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Systems Engineer Resume Profile

Washington, DC


Over 10 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. Systems Analysis and Design for Mainframe and Internet. Development: ADSO, ORACLE, JCL, COBOL, COBOLII, CICS, HTML, VISIO, PL/SQL, VSAM, PANVALET, VB, IDMS. Clearance: Confidential, Secret Nuclear System .

Project Management: Define Expectations, Cost Analysis, System Impact, Statistics.

Awards: City of Des Moines, State Department of Defense, Wolf Creek Nuclear Plant KS .

NetworkTechnology: WEB Development. Program and Systems Documentation: Data-Flow, Graphics, Schematics. Tuning and Performance, Systems Security.Retail: POS H9PMC5590 .

Networks: FACEBOOK, LINKEDIN Lions , PODCAST Connections.


  • Conducted State monitory programs regarding immigration and minority studies from the Department of Human Services, providing training to staff from FaDSS during meetings and presentations for DCAA.Experience in training and public speaking English and Spanish .Willing to travel if needed overnight.Created Skills Charts showing analytical group background in Information Technology.
  • Special Courses in Specializations: Advanced Psychology, Para-Psychology, Abnormal Psych.,
  • Statistics, Genetics, Iowa Child Welfare Law By American Bar Association on Children and the Law through Iowa State University see Certifications Law 01-Law 800 .
  • Systems Security, Analysis and Design, Graphics in Engineering, Program and Systems Flowchart and Description, Project Cost and Analysis.
  • Advanced Sociology, Social Work and Psychotherapy Internship at Polk County Juvenile Home , Cultural Differences Analysis .
  • Criminology IV, Court Procedures, Fingerprints and Identification. Law Interpretation.


  • Systems Analysis and Design ADSO Dialogs Data Insertion
  • Accounting Retail Systems and Management
  • Help Desk Training Management
  • Network Scheduler Financing


  • COBOL II PowerBuilder JCLPanvalet PL/SQL
  • TSO/ISPF HTML Power Point DB2 RM55
  • X-GEN Expeditor VBasic Explorer Java C



Title: Systems Engineer

  • Professional Duties: Programmer Systems Analyst
  • Assignments: On-Call, System Analysis, Hardware/ Software. Project Management
  • Program Modification and Integration COBOL, PL/SQL, ORACLE , Security,
  • Client Computer Training.Software / Hardware installations.
  • Video/Sound Systems Installations.Internet Security Link.


Title: Systems Engineer

  • Professional Assignments: Design Systems/ Programs Flowcharts, Coordinates goals,
  • Provide Report/ Analysis on System Impact Modifications .Conversions.
  • Professional Seminar Through University of Phoenix.- PL/SQL .
  • Computer Languages: COBOL, ORACLE, PL/SQL, DB2, VB. IDMS, MVS.

RDBMS Utilities: TSO, CICS, JCL, PANVALET.Project Management.


Title: Programmer/ Systems Analyst, Project Manager, Contractor.

  • Professional Assignments: Recovery of Military Records.
  • Full Access to Military and Confidential Files.
  • Computer Languages: COBOL, C , VB, Assembler.


Title: Systems Analyst Contractor.

  • Contract: Installation of the LAN System Distribution
  • Dissemination on LAN Cables and Towers.
  • System Environment: Airport Operations, Reservations, Luggage Control.
  • Computer Languages: C , Assembler, Java completion , SABRE.


Assignment Title: Programmer Analyst.

  • Contract: Write code to modify the USDA Field Operations interface with the
  • USPS New ZIP 4 Code system. BORLAND Main Frame .
  • Wrote documentation and SOP for Developers working with the UNIX
  • system. Coded Procedures to be utilized for C conversion.
  • Supervise and Monitor the implementation.
  • Environment: UNIX/ IBM Computer Languages: C, C , C , Editor, Shell.

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