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Mainframe Software Engineer Resume

Newark, NJ


  • Accomplished IT professional with extensive experience across a notable range of industries, including Brokerage, Banking, Insurance, Telecommunications, and Pharmaceutical among others. Excelled at developing solutions/components/strategies that produced high quality deliverables.
  • Breadth of experience includes System, Data and Business Analysis; Feasibility Studies; Logical/Physical Applications/Database Design; System Implementation, Acceptance testing, Quality Assurance, Surveys and Technical Support. User focused, with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Productive in both team - based and self-managed projects.


  • COBOL, MicroFocus COBOL, DB2, SQL, DB2 UDB, SPUFI, QMF, DB2 Utilities, PLATINUM, FILE - AID for DB2, DB2 Stored Procedures, SQLServer, CICS, MQ Series, MVS/TSO/ISPF/JCL, VSAM, SYNCSORT, SYNCJOIN, FILE-AID, Confidential Utilities, CHANGEMAN, LIBRARIAN, ENDEVOR, PANVALET, CA7, XPEDITER, INTERTEST, VIASOFT, FileAid, INSYNC, NDM, RSA Encryption Tool, Control M, MS Office Suite, MS VISIO, ESSBASE, XML, QlikView, HARDWARE: Confidential Mainframe, Confidential PC


Confidential, Newark, NJ

Mainframe Software Engineer


  • Lead solutions provider and developer for Name & Address and MSD systems
  • Responsible for implementing regulatory mandated FDID processing across multiple institutional customers
  • In charge of performance optimization of critical system functions, assuring timely data feeds transfer to client companies for Name & Address and Master Securities applications
  • Modified and enhanced Name & Address systems, as well as created new modules in order to accommodate new customers onboarding

Environment: DB2, TSO/ISPF/JCL, Cobol LE, Stored Procedures, Confidential /CA Utilities

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Mainframe Software Engineer


  • Solely responsible for converting, supporting and maintaining Turbo Tax applications suite.
  • Performed complete system analysis, created catalog of elements, detailed documentation and flow charts
  • Personally designed, developed, modified and implemented fifty seven (57) system’s elements including programs, stored procedures, jobs, procs, Confidential and DB2 utilities
  • Created and employed system-wide algorithm for assuring incoming data integrity and consistency
  • Successfully put into operation an automated Turbo Tax Purge Process eliminating obsolete historical data
  • Built auxiliary processes transforming an input data into a fixed format for the ease of troubleshooting and analysis
  • Created a set of applications to synchronize production and UAT environments
  • Maintained and modified UAT databases according to user’s requests
  • Onboarding Prime Brokerage accounts into existing Retail Portfolio platform
  • Enabled processing of new Institutional Client accounts by modifying multiple system’s elements
  • Provided end users with the ability to request 1099B tax information via online API
  • Conversion of data source from an obsolete source to NACS database
  • Analyzed, modified, tested, and implemented impacted components in close corroboration with a front end

Environment: DB2, TSO/ISPF/JCL, Cobol LE, Stored Procedures, Confidential /CA Utilities

Confidential, Orangeburg, New York

Senior Software Systems Engineer


  • Responsible for modifications and enhancement of Collection and Debt Recovery processes.
  • Analyzed and modified system elements for transition from VSAM to DB2 environment
  • Designed and built temporary jobs for the pre-implementation’s data migration
  • Performed analysis of data files dependencies and compiled cross- job lists

Confidential, Florham Park, NJ

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Lead consultant for conversion of Global Margin System in order to accommodate a new major bank client
  • Systemized requirements to system modifications based on client’s documentation
  • Designed a high level process flow, as well as detailed specifications for a new marginability process
  • Developed an automatic securities release driver for marginability system
  • Build and successfully tested marginability system batch modules

Confidential, Liberty Corner, NJ

Systems Analyst


  • Galaxy /Xuber project - transition of core company system from mainframe to a server based platform (SQL Server)
  • Designed and developed conversion, transformation, and migration procedures consisting of various mainframe job streams and data transfer modules
  • Built separate processes for extracting and transferring mainframe data to a server based Data Warehouse
  • Developed a methodology for data reconciliation using advanced mainframe reporting facilities
  • Constructed automated routines for creating server database objects and populating them with transmitted data
  • Created intermediate staging databases necessary for data analysis, manipulation, and mapping
  • Responsible for data validation procedures consisting of multiple mainframe, as well as server elements and processes
  • Get off Mainframe project - conversion of Reinsurance system to a server based emulated MVS environment (MicroFocus Cobol)
  • Performed complex system analysis to identify and estimate the scope of efforts necessary to migrate multi-region system’s elements to a server
  • Designed and developed multi-step data conversion and migration procedures for different regions
  • Built migration procedures for system’s elements transition, including mass-compiling and staging
  • Converted and modified more than 300 existing system’s elements to comply with the new system requirements

Confidential, Software Systems Engineer


  • Selected as part of an elite team assigned to develop a high visibility Verizon Friends and Family initiative.
  • Interfaced with front-end and middleware teams during the project design and development. Analyzed, inventoried and documented existing API modules; created data/system Visio flowcharts
  • As lead developer, built a Combined Accounts Inter-Instance Reassign system, enabling transfer or aggregation of separate customer accounts under one major account server-based data encryption tool to safeguard customer data
  • Successfully implemented processes that significantly improved customer experience and eliminated costly manual adjustments.
  • Solely developed over sixty system elements and pioneered the implementation of batch file encryption processes for the CST team
  • Coordinated development and testing between DBA, File Transfer, Unix, and QA groups

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