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Z/os Mainframe Systems - Sr Technology Engineer, It Resume



Experienced, knowledgeable, and highly skilled IT Professional seeking full time employment with opportunities to learn new skills and provide knowledge and experience with high profile z/OS mainframe products; to enable high availability and growth for new technology.


  • Installed/Maintained (SMP/E), Implemented, Customized and Supported (z/OS, OS/390) MVS Systems Software.
  • On a daily basis (24x7), professionally interfaced with Vendors, Customers/Clients, Customer/Client Reps, Management, Technical Reps, Systems programmers, Application Programmers, Help Desk, and Operations personnel; consulting, communicating, planning, problem determining/solving, change managing, training, documenting, implementing, testing, tuning, maintaining modes/functions, workload balancing, disaster recovery of product(s) processes/operations, including working on a variety of projects, large and small.


Communication - Practices effective written, verbal and interpersonal forms of communication while understanding the needs of diverse audiences.

Quality - Provides 24/7 high quality support and service for assigned software/hardware products in an organized and timely manner, leading and directing as necessary. A motivated self-starter, who performs with the highest of standards, always looks to improve.

Team work - Actively participates in the achievement of team goals; cooperates with others; listens and recognizes efforts of all team members, and supports a learning environment.

Customer Support - Effectively communicates with internal and external customers, seeking customer feedback and understanding of their needs. Provides timely follow up and confirms customer satisfaction.

Adaptability - Openly supports and accepts change; seeks information about new processes/systems; perceives change as opportunity; and quickly modifies behavior in response to new situations.


Platforms: Various Servers z/OS, OS/390, MVS/ESA, MVS/XA, VM/XA, VM/SP3, DOS/VSE, VSE/POWER, (Windows, Linux, etc), UNIX, Open Edition, OMVS

Software(supported): MVS (z/OS 2.2) mainframe (Software/Hardware)(SYSplexes/LPARs/CECs/Systems) including SYS1.PARMLIB members, JES2 (multi JESplexes) +exits, TSA(SA390) 4.1 (multi SUBplexes), TWSz (IWSz) 9.3 (z/OS-Distributed (zCentric/FTA)) +exits, GDPS 3.13, Roscoe, Librarian- CCF, SDSF, RACF, PSF(AFP), CAVIEW(SAR), XEROX (DJDE), CA-11, DFHSM, VSAM, DB2, QMF, DB2/PM, SQL/DS, ISQL, OMEGAMON/MVS-CICS-DB2. (

Software(Tools): HMC/SA390(BCPii) - (perform IPLs/automate tasks), TWSz(scheduling batch jobs - ISPF/GUI), NETVIEW, GDPS 3.13, TSO/E, Roscoe(Librarian, CCF), JCL, SMP/E, Connect Direct(NDM), Telnet, FTP, Ctrix, VSAM, SMS, DATA ADMIN UTIL, DFP UTIL, DFDSS, z/OS - utilities etc, SAR, EREP, SAS (SMF), Fileaid, InfoMan, TSOe/ISPF, IDCAMS, GTF tracing, System dumps, Console dumps, dumps, IPCS, RACF/TSS(LDAP), Automate/MVS, Control-M, People Soft, REMEDY, Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, Excel, Visio, Outlook

Languages: Thruput Manager (JAL), SAS, ASSEMBLER, SQL, JCL, REXX, CLIST

Databases: DB2, SQL/DS, IWSz

Network: VTAM, TCPIP

Hardware (supported): IBM and Hitachi processors, AS/400(IBM iSeries), Various Printers IBM 3800, 3900, TCPIP remote, Siemens (STK), Xerox printers, Various Servers such as EMC, HP, Intel, Dell and IBM.


z/OS Mainframe Systems - Sr Technology Engineer, IT

Confidential, OH


  • Provide systems support of: Tivoli Systems Automation (SA390) 4.1, Tivoli Workload Scheduling (TWSz (IWSz)/IWS (zCentric migrated from FTA) 8.5.1 upgraded to 9.3.0, JES2 2.2, Plus various components under base z/OS 2.2 including SYS1.PARMLIB members, GDPS 3.13, Roscoe, Librarian- CCF.
  • Participate in strategic Projects: Planning, Evaluation and Implementing of new technologies for Confidential .
  • Install/Maintain (SMP/E), Implement, Customize, Support, Test, Migrate, Automate, Document, Consult, Train, Monitor and Performance tune IBM and Third Party software products; includes exit support and workload balancing.
  • Provide Contact Services for software product problems and resolutions 24/7, interacting with Vendors as necessary.
  • Participate in annual Disaster Recovery exercises.

Data Center Operations Analyst

Confidential, Florence, KY


  • Batch and Online (daily/weekly/monthly/annual)
  • CONTROL-M and Siemens SMS
  • Invision; Day End processing, Disaster Recovery Backups and various other procedures.
  • Dayend processing (daily/weekly/monthly/annual) plus various other procedures, including tape support. Server (various) (smart-hands)
  • DSVIEW switch resets reboots, backups, tape unload/reloads, memory stick replacement, crash cart setup.
  • TSM Server backup (daily/weekly/monthly/annual)
  • Monitoring via Remedy tickets restart of failed or missed backups using Computer Manager, DSView, Telnet and TSM.

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