatibles.



Confidential, Norfolk, VA


  • Perform software technical Business Analysis and PL/SQL programming for the MAT (Material Access Technology) and COST FINAPPS application batch reengineering project.
  • Documenting the current state business software requirements and converting the MAT COBOL batch to Oracle PL/SQL scripts.
  • Develop CMMI documentation in support of the COST financial application.
  • Perform software integration testing responsibilities for the COST application in support of the NAVSEA-SLE project.
  • Convert the COST COBOL-PACBASE code to Oracle PL/SQL procedures and scripts for COBOL replacement batch re-engineering project.
  • Generate the technical business requirements/analysis documentation for the MAT batch reengineering project.
  • Convert the COBOL-PACBASE code to Oracle PL/SQL procedures and scripts for COBOL replacement.
  • Developed the technical business requirement documents for the following MAT programs:
  • COST-2-MAT Job Order Validation interface
  • MS135 - Material Management daily History update program
  • MS450- Calculate Material replenishment and update
  • Converted several COBOL-PACBASE programs to PL/SQL in support of the batch reengineering project.
  • Created the SRS/RTM and RVM CMMI documentation.
  • Modified several PACBASE online Screens in support of the SLE project.

Information Systems Specialist

Confidential, Richmond, VA


  • Lead the technical business requirements analysis for the Automated Standard Application for Payments System (ASAP) mainframe migration project. The IMS/DC Online and Batch mainframe system is to be re-engineered to operate in a distributed midrange environment.
  • Provided the technical requirements analysis for ASAP large scale application migration project, and worked as liaison between application development and customer relationship department.
  • Analyzed the IMS/DC online screens, programs and DB2 database model in order to acquire needed knowledge for achieving data analysis.
  • Developed the technical requirements for the following ASAP-FBR support online processing: Update application Mode, Update Application Status, Update Application cutoff times, Maintenance of input end-points, Maintenance of output endpoints, ACH Cycle inquiry prompt, and Catalog of federal domestic assistance code.
  • Developed the technical requirements for the following ASAP-FRB batch interfaces: Automated Clearinghouse - ACH, CA$HLINK, FEDWIRE and Integrated Accounting System - IAS.
  • Developed the technical requirements for the following ASAP-FRB batch database update processes: Batch Account/Authorization Pre-edit, Batch Account Edit/Update, Batch Authorization Edit/Update, Batch Suspend Account, Monthly/Quarterly authorization renewals for 1031 accounts, Initiate payment requests from a schedule, Restore Rejected Payments, Process Warehoused authorizations and Payments and Receive and Log Account/Authorizations file.
  • Software skills required for this ASAP current state analysis: COBOL/IMS DC, MVS COBOL II, ACH NACHA rules, FEDWIRE Interface Rules, MVS utilities, DB2 database utilities, and knowledge of JAVA.
  • Developed the technical business requirement documents for the ASAP system

Sub-Contract Programmer

Confidential, Columbia, SC


  • Provide problem resolution for software and data issues associated with the FIPS financial insurance billing system.
  • The system environment resides on an Confidential mainframe utilizing COBOL IMS/DC programs being triggered by external MQ series transaction processing and batch Confidential scheduled program execution.
  • Support the financial nightly batch MVS/IMS/MQ environment by monitoring the Confidential batch job execution schedule.
  • Develop EASYTRIEVE dynamic programs for quick execution of file compares to readily determine data discrepancies.
  • Resolve issues related to Health-Net data migration to Confidential financial DB2 databases.
  • Design development/reviews, code walk-through, test plan development, test plan execution and implementation of the software development.
  • 24 X 7 on call support for daily financial billing system.
  • Developed the Outstanding Balances Delinquency (APS) report.


Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • Perform software testing lead responsibilities for the bank’s Quality Center COE department.
  • Provide the system testing for several Risk Management development projects.
  • Manage several onshore and offshore vendor (GDC) software testers.
  • Develop software for Commercial Small business OCE credit exposure system.
  • Developed MVS COBOL/DB2 programs, TERADATA SQL extracts, and ACTUATE reports in support of risk management.
  • Testing of the OCE - JAVA WEB application. Confidential VISUALAGE for JAVA code running under WEBSHERE on the mainframe.
  • Develop system interfaces and feeds in support of Commercial Credit Risk policy and Corporate Data Warehouse.
  • Handle redirection of data by achieving data mapping and gap analyst to define the necessary fields needed to support Corporate Data Warehouse and consolidation of systems due to bank mergers.
  • Develop EASYTRIEVE dynamic programs for quick execution of file compares to readily determine data discrepancies between DB2 feeds.
  • Develop MVS CICS online COBOL DB2 batch programs in support of OARS.
  • These online programs deal strictly with DB2 tables in a real time environment that coincide with Confidential and batch updates to DB2.
  • The system handled the creation and history of system ID’s on several of LPARs simultaneously.
  • Develop COBOL batch DB2 report programs in support of OARS, MARS, VARS and SAM information security modules. Several of the reports are setup to run from Confidential panels for real time snap shot of the data that resides in the DB2 production environment.
  • Develop Confidential CLIST and REXX in support on OARS, MARS, VARS, and SAM functions.

