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Solution Architect Resume Profile

Liberty Corner, NJ


  • Over 16 years of Information Technology experience as a Senior IBM WebSphere architect, Team Lead for integration group, Systems Integration Analyst and project Manager for major re-platform project for large-scale enterprise using IBM suite integration platforms and applications with different solutions.
  • Broad experience in Architecting and implementing pub/sub applications using WMB and MQ/JMS.
  • Extensive domain knowledge on providing new reliable solutions and analyzing the business scenarios to the customer in Insurance, Retail and Manufacturing domains.
  • Exclusive 10 years of experience includes IBM products Websphere Message Broker WMB, Integration bus IIB, process server, DataPower, MQ series with implementation includes design, develop, test, build and deploy with MQ, HTTP, SOAP, REST as communication channels and create Integration competency center in the organization to build standards and process
  • Exclusively used WebServices, MQ series, SOAP, HTTP, Compute, mapping nodes, database, file, Timer and EMAIL node adapters to integration enterprise solutions
  • Used new concepts with IIB 9 using Managed file transfer edition MFTE and SOAP over https integrated solutions using Cloud environments with DataPower
  • Extensively worked on REST webservices including webservices with attachments on http wire
  • Provided many best design solutions for enterprise integrations including security requirements and capacity planning for integrations using IBM suite applications
  • Experience in ESQL, JAVA, Oracle stored procedures, RDBMS concepts, Websphere architecture, J2EE architecture, UNIX shell script and automatic ant scripts deployment.
  • Provided solutions to the customer for different scenarios in the organization to consolidate multiple platforms to reliable and best integration platform which brings productivity in the technology and skills
  • Excellent exposure on SOA Architecture and J2EE Architecture concepts. Also actively participated in building ESB solutions for different message type documents with Message Broker ESB Integration architecture
  • 7 years of technical Team Lead experience handling the whole project life cycle.
  • Used Data Power and XML gateway as proxy and enabled webservices with WSSecurity validations using AAA framework concept
  • Also experience in monitoring tools like Big brother, Nagios, ITS, NetIQ, JIRA, MQAttach and Remedy for production support and application maintenance support issues.
  • Worked on many secured ecomm implementations like credit card authorizations and payment gateway solutions for different enterprises
  • Excellent communication skills, strong business and analytical skills, multi-tasking ability, always team oriented and pleasant interpersonal skills
  • Always focus on the foundation, reusability and patterns which will help organization to reduce the development cost and operations cost


Languages: Java, J2EE, ESQL, SQL, PL/SQL and RDBMS

Middleware apps: IBM WebSphere Message Broker V8.0.x, IBM IIB V9, IBM WebSphere Process server, IBM Datapower, IBM MQ Series V7.x, WSRR, Mercator, WTX and Webmethods

Enterprise app: Oracle Fusion, .net applications, Mainframe, PeopleSoft, B2B applications and Metastorm

Web Tools: HTML, XML, WSDL, Web services, VB scripts and SSL

Databases: Oracle, SQL server, TeraData and DB2

Operating systems: Windows, DOS, UNIX, LINUX and Mainframes

Methodologies: IBM WebSphere Architecture, SOA Architecture, J2EE Architecture, Enterprise Service Bus ESB and cloud

EDI standards: X12, EDIFACT and HIPPA



Solution architect

Environment: IBM IIB V9.x, IBM MQ series 7.5, ecommerce B2B, Mainframe, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Web services

My responsibilities include:

  • Redesign current insurance applications like submission, policy, products, claims, Quotes. Premium, reinsurance applications and get pain points from business and design best and optimized solution which gives maximum ROI
  • Working on multiple webservices using SOAP, HTTPS, REST services to integrate different services to backend systems by handling security a prime goal
  • Integrate agents, agency appulate application to Everest backend applications for all submissions till get bind quote
  • Working on requirement to convert SOAP request with PDF attachment, process into ESB as base64 and send to submission application. In some cases converted data into PDF and sent email back to agent with complete policy information.
  • I am responsible for delivery of this huge project where I also have to work with business teams, IIB development team, backend applications technical team, gateway and security team as well as architecture team to defend my solutions.


Integration architect and team lead

Environment: IBM WebSphere Message Broker 8.x, IBM MQ series 7.5, Mainframe, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Web services and B2B

My responsibility includes:

  • Responsible to design, architect and provide best and optimized solutions for legacy replacement and simplification projects
  • On-shore team lead for SOA platform
  • Mentor the new team members to follow the WMB patterns and advanced techniques in IBM WMB V8.x
  • I have to work on developing Framework applications and patterns which are reusable components which will have lot of ROI to company for new projects
  • Develop different patterns for File based, MQ based, Webservices, DFDL based services
  • Design two layer architecture for transformations Fa ade and Mediations
  • Production support for the services implemented in production
  • Responsible for any project delivery and estimates for any new or breakfix for projects
  • Interact with business management to get complete requirements and fill gaps and propose best solutions


Chief Integration architect

Environment: IBM WebSphere Message Broker 8, IBM MQ series 7.1, Mainframe, Oracle EBS, SQL Server, DB2, Web services and Ecommerce

My responsibility includes:

