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Devops Engineer Resume


  • Over 14+ yearsof specialized IT experience, 6+ years of DevOps Engineer and 8 years of experience as aMainframe Developer and Tester.
  • Responsible for design and implementation of polices, branching methodologies.
  • Creating branches, tags and maintaining source code in administration level.
  • Experience in SCM tools Subversion SVN and GIT.
  • Experience in build tool ANT and MAVEN.
  • Experience in bug tracking tool Atlassian JIRA.
  • Having good implementation Knowledge on Continuous integration tools JENKINS.
  • Created packages and installation procedures.
  • Took part in a 24x7 on - call rotation
  • Integrated, built, packaged, and debugged several major releases.
  • Built, integrated, and packaged, product releases and installs scripts.
  • Wrote shell scripts and scheduled using CRON job.
  • Assist team members in build deployment - receiving and running builds and troubleshooting issues to improve efficiency.
  • Monitored the automated build and continuous integration process to ensure correct build execution and facilitate resolution of build/ release failures.
  • Managed daily/ nightly builds and releases to QA. Debugged build failures and troubleshoot build, packaging issues, working with the core Engineering teammates to resolve them.
  • We follow Agile methodology and have daily scrum calls to update our daily status
  • Extensive experience in working with the Configuration management tool Ansible and CHEF.
  • Experience in Dockercontainers
  • Experience using Nagios monitoring system.
  • Experience in AWS web services.
  • Experience in Load balancing,HA.
  • Experience with cloud infrastructure of AWS (Amazon Web Services) and computing AMIvirtual machines on Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), VPC, S3 buckets, Route 53, Auto Scaling.
  • Integrated Artifactory for publishing the Artifacts, Nexus.
  • Coordination with Offshore teams.
  • Monitoring the bug, issue and project tracking tool JIRA.
  • Responsible for deploying customized software deliverables to the various environments like Dev/UAT system.
  • Monitoring the system bottlenecks - CPU, RAM, Disk IO and Networking using performance counters, site down alerts.
  • Excellent analytical, problem solving communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Involved in requirement analysis.
  • Involved in preparing the test plans.
  • Provide environment and support.
  • Perform test execution.
  • Prepare Test result summary report.
  • Prepare Test Status Reports.
  • Attend project meetings.
  • Escalate technical and/or project issues to Project Manager.
  • Report project status to Project Manager.
  • Daily Maintenance activities.
  • Defect tracking.
  • Test results document creation.
  • Have a good knowledge of STLC,Defect life cycle and work flow.
  • Adhere to testing process currently followed by the teams.
  • Estimating the effort required for the test activity.
  • Involved in validating the test results, after execution completes


Version Control Tool: SVN, GIT, GitHub

CI Tool: Jenkins

Bug Tracking Tool: JIRA

Scripting: Shell Script (Bash)

Build Tool: ANT, Maven

Operating System: Windows, Linux CentOS

Web Servers: Tomcat, HTTPD

Cloud services: AWS, Gcp.

Containerization Tool: Docker

CM Tool: Ansible, Chef

Application Server: Apache Tomcat

Monitoring Tool: Nagios

Virtualization: VMware, Vagrant

Others: SDLC Concepts

Data Bases: DB2, VSAM

Scheduler: ESPMENU, JCS Metrix.


Functional Area: Telecom

Languages: COBOL, JCL, SQL, UNIX, QTP.

Operating System: MVS-OS/390, UNIX.



Devops Engineer


  • Configured and maintained Jenkins to implement the CI process and integrated the tool with Ant and Maven.
  • Schedule the builds and automated the deployment on the application servers using for Jenkins.
  • Continuous Delivery is being enabled through Deployment into several environments of Test, QA, UAT and Production environments using Jenkins.
  • Implement Master-Slave concept in Jenkins. Automate the builds and deployment of projects using Jenkins.
  • Configured Docker container for branching purposes.
  • Implemented AWS services using EC2, S3, RDS, EBS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto Scaling Instances.
  • Developed build and deployment scripts using Ant, Maven as build tools in Jenkins
  • Implementing continuous delivery using Chef. Responsible for writing Cookbook’s to configure nodes.
  • Deployed Java applications into web applications servers like WebLogic.
  • Provisioning of HA using AWS ELB and configuration Auto Scaling.
  • Uploading data into S3 and creation of bucket policies using JSON template.
  • Performed Branching, Tagging, Release Activities on Version Control Tools: GIT, GITHUB.
  • Troubleshoot Build and Deployment issues, with little downtime.
  • Used bug tracking tool JIRA and also triaged issues and maintained bugs using JIRA tool.
  • Documented release matrics, software configuration process.



Build Release Engineer


  • Maintaining GIT repositories, grant access to users, backup.
  • Administering and maintaining Subversion code repository and backup files.
  • Performing SVN dump and hot copy to take the svn repositories backup.
  • Supporting Developers in Build, Delivering activities, Branch, Tags creation.
  • Create and establish build process using MAVEN to perform builds efficiently and deployment of the application using Tomcat Application Server.
  • Automated the building process and reduced all the manual intervention needed and merged that to the Jenkins job.
  • Automation of deployment process by configuring jobs in Jenkins for each application.
  • Setup of nightly and weekly automated builds and their verification.
  • Troubleshoot and compile build failures and facilitate resolution.
  • Performing Pre-Build activities & Post Build activities by coordinating with development teams.
  • Proficient in tool automation using Shell scripting.
  • Responsible for daily builds, delivering patch releases, hot fixes and the formal releases.
  • Work with Dev and QA teams closely to make sure builds available all the time.
  • Deploy the release of software components into pre-production environments.

Environment: GIT, MAVEN, JENKINS, Shell Script, Apache, Tomcat, Nexus

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