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Network Engineer Resume


  • Senior technology professional with over 16 years with demonstrated experience in managing IT resources to produce competitive business advantages.
  • Entrepreneurial in nature with high energy level.


  • VMware vSphere (ESXi 3.5 - 6.5)
  • Cisco (Routers, ASA, Switches, Phone, UCS Servers)
  • Microsoft Windows Server (4 - 2016)
  • Microsoft Windows (2000-10)
  • MS SQL (7-2016)
  • Oracle
  • MS Exchange
  • SharePoint
  • System Center (SCCM, SCOM, SCEP, SCO, SCSM, SCVMM)
  • SolorWinds
  • MS BizTalk
  • VMWare Workstation
  • Active Directory
  • Outlook, Excel, Word, Access, Power Point, One Note, MS Project, Viso
  • .Net (1-4.6.2)
  • C#, VB.Net
  • SSRS, Crystal Reports
  • Asp.net
  • WCF
  • JavaScript, VBscript
  • TFS (2005 - 2017 U1)
  • Visual Studio (6-2017)
  • Software development requirement analysis
  • Network Administration
  • Business Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Integration
  • Network Architecture
  • Team Building
  • EDI



Network Engineer


  • Maintain network uptime and reliability. Create multi-site communication networks that are easy to maintain. Deploy software and hardware quickly with minimal interruptions.
  • Cut overall IT operating cost by developing in-house technical experts to reduce the need for outside consults.
  • I developed a business integration system built on top of MS BizTalk that was flexible and could allowed quick integration with new customers, vendors, and internal applications. I was able to train existing staff members and was able to eliminate the need for consults.
  • This reduced our annual business and application integration cost by over 50%.
  • Developed cutting edge software to reduce operating cost and increase productivity of company employees.
  • I developed an ERP styled application consolidated the functionality of many existing applications with a web portal frontend for customers, and vendors.
  • The application is a series of .net servers and UI’s that utilize WCF for client server communications and MS SQL for the database.
  • The core application consisted of a main business logic server, mobile device server (a light weight wrapper for mobile devices), data integration server, document imaging server, reporting server, and task server.
  • The UI consist of a win forms thick client utilizing a MVC (model view controller) design with DevExpress controls for a modern lightweight feel.
  • Also there are multiple web UI’s.
  • Some of which were customer portals, vendor portals, and public DNN (Dot Net Nuke) based website.
  • Another was the mobile UI for windows mobile devices that were used in the warehouse for inventory and warehouse management.
  • Designed a multi-site network that is redundant and flexible.
  • I created a network utilizing a super net pattern.
  • The network had a simple design that was easy to maintain and repeat at any number of sites.
  • I used a Cisco DMVPN design for the communication links between sites and the corporate office and data center.
  • All sites had redundant links using fiber and cellular networks.
  • Implemented a VOIP system that is able to grow and adapt to the company’s needs.
  • I designed a Cisco VOIP phone system that utilized a SIP gateway provider instead of traditional PRI circuits.
  • This greatly reduced our cost and allowed for greater uptime and since I could have my circuits access the SIP gateway from any internet connection.
  • I used Cisco Call Manager for the call processor and Microsoft exchange as voice mail box.
  • This allowed me to get better integration for emails and voice mails with the added benefit of voice transcription as part of our enterprise licenses.
  • By utilizing what we already had I was able to keep the cost lower.
  • I also setup Cisco Contact Center for our call center.
  • Move in-house development to a Continuous Integration and Deployment environment.
  • I implemented continuous integration and deployment environment to automate release delivery and reduce time to delivery.
  • I utilized Microsoft TFS 2015 U2 - TFS 2017 U1 to accomplish this.
  • I was able to streamline our testing process and improve the quality of our code and releases.
  • This also allowed me to automate the configuration of the release environment.
  • Using PowerShell and the release tools in TFS we were able to take a generic virtual server to a fully configured application server in minuets and consistently on the fly.

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