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Database Consultant Resume

Proven Technical & Management Expertise

Database professional with proven design, data analysis, data modeling, team building, data conversion and support skills. Has provided consultation and support in roles as Database Administrator, Data Architect, Developer and Database Designer.

Professional Experience:

Senior DBA/Consultant/Developer, Confidential, 6/07 – Present

Maintain software developed using Oracle PL/SQL for processing EDI transmissions. Served as Lead DBA for a system designed to automate the disbursement of housing grants and track accomplishment data which supported the Community Planning and Development Office of HUD (Housing and Urban Development). Provided data analysis support for the client, requirements team, testers and developers.


  • Designed database to track Environmental Reviews
  • Developed and implemented 10+ EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) transactions using PL/SQL
  • Developed, implemented and tested PL/SQL stored procedures for the Consolidated Plan process of IDIS
  • Analyzed and resolved database performance issues related to online transactions
  • Analyzed trends in data for conversion purposes
  • Designed and wrote Oracle SQL queries to replace DB2 SQL extract jobs
  • Resolved numerous production abends and application related problems
  • Developed and successfully implemented a data migration strategy so that $110 Billion in grant data could be migrated from DB2 to an Oracle platform
  • Wrote and maintained Data Dictionary documentation, Database Specifications and Operations Manuals
  • Developed process to batch geocode more than 2 million addresses stored in IDIS
Senior DB2 DBA/Consultant,Confidential, 4/03 – 6/07

Provided services as the lead DBA for a system known as IDIS (Integrated Disbursements Information System) which was designed to automate the disbursement of housing grants. Supported a team of COBOL programmers. Resolved production abends and performance issues.


  • Served as Lead on a team to convert DB2 to Oracle
  • Reversed engineered a DB2 database using the data modeling tool known as ERwin
  • Maintained data dictionary, operation procedures, data requirements documents as well as other supporting documentation
  • Designed new tables for implementation of application metrics. This involved the new design and redesign of 20+ tables
  • Provided consultation to the requirements analyst in an effort to capture business rules based on the database design
  • Led an effort to map DB2 data to the Oracle data. Effort was critical to the design of reports and other application functions
Senior DB2 DBA/QA, Confidential, 7/97 – 4/03

Lead DBA for IDIS (Integrated Disbursements Information System). This system is a financial disbursement, tracking, and reporting real-time system. The system consisted of 75 DB2 tables and approximately 450 COBOL programs. For the fiscal year, approximately 279,800 disbursements transactions were executed for a total disbursement of $6.5 Billion. The system processed more than 25,500,000 transactions per year. The system also had an average of 2,138 WEB logons per day. The system had more than 11,000 registered users. IDIS supports more than 1,000 state and entitlement grantees participating throughout the United States and Insular areas.


  • Setup database regions that were used for Data warehousing and User Acceptance testing
  • Reduced the performance of transactions that were running 500% above standard limit
  • Enhanced QMF procedures that were used to extract data subsystems
  • Worked with the Training and Testing team to establish Test data for Training sessions that were held nationwide
  • Developed migration strategies for moving data from one DB2 region to others for testing purposes
  • Provided EDP Auditors with an acceptable process for the development, testing and implementation of database updates outside of the online system
Senior DB2 DBA, Confidential, 8/96 - 7/97

Contracted to a major telecommunications company to redesign the physical Database architecture. The application was made up of approximately 80 tables with two of the tables exceeding 110 million rows. Provided support for a distributed transaction implementation that consisted of performance tuning, physical partitioning, design, replication management, and release management implementation strategies.


  • Successfully implemented a data replication strategy using data propagator
  • Saved company from daily fines of up to $1 million dollars by eliminating batch/online concurrency abends
  • Re-engineered the table partitioning design
  • Provided performance enhancements for transactions that retrieved data from remote databases
  • Established Data Archival procedures for tables that were rapidly exceeding the 4 gig limit
  • Redesigned partition tables so that there would be better balance based on the growth trend of the system


Hardware: IBM Mainframes (22 Years), IBM PC /Clones (20 Years), HP Mini computers (2 Years), Data General (2 Years), Sun Workstations (3 Years)
Languages: Oracle SQL (8 Years), PL/SQL (4 Years), COBOL (22 Years), DB2 SQL (18 Years)


Bachelor of Science, Information Systems Management

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