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Sr. Network Engineer Resume

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Charlotte, NC


Lead project engineer for Fortune - 500 clients in telecommunications, financial, and pharmaceutical industries. Large Enterprise-level network design, implementation, and support of LAN / WAN infrastructures. Documentation (plans / diagrams), CxO-level presentations, assessments, application performance, capacity planning, migrations / upgrades. Project management, lab-testing, new-product evaluation.


HARDWARE:  Cisco,Nexus 5500, 7010, 9300, 9500, FEX-2200 ISR-2800, 3945, 7206, 7609, ASR-903, 9006, 9010 Routers, Cisco CGR-1240, 15454 DWDM Cisco ASA-5580-40 Cisco 3750, ME-3600, 4506, 6509 Cisco CE612 / CE7325 Content Engines TELCO Systems 340 / 380 / 3124 / 7124 Fujitsu 4100 NAI Sniffer HP / IBM Blade-Servers Cyan Z22 / Z33 / Z77 Infoblox Trinzic DDI

SOFTWARE:  Cisco IOS 12.x, IOS-XR 4.3.1 Cisco Prime NXOS-6.2 NIOS 6.2 Megasys Telenium Telco Edge-Genie Cyan Blue Planet Fujitsu NetSmart HP-OpenView Cisco ACS-5.x Riverbed Cascade Cisco CTC Cisco ASDM MS-Windows 3.0 thru Windows 10 Win-2K8 Server MS-Office Pro 2003 - Office 365/Enterprise MS-Project MS-Visio-Pro Whats-Up Gold App-Vantage e-Health Wireshark SolarWinds Orion SecureCRT Packet Tracer ServiceNow Remedy

PROTOCOLS:  TCP/IP, MPLS BGP4 ATM, Frame-Relay, 802.3e,u,z, 802.11b,g,n, 802.1q, 802.1ad, RIP2, EIGRP, OSPF, IS-IS, HSRP, MPLS, NAT/PAT, PIM, STP, DHCP, DLSW+, IP-Sec, IGMP, CGMP, HTTP, WCCP, WMT, RTP, RTSP, LACP, BFD, FRR



Independent Network Consultant

  • Architectural design and implementation for new and migrated customer VPN’s into Greenfield Data Centers. Configuration of IPSEC VPN tunnels and submission of firewall rule sets to establish end-to-end connectivity between customer end-users and host server and mainframe resources.
  • Cisco-centric data centers with BGP-enabled DCB connections; ISR-4000-series and ASR-1000 series routers, Nexus 7000 series data center switches. Visio diagrams, excel spreadsheets, and Word docs for complete network documentation.


DMZ Network Architect

  • Architectural design of DMZ-access networks for business partners and remote Teleworkers. Use various tools to design, test and implement network projects that allowed business partner connectivity over MPLS and DMVPN connectivity. Teleworker project POC tested use of Arcana MEVO on Cisco DMVPN (819W remote routers connected to ASR 1002 head-end routers, Cisco 3945e routers used for SCEP / RA with MEVO provisioning users, devices. Design and configuration of Nexus 7010’s, and 9372’s for ATM (terminals) Resource Segmentation zone and presentation zone networks.
  • Implemented VDC, VPC, 10Ge VLAN’s, Cisco ASA-5585’s as VPN appliances. Used eBGP for interconnectivity to diverse network zones within the bank’s networks (BARONET, Internal zone, Presentation zone, Resource Segmentation zone.).
  • POC lab testing (remote and onsite) for several projects. Attended various team conference calls via WebEx, created various network diagrams using Visio. Updates, capacity expansion, new connection diagrams and config files using templates. Created new templates for new connectivity functionality. Configured data center switches; Nexus 9300-series switches in DMZ for VM-server connectivity.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr. Network Engineer

  • Reverse-Merger Data Center reconfiguration; Project comprised of separating all data center and site network assets so that the company can split into two distinct entities. Design and configure Infoblox HA appliances; DNS, DHCP, and IPAM to create two distinct company networks. Re-IP’ed all devices for company “A”, while leaving company “B” network intact.
  • Replicated Infoblox database so that both entities can interact during the interim phase until the “physical split” is complete. Configured new Nexus 9004’s as network core switches. Implemented multi-context ASA-5580 FW’s for creation of external-facing DMZ for customer access to Web resources Added DMVPN design to network as MPLS backup. Configured Netscaler Load balancers / proxies, multi-context ASA’s and Juniper SSL-VPN’s.
  • Designed new IPAM scheme for all servers; physical and VM environment, as well as user-subnets at all regional and branch-office locations. Designed cabling and rack layout for hosted data center devices.

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr. Network Engineer

  • Update High Level design and create Low level design for IPv6 Connected Grid project for wireless meters within selected Confidential region for Proof Of Concept network. Design connected 250 wireless meters in a WPAN to Cisco Connected Grid Routers (CGR’s).
  • The CGR’s were connected to Confidential ’s data center via Verizon 3G / 4G mobile network where ASR 1006 routers terminated IPv6 GRE tunnels within IPSEC to provide secure transmission of customer meter power reading data.
  • PKI was implemented via EEC CA certificates and a Registration Authority using SCEP for encrypted AAA between the meters, CGR’s, and the Duke network. Back-end servers in use were configured as CG-NMS (Cisco), Microsoft CA / NDES, Bluecat IPAM / DHCP, TACACS+, and RADIUS.