Support the financial OCE Risk Management and OARS info security nightly batch MVS environment by monitoring the CA7 batch job execution schedule. Follow the Bank’s SDLC process using CHANGEMAN as the MVS library control system for handling any production code changes.

Duties included:

  • Identification and documentation of customer requirements.
  • Presentation of proposal to customer.
  • Programming estimates/ scope definition.
  • Design development/reviews, code walk-through, test plan development, test plan execution and implementation of the conversion software.
  • Version control of software releases.
  • Issue resolution with the client.
  • 24X7 on call support for the real-time Confidential mainframe WEBSPHERE and batch COBOL OCE RISK Management system.
  • Lead the OCE DB2 to TERADATA WAREHOUSE conversion project. Developed TERADATA BTEQ extracts to create input batch processing files.
  • Developed OCE DB2 WEB based Actuate reports.
  • Developed OCE credit exposure calculation and exception generation for commercial and small businesses account monitoring. Created COBOL DB2 batch programs process external load data to calculate any credit exposure by the Bank’s commercial small business customers.
  • Lead developer for OCE Interface to California DDA account system. Created COBOL batch programs to load the OCE DB2 databases using the OCE standard interface.
  • Rewrite of OARS CICS DB2 information security RACF and Top Secret online CICS USERID maintenance system.
  • Lead the development for the PIMS interface to SHAW commercial loan DB2 DATAMART.
  • Received bonuses for my performance.
  • 24 X 7 on call support for the Risk Management systems.

Sub-Contract Programmer

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • Maintained PL1 batch system and reports for the Catawba financial accounting system.
  • These where scientific programs that converted actual meter reading to dollar amounts and produce billing information.
  • This system ran on an Confidential mainframe environment using CHANGEMAN as the library control system for handling any production code changes.
  • Supported the Y2K conversion for the PLI batch programs for the Catawba financial billing reporting system.
  • 24 X 7 on call support for weekly and monthly MVS batch financial billing and reporting system.

Staff Programmer

Confidential, Charlotte, NC


  • Lead programmer/analyst for several programming projects in support of the plants inventory control, engineering routing and capacity planning systems.
  • This entails leading and managing several contractors to achieve high quality programming solutions.
  • Develop interfaces from SAP to MVS/CICS.
  • The purchased orders where bridged from SAP to COPICS and then down to the automated warehouse control system all through TCPIP (Inventory and MRP). Develop TCPIP sockets interfaces from external automated warehouse AIX system to MVS/CICS legacy system.
  • Develop online CICS and batch COBOL programs in support of (COPICS) plant logistics. Calculation of unit hours for operational specs where achieved to automate the capacity planning function.
  • Develop COBOL and PLI programs that access DB2 and IMS databases in support of Finance, Engineering, Production Control and Manufacturing. As an electrical engineer, implemented test data in support of Confidential electronic card assemblies.
  • Provide failure analysis data to development engineers to correct hardware failures before products gets into the field.
  • Lead application development programmer for COPICS Inventory Control, WIP tracking, and Routing modules.
  • Managed several contractor development programmers.
  • System administrator for AIX MINI stacker warehouse control system.
  • 24 X 7 on call support for the AIX MINI stacker warehouse control system.
  • 24 X 7 on call support for real-time CICS and batch COPICS Confidential mainframe plant logistics system.
  • Led the requirements, design and programming of an in-house developed Online Routing system. This CICS module worked in the COPICS environment to supply design specifications to the engineering group.
  • Successful implementation of the COPICS to MINI stacker warehouse control system. Developed COPICS TCPIP sockets interface from CICS to AIX(COBOL and C).
  • Successful implementation of the SAP to COPICS MRP interface.
  • Successful implementation of the COPICS plant logistic system. COPICS is a real-time manufacturing logistic system which accomplished Material requirement planning, Inventory control and Shipping.
  • Successful implementation of the SAP to COPICS MRP interface.
  • Received several formal and informal awards.

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