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Systems Engineer Resume

Columbia, MD


Developed and tested advanced software products in a wide variety of languages, environments, and across a diverse customer set. Communicated complex technical information to non - technical managers and customers spanning multiple generations, cultures, government, and private sectors. Designed custom applications to meet customers' mission-critical needs. Managed database systems and fashioned numerous application testing environments. Developed code individually and as part of a team effort, utilizing multiple personnel and project management suites.


COBOL 68, 74, 85, z/OS

Assembly Language









Hercules System 370 Emulator

Compuware XPEDITER, File-AID

& Abend-AID

Compuware Workbench

Visual COBOL

Eclipse IDE

Java Development Kit (JDK)


GEAC General Ledger System

Lawson Payroll Management System




VSAM Files

Crystal Reports


HIPAA Patient Records

Enterprise JIRA

Enterprise Confluence


Quick Base

HP QuickTest

HP Quality Center


Systems Engineer

Confidential, Columbia, MD


  • Worked with IBM and the Skyward team to establish a zD&T testing application of the z/OS system on the AWS cloud.
  • Installed and updated IBM system software.
  • Created a suite of automated applications for mainframe and cloud testing.
  • Provided mainframe product walk throughs, documentation, and training sessions for the Skyward team.
  • Served as the mainframe subject matter expert for Skyward and its industry partners.

Systems Engineer

Confidential, Baltimore, MD


  • Worked directly with the SSA ( Confidential ) as part of their development team.
  • Converted Assembly Code Language (ACL) system modules into COBOL to support ongoing infrastructure upgrades.
  • Composed primary code on a large-scale project to capture and convert legacy mainframe VSAM format files into DB2 format on a recurring basis.
  • Updated legacy COBOL applications to use new multi-function record read modules that span multiple files in one read.

Mainframe Programmer

Confidential, McLean, VA


  • Created a mainframe automated testing application using advanced JCL, Ruby on Rails, Rexx programming and ChangeMan for unit, QA, and integration testing. The application may be initiated from Jenkins or other schedulers allowing users who have little or no mainframe familiarity to access mainframe applications and data.
  • Conducted multiple demonstrations of new application software for Executive Leadership.
  • Completed team objectives using Agile and Kanban Methodologies.
  • Created reporting tools using JCL, REXX and XML programming to build metrics from Legacy Mainframe Data.
  • Used creative data mining to aggregate data from different business methods.

Information Technology Specialist

Confidential, Washington, DC


  • Used COBOL programming skills to upgrade and re-engineer the legacy mainframe tax code system to modern programming specifications.
  • Programmed new COBOL code and JCL to add new business functionality.
  • Worked with contracting staff to integrate new user online interfaces with the Mainframe Income Tax system.
  • Built a solid personal rapport with customers both internally and in over a dozen client companies.
  • Upgraded legacy JCL to back up files and run more robustly.

Mainframe COBOL Code Tester

Confidential, Baltimore, MD


  • Bridged a long-standing gap in personnel relations between customers and developers by introducing new mission-focused communication methods that overcame inter-generational and tech-knowledge barriers.
  • Aided in new employee training to enhance team focus.
  • Utilized COBOL, JCL and CICS programming skills to test for Secure Information Integrity.
  • Rapidly mastered the Social Security Proprietary software environment.
  • Performed effective on-the-fly trouble-shooting to keep a variety of software products functioning during the government shutdown of 2013.

Quality Assurance Tester

Confidential, Omaha, NE


  • Outstanding customer management skills culminated in an unprecedented four rotations on the CSGI customer support team. The length of service ensured customer satisfaction, and facilitated the continued renewal of a major customer contract.
  • Utilized Sikuli Script software to automate GUI testing.
  • Successfully completed time - sensitive software testing on high-profile client incidents and emergency code installations.
  • Mastered the Agile Software Development Framework, maximizing face-to-face communication with project stakeholders and real-time updates for clients.
  • Supported an ever-changing array of customer products on an as-needed basis, used the opportunity to learn new aspects of the business and apply my skills to new challenges.
  • Designed and executed performance and stress testing for secure proprietary software products with sensitive customer data, protecting data integrity through secured silo testing environments.
  • This included testing for security access level compliance.
  • Managed personal and team workflow using HP Quality Center software tools as an access hub.

Systems Analyst

Confidential, Omaha, NE


  • Independently designed, created, and deployed a unique software tool that integrated three different, previously non - compatible software systems into a single interface. This project heavily utilized COBOL, Oracle, SQL, Unix and JCL skills and ran on IBM P Server blades.
  • Single-handedly created, deployed and maintained a test environment for the three-system interface I had designed.
  • Single-handedly created, deployed and maintained a test environment for the KRONOS timekeeping system.
  • Customized the Lawson Payroll system using COBOL and JCL programming skills.
  • Recognized a significant administration coverage gap and mastered the Mainframe GEAC General Ledger legacy code and JCL. Subsequently severed as the sole Mainframe GEAC administrator, performing all updates and ensuring the continuity and reliability of the data infrastructure.
  • Single-handedly created, deployed and maintained a test environment for Mainframe General Ledger development and upgrade certification.
  • Exceptional database management skills enabled the recovery of six years of customer data that was presumed to be lost. This process ensured legal compliance and avoided a significant breach of contract.
  • Performed Major KRONOS Software System Upgrades and performed all KRONOS System Administrator tasks and troubleshooting.
  • Founded the regional KRONOS User's Group, supporting cross-company product upgrades and enhancements.
  • Composed various Crystal Reports according to customer need. Quickly responded to various data emergencies, ensuring that hospital staff had access to the necessary data in a timely manner.

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