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Senior Systems Developer 2 / Mainframe Architect Resume

Fort Worth, TX


  • A dedicated and talented IT systems manager/developer wif multifaceted expertise including application development, hardware/software, programming/coding, implementation, technical support, troubleshooting, testing management, configurations, and system design/management.
  • Proven aptitude in working closely wif cross - functional departments and key stakeholders to ensure timely completion and successful delivery of projects and support.
  • A versatile and focused producer who positively impacts an organization to reach and exceed short-term and long-term technology goals.


Hardware: IBM 370, IBM 30XX,43XX, PC

Software: COBOL to COBOL 3 Enterprise, PL/1, Mainframe Natural, NetExpress(Object) COBOL, VB6, Interdev VB, C#, VB Script and MS Source Safe, DYL280, ALC, DB2, IMS DB/DC, CICS, Classic ASP, TELON, MFS, BTS, TSO/ISPF, ROSCOE, PANVALET, APS, EXPEDITER, INTERTEST, SYNCSORT, CAPEX OPTIMIZER/ANALYZER, EXCELERATOR, LU 6.2 INFOMAN, ENDEVOUR, CEDF, OS/MVS, DOS/VSE, UNIX, JAVA, J2EE, C, S-COBOL, DLT0, EASYTRIEVE, FOCUS, C, AGILE, Changeman, Mainview, Agile Methodolgies, Fileaid, Rexx


Confidential, Fort Worth, Tx

Senior Systems Developer 2 / Mainframe Architect


  • Contributed as part of production support team for online and batch systems.
  • Wrote software in Cobol, Natural, and JCL using Natural Libraries and ISPF Tools (for Cobol) that supported BNSF Waybill system.
  • Served as senior developer and liaison for new system developed in Java.
  • Employed Changeman, Version 1, Remedy Ticket system, and Kanban to move new or updated code into production environment.
  • Debugged and fixed production systems not working properly.
  • Oversaw design, coding, testing, and implementation of IMS/DB2/Oracle/Cobol Programs for BNSF Railway applications.
  • Led design, coding, testing, and implementation of CICS/DB2/Natural Programs for BNSF Railway applications.
  • Designed, coded, and implemented new database segments, along wif programs, PSBs, and transactions.
  • Created and designed MQueue segments in use wif Waybill and coal shipments and billing process.
  • Applied heavy use of Mainview (and tools) in order to monitor and correct MQueue and IMS production problems.
  • Processed EDI transactions of all types, especially transportation related constructs for 404, 417, and 440.
  • Built new software changes for Waybill due to COVID 19 impact for both incoming and outgoing EDI information.
  • Developed XML to Natural and Cobol systems that setup billing for coal shipments.
  • Used PMP process to monitor and develop skills for teh transportation system at BNSF along wif people leader training.
  • Utilized heavy use of DB2/SPUFI for debugging process that impacted production and development.
  • Thorough use in debugging and extrapolating CICS Programs for proper input into Waybill.
  • Thorough use in conversion from Mainframe Natural to PL1.
  • Debugging Industry Rail Yard programs in PL1, for proper data input into Waybill. Debug and coding were involved.

Confidential, Fort Worth, Tx

Software Engineer/Senior Programmer Analyst


  • Served as part of development team converting IMS systems into DB2 systems, writing both conversion oriented and permanent production software programs.
  • Loaded and converted data as well as developed database design, JCL/Procs, control members, and performed Panvalet APT maintenance for source code and job control members.
  • Utilized languages including Cobol, PLI, and ALC.
  • Supporting retiring of Mainframe systems as necessary.
  • Oversaw customer problem tickets for systems and provided 24-7 on-call support for systems.
  • Designed, coded, tested, and implemented IMS/DB2/Oracle Programs for COOP/MOPS system.
  • Led design, coding, testing, and implementation of CICS/DB2/Oracle Programs for COOP/MOPS system.
  • Built and wrote CICS/IMS/DB2/Oracle combination programs for same.
  • Created, coded, and implemented new DB segments and along wif programs and PSBs.
  • Designed, coded, tested and Implemented PL1 programs for MOPS System.
  • Converted Fortran to PL1 programs on necessary systems.

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