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Sr. Mainframe Systems Analyst/programmer Analyst Resume


  • Work experience of more than 17 years in working with a range of Mainframe based applications (native & COTS) including redesigning/modernization of legacy Mainframe systems.
  • Banking Product experience (functional & technical) includes Systematics/FIS products like IMPACS, ST, GN, RM, ALS(Consumer loans, and other Banking subsystems like ATM, RIP(Returned Item Processing), CGI CACS (Collections), native Virtual/Journal Vouchers, TSYS (Credit Cards), Debit cards (Fees, Interchange etc.) and other payment processors, Black knight Mortgage Servicing Product(MSP/LPS) system(HELOC, First Mortgages, Account Payable, Invoicing and General Ledger systems(Trisyn GL), Line of Credits - Accrued Interest, FASB91, GAP Fee, other retail banking requirements, compliance & others, UniFi, etc.
  • Current role includes providing Technical & Thought leadership, Audit management, Business & Technical System analysis to a matrixed group of Corporate accounting, Lending, & IT professionals.
  • Extensive Technical lead & Programmer analyst experience in the enhancement & design of several legacy Mainframe applications including Legacy transformation and Conversion projects including using CICS Environment Web services, Progress Data direct/NEON Shadow to convert Legacy applications to CICS web services, VSAM/IDMS TO DB2 database conversions.
  • Secondary roles have involved developing functional specifications, technical specifications, low and high level design documents, technical research reports & reviewing BPMN system flow models, etc.


Operating System: MVS, OS/390, Z/OS, UNIX

Programming Language: JCL, COBOL, CICS, CA Easytrieve(Eztrieve plus), VSAM, DB2, SAS, SQLPro*Cob, IDMS/R, ADS/O, IMS DB/DC, WSDL, XMLDatabase DB2, Native Stored procedures (SQL), IMS, IDMS, VSAM, DATACOM, URT

Tools: QMF, SPUFI, DB2ADMIN, RapidSQL, Strobe, File aid, ISPF, Sync Sort, TSOLibrarian, ABEND AID, CAEndevor, Omegamon, Serena Changeman ZMFXpediter, CA7 scheduler, CA-Intertest, CA Jobtrac, InfoManDFRM Tape manager, Control-M

Design Languages & Tools: MS Project, DOORS, IBM Data stage, Datadirect Shadow Studio IDEEclipse IDE, Topaz

Test Management Tool: Test Director, HP quality center

Configuration management: Visual Source Safe, Serena Changeman

COTS/Vendors: Fidelity/ALLTEL/Systematics Financial software For Mortgage Banking and

Document management tools: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Sharepoint, JIRA, Confluence



Sr. Mainframe Systems Analyst/Programmer Analyst


  • Researched and documented the source of money going into specific General Ledger accounts from several Banking and Mortgage systems (FIS IMPACS,ST,RM, GN,ALS/AM,ATM, RIP, and MSP etc.) used by the Credit Union for 120 GL accounts amounting to 1000+ hours and several hundred pages of research. This served as support for PwC & NCUA audit questions.
  • Analyze, Develop and document Mainframe system architecture changes for custom Systematics/FIS code, applications like Checking/Member Share products (Navcheck), Consumer loans (ALS) and Mortgage products.
  • Develop Easytrieve Data extracts against Customer CIF files to help the Credit Union accounting team to prove and balance their respective GL accounts
  • Analyze PEGA automation opportunities by analyzing existing Infopoint ACR & REXX routines
  • Support several PwC and NCUA audit related questions & worked with various business units on figuring out various audit issues related to Mortgages and other lending solutions.
  • Touted as one of only handful resources in the Credit Union with expertise in supporting several banking system front end systems (ATM, ARP Checks, Vouchers, etc.) & Deposits/Lending posting systems(sub ledgers) & General ledger systems.

Skills: JCL,COBOL, CICS, GN, RM, IMPACS, ST, FIS, API, RPI, Fileaid, CA Easytrieve plus, MSP(LPS/CPI),ALS, FIS, Infopoint ACR, Business Analysis, Data Analysis


Sr. CICS Programmer Analyst (Mainframe)


  • Lead the Redesign of the Claims application on the new Architecture including designing and developing Legacy Claims Web services (in Cobol/CICS using CICS Web services Environment), interacting with an ESB and PEGA Business Rules engine in a SOA environment.
  • Involved in the redesign of Legacy VSAM code and the data modelling of native data resident on VSAM files in an effort to convert to DB2 data.
  • Designed and developed CICS Channels & Containers (Used CICS provided Web services infrastructure—Pipelines,DFHLS2WS,WS2LS)
  • Redesigned and Developed XML logic (Like CICS XMLTRANSFORM) for Error routines received from ESB, which replaced the native XML reads, in an effort to standardize the Error routine architecture across the Enterprise.
  • Involved in testing the CICS web services coupled with MQ IBM Utility programs, using MQ tools (PQEDIT, MQ Admin).
  • Extensive experience working with legacy modelling tools like Rocket Shuttle and Rocket Shadow
  • Exposure to Legacy modernization tools like Topaz.
  • Experience working with Data modelling and designing DB2 Data constraints for Tables.
  • Designed and developed MQ series logic (Triggers, PUT/GET) and troubleshooting MQRC related abends.
  • Recognized for exceeding duties in fixing an Enterprise wide issue (thru CICS Trace entries and other Compuware tools) that helped the company stay within the Service Level Requirement (SLR).

Skills: JCL,COBOL, CICS, Fileaid,MQ series,CICS Web services,DB2 Admin, PQ edit, CA Xpeditor,Serena Changeman,CA Topaz, MQ Admin,PQ Edit


Lead Systems Analyst


  • Analyze and document Mainframe system architecture and software applications written in COBOL, CICS and Systematics/FIS code from applications like Checking/Member Share products (Navcheck), Consumer loans and Mortgage products.
  • Develop Data extracts against CIF (Customer Information Files) files to help the Credit Union accounting team to prove and balance their respective accounts.
  • Work with various ALS, IMPACS and SA/GN architecture screens to identify gaps in the system and provide solutions to the business.
  • Work with FIS Batch and Online processes to figure Out of Balance conditions
  • Provide recommendations for new reports and any customizations of the Fidelity system.
  • Develop BPMN adjustment models to illustrate manual processes involving the Mainframe oncredit system.
  • Develop and maintain the comprehensive IMPACS flow to SA architecture thru to the GL systems in the form of architecture system models/business process models (BPMN).
  • Participate in Architecture reviews to ensure process diagrams support existing architecture, accounting proofs are done against the relevant reports and if not suggest new reports and other GL application architecture changes.
  • Provide guidance and technical support to team members of different disciplines like Accounting, Technology and Business process model group.
  • Worked with MSP (Mortgage Servicing) product from LPS (Lender Processing services)-Knowledge of the various headers (Client,Investor) and related Green screens and reports produced with respect to Principal,Interest and Cost/Fee accounts.
  • Cost savings on re designing a PARM screen and an AM program Job which could help the Credit Union to save money worth more than $400,000.


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