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Consultant Resume

Jefferson City, MO


  • Mainframe COBOL/Assembler Developer on large IBM systems using z/OS MVS.
  • Strong AnalyticalSkills
  • Hands on and proactive
  • Strong problem solving/troubleshooting skills


Operating Systems: IBM zOS, MVS

Languages: Assembler, Cobol

Tools: ISPF, JCL, Endevor, Expeditor, Fileaid, IPCS for CICS, Omegamon, Tmon, Panvelet, Abendaid, Teleview, TPX

Miscellaneous: Capacity/Scalability Planning,CICS System Programming,Microsoft Office, System Architecture



Confidential, Jefferson City, MO


  • Onsite consultant for Wipro Info crossing in Jefferson City, MO.on their MMIS system.
  • Mainframe programmer that maintained and enhanced COBOL batch and CICS programs that utilized DB2 databases. All DB2 access was using SQL.
  • Worked on claim adjustments, HIPAA 270/271 Eligibility Inquiries and HIPAA 276/277 Health Claim Inquiries.

Technical Specialist

Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Mainframe programmer that developed and maintained COBOL and Assembler programs that utilized VSAM and DB2 databases. All DB2 access was using SQL.
  • Debugging at the Application and System level including VSAM and DB2 performance tuning. This included both Assembler and COBOL programs that used VSAM and DB2 databases.
  • Demonstrated expertise in CICS Systems Programming
  • Capacity Planning & Transaction throughput using SMF with reports generated using MXG and MICS.
  • Proprietary Transaction Routing


Confidential, Chicago, IL

  • Confidential is located in Chicago, IL. where I worked on their proprietary VSAM file system, which was written in Assembler and COBOL that provides the application programmer access to files that cover multiple VSAM files.

Senior Programmer

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

  • Confidential . was located in San Francisco, CA where I worked on their I/O systems that did the I/O access for VSAM, DB2, and IDMS file systems. These modules were all written in Assembler and COBOL and provided their Human Resources package access to the file structure that the client already had.

Senior Programmer,

Confidential, San Francisco, CA

  • Confidential was located in San Francisco, CA. where I worked on a batch reporting system written in Assembler and COBOL.

Senior Programmer,

Confidential, Farmers Branch, TX

  • Confidential was located in Farmers Branch, TX. where I worked on the I/O subsystem for the VSAM version of the LIFE COMM file system, which is written in Assembler. This subsystem, like the Tesseract package, provides application programmer access to file subsystem.
  • Wrote assembler modules to read SMF records to speed up a monthly chargeback system that was written in SAS. These modules reduced the processing time from over 24 hours to about 60 minutes.
  • Maintained the claims adjudication module for the health and dental claims systems.

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