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Mainframe Systems Analyst Resume


  • Accomplished Senior Programmer Analyst wif a broad based experience in several Information Systems environments. Adept in all phases of the systems development life cycle.
  • Programming and analytical expertise in CICS, DB2, COBOL, VSAM and JCL in OS MVS, IBM Mainframe environments.
  • Project lead experience in new and existing functionality analytical evaluations, new development, maintenance and enhancements in the integration of newly acquired companies, data and systems conversions, database, online and batch process systems architecture. 36 years’ experience in information Technology.


CICS Intertest: Online and Batch. XPEDEITER, ENDEVOR (CA), CHANGEMAN (Serena)

COBOL: , Fileaid, Filemaster, DB2 V9 & V10, IBM DB2 utilities, OS/MVS JCL, SUPERC SYNCSORT, TSO ISPF, TPX, STROBE, Application Performance Analyzer Attachmate Extra Enterprise, CICS Transaction Server v9.1, Symdump BMS MAPPING, Mercury Quality center, JCLSAFE, AQT, DB2 Connect, CICS Explorer, MQ Browser, VDI, LOTUS NOTES, LOTUS NOTES SAMETIME,PDSMAN, SCREEN PAINTER, EZTRIEVE, ISPF, IDCAMS FTP, NDM, Document Direct, VDR, SDSF, Microsoft Office 2016 SAR, SAPGUI / NETWEAVER in ECC6. CONTROL - M, XACT/XNET, ALM 12.0.1, IBM Data Studio Client.



Mainframe Systems Analyst


  • As a consultant, performed analysis and documentation, (via word or Visio) of programs wifin the Discover financial Services Mainframe CCIS application ACAPS for the Application to reside in the cloud . Translated some of the code so dat the Java / Microsoft services developer can translate the Cobol Code into the necessary language. Program, and system flow documentation in VISIO. Performing procedures technical documentation.
  • Performed some Production Maintenance on batch jobs, Created some adhocs Cobol jobs to evaluate the data to determine if the applications were duplicate or possible duplicates.
  • As a consultant, performed analysis and maintenance for a series of Medicare/Medicaid batch processes where the the data from an government provider sent to Confidential for processing, then sent to the associated Medicare or Medicaid provider. dis included all phases of SDM including Unit/System/User Acceptance Testing, as well as Vendor Testing.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Mainframe Application Architect


  • As a consultant ( Confidential ), performed analysis, mapping research and development for Global Distribution Systems, (GDS) Accounting Hub back feed process to Legacy Historical Transaction File (HTF) and Trust Investment & Accounting (TIA) systems. Maintained and implemented UAT / Production reports into the associated UAT / Production XACT/XNET repository.
  • Created a universal batch system summary report process, which reported on all batch jobs dat completed successfully, and abended jobs wif some detail on why the batch job abended for application to any of Confidential ’s batch systems.

Confidential, Chicago, IL

Mainframe Application Developer/ Analyst


  • Team Lead - team of approximately 25 mainframe and client server programmers and analysts. Conducted team meetings, code walkthroughs, programming and environment assistance. Responsible for conversion of and providing new functionality of ICD-10 wif ICD-09 in the claim adjudication system (BLUECHIP) along wif all interfaces including CFE, RTIS. Conversion of Interplan Teleprocessing System (ITS) and National Accounts both batch an Online processing. Per requirements, developed and added two new green screens wifin the Bluechip Adjudication System (GCD4 and GCLX).
  • Assisted in the BlueCross BlueShield application merging for the Montana Alliance. Maintained Lotus Notes Team rooms and all documentation. Trained employees and contractors on the Bluechip Claim Adjudication process to assist their understanding of the functions of BlueChip claim processing.
  • Provided support, maintenance and enhancements for both Bluechip online processes and batch National Accounts, ITS, LABOR, RTIS, Accums, GCPS processes. Responsible for nightly batch support. Assisted in Technical Bridge conference calls. Trained team members in use of DB2 detector, SCCF request processes. CICS triage techniques, system portals, and BlueChip Claim Adjudication processes.
  • Resolved CICS abends such as INVR, Short on Storage, Storage Violations, AEIV, and system induced abends as per user ABEND codes. Collaborated wif CICS, and environment team in testing resolutions including use of Omeagamon, APA tool, CICS Explorer, MQ VISUAL BROWSER.
  • Performed testing using CFE GUI, CLAIMS GUI, Provider finder, Member inquiry, real-time testing using RTIS (Dropping claims into both WTX and the RTIS QUEUES)
  • Assisted other team members as needed. Participated in testing of enhancements to applications as well as new applications during Business Releases and off cycle releases. Assisted in both Production and Cycle CICS issues in both application and VSAM files issues.

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