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Mainframe Environment Specialist Resume


  • Expertise in development, supporting diverse industries and wide range of functions, with a record of on - time delivery and excellent quality. Managing skills include proven ability to manage budget and resource requirements, develop and motivate team members to achieve personal and organizational goals, and build productive partnerships with internal and external customers. Outstanding interpersonal, training, and communication skills. Intelligent, analytical, and articulate.


System: MVS/ESA, DOS/VSE, and VM/CMS

Languages: Assembler (ALC), COBOL/II, JCL, SQL, and EZTrieve

Software: CICS/BMS, IMS/DB (DL/I), VSAM/IDCAMS, DB/2, Xpediter, FileAid, AbendAid, ChangeMan, Tivoli Work Scheduler, T-Mon, Intertest, QMF, DataCom, N-tier Support, XML, MQ Series, Telon, FTP

System: AIX, Solaris, Linux, and AS/400

Languages: Informix 4gl, SQL, RPG, COBOL, COBOL/400, and C/C++

Software: AcuCOBOL and Informix

System: OS/2 and Windows 95/98/NT

Languages: COBOL II, C/C++, and Rexx

Software: MicroFocus COBOL, Borland C++, APPC / CPIC, LAN Server, Novell Client Requester, CICS OS/2, DB2/2, MF-Dialog System, MF-PROXMVS, MF-Workbench, REXX, SPF/PC, Lotus Notes, MS Office, MS Project, and Visio



Mainframe Environment Specialist


  • Self-starter, worked remotely (more than five years) with a high degree of autonomy and no direct supervision, providing off-shore development and QA teams with mainframe system support and environment controls: problem troubleshooting and resolution, data requirements, automation of processes, source control and deployments, and execution of quality testing. Working in an MVS environment, daily skills included the use of COBOL II, CICS, DB2, SQL, JCL, VSAM/IDCAMS, Tivoli Work Scheduler, and ChangeMan.
  • Provided primary Test Environment Management (TEM) point-of-contact, with internal and external project teams, through carrier on-boarding and ancillary projects.
  • Working with internal and external teams, supported QA test requirements, planning and execution, through MVS environment management; including batch, CICS, and third-party software.
  • Worked closely with QA Leads to establish testing requirements and methods to meet the needs of the development partners.


Senior Software Developer


  • AIX, MicroFocus AcuCOBOL
  • Rebuilt the Quality Control Sample (QCS) reporting processes and did data expansions to alleviate system limitations.
  • Assisted with maintenance to replace WinCron with Power Press for printer routing.


Senior Software Developer


  • Designed and wrote software for the IT Finance department, supporting Fuel Tax, Repair Order, General Ledger, and Billing applications. Provided on-call support for the Fuel Tax team. Knowledgeable resource for the Repair Order processing.
  • Designed, developed, and tested software in an MVS environment using COBOL II, EZTrieve, Telon, IMS DB, DB/2, CICS, and VSAM with Endevor library management.
  • Designed, developed, and tested software in AS/400 i-Series environment using COBOL/400 and RPG.
  • Supported Release Management efforts for standards and procedures.

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