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Senior Mainframe Developer Resume


  • 11+ years of IT experience in z/OS Mainframe TSO environments developing in Cobol, JCL, SORT, Easytrieve, Natural, CICS, VSAM, Ctrl - M in Mainframe Platform.
  • 6+ years of experience as a Mainframe Developer of Cobol, JCL, SORT, Easytrive and Adabas/Natural language and Integration Systems like SCM, ChangeMan and Endeavor..
  • 5+ years of experience as a Mainframe Production support analyst, in charge of the batch and on line processes using JCL, SORT, Cobol and DB2 systems and working with service oriented software to handle tickets and incidents manager for support requirements.
  • Database skills using DB2, Spufi, VSAM, ADABAS, RapidSQL, MySQL.
  • Fujitsu NetCobol
  • Working Experience in:
  • Banking service systems (collections, Credit cards, Loans and Debit cards processes).
  • Financial service systems (Stock calculation and global transactions processes). Logistics service systems (routes, transportation and package handling processes). Banking service systems (Returns & exceptions, Image checks and migration dev-ops).
  • 4+ years using Agile and Scrum methodology with iterative software development.
  • Quick learner and adaptable to new technologies in short time.
  • Possess strong problem solving and basic algorithm skills with good ability to follow project standards.
  • Quickly at building strong working relationships with co-workers and management.
  • Good analytical and communication skills and ability to work independently with minimal supervision and also a great team player.


Language: Cobol, SORT, JCL, Easytrieve, CICS and Natural language.

Development tools and IDEs: TSO, ISPF, WSF2, RACF.

Database Technologies: DB2, Spufi, VSAM, Adabas, Rapid SQL, MySQL.

Operating Systems: zOS, Windows XP,7, 8.

Version Control: SCM (Software Change Management), ChangeMan, Endeavor

Methodologies: Scrum, Agile



Senior Mainframe Developer


  • Provide requirement analysis and systems design documentation for Bank Host projects.
  • Provide software development for several Bank Host projects (Credit cards, Credit loans, Direct deposits and Collection systems).
  • Using Mainframe languages and tools as COBOL, SORT and Easytrieve, JCL’s, CONTROL-M, IOF, SCM (Elips) to migrate components thru DEV, TEST and PROD environments.
  • VSAM files to index data, and File Master to handle files.
  • Providing Unit and integration testing to the development projects.
  • Implementing "Code Review Process” using SmartBear tool to compare the New with Old code and check the differences and look for vulnerabilities.
  • Using Scrum Agile methodology in all development projects, creating stories and tasks to work with the development requirements set by the business managers.
  • Software version documentation for maintenance team to handle future changes and enhancements.

Environment: z/OS, Windows, COBOL, SORT, Easytrieve, JCL, VSAM, Control-M, ISPF Spool, Software Change Management, File Master, Rational Team Concert, Jira.


Batch Support and Enhancements Associate


  • Provide production support level 1 and enhancements for Finance banking applications.
  • In charge of the daily batch cycle for Funding and Pooling systems, used to calculate client funds shares and stocks, to feed the results to different stock markets daily.
  • In charge of GDS (Global Distribution System) application, a system created to commit global transaction exchange between banks and markets.
  • Daily meetings to coordinate the batch flow and ensure the success of each day process, using 3 shifts to cover a 24/7 support (Mexico/USA, India and Australia).
  • Using Mainframe environment with COBOL programs, JCL’s, SORT utilities, Assembler programs, Control-M, File-Aid and Xpedite tools, using DB2 database.
  • Using a Service Oriented Methodology to maintain the batch and online processes running 24/7.
  • Using ServiceNow to work, log and handle incidents and support requests.
  • Worked for 3 months as onsite in Chicago Illinois for the client.
  • Worked for 1 year as Team lead for Global distribution system application with 3 persons as my support resources in offshore (located in India to cover a 24 hour support).

Environment: DB2, SQL, z/OS, Windows, COBOL, JCL, File-Aid ServiceNow, Ctrl-M, ISPF Spool.


LMS (Logistic Management System) support and enhancements developer.


  • Providing production support level 1 and enhancement for LMS (Logistic management system).
  • LMS was created and running under Mainframe environment using Natural programs and JCL’s under an ADABAS files database.
  • ADABAS development, production database administration in z/OS.
  • Experience with ADABAS upgrades, patching, troubleshooting and performance tuning.
  • Create Natural programs to run and execute using Adabas files as DataBase, and CICS maps to handle scanner machines to control shipment and arrival of packages, pallets and trucks distributed in USA companies, using online CICS on line transactions thru the maps.
  • Create reports files and documents using SORT steps to filter, select and sort the data, and then using crystal reports to create documents presented to business clients.
  • Taking care of the daily batch and online process done by LMS.
  • Using Clientele to work on production support incident tickets.
  • Using waterfall methodology to create the analysis and design of the enhancements o fixes required by the business managers.

Environment: ADABAS, z/OS, Windows, Natural language, JCL, SORT, VSAM, File-Aid, ISPF Spool, Clientele.


IT Mainframe Trainee


  • As trainees, we completed, Mainframe courses as, COBOL, JCL, Easytrieve, Assembler, SORT, VSAM, File-Aid, Rexx, Changeman, Endeavor, Control-M, ISPF Spool and other Mainframe related tools.
  • Providing production support and enhancements for banking application, such as, Vector, Returns and exceptions (check image returns).
  • Incidents, issues and defects documentation using peregrine service center and Jira tickets.
  • As Devops resource, we provided approval for change request and developers packages on Changeman and Endeavor applocation tools, running check processes to ensure the correct set of the production environment before any source package installation.
  • Handling checks returns project (Mainframe COBOL, JCL, File Aid, VSAM, SORT).
  • Support to devops for the migration manager tool (Change Man and Endeavor ).

Environment: z/OS, Windows, COBOL, JCL, SORT, VSAM, File-Aid, ISPF Spool, Control-M, Changeman, Endeavor, Jira Tickets.

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