Confidential, Arlington, VA

Sr. Network Engineer

  • Design, implement, and support layer-3 IP-MPLS VPN Proof of Concept project. Worked with Level/3 to produce efficient full-mesh multicast IP-broadcast video network to replace 1-way satellite broadcast delivery of live video and file transfers. Used Cisco 3925’s for CE-routers and Cisco 2610’s for LAN switches to connect IP-based (Ericson 8200) IRD’s, InneoQuest video network probes, and Signiant file transfer servers.
  • Tested 4 SPTS (Single Program Transport Stream) streams totaling 28 Mbps with IP overhead as well as 68 Mbps of MPTS (Multi- Program Transport Stream) IP Multicast traffic into the MPLS network (with and without Forward Error Correction). The InneoQuest probes provided detailed reports pertaining to jitter, RT delay, packet loss and other related parameters used to determine the effective feasibility of replacing live video broadcasts over satellite with a fully-meshed multicast IP-MPLS (BGP) network
  • Rated vendor responses to the RFI and evaluated service provider vendors for inclusion in RFP process. Configured QoS with DSCP settings for preference to multicast video traffic. Evaluated NMS applications for nation-wide network operations management. Reviewed various types of transcoding technologies / devices at the NAB 2-14 show.

Confidential, NC

Sr. Network Engineer Charlotte

  • Tier-3 Support Engineer for the architecture, design, deployment, and network operations teams to provide MEF-compliant Carrier-Ethernet services to corporate customers and mobile-broadband carriers (cell backhaul).
  • Perform Site Commissions of new services such as EPL, E-VPL, E-LAN, EP-VLAN, and E-Tree. Verify (OSPF, BGP, BFD, etc.) configurations and test circuits on Cisco ASR-9010 (IOS-XR 4.3), ASR-903 (IOS-XE), Cisco-15454, Cisco 3560 / 3750 / and 4948, T-Marc 340 / 380 / 3312 / 7124 , and Fujitsu 4100. Configured all network devices into Megasys Telenium for management and monitoring.
  • Configured and tested G8032-protected rings based on Telco Systems 7124’s and 340 Metro-Ethernet devices. Performed IOS upgrades on Cisco 4948’s, Cyan Z-22’s / Z33’s, and Fujitsu 4100’s.
  • Created and updated Visio diagrams depicting CE to UNI to NNI to (ENNI to ENNI) to UNI to CE (including NID’s for monitoring). Collaborate with vendors, telco’s, and customers to provide robust solutions to meet or exceed SLA’s. Used Cisco Prime for ASR-9010 device management; engineering tasks, ISSU’s, Bug Scrub and Best Practice reports.


Network Consulting Eng

  • Assigned to tier-2 ISP clients; review architectural designs, perform bug-scrubs, prepare and present Network Profile reports using data from CNC Server. Used Cisco NMS and Prime Infrastructure Device Management tool for engineering tasks; ISSU’s, Bug Scrub and Best Practice reports,
  • Advised on technologies associated with implementing (UPE’s. DPE’s, NPE’s) and L2 / L3 EVPN’s on ME-3600’s, 7609’ routers, and ASR-9010 routers on IOS-XR 4.2x; IGW’s, BNG’s, router reflectors, Ethernet Virtual Circuits, Pseudo-wires,
  • Cell back-haul, and other Service Provider related technologies within a tier-2 SP MPLS networking environment. IOS-XR config’s running BGP, MPLS, OSPF, VRF’s (w/ Craft Admin tool).


Support Engineer

  • Migrate Cisco hardware to H3C hardware; WAN routers and enterprise-LAN (layer-3) switches; config (BGP, EIGRP, OSPF, VRF’s), MST Spanning Tree, 1Gb & 10 Gb links / Port Channels. Create Visio diagrams, prepare BOM’s and network designs for customer quotes, consulting with clients in a multi-customer environment. Create LAN and WAN configurations for multiple HP clients; F/R migration to MPLS, IP Address management,
  • VRF routing; Cisco 6509E, 7609’s, ASA-5580’s. Configured IP-subnets for use in DMZ’s for external access to Webservers. Context-based firewalls were configured for multi-layer (external // internal)
  • DMZs to effectively increase security between Webservers and Db / Application servers. Designed and implemented access-layer connectivity from VMware servers to layer-2 switch-ports.
  • Attended project meetings with telecom carriers for circuit orders / installation deliveries, meet with clients to discuss capacity expansion and client compartment requirements; WAN circuit orders / configurations, FW rules for compartmental FW configurations in an application service provider environment, IP address design; subnetting, VLAN / subnet assignments. Extensive work with PCI-compliant networks for credit card processing.

Confidential, Charlotte,NC 

Sr. Network Engineer

  • Working on the network architecture team, I am responsible primarily for design, test, documentation, and implementation-support for national Disaster Recovery Projects. B2B Extranet VPN (using VPN Monitor),
  • extending IBGP across regional locations via route reflectors (implementing BFD), performing features testing on Juniper J4350’s and MX-240’s routers and SSG-550 Firewall / VPN devices. Member of the Network Infrastructure Services Team,
  • extending the network to additional regions and markets via pseudowires, metro-Ethernet, 10-Gig-Ethernet, and DWDM. Testing of Juniper (M40e) routers and firewalls using Spirent test sets; simulating pseudowire connections and layer-2 VPN’s.

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