  • I am responsible for designing, developing solutions from TJX Ecommerce new website integration with Legacy systems which includes Mainframe, Oracle Enterprise, EDI subsystem, Data warehouse applications and distribution center integrations on cloud
  • Propose best practices using framework for more reusability components in the enterprise with canonical models
  • Providing integration solution from TJX enterprise systems with Netsuite Cloud environment for entire Merchandising transactions
  • Provide solution using generic webservices exposed on IBM data power device and maintain the AAA security using site minder and LDAP from enterprise
  • Also responsible to design a common foundational framework and exception handling framework where all integrations going to use as templates and follow the best practices SOA standards
  • Building the WebServices end points in such a way that we can bring in WSRR to build more loosely coupling integrations between applications
  • Use all best knowledge of SOA architecture and reusable component services where most of the integrations will be depending on configuration and routing instead of point to point integrations
  • Used many mixture of patterns like file, MQ, MFTE, SOAP, DB, HTTP and REST for designing solutions


Enterprise Integration architect

Environment: IBM WebSphere Message Broker, IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender, IBM MQ series, Mainframe, Teradata, SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, Web services and eCommerce

My responsibility includes:

  • I am responsible for designing, developing solutions, troubleshooting issues and assisting the code reviews to ensure optimal solution has been delivered
  • Need to be a liaison between the Business group and vendor for clarifications and requirements gathering
  • Perform hands on development of integration solutions on verity of platforms
  • Research and resolve technical issues and recommend appropriate interventions/modifications as needed
  • Ensure work processes and products meet current standards
  • Conduct root cause analysis to prevent reoccurrence of issues
  • Lead design decisions to create module design and repetitive solutions
  • Collaborate with management to improve, monitor and current software development process
  • Testing the message flows using visual debugger
  • Used MRMs, Message Sets and Message Definitions, Pub/Sub, HTTP nodes, Routing nodes, Message Transformation nodes, XML, JAVA compute and many other nodes.
  • Also used Visual debugging, Message Flows, ESQL, Message Mapping, Broker/Config manager, mqsi utilities
  • Custom scripts also been developed shell scripts, PERL, JAVA and SQL
  • Mentor and train Junior software developers
  • Provide ongoing production support
  • Replatform of mainframe applications onto WMB 7.1 using ESB hug and create multiple services which will be reused by the enterprise applications.
  • Recommended new method of single message type reusable components and centralized storage database for the repository and not having redundant information scattered all over the enterprise


  • Charming Shoppes had improved the sales capacity because of the real time integration from ecommerce to the Distribution centers from their batch interfaces before from the solutions provided by my designs and the integration platform proposed
  • The customer online status is real time with the new integration platform
  • Services developed and provided and hosted on the ESB platform been used for multiple applications and have real-time and centralized access for all enterprise application including open systems and legacy systems
  • Using IBM Message Broker solution and designs proposed the company gained in productivity.
  • Upgrade all the interfaces and workflows from WMB 6.1 to WMB7.0 without impacting the business been completed in 22 working days. Shutdown of WMB 6.1 and turning on the WMB 7.1 was done in one shot and there are ZERO issues in the environment.
  • Received many commendations from customer for the delivery, approach and plan of my responsibilities
  • Successfully migrated the MQ series from 6.0 to 7.0 include user exits along with WMB 6.1 to WMB 7.0 all applications integrations in 5 months of plan
  • Business sales been increased because of inviting new vendors interfaces for loyalty basis
  • Few Mainframe batch solutions converted to real time interfaces using IBM integration platform
  • Production support of 24/7 available


Senior IBM WebSphere Consultant

Environment: IBM WebSphere Message Broker, IBM Websphere Application Server, IBM MQ series, IBM WebSphere Transformation Extender, Web services, Oracle ERP, Siebel CRM and SAP ERP

My core activities and responsibilities include:

  • Responsible to design, develop, test and build deploy the message flows successfully in the Integration competency center group using IBM Message broker tool kit and Broker Administration tools.
  • Developed different types of integration flows which consist of different nodes like compute nodes, filter node, mapping node, MQ Input, MQ Output, Trace node, Try-Catch node, HTTP input, HTTP request, HTTP reply nodes and more developing with ESQL.
  • Derived and designed the solutions which can be reused by different organizations for the same data in Integration competency center group
  • Developed new and also used existing canonical structures to define the standards of most used message types in the organization
  • Integrations are done for point to point, web services, publish and subscribe scenarios with mainframe, Oracle, Siebel and legacy applications.
  • Designed and developed EDI X12 transactions 810 and 856 interfaces using Datastage TX and uploaded into IBM Message Broker application as plug-in.
  • Very good knowledge on managing full implementation project and leading the team using different Metrics tools Risk management, Cost management, Quality management, Time management, Scope management tools.
  • Interacts across several organizations and involves in discussions on the requirements to fill the gap analysis between the functional and technical specifications.
  • Day-To-Day management with the team including providing technical guidance and do the break fix's to the production flows.
  • Analyzing, Design high level architecture, developing solutions, create the semantics
  • Designs, build the technical requirements for all individual solutions.
  • Developed Message Broker interfaces from eCommerce application to Oracle and preparatory application which uses webservices
  • Implemented solutions using pub/sub, http, database, mapping, transformation. Routing, MQ and many other nodes in different designs in the architecture
  • Extensively used MQ series to connect between the applications and supported as a consultant to the other business organizations to setup the MQ series in their organization.
  • Excellent exposure of creating channels between MQSeries servers, implement the certificates using SSL and implement firewall rules at the gateway for more security.
  • Responsible for Production support round the clock and break fixes for the production issues.
  • Used Message Broker flows to integrate with WebServices, JDBC, MQ Series, Siebel, SAP and other legacy applications.
  • Involved in full upgrade implementation for IBM MQ 6.0 to MQ 7.0 and WBI 6.0 to WBI 6.1.

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